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  1. NP Monday, Feb 17, 2020

    I recently saw some news/documentary show(I forget which show) that had a segment on beer making. There was one stage where most of the ingredients had been mixed together but no hops added (and if I remember correctly didn't have any alcohol yet either); it actually sounded rather good. They they said the were going to add hops to give it bitterness. I know different people have different tastes and all, but as someone who is not a fan of bitterness, my first thought was "Why would you do that?!"
  2. Story Friday, February 14, 2020

    Grace remembered earlier in the party, she's just apparently so caught up in SCIENCE! (of magic) and being able to use a wand that she forgot again. (Which isn't to say someone couldn't remind her, I'm just saying once she's no longer so caught up in the moment, she'll probably remember on her own.)
  3. NP, Friday Feb 7 2020

    That's a matter of opinion. I've been to see some wind turbines in my area, and I thought they looked rather elegant (not to mention really impressive in their scale when you got close to them). Mind you, I've heard plenty of complaints about them being "eyesores" and I can't recall anyone else defending their looks, so my opinion may be the minority. The issue of the danger to birds on the other hand, is something I'm concerned about. I wonder if some way could be developed to warn birds away from them?
  4. Story, Wed 12 Feb 2020

    Yay for starburst background in panel one! Yay for glowing circle background (with reverse-starburst overlay) in panel two! Technically, she always had the potential for it, she just would have had to have figured out how to suppress her Uryuom power. As soon as we saw that Uryuom using that wand at the end of Sister 3, I figured Grace would be able to use human magic as easily as anyone else now. I'm actually a little surprised Tedd and Grace hadn't realized the same thing yet, but I suppose Tedd hasn't had much time to investigate the changes to magic yet. It fits, but I wonder where he learned the term. While he watches some anime (and learned a few Japanese words and phrases), and enjoyed watching Star Trek with Susan, in general Elliot is one of the least nerdy of the main 8. I suspect most people do - and as I mentioned the other day, I suspect the nudity taboo is a big part of the problem. Because we can't easily compare our bodies to those around us, it's far too easy to assume one's body is below average and/or "not good enough". (The fact that naked people in classic art and scantily-clad people in the media are almost all very good looking doesn't help matters.) Of course, in Diane's case it's not necessarily body issues she's facing right now. Breaking a taboo takes a lot of confidence (or ignorance), and that might be the confidence of Grace's that Diane is currently envious of. (It could also be a combination of both types of confidence.)
  5. Story, Friday Feb 07 2020

    I share Grace's views on nudity, if not her habit of actually spending time naked around other people (due to a combination of lack of self-confidence and lack of opportunity). However, if I had access to a Uryuom Worker Suit I'd probably want to wear it whenever I could; they're very cool outfits.
  6. Story. Monday 10 Feb 2020

    So I it didn't make sense to me that Grace would be so energetic when she hasn't had any food or sleep since using the "common magic" made her tired. I asked about it on twitter, and Dan's answer was "Adrenaline rush." Based on that, we probably haven't seen the last of sleepy Grace, and for the sake of her health I hope she gets something to eat soon. Well, it would increase the comfort of those who haven't gotten used to her being naked (and would be a good idea for situations where there's a risk of wardrobe malfunctions but not everybody around her knows about or is okay with that risk). ...But personally I think it would be more healthy if people who are going to spend a significant time around Grace learn to accept and get used to her being naked. While there are good reasons to wear clothing in many circumstances, I feel the blanket taboo against nudity is overkill and contributes to people feeling insecure about their bodies.
  7. NP Monday, Feb 3, 2020

    This story has been going on so long, that as a parody story I would expect Dan to start to run out of things to say before too much longer. I wouldn't be surprised if (and actually hope that ) before long he either does a fast-forward/time-skip to the end, or says "to be continued" and switches to another story. If he doesn't do one of those things, then we could a very long wait for the next story, as in a typical Video Game RPG Susan would probably be less than a fourth of the way through the adventure at this point, maybe a lot less (I don't know about Fable, but if I was playing a JRPG and had only completed two quests and acquired one companion, I wouldn't expect to be even a tenth of the way through the game).
  8. Crazy Counting Guy

    I'll put $Q 25 on April... of 2021.
  9. Crazy Counting Guy

    Considering the contained nature of the party storyline, unless we get a major plot twist we probably won't see very many (if any) other characters until it's over.
  10. Story, Monday 3 Feb 2020

    On the one hand I enjoy seeing people embrace the fun of transformation. On the other hand, every once and a while I get concerned that Dan is making his characters more and more similar over time to a level that is unrealistic (and potentially could lead to them no longer feeling like distinct characters); I'm feeling that concern again. (Other examples: Both Tedd and Elliot are nonbinary/gender-fluid. All of the main 10 except Justin and Nanase (and arguably male!Tedd) are some form of bisexual. ...Though at least those examples are of things which don't get enough representation elsewhere. Having most of the cast being interested in transformation just feels indulgent.) At any rate, yay for blurry-sunburst-with-bubbles background in panel three! Yay for diagonal-lines-and-bubbles background in panel four!
  11. Story Friday, January 31, 2020

    Not exactly obscure, but a large number of episodes of Doctor Who from the 60s were taped over by the BBC. In some cases they'd sent out copies to stations in other countries and the episodes were later restored from those copies, but for many episodes all that remains is the audio recordings made by fans. Ironically, it's probably easier to find obscure TV than popular TV on You Tube; stuff that a company actually cares about posted without permission tends get taken down.
  12. NP Friday, Jan 24, 2020

    That was part of my point. This Susan is aware she is in/playing a video game; if the main univeres's Susan was also in/playing a video game I believe she would act the same way, but if she were in a world she thought was real she would not act this way.
  13. Story Friday, January 31, 2020

    Yay for blurry-sunburst-with-stars background in panel four! These days, the channels I'm most likely to watch play the same sorts of programming 24/7, so I'm actually nearly as likely to find something worth watching at 3 in the morning as at any other time of day or night. That said, I do remember back in the 90s when in the early morning some channels went off the air entirely, and the others mostly played infomercials and "shopping" shows.
  14. What Are You Listening To?

    Another vote for Derivations; it emphasizes the theme by sounding similar. By the way, I've really enjoyed your previous work, and am looking forward to the new album!
  15. NP Friday, Jan 24, 2020

    I suppose not playing video games would make it rather hard to enjoy a story about video games (particularly if said story required knowledge of video games to fully enjoy). I was hoping to respond to your second point as well, but I can't put my thoughts into words I'm satisfied with. Instead I'll just say thank you for your elaboration. As far as this Susan being like the main Susan, keep in mind that I specified "if she were playing a video game"; many of her actions only fit my conception of Susan if she knows that these are not real people she's interacting with and nothing she does has any consequences in the real world. Admittedly though, this is just my interpretation, and it's only a guess that main Susan would act similarly in those circumstances.