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  1. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    Or Pandora coming back sooner. Or both. Maybe a refresh has a much shorter respawn time than a reset, possibly due to not having to start a new personality from scratch.
  2. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    My bet for the remaining part of plan CM: Pandora comes back, reduced but functional, in time for the debate on changing Immortal law. The fact that she refreshed rather than reset then somehow allows her to play an integral part in stopping Voltaire. Perhaps she'll even argue for a different set of changes that Voltaire hates even more than the current laws.
  3. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    I think the problem with earlier explanations actually was not Magic failing to understand, but rather that Magic simply did not know about the Internet - and especially youtube - because there haven't been enough instances of spells directly interacting with it. The earlier explanations to some extent assumed that when they referred to sharing information quickly, exposing incidents, etc. that Magic understood that they were referring to Internet broadcasting of information. Now Tedd has finally stated "there's this new thing called the Internet that blows all your assumptions about information propagation away," and Magic revised its forecast of what would happen in light of this new information. Edward might get questioned about it, but he can honestly say he didn't know. No one in the DGB knew about seers before now, not even Arthur who is one, so Edward not knowing about Tedd being a seer should be readily accepted. As for Tedd's actions, even Arthur agrees, however reluctantly, that Tedd is right. If anything, they'd be thanking her for preventing catastrophe. If not for Tedd, DGB would soon be getting blindsided by a thousand seers bringing magic into the public eye in a far more chaotic and unmanageable way, while handicapped by having lost their advantage of an existing corp of experienced magic users. They'd have Arthur to get them started picking up the new system right away, but they'd be on an even footing with every other group just starting out.
  4. Story Wednesday February 14, 2018

    I doubt Tedd could "speak Magic's language" in that way, at least not competently enough to convincingly present an argument, and she knows better than to try. The realization Tedd is basing all this on is that Magic does have some understanding of humans, and that understanding is focused on all the big obvious flashy high impact stuff, so to get a point across while "speaking human" she needs to build it around that kind of stuff.
  5. Story Wednesday February 14, 2018

    I like Arthur's reaction in panel 3.
  6. Story, Friday February 9, 2018

    All seers will be made aware of magic, how the new system works, and how to teach it to others. They don't need to find people who already have magic, they can just start teaching. Lesson 1 would be "this is how you, as a non magic user, can get magic." The current system has ways for any random guy to become magical without Immortal help - Edward made a big deal of this when arguing with Tedd after Not-Tengu - and I see no reason to expect the new system to be different in this regard. The ways of acquiring magic would be different, but there would still be some. And all seers would get magically informed about exactly what they are.
  7. Story, Friday February 9, 2018

    Ok, Magic has a point that without Pandora there almost certainly won't be another singularly spectacular event such as the mass slaughter of aberrations. However: Weren't things heading towards a reset even before that? Didn't Pandora achieve all previous progress towards a reset by, in essence, helping some (dozens?) people gain magic in one small area and then letting human nature take its course? Isn't that something that all seers will be able to do? What percentage of seers does past history suggest will attempt to do so, specifically seeking to expose magic far and wide? How many seers does that work out to with current world population, and is it really so few that they can't collectively match Pandora's marking spree?
  8. NP, Wednesday February 7, 2018

    Susan was in a 3-type form. To transform herself, she would have needed to replace all 3 types at once. The only restrictions this places on her hand are: No 3-type card. For any 2-type card, she does not have a compatible 1-type card. If she has three 1-type cards, they don't cover all three types. There are plenty of combinations that could satisfy that, and plenty of ways drawing 1 additional card from Energize could complete a 3-type combination.
  9. Story, Wednesday February 7, 2018

    My guess for Friday: Convincing Arthur proves its value, as he takes up the argument while Tedd recovers from her shock. One potential point might be to take inspiration from Tedd and ask what percentage of seers have "acted foolishly" in past resets. Even 1% would mean about 10 seers this time.
  10. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    One seer breaking the secret, one person taught by a seer breaking the secret, one person in the right place with a camera phone happening to see a person taught by a seer do something... Unless magic itself blocks the spread of knowledge somehow, depending on the behavior of that many widely distributed people is not a reliable option. And we already know how magic itself blocks the spread of knowledge - by doing severe system changes. Depending on that would just mean that Tedd's right and they'd be back with a new batch of seers (around a thousand this time) advising magic on a new change in short order.
  11. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    If seers don't remember when they participate in these meetings, then how does anyone know about the second purpose of seers? People would just know that magic changes, without knowing anything about the decision process.
  12. Story, Wednesday January 24, 2018

    Why would magic care about any particular person's goals? Magic has its own goals, it just wants advice on how to achieve them. And the second rule would rule out anyone who knows about the second purpose, whether or not they know that they are themselves a seer. The purpose of that rule is to get people who haven't been thinking about how to persuade magic to do something. Arthur had no idea that an opportunity for such persuasion would exist for anyone at all, not just that it would be given to him. As far as Arthur knew, magic was going to just decide all on its own what to change. Arthur is not going into this meeting with a pre-planned speech or set of debate points, so the rule has achieved its purpose.
  13. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    And then there's the one that's just a pain in the ass to resolve.
  14. Story, Friday November 24, 2017

    Dan addresses why Magus followed Nanase in the commentary. He knew following her would be a round trip leading him back to Moperville afterward, and by following her he could hitch a ride on the airplane, which is probably a lot faster than he can move on his own.
  15. Story Sunday November 12, 2017

    Let me rephrase: I think Sirleck is waiting for Magus to use the Diamond, because that will produce a body that he can steal without anyone missing it. Sirleck doesn't care at all about the Diamond, but he does care about not drawing a manhunt onto his trail when he takes his next long term host.