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  1. Story Friday, May 24, 2019

    More fuel for the OT3 shipping! (Though it would have been better if Tedd wasn't in such an awkward position.) ...Speaking of Tedd, I don't really think that combo of shirts looks good on him (I'm not sure if someone else could pull it off). That's the second time this storyline that Dan has drawn an outfit I didn't like. I wonder if it's just coincidence, or Dan and my taste in clothing styles is diverging?
  2. NP Monday, May 20, 2019

    Yeah, they didn't really show very much of Dimension X until season 4, so if you stopped watching before then* the only location you'd be familiar with would be the "Unnamed rocky Dimension X world', which does rather give the impression of an inhospitable post-apocalyptic place. * It's entirely possible the station you were watching on didn't play the entire series. The first 3 seasons and parts of 4 and 7 were syndicated, but at least in the US the rest of the series was exclusive to CBS; and from what I've heard in many countries some parts of the series were never shown at all.
  3. NP Monday, May 20, 2019

    If we're still talking about TMNT, we actually see many planets and planetoids in Dimension X. Some are barren (and may or may not have always been that way), some have clearly been devastated by war, some still have thriving civilizations on them, and a few are even lush and fairly untouched by civilization & war. So I guess there are places within Dimension X that might count as post-apocalyptic, but you can't really say the entire dimension is post-apocalyptic. Actually, in TMNT Adventures, there were planets in Dimension X known as "Eden Worlds" which served as nature preserves. Of course the likes of Krang wouldn't respect such things, so I'm not sure how they survived; perhaps there were some defenses put in place by the mysterious "Elder Races" that created the Eden Worlds.
  4. NP Monday, May 20, 2019

    Well, it's certainly war-torn, but my impression is that either Dimension X has always been in a state of war, or that the warring factions are continuations of pre-war civilizations, not new factions that arose following some catastrophe. (Note that this is based on the 1987 & 2012 animated versions, and the Archie TMNT Adventures comic; I haven't seen the latest movie or the IDW comics, which I understand also have Dimension X in them.) Of course, the final result is still pretty bleak anyway, so this may just be a matter of how one defines the term "post apocalypse'.
  5. NP Monday, May 20, 2019

    Why would their being from Dimension X make them a good post-apocalyptic example? (Are you suggesting Dimension X is post-apocalyptic?) At any rate, the Turtles themselves may not be from Dimension X, but in several continuities (in particular the 1987 and 2012 animated series) the mutagen that transformed them originated there.
  6. Word of Dan

  7. NP Friday, May 17, 2019

    "giant mutant skunks"? Just how giant and how mutant are we talking about here? I wonder if they will look like Nioi and/or Kaoli? Or maybe Grace will need to find a way to pacify Skunk-zilla?
  8. NP Monday May 13, 2019

    I had figured that stories of the pre-apocalypse medieval world had been passed on through the "all civilized people in hiding" period, but when people tried to re-establish the old society, the stories didn't provide enough info and people made wrong guesses. In the specific case of the town criers, my head-canon is that the tales mentioned their existence but not where they got their information, and Carol decided they must find out out the news themselves (like what we would call a reporter), and set out to do just that. And because she is not just parroting the official line, she is vulnerable to those in power trying to silence her, a fact she is aware of (how she is aware of it, and whether it makes sense in the world of the game for her to be aware of it, would require more information about the setting and her history to determine). While this concern is one good reason (out of many) why we should try to avoid the a collapse of civilization extensive enough to destroy the current technological base worldwide, I have to wonder if the route our civilization took to get to our current level of technology is really the only way. (Also, in the case of many resources other than fossil fuels, our use of them did not destroy them, so it might just be a matter of "mining" landfills and the ruins of old cities to get them back.) And of course, all of this only applies if the pre-apocalypse world was similar to our own (give or take a few centuries). If the pre-apocalypse was medieval, or something akin to Roman (which would be fitting for this story seeing as how the middle ages followed it), or pseudo-Atlantean, then the loss of resources wouldn't be nearly as extensive.
  9. NP Monday May 13, 2019

    The apocalypse was caused by dragons (nuclear dragons, but still dragons), and we have not yet seen any game elements that don't have a medieval feel. I suspect this was a medieval fantasy world even before the apocalypse, in which case literacy levels probably weren't that high to begin with.
  10. NP Monday May 13, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/egsnp/fantasywasteland-16 That's a pretty impressive background in panel one. I'm surprised Dan went through the trouble, and that it didn't delay the comic (I'm guessing it might have been different if it wasn't the weekend).
  11. Story Monday May 13 2019

    http://egscomics.com/comic/party-012 [space for spoilers] Imaginary Jedi Justin is right, and in fact I hate it when viewpoint characters lie in fiction, but I still kind of wish they had decided to make this a celebration of Ellen's creation. I think that's something that ought to be celebrated, but seeing as how I don't think Dan is likely to do two party storylines close together, the fact that this isn't it suggests either there isn't going to be one or it's only going to be mentioned in passing.
  12. Story Friday, May 10, 2019

    So, Liz is clearly pretty unhappy with this situation - and Dan hates to leave his characters unhappy. I predict that by the end of the school year Liz will have been let in on the Magic Masqurade and the fact that Elliot and his friends (and now Ashley too) can use magic. (This may or may not wind up being related to the magic mark Liz was implied to have.) I wouldn't even be hugely surprised if she winds up invited to this party (though I still think it more likely Dan will try to keep the number of guests down to the main 8 plus Ashley).
  13. NP Wednesday, May 8, 2019

    Not in the games I play. Mind you, filling-in-as-you-go is not uncommon - it's just that maps-as-items and maps-that-you-start-with are equally common (and there's also a sizeable number of games that don't have maps at all). Of course, the majority of games I play were made in the 80s or 90s; I don't play enough recent games to be able to say what's normal (or default) for today's games.
  14. NP Wednesday, May 8, 2019

    Regarding in-game maps, I prefer it when you either acquire the map through the story, or it fills in as you go along (as if you were making the map yourself, but without the hassle). It's a little immersion breaking when you start with the map for a place your character never visited before and had no reason to have a map for. Similarly, I prefer when map markers are justified in story; telling you where to go when the player character wouldn't know is immersion breaking. I'm not usually too concerned with maps and markers making the game too easy, though if the map's too thorough it can ruin the fun of exploration, and sometimes the map markers point out destinations so obvious it feels insulting. (I'm reminded of Metroid: Other M, where they put in goal markers every few rooms - and this in a game where most of the major areas were comprised largely of long series of rooms and corridors with no branches.)
  15. *Note: Spoiler for the May 8 NP ahead.* I never thought I'd be one to complain about the fanservice in EGS, but I've gotten really tired of the "Magic Tea" effects. I mean the wavy hair and more curves thing can look good (I liked the look on Dan's avatar), but the figure alterations often go further than I like, and the tea also usually causes the drinker's clothing to shrink in ways that I feel make the clothing not look very good. I also find some of the implied mental effects creepy... And there was a period where there were so many pinups involving it that it lost all novelty. I bring this up now because from a visual standpoint the spell Sarah used in the latest NP is virtually identical to the effects of the tea, and my first thought on seeing the third panel was "Ugh, not this again!"