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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!
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Forum Courtesy Rules & FAQ

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To our gentle forumgoers,

here follows a set of rules of behavior we wish our posters here to respect to the best of their ability:

Please stay polite to each others even when you disagree. Try to keep your comments aimed at the opinion of other posters instead of commenting on the posters themselves. Remember that it is much more likely to result in productive dialogue if you phrase your questions and opinions with respect for your fellow posters. Avoid deliberately inflammatory language as it can only have destructive consequences for forum mood. Even if some poster angers you, please think of the rest of our posters who hopefully do not deserve to have their discussion interrupted with angry words.

Keep criticism polite and constructive. It is fine not to like a given page or storyline but explain why rather than use dismissive or derogatory language. If at all possible, also describe what in your opinion could have been done better. It is also fine not to like a given character but again do not use derogatory terms or nicknames in connection with it. Avoid bald unsupported claims and leave room for others to have their own opinions -- anything that implies that "if you disagree with this you must be stupid/have no taste" is unacceptable.

I believe that most of us are reasonable people and that while mistakes and missteps may happen, they can be quietly settled once they occur, either with an appeal for more restrained commentary or with a notice in private messages. In such cases where this is not possible, however, I may have to resort to unapproving posts or even placing posters under temporary posting moderation. But I trust that this will not often become necessary.

In addition, it is also not acceptable to argue moderator decisions in the open threads. If anyone is dissatisfied with moderator decisions, that is what private messages are for. For example, arguing in the open threads that 'I do not understand why it is discourteous to...' [insert example of questionable behavior] will merely further derail proper discussion. Do not do this.

Certain topics are highly volatile and/or triggering for some people. Examples would be abuse, self-harm, sexual molestation or predation, serious injuries or illness, among others. It is not forbidden to discuss these but it is requested to add a content warning or note to the posts or threads these might appear in. (Example: [CN: self-harm].) Please add such a warning to either your topic or the top of your post in such a case. If you feel it is potentially upsetting material, you might also put it in a spoiler box. Of course, there's always private messages if you want to be completely sure and there is only a few who may be interested.

By the nature of EGS, it may from time to time provoke discussion of homophobia and transphobia. This is fine. What is NOT fine, however, is to in any way or form promote homophobia or transphobia in the form of either hate speech, apologia therefor or through attempted erasure of viewpoints that do not conform to cisgender or heterosexual standards. All three are serious offences and will result in immediate action from the moderator.

While creating a truly safe space is complex and may well be beyond my capabilities, I am nonetheless striving to make these forums as safe for the posters here as possible. That most certainly extends to those who have been harmed by cisheteronormativity elsewhere. I will come down hard on any attempt to persecute them and I have seen enough of this done under the pretense of 'reasoned discussion' that I will not accept that as an excuse.

Or in less flowery language: Being transgender, genderfluid, agender and so forth IS a thing. We've people here who identify that way. They get plenty of crap for that in other places and we don't need any of it here. Don't try to tell them that how they feel about themselves isn't real. Don't try to explain their identity away as a delusion, a fetish or some other slur like that. If you do, you're way out of line and you'll be dealt with.

For the sake of completeness: homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, ableism and religious/racial intolerance have no place on these forums. Keep them all away.

Necroposting: As a rule of thumb, any thread, especially all threads in the Story forum and its subforums, should be considered decently dead if it has not generated responses for a time of about two weeks. If you at this point wish to debate a point raised in that thread or from that comic, do it in a new thread in the General forum or possibly the 'Things I noticed upon reread' thread.

The JML Exemption: Certain threads are directly exempt from the necroposting rule. These mainly include the 'Things I noticed upon reread', 'Wild Theories' and the Fanservice threads in the General forums but also the 'Things that make you...' and 'What are you...' threads in the Off Topic forums. Other threads may also belong here and may be added here over time.

Thank you for reading this. I trust there shall be no problem with respecting these rules.

-- The Moderator

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