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  1. Who in the cast has met an immortal?

    Don't you mean Sarah?
  2. Who in the cast has met an immortal?

    She did, briefly at the mall right before the vampire attacks started.
  3. Holidaze

    That's OK. She doesn't like treats any way.
  4. Holidaze

    I forgot to say "Thank You" to ProfessorTomoe for his gift of linen pants. I've been out of sorts.
  5. Story Friday, December 22nd, 2023

    As y'all know I said that Pandora was my waifu. She has done nothing as Hope that changes that. Her sense of wonder about the mundane makes me want to hug her.
  6. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Time to do some running! I like to run in the morning!" - Explorer the Cat.
  7. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "You got up out of the chair. That means it's my turn" - Explorer the Cat.
  8. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Thinking about what to do today. Napping is high on the list of things to try out!" - Explorer the Cat.
  9. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    That suck. Hope you manage to make Christmas with your family
  10. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Yay! The Human is out of bed! Gonna mark this box because I didn't mark it while I was on the bed with The Human" - Explorer the Cat.
  11. NP Comic for Saturday, Dec 16, 2023

    Sound like a project for The Lab
  12. Things That Are Just Annoying

    On one hand my knee and ankle still hurt. On the other hand I'm hungry. On the gripping hand the new mattress topper I put on the bed is very comfy. I'll get up in an hour or two,
  13. Things That Are Just Annoying

    In addition to my twisted ankle and bashed knee, it's forecast to rain until about midnight. Finishing my tea and going back to bed,
  14. Things That Are Just Annoying

    Yesterday I twisted my left ankle. Today I bashed my right knee into the desk. The universe doesn't want me to get out of bed. I'm gonna carefully finish my tea and go back to bed.
  15. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "The Human is moving slow, says his ankle still hurts. At least he got out of bed. I'll get close to him in a few, but right now I need to do some running." - Explore the Cat.
  16. Comic for Wednesday, Dec 13, 2023

    No need for that.
  17. https://www.egscomics.com/comic/hope-010 I know the feeling of thinking you are missing important mail.
  18. NP Comic for Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023

    Yeah, it's been shown that Fox can fight without direct control. Of course if she is fighting a mage there is the disenchant thing you have to deal with.
  19. NP Comic for Saturday, Dec 9, 2023

    /me You get a star and a notation
  20. Things That Are Just Annoying

    I got out of bed, took 1 step then twisted my ankle. Stumbled back to bed. Photos of Explorer when I get up.
  21. NP Comic for Tuesday, Dec 12, 2023

    I suspect she is at least 4 years from having an employer.
  22. NP Comic for Saturday, Dec 9, 2023

    I was a brony back in Gen 4 days. Never wanted horse shoes.
  23. Comic for Wednesday, Dec 13, 2023

    After reading today's comic I went out to check my mail. Had 4 pieces all of which were more than a week old. Need to start checking more often.
  24. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    "Got the red Dot!" - Explorer the Cat.