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I am currently letting Realm Grinder play itself; I check it periodically, and every now and then I have to 'Abdicate' and restart at a higher bonus level.

It satisfies the gaming urge while leaving me free to get things done.

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Posted (edited)

A tiny bit late. Oh well.

Anyway, so minor Minecraft thing. With 1.19 on the way, I wanted to try and set up a number of automatic farms in different places and finish some other ways of getting a lot of resources. To this end, I decided to work on three things at first: finishing my Villager Trading Hall, building a Piglin farm, and building a Drowned farm. The Piglin farm is a gold farm hooked up to a Piglin bartering station so I can trade the gold for a large amount of resources, including gravel, obsidian, and potions. The Drowned farm will produce tridents, nautilus shells, and the coveted copper ingots. And the Villager Trading Hall will produce...practically everything. Not literally, but there are so many resources you can get out of those, and I want in on them.

The main problem is I wasn't sure what to do first. Finish the trading hall? Set up the gold farm? Go for copper? So I chucked named pieces of paper in a dropper and let the Random Number Gods decide.

The gold farm is almost finished. Literally the only thing I'm missing is the Piglin to barter with. The problem with spawning one in is the spawn platform is too close to the gold farm, so Zombified Piglins are filling the hostile mob cap. The farm produces all the gold I will ever need, so we're not having trouble just yet. A couple of optional things I'd like to add to this farm is 1) a Cleric-profession Villager to trade the stacks upon stacks of rotten flesh the gold farm produces, and 2) a furnace to smelt the stacks upon stacks of golden swords into gold nuggets into. Those are just nice add-ons, though, and I'll worry about them once I get the Piglin in place.

My Villager Trading Hall is divided up into 11 buildings. Ten of them are dedicated to a specific villager type while the remaining one has the three blacksmith-style professions sharing. The main reason for dividing stuff up is entirely for the theme, admittedly; all the Librarian Villagers are in a library, all the Shepherd and Farmer villagers are in a big barn with attached sheep pen, the Leatherworker villagers are in a clothing store, etc. The main issue is resources, as the Shepherd/Farmer hall and Leatherworker hall both require stained terracotta, and rather than mine all of that, I could easily just buy it from the Mason villagers...which I currently have none of. I know I'll end up breeding more than enough villagers and probably recycling some of the excess for other projects. Two more things with this I need to do is first, to move the villager breeder as I think it's too close to the established villagers so it thinks this village is sufficiently populated. If I move the breeder, then it'll probably work better. And second, I need to make a Zombie Cure Station, where I intentionally let a villager become zombified and then cure them so that they will, out of gratitude, permanently lower their prices. Do this a few times, and a lot of expensive trades could be brought down to just a one emerald/resource cost. I need to do this with every villager, and counting how many villagers I'll have...this could take a while.

Finally, the Drowned farm. I found a basic tutorial and built this thing in a Creative Mode copy of my world. And thus far...it has produced exactly zero Drowned. Plenty of fish, but no Drowned. I wonder if I did something wrong. I'm honestly tempted to try and copy one of the ridiculously overpowered Drowned farms made by TangoTek on the HermitCraft server, but it seems like a lot more work and I'd at least like something simple. Technically I have a Drowned farm already that funnels zombies from a spawner into a chamber that turns them into drowned for me to kill, but this is incredibly slow.

After I make all of these, there's a couple of things I'd like to do. Fix my Iron Farm (should be easy when I end up with way too many extra Mason villagers), make a TNT Tree Farm, improve my Honey farm, a Dripstone farm, Bamboo farm, Blaze Farm, Amethyst, Guardian, Flowers... I have a lot of farms I need to work on.

As for actual builds I'd like to work on, well...

I like the idea of taking existing Minecraft structures and building them in different build styles. I want to turn an End City into a collection of tree houses and build a Nether Fortress as a futuristic flying structure using colored glass to simulate hard light bridges. Both of these require a lot of wood and glass, respectively. Plus there's making my own custom Woodland Mansion, making one again underwater out of prismarine, making an Ocean Monument on the surface styled after said mansion, and some other stuff.

I also have a dumb idea of making a massive city with themed buildings. Nineteen central buildings themed after the superheroes/villains from Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, surrounded by about ninety buildings that are based on the Super Smash Bros. playable characters, either themed after those characters or lifted directly from their source games. Not sure if I'm gonna do this in my main world or not.

And that's just on my main world. I also want to build the Kanto region from Pokemon, but scaled up and more fleshed out with elevation changes and a lot of extra buildings, and there's no way that's going to be a Survival-only world. I'm starting in the middle, in Saffron City, and it's...already a little out of hand.


Speaking of Pokemon...

New gameplay trailer!

Two Professors! Professor Sada if you pick Scarlet Version, and Professor Turo if you pick Violet Version. I wonder if the other one will show up in a minor or even antagonistic role. Could be neat.

New rival! Nemona, the player character's friend. Her design is neat. She has a Pawmi.

New Pokemon! Pawmi, an electric rodent that, if the cheeks are any indication, is gonna be the new Pika-clone. Lechonk, a Normal-type pig Pokemon. And Smoliv, a small olive Grass/Normal Pokemon.

Region details! Looks like Pokemon Center-type kiosks are scattered outside instead of being indoor buildings.

New Legendaries! Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet, and Miraidon in Pokemon Violet. People have noticed that their names refer to past and future, respectively, and that they seem to have an odd wheel-like shape on their chests.

Release date! November 18, 2022!

Edited by Zorua
Koraidon and Miraidon, not Doraidon and Muraidon

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Minecraft seems almost as complex as Eve and that's saying a lot.  Question, how much of the Minecraft economy is player driven?  The Eve economy is pretty much 90% or more player driven.

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On 6/2/2022 at 9:30 AM, mlooney said:

Minecraft seems almost as complex as Eve and that's saying a lot.  Question, how much of the Minecraft economy is player driven?  The Eve economy is pretty much 90% or more player driven.

I think it's more complex, as I've seen YouTubes of automation built up from components within the game, vaguely Factorio style. There was a claim of having built a computer in Minecraft elements.

The game has never appealed to me, mostly I don't like the blocky look, but my kids and grand kids love it.

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Eve isn't really all that complex, but it's meta game aspects are famously weird.  Having a player driven economy, a very complex crafting system, and all players on earth (other than the PRC) being on the same server leads to some weirdness.  It's been called "spreadsheets in space" before and one of the latest things for it is an interface to Excel.  A lot of game play things that would get you banned from other games (griefing, running scams, down right theft)  are considered normal game play in Eve.

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The full Minecraft Version 1.19 is finally out. Community response is mixed; they love the new red wood type, the Mangrove Swamp biome is interesting, the Ancient City is very well-designed, the Warden is a neat boss-in-all-but-name, mud is nice, boats with chests are awesome, and so on, but they think it's also lacking in content, the Allay is complicated, and the Ancient City doesn't have enough worthwhile loot. Overall, they like most of what's there, but they think the Wild Update isn't wild enough.

Personally? I haven't updated my main world just yet. I made a copy and updated that one so I could find the new biomes, to prepare for going out to search. The Ancient City is close enough that I can probably walk there in the overworld (which I might do because I don't want my portal to generate right next to the Warden), but for the Mangrove Swamp I'll have to go even further out from one of my Nether tunnels. I'm interested in all the new blocks, so I'm gonna go for it.

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Posted (edited)

So instead of upgrading my Minecraft world, I decided to boot up Octopath Traveler again. After debating for some time about what order to do everyone's Chapter 2 in, I decided to just do it in order of minimum recommended level. Chapter 3 as well, and then their Chapter 4 in reverse order I recruited them so as to end on the character I started with (Ophilia will be horrendously overleveled at that point).

[Edit]: Something I forgot to mention is this: When you beat your starting character's Chapter 4, you're treated to the proper end credits sequence. Throughout the credits, you see scenes from your playthrough, specifically the final hit you dealt against every story boss in the game. So if you want the most out of it, finishing your starting character's chapter 4 last will give you the most scenes. And it might be a good idea to make those moments memorable. With that in mind...

Tressa is a Merchant, which means she has access to the ability "Hired Help". In exchange for money, you can call an NPC to your side of the battlefield to perform a single attack against the enemy side. The fourth on the list is a Cleric, which performs a Light-element attack against all enemies. Attacks can be boosted, which means by spending up to three Boost Points (they build up each turn in battle), you can make an attack stronger. How boosts apply to Hired Help is with each boost, you hire an additional NPC of the same type to do the same attack for no additional monetary cost. Basically what this means is when fighting Tressa's Chapter 2 boss, I had her pay 10,000 money to hire four clerics to basically nuke the guy. That's gonna be a memorable scene in the credits, that's for sure.

(as a side note, the Cleric's strongest skill, which can only be used if you use three boost points, will let the target ally use their abilities twice for no additional cost. Which means one could use Hired Help to summon eight of them for the price of one. I (don't) feel sorry for Tressa's (or anyone's, really) other bosses.) [/edit]

I still haven't booted up Kerbal Space Program. Not sure why.

Edited by Zorua

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I decided to boot up Raft again. In the months since I last played, they added three new story islands, some new craftable items, trading posts to get rid of excess junk, and four new player character options. In my main survival world, I went to the next story island, Varuna Point, which is the top of a submerged skyscraper, and found basically nothing there, only to have the realization that the bulk of the level takes place underwater. And while I was exploring what was on the surface, there was a mysterious impact noise, like something exploded.

Faced with that realization, I decided to start up a new world in Peaceful difficulty--resources and islands still generate, but no hostile land creatures will attack you unless you attack first, and hostile aquatic creatures don't attack at all. You can also still get hurt from drowning, starving, dehydration, fall damage, and environmental hazards, so that's still a worry, but no big. I used this to build up a significant resource base without having to worry about the shark attacking my stuff, and I managed to build my raft about to where my usual Normal-difficulty raft was.

To sum up my trip through the new story, all three new islands have an enemy that hurts you in ways that break the previous trends of peaceful mode. Varuna Point has the Anglerfish, an aquatic creature that retaliates, and the Rhino Shark, a boss that attacks by ramming into you, pushing you away from your precious air bubbles even if you're playing in peaceful and thus take no damage. Temperance has the Scuttlers, which are outright hostile and attack you even in peaceful. And Utopia has the final boss, who is fought in three phases, all of which involve setting up some kind of environmental hazard but phase three is hostile even in peaceful.

Now, my main goal is to build up my raft. I'm going for kind of a layered design, which means I need to build supports for everything. Which requires nails, which are made from scrap, which is a pain to get in bulk if you need a lot of it. I basically need to loot all the scrap from every tiny island I can find. Titanium is also needed for a lot of high-end equipment, and you're lucky if you get more than one per island. Fortunately, the trading post option sells titanium, so that'll speed things up a little. I'm building up my resources by revisiting all the story islands.

That said, I need to progress my actual survival Normal-difficulty world, which is still parked at Varuna Point dreading the underwater trip. Maybe I should come back later after getting some more things. Like oxygen tanks. Or a spine.


If you're looking for tips, here's one: Don't build the tall storage cabinet. First, it costs titanium, and second, it has less storage capacity than four wooden storage chests. Chests can be placed on walls, so build a single two-high wall panel and you can have four chests taking up the same amount of space as a storage cabinet. Cheaper and more resource-efficient. Likewise, there's a fridge you can buy from the trader. Don't, for exactly the same reason. Looks nice, but four chests do the job way better.

Another tip: enemy creature heads fill up the biofuel reactor very well. Watermelons are also a good substitute, so if you're looting small islands for scrap and titanium, be sure to pick up some spare watermelons and set up some crop plots near your reactor.

A third tip: clam shells are surprisingly good in the recycler, so any shell from your fourth onwards is recycling fodder. Wool is also good, so catch a lot of llamas to build up a good supply.

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Few days ago, we got the next official Pokemon presentation. As usual, here's the highlights.

Here we go.

  • First, Chris Brown gives updates on the annual Pokemon World Championships, which return in 2022 after a three year absence. The event will feature battles in the card game, in Pokken Tournament, in the main series games of course, and now Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite for the first time. We also see a new Pikachu championship trophy. Looks nice.
  • Ultra Beasts and Shaymin appear in a new Pokemon Go event: Pokemon GO Fest 2022. There's also a new item that can attract Pokemon not normally in your area, Legendary Pokemon included.
  • Pokemon Unite is a year old, and to celebrate, there's some new Pokemon and events. The Pika Party event,  lasting until September 3, has Pikachu as the only Pokemon in the entire arena, playable and wild. Buzzwole is a new playable Pokemon, with Tyranitar on the horizon and three more to be added starting in September.
  • Pokemon Master EX, in celebration of its 3-year anniversary, gets a new playable character: RED!
  • Mewtwo is back in Pokemon Cafe Remix, and he is hungry. Clear a one-minute cooking game, and he can even join your staff. Latios is also on the way.
  • ...did they seriously make actual wearable mascot suits for the Gen 9 starters? Well, I guess that's a good enough segue into the Scarlet and Violet news. Anyway, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!
    • The region is officially named: the Paldea region! Definitely looks like it's based on the Iberian Peninsula.
    • The region is fully open-world. Presumably some locations are locked behind badge progression or story progression, but you can battle the Gyms in any order you choose.
    • Beyond the Gym challenge, there are two other stories. We didn't get a lot of detail, but overall, it's called the Treasure Hunt, which presumably is less looking for shiny things and more making your own story.
    • We meet one Gym Leader: Grusha, the Ice-type Gym Leader. Not gonna lie, I thought Grusha was a woman too. I blame the winter clothes and the hair.
    • The Legendary Pokemon, Koraidon and Miraidon, accompany you from the start as your multipurpose riding mount! Ride on their back for faster travel, aquatic travel, scaling cliffs, or even gliding in the air! There might be some story component where they switch into their status as actual battle-capable Pokemon. Of note is that despite looking like it has wheels, Koraidon (who appears to represent the past) just runs everywhere.
    • We have two new Pokemon: a mono-Fairy-type pastry-themed dog named Fidough (so... a pure bread purebred?), and an Ice-type land whale called Cetitan (the third whale Pokemon line after the Wailmer line and Kyogre).
    • We also get a regional variant of Wooper. Paldean Wooper is Poison/Ground. I wouldn't pet this one, though.
    • Returning Pokemon aren't too shabby either, as we see Skiddo being catchable for the first time since Gen 6. Also Pikachu appears to have its animalistic cry again, instead of saying its name as has been normal for a couple gens now.
    • I counted, and the number of Pokemon confirmed so far is 172 (counting the not-yet-revealed evolutions for the starters). Only 16 of which are new.
    • Multiplayer! Invite up to three friends into your game. Run around to catch Pokemon you haven't caught yet or just race across the map. Have fun!
    • The new gimmick is the Terastal phenomenon (I think "terra" and "crystal"). It provides a crystalline filter over the Pokemon and a goofy-looking but elementally-relevant hat thing (probably for accessability purposes; it's hard to tell Fire-type red from Grass-type green if you're red-green colorblind).
      • Terastallizing your Pokemon will change their type and give a boost to that type and moves thereof. Every Pokemon has a "Tera Type", and by "every" Pokemon, I mean every individual Pokemon could have a different Tera Type. Eevee's Tera Type is normally...well, Normal, but you could find Eevee that have a Water or Grass Tera Type.
    • Tera Types are not equally common. Pokemon with rare Tera Types can be encountered in Tera Raid Battles (yes, raid battles are back). During these battles, you and your allies are not limited by turn order; you can select an attack even if your allies are in the middle of an action!
    • Pre-orders are available. As a pre-order bonus, you can get a Pikachu with not only the Flying Tera Type but also the move Fly, which I don't think it's been able to learn since Pokemon Yellow (correction: Pikachu with Fly is a recurring event giveaway and can be found in the Pokewalker so never mind).

So, gyms in any order you want, new doggo, new whale, Legendary is on your side from the very start, active multiplayer, no-turn-limit-among-allies raid battles, and a much-easier-to-program-and-memorize Super Mode gimmick. Scarlet and Violet are looking pretty good so far.

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