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  1. story

    Very true. It is possible that she's locking them now, or has decided not to lock them and is simply reading the comments.
  2. story

    Hmm, true enough. I had assumed from the EGS:NP Susan would be locking all comments, but it was never said if she did that... Or even that she locked any of them now that I think of it.
  3. story

    I was thinking about that as soon as I read this comic. Maybe she figured that disabling the comments was an overreaction, and that doing so wouldn't do anything to stop the rumors floating around amongst the people that already knew them.
  4. The Goo is patient zero, obviously.
  5. Wait, what? Damn, I missed that. Fixed!
  6. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2322 "What'chu talkin' about Sarah?" And it seems someone knows Elliot as Dave. XD
  7. I also think it's interesting that the one thing he failed to take into account when he was making all those plans was what other people already thought of him. He was prepared for multiple contingencies from several angles, except for the possibility that everyone would be to intimidated by his reputation to actually bring it up.
  8. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2321 "Of course not. You're the scary martial arts guy." I think it's kind of cute that Elliot has no idea how much people tend to know about him through reputation. His reputation seems to be a positive one for the most part, but still.
  9. Either way I still have a soft spot for adorable Susan: http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=178 (Warning: Comic contains an honest to God puppy-dog pout)
  10. I enjoyed the movie for what it was. I loved the effects in it, they were quite good for when it came out. But I was actually thinking of the old radio serials. When I was a child my grandmother got my brother the complete Shadow radio series on cassette. I used to love listening to them.
  11. The Shadow Knows!
  12. Monastic record keeping was often quite good, but it was also quite focused. You know, being monasteries and all. Any monastery that didn't have a focus in magic, which I assume is nearly all of them, likely wouldn't be recording anything about magic at all. As for the secret magical organizations, I assume some exist in the EGS-verse, but we have no idea how large or how continuous there were/are.
  13. Assuming the records came primarily from European sources at all. When Pandora talked to the Emissary she mentioned that magic changed during her previous life, which based on what little we know about her means the change in magic likely happened sometime between 800 and 1,300 years ago. While there are European organizations that old, European records from that time frame are... Spotty. But there were several other regions in the world during that time frame which were more stable and would have been better able to preserve records If the Masons actually have magic in this world I am going to laugh myself silly.
  14. story

    I was under the assumption that Tedd didn't change back until just then. He still seemed to have breasts in the last panel of the previous comic.
  15. In that situation I normally accept the dreams for what they are, but then again they're my dreams so I already understand them. My "I didn't realize" moment was that I didn't know the person Elliot was kissing was extra-fem Tedd.