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  1. Comic for Friday June 3, 2022

    This fits well with my "always punch Nazis" philosophy.
  2. https://www.egscomics.com/comic/balance-154 In my mind, Liam's voice is somewhere between Keith David and Dennis Haysbert.
  3. Crazy Counting Guy

    That would require her to be in every single strip for six months straight - something that to my knowledge has never happened before - and also for Dan to take no breaks and not miss a single day for that entire period. I'd say a year at the earliest.
  4. Crazy Counting Guy

    Given that Elliot has been the first to every milestone save one (600) and Grace has been second since 300 (save that same 600), my money's on Grace.
  5. Crazy Counting Guy

    Fri. Apr. 1, 2022 Cheerleadra: 112 Elliot: 1095 Liam: 8 Mon. Apr. 4, 2022 Grace: 1016 Dex: 30 (1st appearance since 2016) Cheerleadra: 113 Elliot: 1096 Liam: 9 Wed. Apr. 6, 2022 Cheerleadra: 114 Elliot: 1097 Liam: 10 Fri. Apr. 8, 2022 Cheerleadra: 115 Elliot: 1098 Liam: 11 Grace: 1017 Mon. Apr. 11, 2022 Cheerleadra: 116 Elliot: 1099 Grace: 1018 Fri. Apr. 15, 2022 Grace: 1019 Elliot: 1100 (1st!) Liam: 12 Mon. Apr. 18, 2022 Elliot: 1101 Grace: 1020 Liam: 13 Wed. Apr. 20, 2022 Grace: 1021 Elliot: 1102 Liam: 14 Fri. Apr. 22, 2022 Liam: 15 Elliot: 1103 Grace: 1022 Mon. Apr. 25, 2022 Liam: 16 Elliot: 1104 Grace: 1023 Mr. Verres: 171 Wed. Apr. 27, 2022 Liam: 17 Grace: 1024 Elliot: 1105 Dwight: 1st appearance Fri. Apr. 29, 2022 Dwight: 2 Elliot: 1106 Liam: 18 Grace: 1025 FULL COUNT
  6. Crazy Counting Guy

    I wasn't a big fan of Shortpacked either. I think what draws me most to DoA is the major theme of escaping childhood religious indoctrination.
  7. Crazy Counting Guy

    Indeed to both. I think Dumbing of Age is the best I've seen at it.
  8. Crazy Counting Guy

    Nanase and Ellen are the farthest removed from the rest of the cast. They're kind of almost their own thing. Either they're the focus of the story for months at a time, or they're barely in it at all. They've both had single digit appearances per year multiple times.
  9. Crazy Counting Guy

    2009 was the only year in which not all of the main characters appeared (Sarah and Tedd,were the ones missing, incidentally).
  10. Crazy Counting Guy

    Another shortened month. That's three in a row now. Wed. Mar. 9, 2022 Elliot: 1089 Cheerleadra: 106 (2022 debut) Tedd: 942 Mr. Verres: 162 Grace: 1008 Mon. Mar. 14, 2022 Elliot: 1090 Cheerleadra: 107 Mr. Verres: 163 Grace: 1009 Wed. Mar. 16, 2022 Mr. Verres: 164 Grace: 1010 Elliot: 1091 Cheerleadra: 108 Owl Griffin: 1st appearance Fri. Mar. 18, 2022 Owl Griffin: 2 Mr. Verres: 165 Grace: 1011 Elliot: 1092 Cheerleadra: 109 Mon. Mar. 21, 2022 Owl Griffin: 3 Elliot: 1093 Cheerleadra: 110 Mr. Verres: 166 Wed. Mar. 23, 2022 Owl Griffin: 4 Mr. Verres: 167 Grace: 1012 Fri. Mar. 25, 2022 Elliot: 1094 Cheerleadra: 111 Owl Griffin: 5 Grace: 1013 Mr. Verres: 168 Mon. Mar. 28, 2022 Owl Griffin: 6 Grace: 1014 Mr. Verres: 169 Wed. Mar. 30, 2022 Owl Griffin: 7 Grace: 1015 Mr. Verres: 170 *Our first new character of the year! **Three main characters: Justin, Susan, and Diane, have yet to appear this year. FULL COUNT
  11. NP Comic for Thu. March 31, 2022

    I'll agree with this, though I find that the latter instances outnumber the former significantly. Ironically, if it's something important that does need to be explained for the coherence of the story, Dan generally does a pretty concise, succinct job of it and moves on quickly. When it's some minor detail that's not important but that they're worried somebody will misunderstand, that's when they spend way too long trying to explain themself. It's frustrating, and it's I think the only thing about Dan's writing that I don't enjoy.
  12. NP Comic for Thu. March 31, 2022

    What other hand? This is precisely what I was getting at. Part of it, anyway. I'm also opposed to hand-holding. Let me figure things out on my own. Indeed. Dan's standards with regard to their own work tend to be different. I have no way to verify this, but I suspect it stems from being a people pleaser.
  13. https://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/assorted2022a05 Today's comic (and accompanying commentary), is something about Dan that's always been very obvious to me, and it's something with which I've always heartily disagreed with him on. It's clear Dan feels the need to explain himself to his audience, and I can even understand why he might feel that way, but I do not consider it necessary at all. In fact, I find that the times an artist goes out of their way to explain or contextualize their art almost always weakens it.
  14. Crazy Counting Guy

    There have been a couple here and there over the years. Can't remember the last one, though.
  15. Crazy Counting Guy

    Oh yes, of course. Off-screen dialogue always counts, yes.