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  1. Story, Wednesday January 17, 2018

    Is it sapient, though? I was under the impression it had awareness and a personality (and obviously a will), but that doesn't mean it thinks like a person, or in a way that would allow it to formulate words and sentences. Where exactly did the Emissary of Magic mention that? It fits with Elliot's assertion that the WoM must choose between keeping the same strict rules which won't really keep humans from learning about magic again quickly, or modifying them--perhaps by biving all humans more natural resistance to magic, which is what Tedd hoped to do. This would seem to be what Drasvin was referring to. This would also seem to be relevant.
  2. EGS: The College Years

    Well, I suppose if none of them is looking for the sort of advanced schooling that usually requires a specialized college, or if they want/need to get some more general education out of the way first. Personally, I think having them all wind up at the same college would be a little too convenient, and that having them separated into groups that are far enough away from each other that they can't see each other whenever they want opens up some interesting dramatic potential. On the other hand, Dan designed EGS from the start with the idea of following them to college, so it's possible EGS thus far has been "A group of college friends - back when they were in high school!" and it's the fact that they all knew each other before hand (despite going to two separate schools) that's the contrivance, not the fact that they all wind up in the same college. (Or maybe they'll meet enough new people in college that become important characters that it won't feel so contrived, but considering how large the cast already is much of the current supporting cast would need to fade into the background to make room for the new characters.)
  3. NP Monday January 16, 2018

    1) Well we haven't seen her stand or walk yet, but Dan did call it digitigrade on Patreon. (Though usually digitigrade paws come with a much greater length to the part of the leg/foot between the paw-pad and the ankle, so this is unusual.) 2) Given the shape of their feet/legs this comes as a bit of a surprise. I knew they rested with their "foot" up to the heel/ankle on the ground, but I didn't know they walked that way too. I'm pretty sure they run on not much more than their toes (at least that's what it's looked like to me when I've seen them running away from cats) - but then often so do humans, and humans are considered plantigrade too.
  4. Story, Wednesday January 17, 2018

    I guess I was wrong that Tedd was clutching her head because she saw the spell. (I'm also amazed this was apparently the only place Tedd clutching her head was discussed.) So is that the Will of Magic talking to Tedd? I didn't think it could talk on it's own. ...Maybe it's Disco Wizard speaking on Magic's behalf (Tedd is falling asleep, which is when Disco Wizard is able to play that role). Obviously Diane has a lot on her mind and wasn't ready for a dramatic reunion with her biological father. I still wonder what was bothering her so much that she couldn't even take the time for an awkward discussion with Raven, though Scotty's interpretation (and particularly the fact that she just discovered she had a grandmother and then lost her within a few moments) seems likely. ... (Special Effect Background alert: starburst background in panel eight. ...But it's still not a time for cheering.)
  5. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Unless Dan contrives a way for all of the main 8 to attend either a single college or colleges within easy travel distance, the transition from high school to college is going to mark a huge change in both the characters' lives and the comic. The characters growing older and the setting changing will also likely lead to a shift in tone, though it's hard to say how significant a shift it will be. The Magic Change could also mark a huge change in both the characters' lives and the comic. Depending on the nature of the change it might change the nature of the world around the characters and the tone of the series; in that case it might just be the biggest turning point in both the characters' lives and the comic. I find it more likely the mood won't change all that much, in which case which big change is bigger from the reader's perspective will be debatable. I find it even more likely that it winds up not causing huge changes in the main characters lives (though it will have big future ramifications). After all they're all still in school, and none of them relies on magic as a way of life (except arguably Tedd). And while all of them enjoy using magic, I don't think loosing it temporarily would be a huge problem for any of them, with the exception of Tedd (who should still have access to the TFGs) and Grace (who won't be directly affected by the Change anyway). As for Pandora's Reset/Refresh, unless the reader was a big fan of Pandora, or it's counted along with the Magic Change as one big event, I don't see how it could rival the shift to college when it comes to changes in the comic from the readers' perspective. Prior to Sister III she was a relatively minor (if interesting) character, a mentor to one of the "villains" and a potential future Big Bad (obviously the hints in that direction turned out to be red herrings), but not someone so essential to the story that her loss will change the nature of the story. There's also the fact that she's going to return in some form, if changed. Personally I expect that the Refresh will be successful, and she'll still be recognizably the same character, which blunts any sadness I might have over her passing. If her future self shows up and turns out to have a different enough personality to feel like a new character, then and only then will I "mourn" for the Pandora we know now. But even then, as much as I like Pandora, I still don't expect to feel like her Reset was a huge turning point in the comic. I wonder if Dan has thought about what's going to happen to EGS when he dies? (I have, because I'm morbid like that.) Considering he's too attached to EGS being his own personal vision to even allow someone else to officially color the comics for him, I doubt he'd want anyone to take over for him. That being the case I really hope he does actually bring EGS to a close one day. Either that or I hope he outlives me; EGS is one story I'd hate to see cut off abruptly and be left permanently unfinished.
  6. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    I expect that the eight won't stick together, but we will have a few groups who wound up in the same places. Different stories would then be set in different colleges, or jump back and forth as necessary, as it's always been for the school-based stories with Moperville South and North. During vacations they could still get together, keeping the "main 8" intact as a group - or maybe some of them will drift away from the group, allowing for a dramatic reunion with them much further down the line. I don't think very many of the group would enjoy being in DGB. (I think Tedd would have a hard time with the rules and restrictions it would place on him, and I'm pretty sure Sarah's hoping for a job using her artistic skills. Nanase and the Dunkels might do alright in the combat/law enforcment side of DGB, but Grace wouln't appreciate it if someone tried to force her into that role.) And I really wouldn't want to see any of them forced into it. And then there are authors like Rumiko Takahashi or Ken Akamatsu with multiple hits. At any rate, while Sister III may be tying up a lot of loose plot threads, it's still creating a few new ones, and there are a lot more still lying around. I think if Dan wanted to end the series he'd be focusing on wrapping things up and not laying the groundwork for future stories.
  7. EGS: The College Years

    So Dan has stated multiple times before that he's always intended EGS to follow the cast from high school into college. This raises the questions, who out of the main 8 and their classmates will be going to college, where, and pursuing what majors/careers? (These questions have been discussed before on the forums, but I don't think I've participated in such a discussion for years, so I figured it was a good time to revive it.) While the group are close, I don't think they're so close they would set their hearts on all going to the same college, so there's a good chance they won't all wind up in the same college. In fact, seeing as not everyone goes to college, I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of the main 8 didn't go. While it turns out he's a unconventional wand-maker and a Seer, rather than the Mad Scientist he initially appeared to be, I still somehow expect Tedd to pursue something science related in college, probably either in the engineering field (tying in to his love of tinkering with gadgets), or in advanced physics (perhaps seeking to understand Magic from a scientific perspective). I expect Tedd and Grace at least will try and get into the same college, though Grace would probably choose a different major. Maybe sociology? Sarah obviously will go for art college or at least an art-related major. I doubt Ellen or Elliot even know what they want to do after high school. (Actually, didn't Elliot say as much at one point?) I don't really have any ideas for any of the others at the moment, but I'd love to hear other people's ideas.
  8. NP Monday January 16, 2018

    Considering the card name is simply "mouse", that's an interesting combination of traits (and outfit). Does the Mouse wind up small and other animal cards not because people associate mice with smallness? I find the lack of fur looks a bit odd, perhaps because the digitigrade feet and small size make it closer to the animal it's based on than the other animal forms seen so far. And why a bikini? Personally if I wanted it more extreme than the other animal cards, I would have had the card turn the player into a non-anthropomorphic mouse (but with opposable thumbs and the ability to talk). But maybe Dan has limits on how much the game can change the player, and that would be beyond the limits. I don't know how I'll feel re-reading the story at my own pace after having not read it for a while, but at the moment I'm almost ready for the game to end. The novelty of all the transformations wore off a while ago, and I feel like the game is starting to drag on. For me the best moments of Goonmanji II have been the players reacting to their transformations, but they always need to cut those short so they can get back to the game. I'm looking forward to a story with more plot and where the characters will be able to do more with any transformations that occur than just sit around a board rolling dice.
  9. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Time-skip or not I do expect to see the group's graduations. After all, from the readers' perspective it will be the biggest end-of-an-era the comic has seen (possibly not so much to the characters, depending on if the Change in Magic has happened and how much of an effect that had on their lives). After that I'd enjoy seeing their preparations for college and whatnot, but I don't think it's essential. I could see Dan deciding to jump from shortly after high school graduation to everyone (who's going) already in college, leaving the readers to learn the new "status quo" (to the extent EGS ever has a status quo) on the fly as if it was a new series.
  10. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Well I do expect there will be one or more story after Sister III devoted to reactions to and fallout from Sister III (which would include several of the points you made); if there was going to be a time-skip I wouldn't expect it at least until after that. I expect some of the reactions to the Magic Reset will occur in whatever story the Reset happens in. Of course there will be a lot of reactions, and in-story the world will likely still be reeling from it for years; Dan can't show all of it. I could see Dan following the main cast dealing with it for several in-story months with only jumps of a few days at a time, but I could also see him deciding that would take too long to tell, and instead skipping over a lot of that and then filling in some of the highlights after the fact. I'm not so sure Rhoda and Catalina's powers will be important any time soon; Dan might have just given them powers on a whim. Or perhaps their having magic now will make it easier for them to gain access to magic after the reset. The next stage of Voltair's plan might not even happen any time soon. If this was all leading to a meeting of the Immortals, he won't be able to proceed until the Immortals can all arrange to meet, and who knows how quickly they'll act. ...Thinking about it, reactions to Sister III will probably take several in-story days, maybe even a week or two, and Dan'll probably want to show us a week or two of reactions to the Reset even if he does do another big time skip. Assuming the Reset occurs soon, all of that could easily take us to when the Gryphons return, so the visit could be told in-sequence with everything else... But unless any major new plots have started by that point, we might be clear for a time-skip after that.
  11. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Well, that could also be because she looked at a spell that was way more powerful than any she'd ever seen before. That level of power may have been painful to look at. Obviously we still need to deal with the Magus and Sirleck situation, and if the magic reset is coming soon it we should see it happen. I suppose we ought to see Raven unclog the magic dam before we time-skip; it ought to be safe for him to do so now. We'll want to see Sarah and Sam's maybe-date and Justin and Luke's date, but those could be told in NP while the main story skips over them. We'll probably want to see the return of the gryphons, but we could skip a few weeks to get to that point, which would count as a small time-skip. Alternately, if not too much happens at when they return, we could always learn about their visit in a flashback after a longer time-skip. (Incidentally it's been a week in-story since they said they'd be back in a month, so it will probably be only 3 weeks at this point.) Is there anything else that needs to be shown before we can do a time skip?
  12. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Dan has said before that he always planned to follow the main cast from high school into college, and that he didn't originally expect the high-school section to take very long to tell. I've always figured the time skip was to get things closer to the college part of the story, and I wouldn't be surprised if we had another time skip "soon" - possibly right after Sister III if he's going to do Sarah and Sam's maybe-date and Justin and Luke's dates as NP stories, or perhaps after the immediate aftereffects of Sister III have been shown. That depends on how much info she gets from her magic vision; I figured she'd see the the power of the spell and how it worked (so if she can't reproduce it, it's a matter of power and/or it just being a spell a mortal can't cast), but not who cast it or that it was tied with an Immortal reset.
  13. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    Can Tedd FEEL coming reset? I suspect she's scratching her head and looking a bit out of it because she just saw an incredibly powerful spell. Even if it wasn't something she can reproduce, it was probably still impressive and overwhelming to her magic sight.
  14. Story: Monday 15 Jan 2018

    I think Dan's ability to surprise me is part of the reason I'm so fond of EGS. Still, not all surprises are good, and I think this was a poorly thought out action on Pandora's part which will have significant negative consequences. First of all, the lights in the sky. It might not be enough to tip Magic over the edge; if not too many Immortals were caught on video, the governments of the world could probably pass it off as an unusually bright and far-reaching Aurora, or perhaps some other phenomena; the event was certainly strange but to a skeptic it wouldn't seem like it had to be magic. (This is assuming Arthur doesn't deliberately make the situation worse.) Still, even if it doesn't tip Magic over the edge, it will bring things that much closer to the edge, and they were pretty close already. If this doesn't do it, the next incident probably will. Secondly, forcing all the other Immortals to do something against their will was a really bad move. Nobody is going to like that, and I expect that there will be a meeting of Immortals in the near future to try and figure out a different means of law enforcement, one that doesn't put every Immortal in the world at risk every time someone breaks Immortal law. Which probably is exactly what Voltaire wanted, or close enough to it it makes no difference. Of course, I doubt Voltaire will be satisfied with just changing the law enforcement methods, but this will give him the opportunity to try and convince the other Immortals of his own ideas. Frankly I think Immortal law enforcement was always pretty flawed, and with this exploit exposed, it's not practical to leave things the way they are. Still, the methods Voltair used to get to this point were horrible, and I really hope he gets a good comeuppance at some point. ... If this does trigger magic to go over the edge, I wonder how long it will take before it does so? From a meta perspective, our primary concern at this point is Magus, Sirleck, Ashley, and the Dunkels, and having magic change in the middle of that story would complicate things much more than necessary, so I wouldn't expect it to happen at least until that part of the story is over. In-story, perhaps Magic will wait to find out the human reaction before changing? It might take a few days or more for discussion of the event to convince enough people magic is real for Magic to decide it needed to change. ... Darn it, sunburst background with sparkles in panel one, and pretty lights in panels two to six, and it's still not a good time for cheering...
  15. Story: Friday 12 Jan 2018

    Well yes. The point I was trying to make is that if this story is going to continue into the next day or beyond, Dan might decide to tell about the date along with the other things happening Friday night rather than waiting for Sister III to be over to flashback to it. If however the story ends Friday evening (particularly if Sarah isn't involved) then he might as well tell about the date in a separate story. Now that you mention it, that does sound familiar. So I'm going to amend my previous prediction: I don't expect to see Sarah and Sam again in the main story at least until the epilogue to Sister III, unless their maybe-a-date is interrupted by the news that Elliot, Ellen, and Ashley have been kidnapped.