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  1. http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/2018-023 On Patreon back in July of 2017. I like Mr. Verres' look in the final panel. ...Speaking of the final panel, yay for blurry-lights-and-colors background in panel seven!
  2. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/assorted-18a-007 Also, some scantily-clad variants on Patreon (currently only available to patrons): https://www.patreon.com/posts/assorted-2018-07-21521807
  3. Story Wednesday September 19, 2018

    I remember trying to run a mile in school once... I wore myself out in a minute or so, then wound up walking the rest of the way exhausted the entire time (it was very unpleasant). I wish the teacher had taught us about pacing ourselves first... Everything on this page except the final panel takes place while they are running as part of an outdoor class (gym class, presumably) - as Dan says in the commentary, they are being timed on how fast they can run a mile. The talk about lunch is making plans for later. But yes, Nanase is lapping the trio.
  4. Story Friday September 14, 2018

    Well, presumably MSHS is the default public school for the part of Moperville she lives in. It might have been difficult for her to arrange for Nanase to go to MNHS (at least without getting Mr. Veres to pull some strings), and she might not have had the money for private school or have been up to homeschooling.
  5. In my mind, this is the end of the first act of the story - and you're right that what leads up to it is implied well enough. However what would really interest me is a look at the second and third acts. In other words, this picture makes me want to know what happens next more than it makes me want to enjoy the picture for it's own sake.
  6. Urgent warning to everyone

    I've never trusted any mushroom I encountered outside the Mushroom Kingdom (and even there some of them want to kill you).
  7. Crossover with Kim Possible?!!!

    Ah yes, Circe's fan art; it's been a while since I checked that out. (Anyone who likes this picture should check out her gallery; there's a bunch more pieces of EGS fanart.) Maybe he didn't watch the show? ...There's also the fact that with a few rare exceptions Dan doesn't do cameos or fanfiction of characters or stories owned by other people in EGS. (And I think that aside from that George Lucas cameo, he got permission from the creators/people involved for the cameos we have seen.) It would have had to be EGS characters dressing like KP characters in a sketchbook, or a parody story or scene.
  8. http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/2018-022 On Patreon back in August of 2016. Huh. That means I haven't had a chance to comment on it here... Well, I like the Indiana Jones outfits, and the idea of an artifact that causes transformations, but I'm still a bit underwhelmed by this picture. I think part of the problem is we've already seen Sarah with large breasts, so even when Dan first posted this only one of the transformations was new. A bigger problem is that for me part of the fun of an unexpected transformation is seeing the character(s) coping with it; to truly do this justice there would need to be at least a short scene if not a story. Speaking of which, I'm excited about the "Archaeologists" story Dan talks about in the commentary; it sounds promising. (Based on some tweets he's made, I'm guessing Nanase's outfit will be closer to something Lara Croft would wear. But it's interesting he doesn't mention Sarah being in a different outfit - maybe she'll get to keep her Indiana Jones outfit?)
  9. NP September 10, 2018

    I've always hated starting in the middle of a story; usually when it comes to webcomics I hit the "first comic" button without even reading the latest comic (though I'll sometimes glance at the "about this comic" page if there is one). Of course, if a comic with a large archive doesn't have a promising beginning I'm not going to spend too much time reading it to find out if it gets better; I've probably missed out on some good comics this way but I'm okay with that - it's not like I have to read all the good comics out there. Of course, given the low quality of early EGS it might seem surprising I stuck with it long enough to get hooked, but I wasn't all that critical of my entertainment at that point in my life, and Dan's humor appealed to me enough to get me through to Grace transforming, which added enough interest to keep me reading through to Sister. And by the end of Sister I had to find out how things turned out for Ellen, and was already well on my way to being too attached to the rest of the main cast to give the series up. It was actually a backup of my entire hard drive; unfortunately I hadn't been keeping up with backing things up regularly. (At the time I just kept track of webcomics via bookmark; these days I have a list in a text document, though most of the list is comics I've heard of that sound interesting that I've never gotten around to check out.) I know there were at least a few comics that I didn't loose the links to due to my finding them prior to my last backup, but many of these I'd either lost interest in or were no longer being updated. I really don't think I'd go so far to call Nazis (or any of the other groups in question) "cultures", but I could see how someone else might. As hkmaly says, there are a lot of different definitions for culture - and some of them are pretty broad. In fact, the term is even sometimes used for the transfer of information between individuals and generations through non-instinctual means in non-human animals (for instance, different bands of Chimpanzees have learned different ways to make and use tools, and as a result some primatologists consider these bands to have different cultures). The term "primitive" itself is often used in a subjective and judgmental manner; it might be possible to compare how advanced one society's technology is, or how complicated their system of government is, but I don't think it's a good idea to call an entire culture/civilization "primitive" without further clarification. So to rephrase your statement, barbarians are people whom the people who called them barbarians consider to be more primitive than (and by implication inferior to) them.
  10. NP September 10, 2018

    I can imagine what it must be like to jump into the middle of a webcomic, having jumped into the middle of plenty of dead-tree comics in my teens... But I really can't imagine choosing to not start at the beginning of a series when one has the option to do so. (Well, unless I learn ahead of time the series is not in chronological order; I have a tendency to value in-story chronology more than publishing order.) I mean if it worked for you, great, it's just not something I can picture myself ever doing. Well, part of the problem was that shortly after my big exploration of what webcomics that interested me were out there my computer broke. It took me a couple months to get my computer repaired, during which time I was only occasionally able to borrow someone else's computer. EGS was the only comic I bothered to keep up on during that time. When I finally did get my computer repaired, I had to restore the hard drive from a back up, and as it turned out that backup did not include a list of the comics I'd been reading. By that point I only remembered a handful of the comics I'd taken an interest in, and not all of the ones I did remember seemed worth the effort to track down. There were a couple besides EGS I did track down and followed for years, but in every case except EGS I slowly lost interest and wound up checking back on them less and less often until I eventually stopped entirely. (I have however picked up one other comic since then that I've stuck with.) Incidentally, EGS is the only webcomic I ever cared enough about to "search for discussion" about. (Though it wasn't a very hard search, as the forums were linked to from the main EGS site when I first decided I wanted to talk with other people about EGS. Of course those were the Keenspot forums, but luckily I stuck around long enough for the switch to 910CMX, so I knew where to look when I decided I wanted to discuss EGS again last year.)
  11. Crazy Counting Guy

    Well, as it appears on my monitor it's close enough to half-way between blue and green as to be hard to tell to which side it leans (assuming it's not exactly halfway) though despite that my mind still wants to classify it as a shade of green. Incidentally, the shade is actually pretty close to what I was picturing Ellen's hair as before Dan showed it in color, which is why the similarity struck me. It's up to you what colors you use; it's your list after all. (And even if it was a group decision I know I wouldn't care.) If you're asking for opinions, though, I think the new color works fine; to me the different shades of green you're using look different enough to not be confusing.
  12. NP September 10, 2018

    I started reading because I heard there were "transgender transformations" in it (this was long before any characters were revealed to be trans, of course); Sister and Grace's Birthday Party did not disappoint on that account. (If I had known that it would eventually deal with real-life trans issues that would have been even more of a selling point.) The furry transformations were also a highlight of my archive binge (I'm pretty sure I was unaware of that aspect of the comic when I started reading, so it came as a pleasant surprise). However, what kept me coming back after I'd finished the archive (and long after abandoning all the other webcomics I started reading back then) was and is my attachment to the characters.
  13. NP Friday Sep 7, 2018

    Susan's transformation could be Kitty's doing, but Tedd is a male fox here, and (unless I'm forgetting something) as far as we know Kitty can only transform people into (and is only interested in transforming people into) catgirls.
  14. Story Friday September 14, 2018

    @detrius I don't know, I think this might be more relevant:
  15. Crazy Counting Guy

    I wonder if Rhoda and Catalina would have the numbers to be counted as main characters if we included NP? After "Escape from the Mall" and "Goonmanji 2" they certainly feel like main characters to me. Also, I wanted to point out that it's a neat coincidence that you chose a shade of green for Ellen's entries well before her hair turned green (even if based on the Pinups she's been in it's a different shade of green).