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  2. Book recommendations thread, Return of the

    Menolly is hardly ordinary. (Neither is the Harper Hall.) Nerilka's Story comes closer to being about ordinary people but Nerilka is also hardly ordinary. (Fun: there's a minor character in Nerilka's Story, named Moreta. She's the title character of Moreta's Ride, where Nerilka shows up briefly in one scene.)
  3. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    Liz+Ashley+Goth Girl Elliot.
  4. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    ...where did she get "intruder," though?
  5. NP Friday Oct 20 2017

    I'm not entirely sure that's a fennec form, at least, it's not the full form that was in the Q&A. Also not sure if that's Diane or Susan with those ears, It looks like Susan considering height and hairstyle, but they could have mixed and match various features that it might be Diane with Susan's height and hair style in Blonde with fox ears.
  6. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Yes, a few times, partial shots from the back. We did get a description of him once, though. A rather vague one. "He's a tall short man of medium height, clean-shaven with a full beard..."
  7. Today
  8. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I strongly suspect he has, more than once. However, as far as I can recall the most recent event that would be likely to tell Edward "it's time to RE-test Justin" was the fight with the fire guy outside the card shop. We haven't even seen the two together very often since the immediate aftermath of that event. And I think that might have been before he was even marked, let alone awakened. (My best argument for that being before he was marked is that I think Edward WOULD have tested him then, and as a result Justin would know whether he had a mark at that time; but at the card tournament, after he was already awakened, he didn't appear to be aware that he ever had been marked.)
  9. What Are You Watching?

    Oh, I wish I were in the land of cotton old ways there are not forgotten look away! look away! Look away! Dixie's land...
  10. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I'm pretty sure Liz would be up for Goth Girl Elliot.
  11. What Are You Watching?

    Meh. You are living in Baja Oklahoma. I, of course, now really live in Yankee land.
  12. What Are You Watching?

    Durn Mason-Dixon Line. It keeps shifting around. It's been impossible to pin down ever since that time when Carmen San Diego stole it.
  13. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I don't think the TV was specifically hers anyway, I can believe her mom bought it, but Susan likely didn't ask for it either. It might have been bought with child support money from Mr Pompoms or something related to the divorce maybe? Justin got his job because his uncle owns the shop and took pity on Justin who'd recently been outed and was being bullied. Susan would have actively went looking for a job, and Tensaided might not have been the first choice, but was probably the most flexible with her being a student. Grace has only been working there for like 7 months, and is probably getting less hours than Justin during the winter, remember, I said at least a couple years for Justin and Susan. Also Elliot I imagine still gets paid for doing the review shows even though he's not actually working at the video store while in school. Yeah, Sarah's the only one that god a "job" that doesn't pay with money. Best guess is she didn't complain about doing chores at home in order to continue receiving an allowance over the summer.
  14. What Are You Watching?

    By my own definition as a young adult, I'm living in yankeeland now. Anything north of the Lower Colorado River (the one in Texas) is what I used to consider yankeeland. Still do, sort of.
  15. TheHeroesOfCRASH.com It's that time of year again...! Halloween is here, and my heroes are in costume. For the first time in a while, I'm just drawing my main three. Getting back to basics. Making it a two-parter was partly out of necessity; I've been busy with job stuff and trying to crank out quality Inktober drawings (I've gotten a bit behind; I'll try to catch up during the weekend!), so I've had less time to devote to my comic than usual this week. So, I decided to begin the Halloween filler a bit early, and split it up between my 10/21 and 10/28 updates. As usual, my characters tend to follow certain themes while deciding their costumes. Belt Boy always dresses as a superhero, but has yet to wear a single DC or Marvel costume. Cannon always wears a costume that allows him to modify his helmet (He has spares). And Titanium Maiden always dresses up as a redhead. With the new anime My Hero Academia gaining popularity, I took notice. One character, named All Might, appears to be a perfect costume for Belt Boy. They're both blonde, often shown grinning heroically (and both often do so to hide their weaknesses), and wear an all-American red, white, and blue color scheme as a nod to many famous American superheroes (such as Superman, Captain America, and Wonder Woman, among others). Only thing All Might is missing is an awesome cape. Belt Boy always pulls off superhero poses, and I thought that showing off his specialized entertainment center remote deserved such a pose, especially in his super costume. Cannon is dressed as Shovel Knight from the video game of the same name (A game I own, but have yet to beat. I highly recommend it, though). As a major consumer of nerdy media, it's no surprise Cannon would dress as a video game hero, nor is it a surprise that he's amassed such a huge Halloween video collection and organized it. For the record, the two musical movies he's referring to are Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop of Horrors (Unless I missed any good Halloween-appropriate musicals?*). While I watch a lot of Halloweeny movies this time of year, Cannon can probably stand much scarier movies than I can. Most of what I watch this time of year is animated (Like Nightmare Before Christmas... which I guess counts as a musical too. Maybe he categorizes the animated musicals seperately...?) or a spooky comedy (Like Ghostbusters). You won't catch me watching something like Nightmare on Elm Street; that movie scared the crap out of me when I was a young and impressionable.** Titanium Maiden's costume is a bit esoteric. While looking up redheaded characters to dress her as, I found a picture of a bunch of redheaded Disney characters, and in there was Pepper Ann. That seemed like a good, nostalgic fit for her costume, so I did a google image search, and found an image of Pepper Ann's superhero alter-ego from the dream sequence in her opening theme montage. This version of Pepper Ann seemed like an even better fit for Titanium Maiden, mainly due to her physique being a darn good match for my comic's heroine. So here's Titanium Maiden as "Super" Pepper Ann. By the way, a good number of those pizzas are for TM; while she tends to eat normal-sized lunches, her Amazonia physique burns a lot of calories, so she eats some sizeable breakfasts and dinners. Anyway, expect part two next week, readers! See you then! All Might and My Hero Academia are the copyrighted property of Kohei Horikoshi/SHUEISHA Inc. Shovel Knight is the copyrighted property of Yacht Club games. Pepper Ann is the copyrighted property of Disney. I only did the art, and I own Belt Boy, Cannon, and Titanium Maiden, as well as The Heroes of C.R.A.S.H. Please don't sue me. *A side note: Cannon's not a big fan of opera, so don't bother mentioning The Phantom of the Opera or Repo! the Genetic Opera. ** I was around 20 at the time.
  16. NP Friday Oct 20 2017

    Eh...... yeah, nah. Palette swap is fine, as long as Susan changes into Diane. Not that I am expecting...
  17. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I think in this case she would be ok with her mom paying, but at least she would actually know the language. The trip was apparently meant as part of advanced French course, but at her level it didn't really helped her. Of course, I know like two French words and went to France anyway, but it wasn't with school. I don't think she bought the huge TV with her own money either. She's not above using her mother wealth, she just want some independence instead of mom buying her everything. Yes. And while she might like her job, it's not exactly the same level of "I would be there even if I wouldn't work there" job as Justins. (Note: Literally in George's case.) Hmmmm ... I think that Grace also still works in comics shop despite holidays being over, but likely not so often. Meanwhile, Elliot, who is from actually poor family, might not kept his summer job ... (And we still don't know how exactly Sarah explained her "job" with Tedd.)
  18. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    That's cus I misunderstood what you were saying, though Susan certainly wasn't an Alpha Bitch, she just became cynical about men like her mom. She was embarrassed though about her mom getting her on the France trip earlier, Susan just wanted to know if it'd be ok to go later on and seemed to be content with waiting and might have intended on saving up the money herself to pay for her ticket and such. As we know, aside from Justin, Susan's the only other character that's held a job while still attending school for at least a couple years.
  19. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    The Moderator: I am not aware of any specifics of this particular windmill farm but I know a little about how wind and solar in general are doing. My own energy company -- Danish Oil and Natural Gas, usually rather unfortunately abbreviated to DONG -- is about to change its name. Due to its heavy investing in wind and solar, and general changes in structure and divesting of less efficient assets, the leadership of the company recently realised that it no longer dealt in energy from either oil or natural gas to any degree of importance at all. An energy company with 'Oil and Natural Gas' in its name that didn't deal in either of these seemed a bit nonsensical to them, so in a month or so they will rename their company 'Ørsted' for the Danish physicist H. C. Ørsted. Given the nature of such companies (i. e., they want to make money rather than lose it), I do not think they can be doing all that badly.
  20. What Are You Watching?

    Damyankees. Someone oughtta chase 'em back north where they belong.
  21. Story Friday October 20th 2017

    Yes they could totally unravel every mystery in EGS. Looking forward to it. They were mostly being awkward on previous pages, but THIS is finally the dynamic we were looking forward to. So far Susan didn't even tell her how her guess about Raven being wizard is significant as not every magic user is a wizard. Yes, although they also had two males. Seems our version will have four girls. Grace might take the dog role. I think only other person capable of getting guardian form spell would be Rhoda and she's unlikely to join. Also, I think more angels were MENTIONED in the movie (not shown, though). I'm pretty sure we did. Not his FACE, though.
  22. Story Wednesday October 18, 2017

    I don't think Susan's mom was an Alpha Bitch though, yes she was shown to be strong and independent. Probably felt she needed to tooth and claw her way to be seen as an equal, but after Mr. Pompom's affair, she became more cynical about the whole equality thing and used her strength and independence to intimidate men. That attitude certainly would have rubbed off on Susan after a while as her early attitude would suggest. I didn't said Susan's mom was an Alpha Bitch. I said Susan's mom would be a mom Alpha Bitch would have. That page you linked? If Susan would be Alpha Bitch, she wouldn't be facepalming, she would be smiling. Especially if it's someone who goes against school policy like the dress code and is therefore known to EVERYONE. Possibly? Noah and Nanase goes to other school. ASMA training is magically enhancing his abilities, possibly over human limits. He IS top athlete in school. And I would say ESPECIALLY without him making any effort - visible effort would lessen the impact. Also, his open anti-bully attitude is going to help a lot. I kinda find it odd that it isn't clear about whether Greg's awakened or not. He's talked to Edward at length about what his training does. One would think that during that discussion, Edward would have asked Greg about his powers and want to confirmed that he's awakened for the fact that he'd have to create a file on Greg for DGB like he did with the Main Eight. I'm pretty sure Edward knows (and the file he made on Greg has already multiple pages). Only we don't. On the other hand ... I would expect Edward to test Justin as well.
  23. NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017

    She's goth. I think she would be proudly weird in any way. That wouldn't exactly help if she's going to experiment with Susan specifically, though. Unless it's control group she is worried about. Maybe she has some reputation in Moperville High and is going to pretend to be someone else in college. It's possible she has some unrealistic view on how college life is going to be, including but not limited to amount of alcohol available.
  24. NP Friday Oct 20 2017

    Yes we should totally pretend to care ... although I'm not sure why. It's not like they would have child together. Also, why would Hanma need phone to send SMS?
  25. What Are You Watching?

    Yankees at Houston. Top of the 9th. Houston leads 7 to 1 with one out and a Yankee on first.
  26. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    That article fails to include any of the indirect costs of fossil fuel plants in its comparisons. The pollution from burning fossil fuels and the resulting effect on human health, the costs of climate change and its resulting increased sea levels and changes in weather patterns, none of that is included in the article's evaluation of fossil fuel power plants. They're also comparing some of the very first attempts at a new technology versus plants with many decades of gradual changes and improvements to efficiency. If wind power gets the resources for research and development, the numbers will change; I'm not sure there's nearly as much improvement left to be made to the fossil fuel technologies. Plus, how much of the time does your car spend at 100% capacity? Or your furnace? You don't expect them to be at top speed or top power all the time, and I think that this writer doesn't really understand the difference between expectations for different technologies. No one expects the wind to blow at top speed all day and night, every day and night. He's setting up a completely unrealistic goal, which no one else ever planned on the wind turbines meeting, and then dunning them for not meeting it. Smells like someone with an agenda to me, but maybe they're just incompetent.
  27. NP Friday Oct 20 2017

    The return of the Fennec Fox version of Diane I approve.
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