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Found 43 results

  1. NP Wednesday Jan 17, 2018

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=720 So last strip was the only reaction to Catalina's transformation before they continued playing? I'm disappointed. I guess Dan's picking up the pace a bit. I wouldn't mind, except (as I said recently) the reactions are my favorite part of this story. I wonder if Susan has hooves in place of hands? With a normal pony that would run counter to the goal of allowing the players to be able to hold the cards and dice, but considering this is a MLP-style cartoon pony, that shouldn't be a problem. It's interesting the panel cuts off at her wrists, though; I bet Dan did that deliberately. ... Yay for starburst background in panel two!
  2. NP Friday Jan 12 2018

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=718 So, it's interesting getting a glimpse of the furry fox form's back side (it turns out that bikini is even skimpier than I thought, and it's neat that for once Dan drew the base of the tail more or less where it belongs). However, I can't help but suspect Dan chose that view as an excuse not to draw an anthro fox face. (Or maybe I'm overly suspicious, and Dan just felt like adding in some variety; stranger things have happened.) It's cute Ashley imagined Rhoda with a dog biscuit. In fact it's such a cute image I kind of wish it was "actually" happening, though that would be a little strange. I can't wait to find out what Ashley's chosen for Catalina; I hope it's something good!
  3. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=717 Considering Dan's kept everyone in character despite this being out of continuity, Susan's reaction isn't surprising seeing as she's been pretty self conscious about people calling her lanky and intimidating, Rhoda's compliment sticks out as something positive to her.
  4. NP Monday Dec 25, 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=710 *jawdrop* Susan likes that form?! Boy was I wrong. I suppose can see how she might like certain elements... I mean, Susan does like being blonde even if she never chooses to keep it (technically I think her hair is black-and-white at the moment, but that's probably close enough). And maybe like Sarah she's fantasized about being bigger in the chest even if Susan would never admit it (though I doubt it would be as persistent a desire as with Sarah). As for the cow part, I had assumed that she'd object to the idea of a cow form just because of the associations that tends to bring. But even if she isn't letting such things sway her, I don't see how she'd actually like the cow aspect of the form... Unless she just really likes cows or something... At any rate, I really hope we get some insight into what she likes about the form in future comics. Meanwhile, Ashley has fully embraced her ditzy side and I love it. ...And I guess that petting is one of the things Dan was talking about when he said some things might happen he wouldn't want to put on the site! Oh, one last thing: Yay for starburst background of enthusiastically agreeing to pet someone in panel one!
  5. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=707 I know Susan's not crazy about the ditzy furry fox form (especially the ditzy part) but Ashley thinking that Susan would like being a cowgirl who's breasts get bigger as the game progresses might be wishful thinking on her part.
  6. NP Monday December 11, 2017

    New NP is up I love Rhoda's faces in this. Sad puppy faces. Also Ashley's comment in the last panel, so true.
  7. NP Friday Dec 8 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php Now I'm starting to wonder what kinds of works Ashley reads in her spare time (which are not books and are online), or fan-art/original art she views.
  8. NP Wednesday Dec 6 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=702 I'm not sure if my reading comprehension is down today or if the phrasing is just confusing, but it took me several re-reads to understand what Rhoda was saying in panel 2 (and thus the significance of what she's saying in panel 3). Anyway, moving on to the fun stuff: Yay for double-layered starburst background in panel 2! Also, this has nothing to do with backgrounds but the phrasing is too good to pass up: Yay for cuddling dog-girls in panels 1 & 3!
  9. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=699 Sooooo, Rhoda and Catalina should be ashamed too? Susan might also be distracted because her Ditzy card will make sure she's distracted as much as possible. ... also, does the game have some timeout? Because Ashley will likely want to spend some time not playing now ...
  10. So Magus followed Nanase to France?
  11. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=697 Ashley is not really interested in playing the game is she? Just the transformations. How many turns before she gets second pair of boobs? Meanwhile, Catalina would totally prefer the card with attraction effect ... Also, those cow heads might be more recognizable if at least SOME of them would be the right side up.
  12. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2425 So confirmed, Magus and Terra were training. Dialogue had to be for dramatic effect. Also, panel 5 looks to me like Magus was jerked around by another jerk we know.
  13. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2424 This was VERY rich on answers: 1) Sirleck can't drive. Ellen is driving. (Very funny how surprised he was to avoid a raccoon.) 2) Ellen will sleep after he releases her ... ok, this isn't really new. 3) Even Sirleck prefers leaving Ellen (and others) alive, not because of ethic or something but out of fear. 4) Nanase wasn't send somewhere specific. They only wanted to have her far away. (Totally predicted that.) 5) Ashley remembers what griffins said about Nanase being royalty. 6) Magus things he's better than Guardian form ... 7) Rules for magic are universe-specific, but you can take your rules with you ... somehow. BTW, to answer Dan's question, cars for on principle of lot of small explosions pushing some gears which move the wheels. No horses are involved. Also, I'm not sure how big raccoons are (I don't believe Woo is reliable example) but generally you don't want to hit animals because they can damage your car. At least European cars are not build to ram animals, although American SUVs might be different ...
  14. Story, Wednesday November 15, 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2423 Apparently even possessed siblings fight as soon as they get in the car.
  15. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=694 That really doesn't seem ditzy. Although she seems to talk faster than she's thinking. Sooo ... next comic will show how would really ditzy Susan be? Will we also get explanation why she's not so ditzy?
  16. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2420 Oooh boy... ... Wait a moment... Sirleck has possessed her, hasn't he?
  17. Story Monday November 6, 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2419 And we're up in Elliot's room...and Ellen's room. And Elliot did get a giant beanbag chair. I wonder if Noah did too?
  18. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=689 Funny how Ashley is only one who has so few experiences with transforming to actually wanting to use them ... while Rhoda and Catalina are thinking tactics and Susan would prefer to avoid the transforming. Also, is the tongue related to the "defaults"? Oh wait she did it in main story as well. Wait: Dan used up the matching of characters to players on WHO IS SITTING WHERE? I though he's using it to make what happened during play happen between correct characters ... Rest of story line: Comics 649: NP Monday July 31, 2017 Comics 650: NP Wednesday August 2, 2017 Comics 651: NP Friday August 4, 2017 Comics 652: NP Monday August 7, 2017 Comics 653: NP Wednesday August 9, 2017 Comics 654: NP Fri Aug 11, 2017 Comics 655: NP Monday August 14, 2017 Comics 656: NP Wednesday August 16, 2017 Comics 657: NP Friday Aug 18 2017 Comics 658: NP Monday August 21, 2017 Comics 659: NP Wednesday August 23, 2017 Comics 660: NP Friday, Aug 25 2017 Comics 661: NP Wednesday August 30th, 2017 Comics 662: NP Friday Sept 1, 2017 Comics 663: NP Monday September 4, 2017 Comics 664: NP Wednesday Sep 6 2017 Comics 665: NP Friday Sep 8 2017 Comics 666: NP Monday Sep 11 2017 Comics 667: NP Wednesday Sep 13 2017 Comics 668: NP Friday Sep 15 2017 Comics 669: NP Wednesday September 20, 2017 Comics 670: NP Sept 18, 2017 Comics 671: NP Monday September 25, 2017 Comics 672: NP Wednesday September 27, 2017 Comics 673: NP Friday September 29th 2017 Comics 674: Np, Monday October 2, 2017 Comics 675: NP Wednesday October 4, 2017 Comics 676: NP Friday October 6, 2017 Comics 677: NP Monday Oct 9 2017 Comics 678: NP Wednesday October 11, 2017 Comics 679: NP Friday Oct 13 2017 Comics 680: NP Monday October 16, 2017 Comics 681: NP, Wednesday October 18, 2017 Comics 682: NP Friday Oct 20 2017 Comics 683: NP Monday October 23, 2017 Comics 684: NP Wednesday October 25, 2017 Comics 685: NP Friday Oct 27, 2017 Comics 686: NP Monday Oct 30, 2017 Comics 687: NP Wednesday Nov 1 2017 Comics 688: NP Friday November 3, 2017
  19. NP Friday November 3, 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=688 I knew it. Hanma is a defaulter.
  20. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=681 Totes accurate memory Ashley. Hmm, Ashley feeling a tad threatened by Catalina? I'm sure she doesn't have anything to worry about in terms of Catalina stealing Elliot away.
  21. NP Friday October 6, 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=676 We could be immortal...
  22. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2399 I am starting to think that Ashley is pathologically 'too nice'. I can only imagine this level of niceness being used against her at some point.
  23. Story Friday September 8, 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2395 Ashley gets it. In fact, she's got it.
  24. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=638 Well, she WAS not aware of this on New Year Eve, but she could discover meantime - oh wait that was less than month ago. In that case it makes sense. Shrinking is clear - she's already on limit. And I guess you can't get more blonde than blonde. Not sure why muscles, it could be used as example of how single beam muscles makes person stronger but double beam muscles don't make her more stronger, just looking worse. And heavier? Heavier Nanase isn't even as fat as George ...
  25. All Things Ashley

    I just posted a brainstorm about Ashley in the Moar thread which inspired me to start a thread about All Things Ashley (which would have made a better title, but too late now. My brainstorm was that the magnifiying glass mark at the end of the first part of Squirrel Prophet just might be Ashley's. Which leads to the larger question: Does Ashley have any magic talent(s)? Which leads on ultimately to the question of questions: Why Ashley? Some of my thoughts follow. You may want some coffee or other caffeinated beverage to stay awake. Ashley Is Lois Lane to Sarah's Lana Lang Since Elliot himself isn't really up on the whole Superman mythos, I'll explain that Lana Lang is Superboy's first girlfriend, the one he leaves behind in Smallville when he graduates, goes to Metropolis, and becomes Superman. If you don't know who Lois Lane is, shame on you. I wouldn't put my money on this one, yet. Ashley Is the Transitional Girl That is, the girl you date right after a breakup, before you move on to your next serious relationship. In the real world, this would be very plausible. In the Moperverse, maybe less so. The Shive has stated He had wanted to introduce Ashley for a long time before she actually showed up. That's a lot of work for a throwaway character. And Elliot being Elliot, he'll feel obligated to stick with her until he's absolutely sure it's better for everyone to break up. Plus, that's kind of repeating the same thing that happened with Sarah just before Ashley. Now while repeats like that are all too common in realworld, I for one would be disappointed if it happened here, and I might not be alone. Ashley Is Doomed One way to remove Ashley is to kill her off. This seems pretty harsh for EGS, but real death has been an occasional visitor to the Mopervers: Damien, Noah's parents, and, most recently, Adrian's dad. This is a trope that gets used quite a lot in the superhero genre and notoriously in long-running series, usually when an actor quits or an actor. It is also a feature of coming-of-age stories, and what is EGS but a teenage soap opera with weird stuff thrown in? Once again, I wouldn't put my money on it. The Shive was broken up by Daddy Raven's death. Despite the opportunities for some awesome reactions by the rest of the gang to Ashley's death, I don't think it will really happen. Well, I hope not. Ashley Is Tedd's Sister Now this one is edging into ASB territory (ASB=Alien Space Bats). But Ashley, like Tedd, is Asian or part-Asian; we haven't seen her parents; and she just might have exhibited some Tedd-like insights. Also she's obsessed with transformations, tends to go on and on about things once she gets rolling, gets into her zone and blocks out everthing else (Ashley at the bookstore; Tedd doing almost anything in the basement.) Of course, this would seem to mean that Ashley and Tedd are twins. Or does it? We don't know exactly how old Ashley is, and we don't know when Tedd's mom took off. The only time in the entire canon so far that we have seen Tedd and his mom together was when Tedd was such a small baby he probably couldn't stand up yet. Ashley could be only a year younger than Tedd, so it would be plausible they could both be seniors in the same high school. As for why they wouldn't have noticed each other, we do know that Ashley is from California. When did she move to Moperville? Ashley's first appearance in story-time comes after Family Ties, so it's the new year and the spring semester. Ashley could have been at Moperville North for only a few days before she hooked up with Elliot. Another point: Ashley seems surprised that it's going to be very cold somewhere near Chicago in January. Kind of like she still hasn't shaken California out of her head yet, no? Of course, Ashley isn't one of the three sisters on the title page of Sister III. And Tedd's mom is in Europe, right? Right? Not perchance in Moperville working up to finally seeing her son again face-to-face? Ashley Is From Another Universe Nothing at all to support this yet, but Ashley could indeed have come from California--just not the same California as the one in Elliot's universe. Ashley could be completely unaware of this. Her parents could be unaware of this; maybe they made a wrong turn Albuquerque. Ashley Is Another Catspaw Someone posited that Ashley is really Pandora on this forum. I'm not sure how serious they were. Anyway, while Pandora could make herself look and sound like Ashley (and Voltaire could at least mimic her voice), we've gotten a lot of Ashley's thoughts from the very first. Ashley is a real person in her own right. Which is not to say she's not being used by someone else. Maybe more than one someone. What could be a motivation for a manipulator like Pandora or Voltaire to bring Ashley together with Elliot? Pandora might have maneuvered them together for her own amusement, or for deeper reasons. Pandora says in Squirrel Prophet that Tedd is her great godson. Maybe Pandora is afraid Grace will fall for Elliot too and thus hurt Tedd, so Pandora makes sure Elliot gets another girlfriend right after the breakup with Sarah. But who knows with Pandora? Voltaire might have put them together to set up the incident happened at the mall. If he tried to keep Ashley from intervening once the griffin appeared, it would make him somewhat less evil. Or maybe he was just adding some more spice to his game. I rather think Voltaire is as crazy or crazier than Pandora. That "better world" Voltaire spoke of to The Detective may just mean better for Voltaire. The Government might have arranged to put Ashley in Moperville as part of a secret policy of concentrating people with detected superpowers, even dormant ones, where they can be more easily monitored. ---- Okay, enough to get this started. Let's have some more musings about Ashley. There are still many unanswered questions, such as why the heck won't her parents tell her where in Asia they come from? I mean, they would really know, wouldn't they? They wouldn't be anything like North Korean sleeper agents, would they?