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  1. story

    I'm not really buying any of this. After the immortal outed Elliot as Cheerleadra, a whole lot of people must have Googled "Elliot Dunkel." Even if Elliot himself doesn't have a Web presence, his parents surely do, and it wouldn't take much to check out every Dunkel in Moperville. It's not a common last name.
  2. Well, I figure some workplaces might object when said athletics are done upon a pole when one is nearly naked and are associated with "gentlemen's clubs." Better to be safe, anyway.
  3. Re. Felix changing her name, one might Google "Felix Cane (probably NSFW).
  4. I am not ashamed to say that this comic makes little sense to me. I hope Friday's clarifies.
  5. Perhaps she's going to talk to the space whales.
  6. Katherine Ailuria Petterson
  7. The "part-squirrel seyunolu who is a woman of grace" is vague enough that it sounds like it came from a seer. Noah's father was a member of a political group that was trying to create a seyunolu messiah. Perhaps Noah remains in touch with that group, or its former members, or its successor group, and one of the members is a seer.
  8. He implies that secrets helped kill his parents, but he doesn't actually say they were the same secrets.
  9. Does Noah believe that Damien killed his mother? We know that Damien killed his father, but Noah says he never met his mother. Do we know for sure how Noah believes she died?
  10. Assuming Noriko really is Noah's mother, I can see Raven not telling Noah that his mother is alive. Is it better to let Noah go on thinking that his mother is dead, or to let him know for sure that she doesn't want to have anything to do with rearing him? I can't answer that question, and Raven choosing to keep Noah in the dark strikes me as defensible.
  11. So, Noah never knew his mother. Is that because she is actually in Europe fighting monsters? Uryuom eggs make many things possible.
  12. It's mentioned somewhere that Jeremy can chew through cat food cans, so he presumably has abilities beyond both cats and hedgehogs. Personally, I think Max and Jeremy were Uryuom-egg experiments before they got into the human part of the breeding program.
  13. Despite some emphatic assertions by others, I have never been certain of any such thing.
  14. How hard is it to implant a blastocyst? Is there any way at all that Susan's birth mother could be an unwitting host mother in an unauthorized experiment in creating clones of vampire hunters? That is, could both Susan and Diane be clones of the Other Woman and have had different host mothers?
  15. My thought is that if someone has already but a lot of work into a given page, you shouldn't just delete it. That way lies hurt feelings and discouragement. Perhaps, as CritterKeeper has suggested, just hide any spoilers.