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pink flamingos nearby.

(I don't really expect this thread to be revived for long, I just felt like providing a long-needed recap. Note that, following the Pharaoh's lead, I have altered some capitalization and punctuation to make it easier to read.)


Thomas went to school wearing his Adorable Pink Frilly Parka that was a gift from his late cousin Amelia.

She acquired a quite unusual taste in fashion. She had neon streaked hair, and many chains hanging on her neck, but despite her excessive muscle growth she's entirely harmless and she gladly hugs almost anyone.

A long time has passed since Amelia died in a prank gone wrong; apparently fireworks were installed with faulty launchers, making it rain explosions. Nowadays, she haunts a very large part of town. Paranormal investigators love to try to cajole information from people who knew Amelia years ago.

At school, Thomas has problems with solving a problem involving other problems. His teachers hate his habit of nesting problems within convoluted webs of letters and numbers to process the streams of data from the latest Paraguayan economic indicators.

What that even had decided be relevant, was questionable on the grounds of various things that are related to absolutely nothing.

"What are you even doing with those gigantic orange binders?" asked the floating magical girl hovering upside-down behind the unlucky teacher.

Jumping a good five meters, the former astronaut replied, "Who are you and how did you become inverted in time?"

"I am Sunny Jim. To paraphrase McCoy 'I'm a Doctor, not The Doctor.'"

Looking far into the interstitial chronosphere for an apple fleeing from several poorly aligned sandwiches in pursuit of the lonely astronaut.

A sudden burst of loud music shook the heavens and shattered walls for miles.

Mr. John Foster Dulles Pinkerton flew to the Moon, only to realize that the invasion had already begun during the SxSW Conference several decades ago.


(Six months later...)

A grand resurgence took place in my intestinal tract as many bacteria as there were stars in the recently ruptured appendix as a result of over consumption suddenly developed sentience and began moving to Detroit.

There wasn't much thereor so it seems to Detective Banconbits Von Neuman Vandertramp III, and it soon became quite a pickle. The pickle leaped into the ominous star filled void.

A vacuum cleaner removed evidence of vinegar from several ancient relics. The mysteries deepened as strange things began coming from the slightly melted relic void. Tentacles grasped the TV remote in a desperate bid for cartoons. Ren and Stimpy was Lqrwxkl's favorite flavor.

A grand broken toe appeared, stubbed on earth, and crying out silently in space through a mellophone in the shape of a round unpressed button.

Suddenly, huge letters fell from the sky, spelling out the Manifesto of Lqrwxkl. It began thusly: Cthulhu fhtagn R'lyeh E Pluribus Unum, for glory and for all of the marbles.

First a potato cannon will replace artillery when they beat the Spud Militia. This in turn will begin the dawn of a new baked potato fueled empire of sour cream and chives.

Nigel Mansell spontaneously combusted. Meanwhile several awkward little extras played poker without stopping to change the lightbulb. As a result Gir stopped by and sang "Doom".

Random magic explosions caused everyone to point towards demonic charts and graphs about cheese manufacture as performed in the Death Star for Darth Esrom.

Following the sidetracking, more sidetracking occurred. Needless to say, someone said "needless." Nothing productive happened.


Seven years passed, during which there was a brief... incident Thomas witnessed which involved quantum soda, yogurt, a minigun firing rockets, and seventy sporks. The reason for the incident was televised globally, despite objections from the MPAA. It seems that a pause feature was added without the knowledge of the pope. The secular authorities issued a statement regarding the questionable actions of certain squirrels, but no operator charges were billed to the agency responsible for unreliable communications for inter-agency communications.

"What 'agency communications'?" you may ask if you are unaware of the Agency Communications.

However you look at hotel vacancy averages and you see a peculiar correlation between the amount of money spent and the alcohol consumed, wild variance in the results of people most heartily accepted when the aliens landed on the lawn of several thousand college dorm residents.

Pizza rained from the land of Endless Falling Dairy.

Mario Andretti sat on a wall of the new NASCAR Barrier System, stolen from IndyCar and refitted with weapons-grade spaghetti sauce to combat premature shrinkage in everything that is not Spandex.

It was a new beginning for the Biscuit Topping Monopoly of the last gravy boat in the Grand Navy is on approach to the Royal Academy for the Glorious League Of Associated States - International.

Hilarity ensues when a recap request results in hats. However, this means little to the imagination, since the purpose of hats is so clear.

Margaret Thatcher's ghost. The Lady's not a herring, so canneries cannot confuse them for any simple-minded fools.

Meanwhile, at the UFO Storage Hangar located near the star-spangled popcorn that was made by James Hird, strange things were happening elsewhere. Many dingoes assembled at the maternity ward, in order to perform alchemy with spoons in 1699 small rooms, culminating in a large Summoning Circle for the forces of Baron Siegfried the anal-retentive monarch of his timeline.

A woman of grace and shoelaces joined the party and promptly ate absurd amounts of ghost peppers. She began to scream out in joy, but paused when the sauce expired. This was because she learned that her dog's pancreas was switched with a goat from Latveria. This was rather fortunate because the pancreas was filled with plutonium.


Cue dynamic entry.

Suddenly Amelia's ghost hosted a talkshow which was seen at awkward angles in all directions on every machine with great gusto. Then, it was called by a cheap TV "psychic" detective, who then burst into flames.

It was then apparent that nothing could damage the prematurely air-conditioned supermarket. Fruits and vegetables, almighty and powerful, empowered the weak by giving them a mild case of telekinetic abilities after a pause in which many suspicious looking vegetables began to show their back sides to an unsuspecting public at the local market. Many suffered mild indigestion from eating spiders with Alfredo sauce. This led to antidisestablishmentarianism becoming widespread in Normal, Illinois.

Meanwhile, in the octogenarian's daughter's perambulator the TARDIS manifested. The TARDIS then opened up and the Doctor exited.

"EXTERMINATE!" rang out. "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!" It seemed that a Dalek horde had arrived at the market. However, there was also convention of pink flamingos nearby.

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