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  1. My memory of when I started reading EGS isn't the best, but it was sometime prior to or during Painted Black I believe (As I at least do remember waiting to see what would happen during the Damien fight). I was somewhere in the range of 12-13 years old, closer to the former. There's a reason I don't remember the specifics of where the comic was at the time...
  2. Haha, FINALLY. I thought Dan would tease it out a tad at least
  3. I landed my first programming job and started on the 6th. It's at a relatively small startup that deals with enterprise software, virtual reality simulations, and augmented reality safetywear. Currently I'm working on small, bite sized tasks on the web frontend, but due to the nature of the company I'm likely to broaden out into numerous other things beyond the web dev stuff. It's a contract-to-hire position, so I'll be doing taxes as a contractor for the first time in my life, and getting paid once a month as opposed to twice a month, so...that's going to be fun to figure out, especially as I've gone through three different jobs at three different tax brackets this year. (Was a petrochemical laboratory technician from July 25th through October 5th).
  4. That's interesting...the only Ghostbusters trailer that I saw had only one trait: It was aggressively unfunny. It no more demanded going to a theater than did any other trailer, enthusiastic or not. I thinks me you read a fair bit of your personal feelings into it. Glad I went anyways, though, as I thought the movie was a fun one. Not the best thing ever, but it wasn't bad at all. A case where the trailer did significant harm to the movie unnecessarily.
  5. And since fans are going to have jobs themselves, in addition to families and lives outside of the work, they won't be able to put in overtime hours the way Pixar was able to. 9 months of people working overtime as a part of their daily job are going to be able to produce a generally higher quality of work and definitely a much larger body of work than even an equivalently sized group of fans that can only get between a few hours to a few dozen hours of work done per week due to other obligations. Additionally it's not really all that fair a comparison as PIxar was able to recover around 70% of the stuff they lost due to one of the Leads at the studio having been working from home. She had taken a computer home with her that hadn't been connected to the main server, so when the erroneous backup command had hit, it was spared the wiping. The story of how they drove from her house to the Pixar offices at like 15 miles an hour was quite harrowing.
  6. Hmm. I feel that's unnecessarily limiting the potential of fanfic writing in general, honestly. While I don't really read fanfiction, there's no reason it has to always include the main characters. One could use the universe created by someone else for it. (Heck, that's where a lot of the Cthulhu Mythos comes from, and the entire Star Wars expanded universe could be argued to be sanctioned fanfic writing). No one's saying it has to, it's just that if you go to Fic archive sites, the fics that don't use the existing cast tend to be at the bottom of the list going by views, comments, favorites, etc. Fans seek out fan-work that stars their favorite character, or fleshes out their favorite extra, more often than not. having an OC 'steal' that spotlight typicaly ends badly. Uh, that's exactly what Tom Sewell said, though. All I was saying is that those two bolded statements are a bit limiting. I don't care how popular something is, we shouldn't limit things to purely what's popular. To say it again, that would be "unnecessarily limiting".
  7. loving language

    I use slang for comedic or emphasis purposes nine times out of ten, especially when typing on the internet. I do enjoy doing so, but when needing to be more serious or understood I drop the slang.
  8. Th server crashed. To the ground. While being carried up some stairs.
  9. Or faces of a die? If that turns out to be the case, I'll actually be very, truly, for realsies, quite annoyed, to put it mildly.
  10. Pandora is adorable in that last panel.
  11. Not-Tengu attacked first by spiking the punch, is what I'd say.
  12. Ah, fair. I had the order of operations mixed up.
  13. Wasn't it trying to attack someone innocent at the time?
  14. We also saw many times where she was being taught about this stuff (Playing video games with Tedd, working at the comic shop, watching Star Wars, going to school, etc etc). It's not that big a jump, really, when taken into account who her friends are and where she works, even if you remove the 6 month time skip (though that certainly helps).
  15. story

    Pretty sure Disco Wizard was talking to the Will of Magic, not Pandora. We already knew Pandora was not trying to talk to Grace, she said as much. I'd be willing to bet that what Dan's giving cookies about is guessing that the Will of Magic sent Disco Wizard to Grace in order to get ahold of Pandora, not to actually talk to Grace. Will of Magic, I'd be willing to bet.