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  1. Story Friday, May 29, 2020

    We know it doesn't take much to transfer the design and spell to the watch, so Tedd could have easily done it shortly after getting back from playing chess with Elliot.
  2. Story Friday, May 29, 2020

    I suspect his uncle would be saddened, but supportive of whatever Justin chose to do.
  3. https://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/parable-111 Alright....so female, apparently is the hero of magic (got the boobs for it), and we're left hanging as to who it is still. The theory of it being Noah has definitely shrunk to nothing, unless Noah happens to be female this time around....though likely not. Considering the puppy remarks, I'm leaning towards either Lucy of Diane as both have referred to Rhoda as a puppy. Would be funny though if it turned out that all three "Heroes" used Rhoda's model.
  4. NP Thursday, May 28, 2020

    Yeah, but that's mainly because Eve has been for the most part 90% player driven. though from what I hear, the latest update has introduced a new NPC faction that will actively conquer systems in all parts of space, and players can either join them, or fight them, so that could add a new dynamic to the game.
  5. NP Thursday, May 28, 2020

    From what I remember about Eve in terms of time based events was whenever corp/alliance execs planned POS takedowns during times when the enemy was likely to be sleeping.
  6. NP, Saturday May 30, 2020

    I think Justin would have been the barber even if Dan hadn't gotten to the point of fem!Justin in the main story yet, it's been long established that Justin likes playing with hair.
  7. NP, Saturday May 30, 2020

    Ashley and Diane just found out in canon, Rhoda doesn't but she's already the hero of melee (unless it turns out that all three heroes use the Rhoda model). I dunno if Catalina has actually met Grace yet, at least we haven't seen any mention that they've met, I wouldn't put it past Rhoda to have told Grace about Catalina and Catalina about Grace but then Catalina would only know as much as Rhoda, also Catalina's already in play as Rhoda's love interest. Pizza/Gossip/Smoke more or less just came into play, not really sure Dan would set her up as a "hero" before we've learned what her intentions are in canon.
  8. NP, Saturday May 30, 2020

    Yeah, but Lucy's also an amazon and unless the anti-spoiler veil hid this person's height as well as their breast size (which I guess could be possible), she'd be maybe as tall as Catalina. This is the hero of Magic and we know what having high levels in Magic means to breast size, if Susan can have big boobs, I can see Diane having big boobs.
  9. Story Friday, May 29, 2020

    If Justin doesn't plan on running the comic shop full time after he graduates, I'd be very disappointed if he doesn't become a stylist/fashion consultant.
  10. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    I've also said previously that the name Blaike has an English origin, Adrian, however has latin origins and has variations in English, French, and German. It'd be safe to say that Blaike was born in England, and we could assume Adrian was also born in England, but considering Blaike and Pandora adventured a fair bit, there is a chance Adrian was born in France or Pre-Germany, it's also quite possible they settled down in England when Pandora got pregnant (I honestly can't guess how Immortal pregnancies work, I would of course assume there's really no difference between Immortals and Humans anatomy-wise, but I doubt Dan would get into the nitty-gritty of that) and then Adrian traveled to France and Germany when he was old enough, eventually settling down in Moperville.
  11. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Another point that I missed but someone on Discord brought up that would be in favor of this being Nanase's mom, in the 4th panel she mentions Adrian's "British-ness" and talks about it like "oh! they act soo posh and proper and like they're better than the US" meanwhile after the divorce Noriko seems to have ended up in England and having another child with a British man, or at the very least Van's development was spent around people with British accents. Still, I'd think if Noriko wasn't of fan of the British, she might have been inclined to avoid england. Also, I am curious if Adrian British accent is just part of the old man disguise or if that's his real accent, cus I do get the feeling he switched whenever he dropped the illusion. I also got the feeling that Noriko and Edward knew what Adrian was by the time they were married. Because Adrian had said they remained friends after they graduated it's not a stretch to think he told them about being the son of an Immortal, and maybe Adrian is the reason Edward knows a lot about them. Nanase's mom though, if her dislike of Adrian as a teacher made it so she never found out about him being an Elf until later (like around the time of the divorce maybe, or at least when Tedd was born and Adrian was named Tedd's Godfather). And now, another theory as to why Mama Kitsune would have a "I have no sister" response, and her not wanting Nanase to know what she knows. When we saw Noriko and Adrian in that flashback and Noriko's seen still scanning Tedd in case she missed something, Noriko mentioned that magic was always straightforward with her family, what if she got it in her head that, if Tedd might not end up being her successor, could her sister's daughter have the potential? Tedd and Nanase are about the same age (Nanase being a little older, but not by much apparently) if Mama Kitsune caught Noriko scanning Nanase one day, I'd imagine Mama Kitsune would go full on Mama Kodiak.
  12. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    I'm thinking that when we actually get around to seeing Noriko, Van will be involved, and the WoM wanted to hold off on Tedd finding out Van's their half sibling until a specific time which I don't think is during this party. I think Dan expects readers to jump to the "It's Noriko!" conclusion based on the vagueness of this page, but at the same time I believe there are enough crumbs to sort out whether it actually is or not.
  13. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    But we know Dan's been sitting on her (minds out of the gutter people!!) for a long time, which has got to mean something as well.
  14. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    I'd put Noriko in the "always there" category, she's been seen for certain once in the flashback with Adrian, and it was assumed the figure we saw when Wolf was describing the last person to fight Not_Tengu was Noriko. We've known of "The mother that left Tedd" as far back as Lunchtable Revelations when Tedd revealed that his parents were divorced. Dan's been developing Noriko almost as much as he had been developing Pandora and while Pandora of course has had more screen presence, people have still been talking about Noriko for quite some time, so I can't at all agree that she should be considered a "New character".
  15. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    My bets, especially based on Not_Tengu calling Nanase the "spitting image of Noriko", are that Noriko is still quite active as a monster hunter (even Van confirms that) if she's still using magic frequently, it's probably unlikely that she's gained any wieght like her sister has. Also, like Nanase, I'm inclined to believe that Noriko has a fitness regime to keep in shape for chasing monsters.
  16. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Definitely not an art error, as we see when they first brought out the door, the paneled part is at the bottom with the knob on the right, in this page, the door is essentially upside down...or rather Elliot and Justin got it turned upside down when they brought it out. For what they were using it for, they didn't need to know which end was the top.
  17. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    She looks heavier now, but years ago? We saw in Goonmanji 2 what Nanase's mom likely looked like when she was younger. Like I said in a previous post, maybe she stopped using magic, but didn't cut back on the cheesecake. She said it was supposed to be a time and magic saver, the magic saver part is obvious, if it's meant to hold large amounts of magic energy it would allow someone to use it as a battery that recharges over time, like Tedd's gauntlet. The time saver part though could mean anything from traveling to other places, or.... I dunno, I still think it being a door wasn't intended, that the creator was trying to create something easier to carry, but it ended up being a door that potentially only did half of what they wanted it to do, creating something from nothing isn't unheard of, since Nanase is capable of doing so with the fairy dolls, and considering Tara's reaction to seeing it, it wouldn't be surprising if either Noriko and/or Mama Kitsune also had the ability to create objects with persistence. Much like Kevin, maybe the enchantments that were used were the right ones for what was needed (maybe aside from it being a door) but the system's restrictions didn't allow for that many enchantments to function simultaneously. Those restrictions are gone now. Something else that I think might be a clue to this being the work of Mama Kitsune, Nanase brought up the fact that she made another attempt to see if her mom is aware that she can use Magic which failed left Nanase still wondering if her mom knows anything. If Mama Kitsune did create the door, then there's a chance that it could erase all doubt Nanase had about it and finally get her and her mom talking.
  18. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    This I certainly agree with, cus the person who made it had a concern of the door absorbing too much magic, with all that had gone on in the basement over the past year, it's either absorbed lots of magic by now, or has only been absorbing magic since the "not change". of course there may be a proximity factor that only come into play since the door was moved out into the open and has spells casted next to it. Can't be so sure about this, obviously the person who created it hid it in the basement with no intention of telling anyone about it, all Tedd said was that they found it cleaning and that Edward had forgotten it was there, but did Edward really forget it was there, or was he just assuming that he must he put it there and forgot about it? Also if Edward knew the door was a failed attempt at enchanting, would he be inclined to allow Tedd and co to use it, not knowing what it could possibly do? especially considering Kevin, a wand that was initially thought to be a failed project, unexpectedly coming to life, I'd expect Edward to be extremely wary of objects used in failed enchantments. I don't expect Edward to have talked about Adrian in this manner either really, at least not until after the divorce. and again, we don't know if Edward knows if the door is anything but a door.
  19. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    I would expect that if it was Noriko, what reason would she have of hiding what she did from Edward, if what she was trying to make was simply as an aid, some way of storing magic energy, it wouldn't have hurt her to ask Edward for help, either in fixing the enchantments, or removing the enchantments altogether so she could start fresh, heck Edward could have gone to Adrien himself and took whatever lecture about stacking enchantments (I think this is a reason why Dan decided to bring up stacking enchantments earlier in the story) from him instead of Noriko. Also, there are only two time period where it's possible that Noriko would say stuff like this about Adrian, either during highschool, in which case she wouldn't be living in this house (unless of course her family owned the house before her and Edward got married, in which case it would help the Mama Kitsune theory rather than debunk it) or around the time her and Edward got divorced, and this person doesn't come across as someone who's about to leave Edward.
  20. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Did you read the rest of my post? I gave reasons why this person doesn't have to be living in the house to still be in the house.
  21. Story Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    I'm actually thinking that it is Nanase's mom here. 1: she's half-assing what she's trying to do, Pandora told Tedd that Nanase's mom could have been as good as Noriko if she was serious about it, the dialog here doesn't come across as being serious about what she's trying to accomplish. 2: the way she mocks Adrian, Adrian had said that he had remained friends with Edward and Noriko after school, also the interaction we saw between Noriko and Adrian in regards to Tedd does not fit the behaviour we see here. We do know that Nanase's mom has a dislike for Adrian, it's entirely possible that this dialog, plus what Pandora said about Nanase's mom not taking magic seriously would indicate a dislike that goes beyond just what Adrian might have done to cause Edward and Noriko's divorce, what Nanase said about thinking Adrian was her least favorite teacher might be closer to the truth than she thought. 3: the mention of increasing calorie intake, Nanase is known to have a hefty apatite which she has stated allows her to burn calories to cast spells. mind you, yes it's likely Noriko has this ability too, but it's also likely Nanase's mom does as well, and...well... Nanase's mom looks like someone who's decreased their magic usage, but not her caloric intake. Now why she'd be in Edward's house? Could be a number of reasons, babysitting Tedd is a possibility, though if it was before Tedd was born, maybe she was keeping an eye on the house for Edward and Noriko while they were away, or maybe she snuck in there to make use of materials Edward and Noriko had in order to make what she wanted. I think the door was actually not intended to be a door but Mama Kitsune goofed up the enchantments which resulted in the creation of a door. She also had to move the door to the basement and hide it so no questions would be asked, she also intended on coming back at some point to try to fix it, but it's entirely possible that after Edward and Noriko's divorce, Mama Kitsune didn't feel right about going back to Edward's house and of course ended up forgetting the door existed.
  22. NP Tuesday, May 26, 2020

    Considering the fact that Dan assured me that he did not read a comment I made on sunday (on discord)about how someone should pop that last button on Justin's shirt. It's still makes me think there's some psychic mojo at work feeding him ideas from us. Like seriously, I feel like I deserve all the cookies for this one.
  23. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    That might be confirmation that even adjusting the parameters of a spell is still using the spell. Tedd may not have seen Susan turn on the machine, but she saw Susan reprogram it. Maybe, she was very interested in transformation spells, she may think that Tedd has access to a fair number of them.
  24. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    It is canon that TC thought Tedd was a girl, though it was implied there were multiple lines for each set of uniforms so it's unlikely Tedd got his from TC. Considering TC was told to only accept blue vouchers though, and Tedd would have had blue vouchers, it's possible TC wouldn't have given it a second thought. Of course when Tedd was picking up the male uniforms, they were intended for Susan as Tedd already had suitable clothes that fit the uniform (also mentioned here for clarity)
  25. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    I bet they didn't even play on Trump's course either!