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  1. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    You know....I'm not sure...the possibility does increase since that takes place like days after Matt delivered the pizza.
  2. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    Technically speaking, the vest had to have come from the same uniform that Tedd wore at Grace's birthday, so he wore part of the female uniform to school.
  3. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    While it doesn't matter now, I did forget to link the page where Arthur said it, https://www.egscomics.com/comic/sister3-286
  4. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    Well we do have word of Arthur that he made Kevin "decades ago" and Jay is certainly not yet of the age where "decades" would be an appropriate description. Almost, but not quite.
  5. NP Saturday, May 23, 2020

    I suspect the whole space station comment was essentially Susan saying she had bought a ass-load of potionsm which is to say she bought a lot. Whether it actually is enough to fill a space station or not doesn't really matter here, she just has a lot of potions.
  6. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    I suspect the wand was created long before Jay's birth. Probably even before Arthur became the head of the paranormal division the first time around.
  7. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    I'm not sure it's everything. Also, maybe they already have the drinks? I would assume you order the pizza to have it fresh and warm, but you can just have cola in fridge. Maybe the first set of pizzas were already taken downstairs, or where ever they plan on eating. Either that or Diane's look is related to the fact that Grace is holding 5 large pizzas with one hand. If it is just the 5 pizzas, that's less food than what they had at Grace's birthday (which was 5 pizzas plus wings and possibly garlic bread).
  8. Story Monday, May 25, 2020

    Camdin might not have been very discreet about using magic in public, or he thought he was alone, but Jay happened to round a corner just in time to see him start to transform. I dunno, I'd suspect Arthur would be more inclined to ask Jay to assist Tedd, or maybe because Jay is also a wizard, have her learn from Kevin alongside Ashley. I'd find it hard to believe that Arthur wouldn't know anyone in his family has any sort of magic potential. So either somehow she learned that Tedd was a wizard from someone else, which might be incorrect information anyway because Tedd isn't a standard wizard like she is, or she knows what Seers are somehow and she learned about Tedd just within the past 2 weeks (since Tedd didn't even know what they were prior to Pandora's visit). Panel 6 has her decide against showing Tedd the smoke spell, understandable because doing so would reveal that she was the one that harassed Grace, but it also implies that Jay was planning on showing Tedd what spells she has learned so far, for what purpose? Maybe if Jay somehow found out about the possibility of Magic changing (and like Susan, hasn't found out that it isn't happening anymore), and learned of Tedd being able to carry spells over to the next system, Jay might be thinking of using Tedd as a backup for her spells? so that in the event of a system change, she could just go back to Tedd and have her make wands.
  9. NP Tuesday May 19, 2020

    The fact that Shadow guy didn't know about Grace's habit of nudity, yet expected Grace to be the hero of this "game" suggests Shadow guy ended up in the wrong person's dream. Though I guess a third theory can be made. If it's possible to magically enter someone dream, and we've certainly seen that multiple people can do so with Pandora and Disco Wizard both being in Grace's dream at the same time, why not have multiple dreamers in a connected dream? We've only been seeing Susan's side of the dream so far, but maybe there is a point where we find out that Grace had been off doing her own thing this whole time, maybe she's taken up the role of the big bad for a change...or something that she would consider being a big bad...like those "evil cultists" were from Grace's Cult of Squirrels and they were in the process of converting that temple into a shrine to the Squirrel God, complete with a big, manly, squirrel statue and shrubbery.
  10. NP Tuesday May 19, 2020

    Grace missing from her own dream though.... seems kinda paradoxical. The subconscious can be convoluted enough to make it not so obvious, at least there's no paradox involved. He's guessed that she's Catalina's girlfriend, and has probably seen the news report (like Tedd has) about Rhoda and Catalina's encounter with the boar so he'd know what she looked like, beyond that, he wouldn't really know what she's like, same would go for Tedd. Justin knows Rhoda, and has met Catalina. But I don't really see this being his dream, sure he's attracted to Elliot, and knows Susan's attracted to Elliot, but I don't see him playing out a scenario where he, as Susan, get's to fondle Elliot's muscles. In fact, the whole reaction to Elliot is a point against this being a Grace dream because there's been no canon indication that Grace knows how Susan feels about Elliot or knowing that Susan likes to watch and I'm not convinced that's a subject that Susan plans on bringing up with Grace during her "therapy" sessions if those are actually going to happen.
  11. Story Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    I feel the comment of "not using it correctly" means "saying the loud part quiet and quiet part loud" in which case panel 5's dialog should have been where the font got used, or better yet, Diane shouldn't have said panel 5's dialog at all. I feel like Gossip/Pizza girl would have just learned to tell when someone is trying to deflect or attract attention, which would have been the case for both herself in this instance, and when Diane made her announcement in the cafeteria, Diane's "hello" to Tedd may also have been to keep from drawing attention to the fact that Tedd was transformed. Right now though, Diane was clearly distracted by Justin's fem form and failed to.
  12. NP Tuesday May 19, 2020

    Why would Grace be dreaming about a setting where she's missing though? It makes sense that Susan would be dreaming this because while she normally wouldn't play video games there is a part of her that wishes she'd loosen up more and have fun. So this whole scenario could be her Nature aspect trying to get her to have fun by enticing her to play around with potions and using familiar images of Elliot, while Nurture is fighting it by bringing up the whole "This is Grace's shtick!" Rhoda being there would imply that Susan's met her by then, but before anyone says "Grace knows Rhoda though." do we know for certain that Grace has met Catalina in person yet? Same goes with Noah (whom I still think is the shadow figure) yeah Grace know's him, but it's probably not long (comic time, it'll probably be a while in real life before we actually see it) before Susan meets him, given that her visiting Adrian has got to be inevitable and she's likely to get introduced to Noah at that point. So basically these points cancel each other out if we're going with the "Parable takes place sometime in the future" theory. So it really comes down to, why would either Grace or Susan have this kind of dream? And I think the "Susan's Nature vs Nurture" idea makes more sense to me.
  13. NP Tuesday May 19, 2020

    Then that's probably more evidence that this is a dream that Susan's having.
  14. NP Tuesday May 19, 2020

    Well Justin knows about the Dragon bit, and of course Ellen's at the party without hiding her green hair and yellow eyes either. The Aunt bit is definitely still unknown at this time. If this were in some form canon, it certainly takes place after the party, cus how else could Justin's fem form exist in it if the party isn't over yet?
  15. Story Monday, May 18, 2020

    It might be a case of if they're entering through the door, it's likely they've been invited in, which doesn't set off whatever security Edward's got in place. If someone were to use magic to gain entry without the door being opened for them, then it triggers security. It might be possible that someone in a hard to detect form could sneak by Grace right now while she's talking to the Gossip/Pizza girl, but otherwise trying to slide under the door while it's closed wouldn't work.
  16. Story Monday, May 18, 2020

    The exact font Dan used for Gossip/Pizza girl here he also used for Diane when she was getting everyone's attention and saying she was a virgin. Though in Diane's case she was being loud to make sure people heard her say that, also Diane's being truthful in that case, so I don't really seen any connection here.
  17. Story Monday, May 18, 2020

    So shortly after the comic was released, discord started wondering what the change in font could mean, theories spanned from Gossip/Pizza girl being possessed by another bodysnatcher that avoided the aberrationcide, to Pandora in disquise for some reason (I really don't see Pandora being ready for a return yet and the Gossip/Pizza girls' first appearance was like 2 days after the mall incident and Pandora's forced reset so I highly doubt that Pandora would have completed her refresh that fast and then why hide from Tedd and her family?). Anyway Dan did say we've seen a font change like this before (mostly it's been to convey an emotional tone or mood of the speaker) but also just had to point out that he wasn't talking about Pandora.
  18. Story Monday, May 18, 2020

    There is a question of whether the gossip/pizza girl works for the same pizza place as Matt Cohen did, and whether Matt had mentioned anything about the time he delivered to Tedd's house, which gave gossip/pizza girl expectations.
  19. Story Monday, May 18, 2020

    I'll take a cookie on the gossip girl recognition, I'll also take a cookie on her noticing Grace's boobs being bigger than they usually are at school. She claims that Grace startled her by way she opened the door, but there was definitely a hesitation like she was trying to decide how to proceed, which the whole exchange could be her trying to play it cool by mentioning school. Of course though, Smoke might not want to linger too long so pointing out Grace's boobs is probably not a good choice even though it's not rousing any suspicion from Grace, the other thing though, Smoke is interested in transformations, delivering this much pizza would certainly make her think "this is for a party" and then seeing Grace like that could make her think "this is a party where people are transforming themselves". Would the temptation to get a peek be greater than the thought of "this is the girl that I couldn't copy her transformation, what are the chances her friends are similar? also they might kick my arse if they found out that was me the other day."
  20. https://www.egscomics.com/comic/party-156 Well, one things seems certain, the delivery person is female, and we've seen her before, question is though....does her reaction mean that she's Smoke? I mean, we don't know the gender of Smoke, and I would expect that if Smoke ran into Grace again, they'd likely have a similar reaction, especially if they were delivering pizza, and someone who scared the bejeezus out of them a few days ago happens to answer the door.
  21. Story, Friday May 15, 2020

    Pizza parties do exist though, seeing a girl at her boyfriend's having a pizza party with other friends is not really gossip material. Now if she had heard Grace refer to her boyfriend by name before (as Grace hinted at Diane possibly hearing about, though not by name) and then hears Grace or someone else call a girl Tedd. I mean, Matt Cohen knew of Tedd and recognized the uniform, but I don't think he's ever connected the dots that it was Tedd transformed that answered the door. If anyone else is gonna come to the door to help with pizza, it likely won't be someone else who's currently transformed, because they're aware they're transformed, I don't think any of the gang, even Grace herself, is aware that Grace still has big boobs, but as I said before, maybe this is the one time change blindness fails.
  22. Story, Friday May 15, 2020

    The thing is though, Jeremy ran and hid from Ashley, and hasn't been seen since. He didn't come out when Susan and Diane came over, and we know how Jeremy feels about Susan so I found that odd (but that's another matter altogether), would he chose now to come out?
  23. Story, Friday May 15, 2020

    It certainly makes more sense for Dan to choose someone established as a person who likes to gossip to show up at a moment where they could get potential gossip material. We don't know if the MSHS crew knows her, there's the potential for Diane to recognize her from the cafeteria speech thing she did (if she was paying attention to who all was talking there) but if they do, and they see her delivering pizza, they might freak out at the possibility that she's seen Grace transformed and blab about it to the school.
  24. Story, Friday May 15, 2020

    Ok so after some discussion on discord, I'm even less certain about the pizza girl being Smoke. HOWEVER.... Grace still has her boobs enlarged, the pizza girl is a gossip at the same school Grace goes to, who may likely have seen Grace a number of times over the past year. What if Grace's luck with Change Blindness is about to run out?
  25. Story, Friday May 15, 2020

    It would be funny though, Gossip Girl does go to the same school as Grace, if Gossip Girl was Smoke, she'd have spent the past few days trying to avoid Grace, which probably would have been much more difficult if they happened to share any classes, and then to come face to face again while delivering pizza?