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  1. Story Friday March 22, 2019 Q&A#8

    Undiagnosed, but likely. I'm not sure what you would consider "full-on", but it's not like I can't tell the difference between faces at all, it's just more challenging for me than the average person. (It's apparently genetic, as my sister has the same problem.) As for why it's so common among EGS fans... Well, it's not a complete answer, but the Wikipedia article mentions that people (or at least children) with face blindness tend to prefer cartoons over live action as it's easier to tell the characters apart; presumably this would also lead towards the webcomic-reading population having a higher percentage of face-blind individuals than the general population.
  2. This Day In History

    The sequel at least included the part about her going to England.
  3. Story Friday March 22, 2019 Q&A#8

    I can't speak for anyone reading in 2003, but I know that I confused Nanase and Ellen a few times when reading the comics prior to that in the archives the first time. I also have mistaken Diane for Sarah a few times since Diane got her hair-cut; even in Wednesday's NP I thought she was Sarah for half a second before correcting myself. I guess one of the primary things I use to differentiate human characters is hair style, and even then I don't always pay all that close attention to what I'm seeing. I also will take note of outfits, but that's only helpful in the context of a single scene or if the characters always wear the same thing. (And of course, if someone has a feature that really stands out from everyone else I'll probably notice that.) ...For me at least, this actually isn't just restricted to simplified art styles like Dan; I often get people I don't know well mixed up if they have similar hair/skin-tone/body-shape, even in real life. (And also in movies; Hollywood casting practices have made some movies very confusing for me.) This too is an issue I deal with; when reading quickly or when writing, the first letter of a name is the most important, and it's easy to get those whose names start with the same letter mixed up. (Though I've never called Rhoda "Rhonda", perhaps because I've never known anyone by either name, or followed a story with an important character named Rhonda.)
  4. This Day In History

    Does it have to be all day? Because I failed that (it's hard to be constantly happy when you have the flu - or chronic depression for that matter). I did take some time to enjoy a beautiful sunset, though.
  5. Story Wednesday March 20, 2019 Q&A

    Yeah, this sort of thing is the main reason I hate comic-book / comic-strip time. Almost inevitably, time will seem to pass at different rates depending on how you measure it. In EGS you have things like the rapid progress of technology (going from cell phones being uncommon to everyone having smart phones in a year's time) and the Video Store seeming anachronistic to those not lucky enough to live in an area that still has them; this is relatively subtle but still annoying when you notice it. In other cases you can have events which supposedly take place within a few years in comic time but are connected to events that in the real world are decades apart (before they got retcon-crazy, Marvel & DC were prone to this). And then there are comic strips where the characters don't age at all yet time is clearly passing (for instance, Calvin experienced nine or ten distinct Christmases while he remained six-years-old) which has always baffled me. Frankly, I wish more creators would be brave enough to set their stories in specific years rather than trying to tell long-running stories that supposedly are always set at the point in time the readers are reading them. Wait... Do you mean a Library? We have a couple of those in the area too, though their DVD/Blu-Ray collections are fairly small. It never even occurred to me they might be able to get other DVDs on loan, but it stands to reason seeing as they do it for books. I'll have to look into that.
  6. NP Monday March 18, 2019

    I've been assuming Nanase Craft was British, like Lara Croft (though that doesn't necessarily mean this world's Diane is also British). We weren't given any info on the location of the crypt other than that it's in snowy mountains, but seeing as the first Tomb Raider game opens with a tomb in the Andes, my guess is that's where this crypt is as well. Also, despite their designs being pretty similar to canon, I think Nanase Craft and Asissstant Sarah are meant to be in their late 20s; at the very least Sarah is presented as an actual archaeologist, which suggests she's been through college.
  7. Q&A Monday, Mar 18, 2019

    I believe Dan's point was that if Elliot were less shrunk it would be more clear that everything was hidden. Of course it seems pretty clear to me as it is; to make it uncertain what parts of him are visible to the viewer I need to shrink the comic so much I can't make out the text either, so I'm not sure why Dan was concerned about it here.
  8. Q&A Friday March 15, 2019

    Works for me. Yay for snowdrop background!
  9. Q&A Friday March 15, 2019

    Yay for... er, wait, those aren't flowers (or if they are they're very abstract). Just what are they supposed to be? Given Tedd's outfit I want to say snowflakes, though they don't really look like that either. Oh well, close enough. Yay for snowflake background in panel one! (It's nice to have a special background that isn't some variation on a starburst for once.) Anyway, it's for the best to have this question addressed in the comic (though it would have been even better if it was in-story), and explaining that Tedd's pronoun preferences don't apply to everyone was important (both for the ignorant and for those who might think Dan didn't know any better) but the digression on "they/them" really wasn't necessary and made the comic drag a bit; if Dan had another question ready he could answer in three panels or so, I think that would have been a better choice for the second half of the comic. I really wish we could introduce a new set of pronouns to fill role 4 (and possibly take over role 3 when the subject is not a group). (Personally, I prefer ey/em, mainly because as a simple modification of they/them it's easy to remember.) However, no single set of new pronouns had been able to get enough people using them for them to catch on, so I guess we're stuck with re-purposing "they/them".
  10. Given that this is a non-canon scenario, we can't assume these versions of the characters have the same history as the ones we know. (In fact, in one comment on Patreon, Dan implied that Rhoda and Catalina might not even be together in this scenario.)
  11. Story Friday March 8, 2019

    The Q&A is mainly filler to give Dan the time to properly plan out the next story; the story will likely be better for it. (I'm anxious for it too, though.)
  12. All the theaters around here have arm-rests between the seats. I think some of the arm rests might fold up, but not in such a way that someone could sit half on one seat and half on the other comfortably (particularly as there's a gap between seats under the arm-rests).
  13. In the previous image, Susan's pants still looked like very short shorts; now they look like bikini bottoms. It's hard to tell with her sitting in that position, but I think Lucy's skirt might be shorter too. Also, it might just have been the perspective, but I'm not sure all three of them were quite at the same height yet in the previous picture; presumably they all are the same height here.
  14. NP Monday February 25, 2019

    Actually, before that there was the record player (though you couldn't easily bring one of those with you wherever you went). I jump around quite a bit; it only took me a year to get to Metroid: Samus Returns, but I didn't start in on Zelda: Skyward Sword until last spring, and I just beat Dragon Quest/Warrior II and III for the first time this month.