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New Question:

Who told Noah about Damien's death and who killed him?

All we have is that the day after the events of Painted Black, Noah got word about it and visited his parents' grave. Later, during Death Sentence, Noah says "all they told us...". Who are "they"? The feeling I get is that this report didn't come from a second hand source, but from someone who what there when Damien was killed, so that leaves out anyone from Commander Jaguar's group. And I don't think Wolf and Cranium would have relayed it at Edward's request. And the phrasing wouldn't fit either group as well.

I'm wondering if Helena and Demetrius were the ones that told him, it's likely they were there watching over Elliot and the phrasing used to tell Noah seemed like something an Immortal would say. But then the question would be, how did they know about Noah's parents being killed by Damien and his quest for revenge? For that matter, who all aside from Adrian would have known about Noah and cared enough to let him know that Damien was dead. This might go back to how Adrian became Noah's guardian and I don't think Edward was involved considering it likely happened after Edward and Adrian had their falling out.

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The "part-squirrel seyunolu who is a woman of grace" is vague enough that it sounds like it came from a seer. Noah's father was a member of a political group that was trying to create a seyunolu messiah. Perhaps Noah remains in touch with that group, or its former members, or its successor group, and one of the members is a seer.

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