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  1. Everyday Heroes

    Somewhat less risky (though far from risk free) but equally important are those responsible for making vital supplies. My sister and father work in a factory (my sister as a member of the Quality Control team, and my father as a mechanic) that makes swabs, including the type used in the corona-virus test kits. They're both working overtime these days as the company tries to get as many swabs as it can out the door as quickly as possible. I have to admit that I never realized before how important their work could be; I'm now quite proud of them.
  2. NP Sat March 21 2020

    So, I went to the site with ad-blocker disabled just now. On the main page, there's an ad in the sidebar on the right. Going into a trope page, there's one between the top-most menu bar and the title of the trope, another one on the side , and a transparent overlay ad that you can click away along the bottom of the screen. It's actually not as bad as I remembered, but after browsing most sites without ads for so long, it's still pretty annoying (particularly as some o them are moving ads, and thus more distracting than still ads.) I remember that a few years back, when I visited more than a single page within a few weeks, a big overlay would come up telling me to either turn off my ad-blocker or donate to the site. I don't feel like experimenting right now to see if that still happens. Of course, it wasn't just the ads that made me stop going to the site. I also realized that I was spending so much time reading about tropes in stories, it was making it hard to find the time to actually check out stories for myself. (And then I discovered that there are a ton of review and deconstruction blogs out there, and wound up spending a lot of time reading them instead. Which obviously doesn't give me any more time for checking stuff out myself, but I feel I've learned more and had more fun reading those blogs than I ever did on TV Tropes, so there is that.)
  3. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Awakened magic users use their own power to cast their spells, so removing the clog shouldn't have any affect on them. I believe Pandora implied if not outright stated that Sarah was not likely to grow strong enough to use her spell without high ambient magic before the clog was scheduled to be undone. So I'd say if the clog were undone now Sarah almost certainly would loose access to it. However, Pandora vowed to help Sarah get access to magic, and Immortal Vows continue through reset, so Sarah's loss of magic would only be temporary (assuming there's some other way Sarah could get magic, and Pandora clearly believed that or she wouldn't have made the vow).
  4. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    It could go either way, which is why I missed it at first. However, her not knowing would explain both Elliot's look of surprise and Dan's commentary. If you don't think Dan is talking about Susan not knowing there's no longer a threat of a change to magic, then do you have an alternate explanation for what he's talking about? She obviously knew it was possible magic would change; that's (presumably) the reason she was worried about loosing access to her fairies. What I'm proposing is that she doesn't know that the threat is passed. Susan heard that Grace has gained new abilities, but unless I missed something while speed re-reading, no said outright on panel that Grace's new abilities have to do with magic changing. So there's no reason for Susan to have connected it with the magic change everyone was worried about.
  5. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    That was my firs thought, but it didn't quite make sense to me - he knows that many variations on gender exist (including gender fluid) so why would he be surprised that there was a name for his exact variation? Then I read the commentary, and realized Elliot's surprise is due to Susan's second word balloon. Look at the phrasing: she doesn't know yet that the "change" (such as it was) already happened!
  6. NP Sat March 21 2020

    I used to have one, but I haven't logged in in years. Actually, I generally try to avoid the site these days, as the last few times I visited both their advertisements and their attempts to prevent you from using an add-blocker were intrusive and obnoxious.
  7. NP Tues March 31, 2020

    Yay for speed-line background in panel two! Yay for speed-line backgrounds with perspective in panels one and three! ...When I look at panel 2, I hear Ninja Gaiden music in my head, and it's very tempting to imagine Susan's head bobbing up and down as she runs...
  8. NP Thur March 19 2020

    While far from a serious take on the subject, I feel like I must mention Lovelace and Babbage.
  9. NP Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

    When they're too powerful for me to kill, yes.
  10. NP Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

    I wouldn't say that overgrinding makes for less fun gameplay; rather you're putting in more time in order to have less challenge - sort of a very slow way to turn on "easy mode". Also, with the right game and the right mind-set, grinding itself can be fun (usually in a meditative sort of way in the games I'm thinking of). As for "make it impossible to grind", I was thinking of something similar myself: if the designers want the enemies to always be roughly the same relative strength compared to the player, why have a leveling system at all? Plenty of games get by without one. I mean I suppose there's a small thrill to seeing a number increase, but for me it mostly only applies if the number actually means something; I've always found the true appeal of gaining levels is seeing how much stronger I've become relative to enemies that used to give me trouble.
  11. Story Monday, Mar 30, 2020

    <bored voice>Yay for starburst background in panel six.</bored voice>
  12. NP Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

    Does Fable have a level cap (specifically a low or reasonable one) or enemies that grow in strength as you do? I've played games before where all you need to do to fight a boss with less party members than intended is a ton of grinding for experience.
  13. NP Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

    Yay for clock-filled background in panel one! (And I really mean it this time; that's really cool.)
  14. Story Friday March 27 2020

    The first definition I heard (which I've always understood to be the first definition; at any rate it was over 15 years ago, immediately following the first time I heard the term "Mary Sue" at all) included a part about the character stealing the spotlight from the series' true main characters. Unless one thinks one can determine better than the author who the story's main characters should be, this by definition limits Mary Sues to fanfiction. While the more modern definitions I've heard leave that part out, I think it does illustrate one of the big problems with how the term tends to be used: often reviewers and "fans" use the term when they think a female character is getting more attention than the male characters they think the author should be focusing on.
  15. NP Thursday March 26 2020

    Oops. I didn't bother clicking the links, and saw that the first one was to the main story and just skimmed ahead. I've never actually considered the "Mysterious Leader Guy" to be Noah. For one thing, none of the other characters in that story had ever (or have since) appeared in the main story (and the only one who has appeared in even any non-canon strips is Dan)*. For another, Mysterious Leader Guy had an orb floating over his shoulder for the first few strips (I actually thought it was all the time, but looking at the story again the orb disappears when they get into the bandit cave), which has never been the case for Noah even in shadowy cloaked form. I must admit however, comparing that image with the one from your third link, what we see of their hair under the hoods is effectively identical. I wonder if it's just a case of re-used character designs, or if Dan actually intended MLG to be Noah? * EDIT: Actually, looking over the story again, Dan's martial arts instructor looked a lot like Greg. Still, the majority of the characters in the story were new.