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  1. NP Monday March 20, 2017

    A first person shooter has the camera of the shooter's eyes and control of the shooter. A third person shooter has the camera on the scene and control of the shooter. A second person shooter would logically have the camera of the victim's eyes and control of the shooter. Basically you have no control of your own actions but are mind-controlling another person to shoot you. Could have some interesting plot background…
  2. Things You Find Amusing

    Relevant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_Dark_Ages
  3. Possible Security Issue?

    For those using my interface fixes, you may upgrade to my latest revision, which uses a different host for images, as a matter of caution. Again, there is probably no need to worry unduely here, it is unlikely to be an actual problem (as I explained above), but I'm following what I feel to be good procedure.
  4. Some concern has been raised regarding malware scanner reports on the catbox.moe filehost I was using for images. While I would say not to panic unduely (this was likely a matter of other people uploading unrelated malicious downloads, rather than the host or images themselves being malicious), I have rehosted the logo to Imgur as a matter of caution. Revised version.
  5. Possible Security Issue?

    Not related to the forum itself, it's the filehost I uploaded the 910 logo to for my interface fix. You can edit the script to take that bit out if you want (or mirror it on Imgur or whatever and repoint it) but I personally doubt it's a problem. It's an anonymous filehost, so other people probably uploaded malware downloads or something. Still, it's best to be careful though.
  6. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    http://danshive.blogspot.co.uk/2010/01/upcoming-songs-of-egs.html This in 2010.
  7. Story: Monday, March 13, 2017

    I'm saying this from memory but: a while back (few years back?) an aeroplane went off course when in UK airspace. This was responded to by a (military?) jet scrambling to check up on it, which lead to breaking the sound barrier at low altitude. I was eating in the kitchen at home at the time, and first thing I noticed was a shockwave of air slamming into the side of the house, very loudly, as if someone was trying to blow the back door in or something. The next was audible aircraft noises. Our windows were fine, but my sister mentioned that a few windows at School were not. I think I also heard from someone also that one teacher was convinced that it was a bomb exploding, as she had lived near an airport and experienced aircraft sonic booms which were not that loud (presumably being at higher altitude).
  8. Others have focused well on the newsworthy losses of life in 2016. I will list the losses as regard EGS fandom material: 2016 January 31: ImageShack deletes all non-paid content. Most embedded ImageShack images (whether on 910CMX or Keenspot forum) cease to be retrievable. 2016 February 27: 910CMX server falls while being moved, physically damaging hard drives and backups, and with it the previous seven years of forum, corresponding to what was then half of EGS's existence. The forum starts from scratch seven days later. 2016 December 8: 910CMX forum temporarily ceases to load anything but the main page. More permanently, gallery and avatar images go missing, including gallery images posted into threads such as Strip Slaying. Dan withdraws his endorsement. Have I missed anything?
  9. Story: Friday 24 Feb 2017

    Oh, I use Ubuntu when I can get away with it. Seriously, even kernel updates can be run to completion in the background to take immediate effect on next boot.
  10. Story Friday March 3, 2017

    Grace, do your antennae function as brain bleach?
  11. Story: Friday 24 Feb 2017

    I suppose if the entire thing happens at startup, and the option to install or defer is presented at startup, yes. What I was referring to was leaving it to install updates and shut down overnight, then powering it up the next morning with the intention of using it to find I was locked out for another several hours yet (even though it had allegedly finished installing updates) with no escape as it finished installing the anniversary edition.
  12. Story: Friday 24 Feb 2017

    Hence why when you "shut down and install updates", you have to wait until it's finished shutting down and allegedly finished installing updates, then try to turn it on and log in again, in case it's set to lock you out while it installs an entire "edition" for several hours after that. I am still angry about this.
  13. Story: Friday 24 Feb 2017

    Which was fitting as 8 was 8 because it was after 7, 7 was 7 as it was after Vista (6), and Longhorn/Vista was 6 because XP was NT5.1, NT5 being 2000. Now, I'm pretty sure XP logically deserved its own version number externally if not internally (7 and 8 were internally 6.1 and 6.2), so 10 (internally also 10) could be considered to have brought the version numbers to where they logically should have been.
  14. Story: Friday February 10, 2017

    Does that make that canon now?
  15. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Or Nethack. YASD anyone? RE: XINU, we then have LAME (LAME Aint an MP3 Encoder ­– they only supply it as source code) followed by TwoLAME (an MP2‡ encoder). ‡ MP2 is the other main pre-AAC MPEG audio format. The audio for a .mpg file is usually MP2.
  16. What Are You Ingesting?

    Or the custard version.
  17. The Grammar Thread

    裏庭には二羽庭には二羽鶏がいる。 (Uraniwa ni wa niwa, niwa ni wa niwa niwatori ga iru.)
  18. The Grammar Thread

    In the first place, it's effectively a mnemonic, not a binding rule, has a number of exceptions, tends to invert if it's not supposed to sound like the vowel in "tree", and this generally goes to indicate how unnecessarily complicated English orthography is.
  19. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    Not exactly a comic reread, but this old thread is hilarious in hindsight: http://forums.keenspot.com/viewtopic.php?f=69&t=103118 (Yes, I know that 2008 is very old by EGS standards but, with the threads from early 2009 to early 2016 having hit bedrock…)
  20. Things That Are Just Annoying

    For reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zip_bomb But yes, EPUB, LibreOffice ODF (odt, odg, odp, ods), MSOffice OOXML (docx, pptx, xlsx), Java JARs, etc are all zips (some care about file order though). Mobi I believe isn't, and AZW3 integrates EPUB information into a mobi.
  21. NP: Wednesday January 25, 2017

    ... is that to say that the spellbook defines a callback, and then registers a reference to it in the mage (for an onUpdate event or whatever)? I guess Tedd could work out how to register his own callbacks (say, from a watch) in that case, but he might have to watch a spellbook as it is created (to see it being registered) and when a spell is being gained (to see it being invoked). In this case (a) a cloned copy of the spellbook would remain static and not update, unless/until its callback is sepeartely registered, (b) if the spellbook is destroyed the mage may run into an unmatched dependency upon gaining a new spell (unless magic works such that the reference is also destroyed), which could be anything from silent to fatal (knowing Dan, more likely the former). The diametric alternative, of course, would be the spellbook acting as a client, actively re-downloading the information from the mage intermittently. An more efficient possibility is intermittently querying the timestamp and, if it's newer than the one it has stored, re-downloading the information. These are less elegant but avoid making the spellbook a dependency of the mage (they instead make the spellbook dependant on the mage). Also, an exact clone of the spellbook would work as is, unless the mage has some mechanism to prevent a given revision being downloaded twice, in which case it would be a race as to which spellbook gets a given update and which one does not. If not, then the mage is essentially a queriable API, which Tedd could study by gazing at a spellbook as someone gains a new spell. … "the mage is essentially a queriable API" never thought I'd say that.