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  1. Story Monday, Jun 1, 2020

    But Jay can't tell anyone who doesn't already know that magic is real. Is that other group really capable of anything problematic? Come to think of it, would't the magic angle be a reason for Jay to keep quiet?
  2. Story Monday, Jun 1, 2020

    Yes, it's been a long time since I checked this forum out. But the fact that this is being brought up suggests that it isn't going to be as simple as that.
  3. Story Monday, Jun 1, 2020

    I hate to be the voice of reason, but they could just say that Grace was playing around with pads to be silly, but wouldn't be caught in public with them. Of course, goonish magic may make this impossible somehow.
  4. Story, Wed 19 Feb 2020

    "I'm ready to be normal sized again." Noooo!
  5. Story Wednesday January 16, 2019

    So, how exactly does Grace's power let her know that Sam is transformed? And why did Dan include a scene showing that she can read the pips of a die with her power?
  6. Hello?

    There is no link to this forum from the comic, I think.
  7. Where's the site?

    :: Cries. ::
  8. Story, Monday February 26, 2018

    This is the third time that Dan has had a teen or child be the emotional guide to a much older character. It just seems weird and wrong to me to have this in an otherwise quite thoughtful and sensitive comic. I'd think Pandora's spell killing most of the aberrations would have sucked up all the magic in the area (world?) for a while. It would be interesting to see zero magic for a few days and Tedd and others unable to undo transformations.
  9. NP Monday Feb 19, 2017

    No more diabetes transformations.
  10. Three Word Game

    antidisestablishmentarianism becoming widespread
  11. The Association Game

    Why was David Lynch?
  12. Story Monday May 30, 2016

    Hi all! I just re-found this forum. I do find it odd that Dan would describe the difference between color and grayscale this way. It isn't so much that there are MORE colors, but that color is a three dimensional space, whereas grayscale is one dimensional. If you pick two shades of grey, one is always going to be brighter than the other, and that difference is most of their identity. But in color, it is more complex. It's a pity, I really like how Dan colors.