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  1. Oddly enough, I thought Raven looked a lot like Susan here, other than the bangs.
  2. Story Friday November 02, 2018

    Or laser blasts, assuming he can deal with that right now.
  3. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    I almost mentioned her, but then it occurred to me that there was a good chance she changed her name back to her maiden name after the divorce and/or took the name of Van's father. Speaking of Noriko's maiden name, I wonder what it was? Mr. Kitsune doesn't look Japanese, so it's possible he took his wife's name... So if Noriko didn't take Van's father's name, her name might be Noriko Kitsune these days. (Of course, this is mostly old speculation, but it's a question that's never been answered, and this conversation got me thinking about it again.)
  4. Story Monday October 29, 2018

    You forgot Edward Verres and Pandora Chaos Raven. Also, there are some cases where we know the last names but not the first, such as Mr. and Mrs. Kitsune, or many of the FBI/DGB agents.
  5. Story Friday October 26 2018

    Yay for starburst & bubbles background in panel three! Yay for multi-layer fire-burst background in panel six! ...This is a side of Rhoda that Diane and Lucy probably haven't seen before. (Technically I don't think we've seen it either, but after what we've seen of her with Catalina and in non-canon it doesn't seem too out-there to me; however it would have been pretty shocking back when all we knew of her was her meek and shy side. From what I recall, up to this point when we've seen all three girls together Rhoda has acted in her meek/shy manner; while it's possible she might have acted more confident and outgoing around them off-panel, the dynamics of the group suggest otherwise to me.)
  6. http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/2018-033 On Patreon back in July of 2017. Yay for catgirls!
  7. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-05 [space for reaction] I like Nanase's outfit, but her shorts seem to be riding a bit low; it looks like they might be in danger of falling off (which would be dangerous while adventuring). (Also, as a fan of alternate outfits, I'm a little dissappointed Nanase doesn't get a winter-weather outfit, even if it was necessary for the joke.)
  8. 23 October 2018, Tuesday

    Because that's how it's usually used? I take it you consider there to be different levels of "real"? It doesn't affect my opinion of the artistic quality of the picture, but it certainly affects my enjoyment.
  9. NP Friday Oct 19 2018

    I made that mistake at first with the comic for the 17th... but then I read Dan's pateron commentary for that strip, which outright says it's Diane.
  10. Story: Wednesday October 23, 2018

    That's a bit better, though still a bit fast for my tastes. Also, yay for bubbles of romance in panel six! (I would have preferred a flowery background, though. *pouts* )
  11. 23 October 2018, Tuesday

    A very cool outfit, and a cute look over all. Too bad it's on a character I dislike so much. Possible, but extraordinarily unlikely. As for "reality", what does it even mean for something to be "real"? My point of view (which I've had since I was a child, long before hearing of René Descartes and possibly before hearing "I think therefore I am") is that thoughts (particularly those I experience) exist, but nothing else is certain. Still, many of those thoughts concern one particular "world" which is far more immersive than any others I am aware of, and as such it makes sense to treat that world in particular as if it and the actions "I" do within it matter.
  12. Story Monday Oct 22 2018

    Well, I wasn't expecting an extended "will they or won't they" period, it's just that I don't see how more than a minute or two has passed since Diane learned Lucy was even interested in her; unless Diane already had feelings for Lucy or hasn't thought this through, that seems fast even considering everything you've said. Mind you, I wouldn't be shocked if Diane did have feelings for Lucy; I'd also be willing to accept the idea that Diane thought very quickly if we learn what those thoughts were. In the meantime, however, not knowing what's going through Diane's head, it seems a bit jarring to me.
  13. NP Monday Oct 22, 2018

    http://egscomics.com/egsnp/nanasecraft-04 [space for reaction] If Nanase could afford to have the animators draw her an entire different outfit, Sarah, she wouldn't have needed to go on this expedition in the first place! (Which raises the question, does Sarah have more money than Nanase, or is she just more practical with how she spends it?) This really does remind me of any number of cartoons I've watched over the years; no character can be expected to have more than one outfit, unless they're a superhero with a secret identity (in which case they will still probably only have the two outfits). As for the commentary, I've heard a number of things about Anniversary that make me hesitant to pick it up; most of them are nitpicky, but I'm entitled to be swayed by nostalgia and little details if I want to be. This adds another.
  14. Story Monday Oct 22 2018

    Well, Diane still hasn't technically asked Lucy out... But seriously, this seems a little fast to me. Unless Diane already had a thing for Lucy (which has not been indicated) or is prone to impulsive actions (I don't remember any hints about this either, but I could be forgetting something), I really would have expected her to have to think about it for at least a few hours if not a few days in-story before giving any indication of interest in a relationship (except perhaps for telling Lucy that she's bisexual and is not completely ruling out the possibility). ...In other matters, I usually only cheer for actual backgrounds, not effects with foreground elements, but this is the closest thing in spirit to the old flowery backgrounds we've seen in a long time, so I'm going to make an exception. Yay for epic starburst with lens-flare in panel six!
  15. This Day In History

    I haven't been handing out likes because I'm stingy with them, but I wanted to say how much I appreciate this thread. It's really nice to be able to look forward to a few minutes of history mixed with humor every day.