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  1. Technology that works or doesn't

    Maybe we should call it a “sidegrade” instead, since everything goes sideways when it happens.
  2. Random. Just Random.

    Cabbages have a long history in technology—one of the earliest computers was invented by Charles Cabbage.
  3. Random. Just Random.

    The cabbage, of course.
  4. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Good to hear. Hope you can get some more resting in before the headache returns.
  5. What Are You Ingesting?

    In the springtime we have all of the little Babybels scurrying about.
  6. Comic for Thursday, Jul 18, 2024

    Having non-magical antagonists at this point is like having non-superpowered opponents for Superman—they would have to balance their lack of direct power with other forms of power (e.g. someone who can manipulate social and government systems), or with having enough smarts to outwit our protagonists.
  7. Comic for Monday, Jul 22, 2024

    This page, and the two following, detail Susan’s strategy, which revolves around being able to play her special card at the right time.
  8. What Are You Watching?

    I believe the US government tried something like that against hurricanes and it turned out to have too weak of an effect to be worthwhile.
  9. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    “Some of you may die, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make”. They didn’t mind the troops dying, but that was only if they succeeded in killing the enemy as well. Having the soldier fail to get close enough to make the attack was a waste.
  10. Things That Are Just Annoying

    How was Apollo 10 unsuccessful? It was never planned to land, only to test the lander and docking in lunar orbit.
  11. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Apollo 10’s lander was named Snoopy, after the Peanuts character. If that mission had landed on the surface, then the announcement would have been “The Beagle has landed”.
  12. What Are You Watching?

    Technically, we were watching Aldrin most of the time after the “One small step” part, because Armstrong was the one holding the camera.
  13. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    In the original 1990 version of the PC game “Civilization”, a spearman had a 1-in-6 chance of defeating a tank, because all units in that game had only one hit point—so basically, it’s like being able to win any fight by rolling a natural 20. This was fixed in later games in the series by giving all units multiple hit points, often with tougher units getting more than others.
  14. Wait, Tumblr still exists? I thought Dan abandoned that one back when they (the company) were purging all of the fetish-y content.
  15. NP Comic for Tuesday, Jul 16, 2024

    What type of sword do you think she favors? The stereotypical two-hander? A one-handed longsword? A curved blade?
  16. Comic for Wednesday, Jul 17, 2024

    Arthur does let her in on the less sensitive internal bulletins from his work, such as the warning about the “do I know you” phenomenon. She presumably knows that he knows details about Magic, but the two of them may not know that the other is a Wizard/Mage.
  17. Who's hot

    We know her maternal grandfather, but we do not yet know her mother (Arthur’s daughter).
  18. What are you reading?

    Out Of Character—i.e. when we have the roleplaying turned off.
  19. Random. Just Random.

    Falling rocks are normal enough, but falling cattle?
  20. Discussion of Military, real or fictional

    The intelligence community usually assumes that anything which is available to the general domestic civilian population is also available to any enemy, since it is effectively impossible to keep that many civilians from leaking info.
  21. Perhaps he was a disillusioned follower, who was angry that Trump did not follow through on a particular promise.
  22. I have a “My Cat for President 2016” bumper sticker. Unfortunately, the Constitution requires that a President be thirty-five years old on or before the date of their inauguration, so many cats may be ineligible.
  23. Yes. Already the conspiracy nuts are starting to claim that Biden ordered the hit on Trump.
  24. With the declaration by the US Supreme Court that he is essentially immune from prosecution, a lot of people have come to believe that the only way to be rid of Trump is if he dies. Secondly, if he were to die before declaring his running mate at the convention next week, then the Republicans would be left without a candidate and would have to scramble to nominate one, which means that right now was the “best” time for such an attempt if the intention was to wreck the chances of a Republican win and not just to eliminate Trump himself.