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  1. NP Wednesday July 18, 2018

    Yay for starburst backgrounds in panels 1 & 3! Yay for generic background in panel 2! Yay for sparkly mellow Grace-a-saur and cute Grace-a-monsters (i.e. all Grace-a-monsters) in general! Yaaaay! ... * Lies down and goes to sleep. *
  2. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    Well yes... (Which means Pandora contributed to the circumstances of her own downfall.) Of course, Magus wouldn't have needed Pandora's help if he'd never been banished to the Main Universe in the first place, so whoever did that has a huge part of the blame for Magus' situation. But personally I think for the purposes of determining the primary adversary/antgonist/villain/etc. of Sister III (which is how this conversation started) we really don't need to follow the chain back any further than Magus (and Voltaire).
  3. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    Magus could have teamed up with Sirleck without planning to kill him (and/or with a different plan for how Sirleck could help him). He could have chosen not to work with Sirleck, and waited in hopes that one day he'd encounter a more trustworthy ally. He could have committed suicide via Immortal. I suppose that isn't really a lot of options (and none of them good), but they were still options. Furthermore, Pandora didn't tell Magus to go back to Sirleck or to plot to betray him - Magus thought of those things himself. So I still consider it his plan. I suppose it could have been due to Voltaire's interference or Dan not spelling everything out, but I found it odd Pandora showed no signs of realizing the significance of the vampire attack; if she had predicted Magus' actions she should have been waiting for something like that. Of course she should have been able to predict it, regardless of Voltaire's interference (all he really did was focus the attack on Raven, and maybe help with the timing). My suspicion is that after they parted ways she mostly put Magus out of her mind (aside from that time she warned Tedd not to use her wand on Elliot) and never bothered to predict what his future actions would be under the new circumstances - it's been demonstrated that she had a tendency to focus on one thing and forget about everything else.
  4. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    Well, she gave Magus the idea and helped with the start of the plot, but continuing on without her was Magus' decision, as was returning to Sirleck and coming up with the plan to distract the Immortals. It's possible (though in my opinion not certain) Pandora expected him to make those decisions, but the decisions and actions still belonged to Magus.
  5. Story Wednesday July 18, 2018

    Ooh, that's perfect! Soft, tasty, and no chance of drowning! Hey, I voted for it! I even suggested it a few times myself when you didn't get around to it.
  6. Story Wednesday July 18, 2018

    Except that (I believe) part of the purpose of sparring is to train muscle memory. As Sarah's spell takes place entirely in her head, it's questionable whether that would be helpful for training the muscles.
  7. Favorite Quotes

    I think I accidentally entered a keyboard shortcut that activated the "submit" button. EDIT: Yes, between all the "Ctrl+I" and "Shift+Enter" I was doing, I must have accidentally hit "Ctrl+Enter". I didn't even know that was a shortcut!
  8. Story Wednesday July 18, 2018

    I have heard the "long hair is a liability in combat" advice applied to women before. (Or at least I've seen cases where a female fighter has short hair and gives that as the reason why.) But you're right that the fact that Greg hasn't given that advice to any of his long-haired female students (as far as we've seen) does imply a bit of sexism. The forest floor has sticks and logs (possibly including hard and pointy ones) and rocks. What they really should use is a giant bowl of pudding. ...What?
  9. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    There are multiple valid answers to that. Magus was the one who got the Sirleck/Vampire balls rolling, so he could be considered the primary antagonist of that plot-line (or the protagonist, by the older definition where they were the one who caused changes and drove the plot), even if he wasn't even close to 100% evil and got away in the end. Meanwhile, Voltaire manipulated Sirleck (and in so doing orchestrated Pandora's reset) and was trying to influence the outcome of the Magic change, so he's also a good candidate for the primary "villain" of Sister III. The Old Hack's view that the primary obstacle was the change in magic itself also holds some merit. ...Actually, though, this doesn't really feel like the end of an era to me. Sure, it's a major turning point, but Pandora will be back, the masquerade isn't going to be dropped immediately, and the change in magic didn't result in anyone loosing any magic. Pretty much the only things that ended were Pandora's instability, Magus' time as an incorporeal entity, and Sirleck's life, none of which I expect to have a major impact on the main cast's lives (at least once they get past the worst of the pain of Pandora's reset and until Magus launches his next plot, whatever that might be). The magic clog is supposed to end too, and that might actually have a big impact on the cast, but we haven't seen that yet. I think what will really serve as the biggest ends-of-eras in EGS will be the cast getting out of High School, and (assuming the comic gets that far) their getting out of College. I suppose it would be quite the coincidence to have the gang have to deal with Lord Tedd right around one of those times, but that's the sort of thing I was thinking of. And a love triangle.
  10. Favorite Quotes

    There's just one more section left to my quote collection: EGS quotes. (I apparently haven't significantly updated my EGS quote collection since Sister II... So look forward to Chronos' Favorite EGS Quotes, Part II at some future date...) Sister Chapter Titles "Open The Box" "Read The Rules" "Set up the Pieces" "Play the Game" “Knock the Board Over” “Scattered Pieces” “Fist Fight” “Clean Up” Selected Sister Comic Titles “If you were to ask, she would say you already know her.” “This wouldn't be true, but she would not be lying.” “She is someone who should not exist, and yet she now does.” “She never had anything, and yet she's lost everything.” "You look in the mirror, but someone else looks back. You remember a life you never had, one that cannot be yours. You are the piece that does not fit, you don't belong in this game. The board has been knocked over, you shall be swept away..." Other Comic Titles of Note: “When in Doubt, Swat Ponytail.” "Sarah's Gonna be the Best Darned Boyfriend She can be!" Character Quotes: “Today I am a man! You know, as opposed to other days...” - Dan, on his 21st birthday. “Sorry, but it's kinda hard to frighten the dead.” - Ellen “Oh dear God... I'm thinking like a Tedd!” - Ellen EDIT: I don't know what I did, but somehow when I was in the middle of working on the post, it posted itself... Anyway, here's more: "Magnet!" - Ellen "Elliot? Are you a girl in there? I could've sworn I heard myself yell." - Ellen “Ok, I need an aspirin, a ball of yarn, and thirty-seven pounds of catnip, stat!” - Elliot as a Cat-boy “Meow! I mean, um, hello?” - Elliot as a Cat-boy “Sense has no place within these walls.” - Elliot “I'M TOO YOUNG AND TOO MALE TO BE THE MOTHER OF A SEVENTEEN YEAR OLD FEMALE ME!!!” - Elliot "Oh, wait... I'm the boyfriend tonight... My bad." - Grace “What I want to know is what is so wrong with my body that nobody wants to see it?” - Grace “When in doubt, go squirrel...” - Grace “If you get to be naked, I get to be naked. It's only fair!” - Grace "And so these nine would form the Fellowship, who would be charged with the task of destroying the One Ring. Along the way they will face peril, and meet many, many handsome Elves." - Justin Justin, on Nirvana (the spiritual state, not the band): "I'm sure I'm not the first to point this out, but how can I reach a state free of desire when the state itself is something that I desire?" “That is not true! I do not rant wildly! If I rant, I do so with good reason! Like that time after I skipped lunch when they showed that movie on igneous rocks in chemistry class? I had every reason to rant! Why would you schedule such a boring movie right after a lunch period, and why would you show a movie about rocks in a chemistry class?! Maybe it had a point. I don’t know. I fell asleep. But still, it seemed really out of place to me. I think…” - Nanase “Oh, don't mind me. Didn't get enough sleep last night. Low blood sugar. Bit my tongue. Cut off in traffic. You know how it is.” - Adrian Raven “So the spoiled princess wants to be saved by the noble plumber. How can I resist her charms?” - Pandora Chaos Raven "Well, you know how it is; sometimes you just have to have an ice cream sundae." - Sarah “NO! I WILL NOT BE STOPPED BY RANDOM NUDITY!” - Sarah "Well, I've never been a boyfriend before! I don't know what kind I would be!" - Sarah “I stand by my ridiculous claim.” - Susan “This techno-babble-infested novel will serve me well.” - Susan “No fair! I have a handicat!” - Susan "Um Teach? Our goo kinda came to life and slithered away... Is that bad?" - Tedd “...And that, my friend, is how I saved Christmas.” - Tedd “Why father, I have been in this bathroom all along and not sleeping with the squirrel girl as previously suggested.” - Tedd “I have bows in my hair and nobody objects!” - Tedd “So you see, my lad, the true moral behind the battle of Trenton is that if you party too hearty, George Washington will kick your ass. Any questions?” - Mr. Verres “I hope the answer is no, but are you Tedd?” - Mr. Verres "I am an endless barrel of exposition!" - Mr. Verres “EVERYBODY RUN AROUND IN A DANGEROUS PANIC, QUICK!!!” - Unnamed schoolgirl “Who is 'Timmy' and how did he wind up down a well?” - Hedge “Stupid me-made technology!” - Helena “You will stop being creepy and weird this instant! Do you hear me?!” - Principal Washington Sarah: "Don't you remember what it was like being a teenage guy?" Susan: "I try not to."
  11. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    Well, in terms of attack power and HP, Voltaire is probably more powerful - but EGS isn't a battle-heavy series so I don't see that as the deciding factor. Plot-wise, Voltaire is likely going to be the "Big Bad" of the next major set of story arcs, but his threat is likely to not be as personal as LT/GST. Furthermore, as the second major villain revealed (following Damien) and as the first one to strike (via retcon, in the original Goo arc), Lord Tedd has seniority over all other EGS villains. As a result I think that if EGS ends within the next decade or two in real life, and within the next few years in-comic, it will be the most satisfying if Lord Tedd & GST are the final antagonists. If the comic continues after the main characters get out of College, and for as long as Dan can make the comic, it probably would be better to get around to Lord Tedd sooner or later rather than constantly holding him in reserve, but with the build up he's already had, plus the anticipation of waiting this long for him, I would at least hope that his arc served as a major end of an era. I had a period where I would usually have the basic plot for a story figured out, then wing it on the details, but almost every time I would eventually get to a point where I couldn't figure out how to get from where I was to where I wanted to be. Since then I usually put together a fairly detailed outline first - though I'm always prepared to change things if I think of something better. That said, I do have one story I've been writing for a while where I basically decided on the characters and setting and have been just letting things flow from there, and it's been working fairly well too.
  12. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    You have a point; I was just assuming since Dan was talking about Lord Tedd, and everything so far has made it seem to me like he (and/or General Shade Tail) was going to be the "Final Boss".
  13. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    It seems to me that what Dan's saying is that he doesn't currently have any stories where revealing the deal with the Dunkels would be important to the plot, and he's waiting until he either comes up with such a story or is getting close to ending the comic before he does so. What I find interesting is he implies there's more to this than just a running gag, and he already knows why the Dunkels are the way they are even if he doesn't know what to do with that information. Hmm... I've been reading since 2006, so 12 years... which would be about 32% of my life. ...How much of my life I've been following EGS doesn't really surprise me all that much, but it is strange to think that 3/4ths of the comic's run has occurred since I started reading.
  14. Favorite Quotes

    Today's set of quotes were all said by EGS Bunnies. (Disclaimer: I can't be 100% certain these Bunnies were first to say all these things, though in most cases they probably were.) Note that some of them come from the "bad old days" and may bring back unpleasant memories to those who were around for the old arguments. "You know if only this where a universe where Elliot could turn herself into a guy, that would cure all these confusing Ellen-Elliot are the same person conversations." - Marcus Rizzo "So, at the end of the day, all I can say is that some people have too much time on their hands and others just like to jump on the train wreck and dance." - Psirrow "Just because people are drilling holes in the boat doesn't mean you're not heading towards an ice berg." - Psirrow "It feels like you're making mountains out of molehills. Then complaining about there being too many mountains and not enough molehills." - sci-fi guy "So my memory is off from the year and a half it's been since yesterday." - Tricia "Little-known fact: Ranma 1/2 is really a spinoff of EGS, jostled backwards in time following the Great Temporal War of 2012-1985." - Mewtarthio "My brain is starting to hurt. Can we get back to things that make sense, like magic exploding crows?" - mem "If stories only contained elements that were absolutely necessary to the plot they'd be boring." - Indrid Cold During a discussion which had drifted to ways of guessing the size of a certain part of male anatomy... Yogthulhu2: "Well, you can always go by weapons, cars and swords. I've heard that men with taste for big cars, big guns, and big swords are usually... "compensating". This is not always true." Ankhareon: "Big swords are impractical and unwieldy - An ordinary katana on the other hand is a finely tuned instrument of death." Illusionist: "Yes, but he who lives by the sword, dies by the gun." B.T. Isaac: "And he who lives by the gun, dies by the ligthsaber." Illusionist: "And he who lives by the lightsaber, dies by 20 clone troopers." Ankhareon: "And he who lives by 20 clone troopers should really get out of there." Doesn't surprise me, it sounded familiar to me too. However a quick search didn't find any matches, and they said it in the middle of a conversation without any indication they were quoting anyone.
  15. Favorite Quotes

    "Never trust a computer you can't throw out a window." - attributed to Steve Wozniak "There are 10 types of people in this world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't." - Unknown "When Schrodinger's cat's away, the mice may or may not play, no one can tell." - Francis Heaney "Physics is like sex. Sure, it may have some practical results, but that's not why we do it." - attributed to Richard Feynman "We don't just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary." - James Nicoll, Usenet article <1990May15.155309.8892@watdragon.waterloo.edu> (1990), updated in Usenet article <bi5d3u$hjl$1@panix1.panix.com> (2003) "Let's see, if I recall, English was conseaved under a cursed full moon on Friday the 13th from a illegitimate pairing of Latin and Germanic. It follows whichever set of phonics rules it pheals like at the time. It uses an out dated spelling system that is often arbitrary. As you would expect from a child of darkness, it chases other languages into dark alleys, clubs them over the head and runs off with bits of their vocabulary." - DeaExMachina ( http://forums.keenspot.com/viewtopic.php?p=2146747#p2146747 ) “A philosopher is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn't there. A theologian is the man who finds it.” - H. L. Mencken "Evolutionary theory doesn't imply that we "should" do anything, any more than the theory of gravity implies that we should push people down stairwells." - David Simon "If you want to find a needle in a haystack, the first thing you do is burn down the haystack." - John Valley "Some beating of dead horses may be ethical, when here and there they display unexpected twitches that look like life." - Emile Zuckerkandl and Linus Pauling, (1965) "Evolutionary Divergence and Convergence in Proteins." in Evolving Genes and Proteins, p. 101. "Satire is a dying art form because reality is becoming too stupid." - MrNumbers “If you copy from one book, that’s plagiarism; if you copy from many books, that’s research.” - Wallace Notestein A dog says, "These people feed me, love me, and provide me with a home. They must be gods." A cat says, "These people feed me, love me, and provide me with a home. I must be a god." - Jbenant, ( http://forums.keenspot.com/viewtopic.php?p=2715150#p2715150) (Possibly not originator of the quote.)