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  1. Back to bu'iness. Mon. Jul. 17, 2017 Tedd: 700 (3rd) Pandora: 97 *Noriko is not in any way clearly visible/discernible, so even though we know that's her, it doesn't count as an appearance. Wed. Jul. 19, 2017 Pandora: 98 Tedd: 701 Fri. Jul. 21, 2017 Pandora: 99 Tedd: 702 FULL COUNT:
  2. I'm now predicting that by the end of this storyline, once all this business has been taken care of, Pandora will finally reset. Just a crazy hunch I have.
  3. Wow. Panel 5 is the first time I remember seeing Pandora even imply that she knows it's time for her to restart.
  4. Hence "interpretation" and "question mark". Mrs. Kitsune isn't implied to be potentially a wizard; it's stated flat-out as a fact.
  5. I was thinking of Greg for the Dreaming list but decided we don't know if that's what he's doing, but I somehow forgot him when it came to the potentials list. Yeah, he should definitely be on that one.
  6. This strip seems pretty definitive on the subject of Liz. The next strip is clearly some time later when she notices Catalina and Rhoda. Carol is a question mark because of certain interpretations of these two strips. Akiko's potential is confirmed as far as I'm concerned based on panel 7 of today's strip, especially when one considers what we already know about Nanase.
  7. Indeed. Thus my decision not to count him.
  8. loving language

    I've literally heard it both that way and the other way around. The truth is that no one knows, so they pretend they know, because there just has to be a difference, doesn't there? After all, why would we have two nearly-identical words that mean the exact same thing if not for regional dialectical variation? Because English is weird, that's why.
  9. loving language

    Holy crap, there's a grammar thread and I never knew? I really should pop into the off-topic forum more often. Forgive me if I travel back in time a bit. What's really fun about that is that "wend" still exists, and its past tense form has become the regularized "wended". I wanted to quote the Weird Al Word Crimes video too, but it's on a different page and the quoting function on this forum doesn't lend itself well to copy and paste. In any case, that song has been my personal anthem since it came out. One last thing. Fun fact: there is no syntactic or semantic difference between "toward" and "towards". It's simply a matter of personal preference.
  10. story

    That's been pretty much my take, as well. It also explains why Raven feels so guilty about it.
  11. And now, the last post until at least Monday. I plan on updating the NP count on a monthly basis, so I've stopped at the end of June here. FIRST HALF OF 2017 NP COUNT: Rhoda: 23 Grace: 22 Ellen: 19 Kitty: 16 Catalina: 15 Susan: 10 Drake: 10 Nanase: 8 Duck: 8 Justin: 7 Sarah: 6 Pandora: 6 Writer's Block: 6 Bill: 5 Octopus Robot Butler: 5 Charlotte: 5 Diane: 4 Felix: 4 Elliot: 2 Greg: 2 Rich: 2 Larry: 2 Tom: 2 George: 1 Tensaided: 1 Ashley: 1 Cheerleadra: 1 POINT OF INTEREST: Rhoda becomes the first non-main character to top either chart (NP or Main), unless you count Dan himself for NP 2005, and I'm choosing not to. Just for this time, on the full count below, I'll be using the colors I use for the Main count on the major characters, so you can see how they stack up here. NP TOTAL COUNT AS OF JUNE 30, 2017:
  12. Wow. Uh, you're welcome? Dang. And thanks. Seriously. Statistics and stuff is really fun for me, and I'm glad so many others seem to be enjoying it as well. And of course it's always great to feel appreciated. Thanks, Old Hack. Made my day just now. Also, "Yea!" (for HarJit)
  13. And now for serious things. Fri. Jul. 14, 2017 Tedd: 699* Pandora: 96 *This is clearly an indication that Monday's strip will cut away to a different scene and we won't see Tedd again for months. FULL COUNT:
  14. Okay, I'll do 2016's NP count first, and then today's main count. It'll be two separate posts, since spoiler tags tend to mess things up and embed things where they're not supposed to be embedded. Annoying. 2016 NP: Grace: 66 Rhoda: 50 Catalina: 47 Pandora: 31 Sarah: 29 Ellen: 22 Writer's Block: 7 Tedd: 6 Susan: 5 Dan: 5 Ashley: 5 Liz: 5 Amanda: 4 Diane: 4 Lucy: 4 Rich: 3 Tensaided: 3 Larry: 3 Elliot: 2 Demonic Duck: 2 Akiko: 2 Minion: 1 Justin: 1 George: 1 Carol: 1 Andrea: 1 Good Tom: 1 Mr. Kitsune: 1 NP TOTAL COUNT: