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  1. Character Alignments

    I'd say Elliot and Ashley definitely fit Lawful Good. As for the rest of the main cast, let's see... Sarah: Neutral Good? I dunno. Tedd: Chaotic Good, definitely. Grace: Also Chaotic Good? Maybe. Nanase: Neutral Good for sure. Ellen: Somewhere right on the corner where Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, and True Neutral meet. Justin: He seems a Neutral Good sort of guy. Susan: Probably the closest to True Neutral of anyone in the cast... Diane: ...with one possible exception.
  2. Anyone recognise this?

    Your Name / Kimi No Na Wa Effing brilliant, and you should watch it immediately.
  3. Crazy Counting Guy

    Mon. Jun. 4, 2018 Elliot: 914 Ashley: 165 Arthur: 32 Ellen: 655 Wed. Jun. 6, 2018 Ellen: 656 Elliot: 915 Ashley: 166 Arthur: 33 Fri. Jun. 8, 2018 Ellen: 657 Arthur: 34 Elliot: 916 Ashley: 167 Mon. Jun. 11, 2018 Arthur: 35 Sybil: 4 Ellen: 658 Elliot: 917 Ashley: 168 FULL COUNT
  4. This Day In History

    On June 11 in History: 1184 BCE - According to Eratosthenes, this is the date Troy is sacked and burned. Seems legit. 1118 - The Prince of Antioch, a dude named Roger from Salerno, captures the town of Azaz from the Seljuk Turks. Another in a great string of victories reclaiming the holy land for Christianity. Nothing can stop them now! 1509 - Henry VIII of England marries Catherine of Aragon. May they have many happy years together. 1748 - Denmark is the first to adopt the now iconic Nordic Cross flag. Every other Nordic country will eventually copy them, trying to be cool. 1776 - The Continental Congress appoints Thomas Jefferson and four other guys nobody remembers to draft a Declaration of Independence for the fledgling United States. They should all fire their publicists. 1919 - Sir Barton is the first horse to win the U.S. Triple Crown, and for the first time I will pretend to care. 1963 - National Guard troops have to be mobilized to tell the Governor of Alabama to get out of the way so that some black kids can go to school. 'Murica. 1963 again - Buddhist monk Thích Quảng Đức dies from an acute case of setting himself on fire, in protest of the South Vietnamese government's treatment of Buddhists. One has to wonder what they were doing that was worse than setting them on fire. 1979 - After countless iconic on-screen deaths, John Wayne dies one last time for real. Guy had quite a life. 1986 - Shia LaBeouf's first avant-garde performance piece, his own birth, takes place. 2008 - Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper officially apologizes to First Nations people for the way they were forcibly and systematically reeducated over a hundred years by government-sanctioned, church-run boarding schools. That and a toonie will get you a box of stale, bitter Timbits. 2010 - The FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa, as the rest of the world learns the hard way what a vuvuzela is.
  5. This Day In History

    On June 10 in History: 323 BCE - Alexander the Great, one of the most successful military and political leaders of all time, and one of the most influential individuals in all of human history, dies of either a fever or a tummy ache. 1190 - While leading an army to Jerusalem, Frederick Barbarossa drowns in a river. A number of Crusaders, who don't believe in omens or anything, suddenly remember something very important they need to do back home. 1329 - The Byzantines lose the Battle of Pelekanon, essentially abandoning their remaining Anatolian holdings to the Ottomans. This doesn't even count as historical foreshadowing anymore; even the most inattentive observers can see where this is going. 1596 - Bear Island is discovered. Sadly, it is not ruled by an impossibly badass ten year-old girl. 1692 - Bridget Bishop is the first to be executed for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. They knew she was a witch because she often spoke her mind, wore unique clothing, and had the audacity to inherit her husband's property. 1752 - Benjamin Franklin flies a kite in a thunderstorm, and rather than dying in an overly comical fashion as one might expect, he instead confirms an important scientific hypothesis. Some people have all the luck. 1829 - Oxford and Cambridge Universities have their first boat race on the Thames. They would have done it a week before, but someone said they saw a swan on the river and nobody wanted to go near it. 1924 - Italian socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti is kidnapped and killed by Fascists eleven days after speaking out against them in Parliament. Maybe the Italian people missed the red flag because it was too big, thus obscuring the fact that it was a flag and not just a red everything? 1940 - Italy declares war on France and the UK. Adorable. US president FDR denounces the action, but will do nothing. 1957 - The Progressive Conservative party of Canada takes control of the government, despite the fact that "Progressive Conservative" is an oxymoron of the highest order. 1964 - The Civil Rights Act passes the U.S. Senate after a 75 day filibuster. This means that there were actual elected officials so opposed to the idea of civil rights that they were willing to stand for hours on end yammering about nonsense for two and a half months. 'Murica. 1967 - The Six Day War between Israel and Syria ends. Not a moment too soon, either. Otherwise we'd be calling it the Week War, which is open to all kinds of misinterpretation. 2007 - The Sopranos airs its final episode on HBO, causing many people to
  6. This Day In History

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.
  7. This Day In History

    Funny you should mention that. Their neighbors seemed to have a similar idea. On June 6 in History: 913 - Byzantine Emperor Alexander III plays polo too hard and literally dies from exhaustion. When ancient kings and conquerors spoke of the nobility and honor of dying on horseback, I somehow don't think this is what they had in mind. 1523 - Bringing an end to the Kalmar Union, Swedish regent Gustav Vasa is elected king, ensuring that everything significant in Sweden will happen on this day until the end of time. 1654 - Swedish Queen Christina abdicates in order to convert to Catholicism, and to avoid having to have children. Closer inspection reveals those two reasons don't really make much sense together. 1808 - Napoleon's brother Joseph is crowned King of Spain. What are the odds? 1809 - Sweden adopts a new constitution, reforming the government. Also, Charles XIII is elected the new king, and presumably a bunch of other things. 1844 - The YMCA is founded in London. It is purportedly fun to stay there. 1889 - The Great Seattle Fire destroys all of downtown. Seriously, the one time you actually want it to rain... 1916 - The Chinese government collapses, falling into the hands of various warlords such as Sun Yat-sen, providing the strongest evidence yet that time is cyclical. 1933 - The world's first Drive-in theater opens in New Jersey. The state's birth rates inexplicably skyrocket less than a year later. 1942 - U.S. forces sink four Japanese carriers and the cruiser Mikuma in the Battle of Midway, which loses a lot of its documentary air time to the next entry. 1944 - The inspiration for countless video games, the D-Day invasion codenamed Operation Overlord begins as British, Canadian and American troops storm the beaches at Normandy. TV time slots are booked through eternity, and several Academy Award statuettes are prepared in advance. 1968 - Robert Kennedy dies of his wounds from the assassination attempt of the previous day. His remaining brother Ted avows to never touch the presidency with a 40 foot pole. 1974 - Sweden becomes a paliamentary monarchy. Thought we were done with them, didn't you? 1984 - Tetris is released. 30 years later, the song is still stuck in everyone's head. You're humming it right now.
  8. This Day In History

    On June in History: 70 - Titus and his legions breach the middle wall of Jerusalem. Quoth Jerusalemites: "Again?" 1829 - The HMS Pickle captures a slave ship off of Cuba. Meanwhile, the HMS Grilled Onion is busy chasing seagulls or something. 1832 - A revolt breaks out in Paris to overthrow the monarchy of a guy named Louis. Really, you could guess this for any year between 1780 and 1880 and have a good chance of getting it right. 1851 - Some SJW lady writes a book about a guy named Tom and his cabin that's supposed to make us feel bad or something. Liberals, amirite? 1915 - Denmark grants women the right to vote. No doubt they are retroactively inspired by the bastion of freedom / greatest country on Earth that will do the same a little over five years later. 1916 - The Arab Revolt begins against the Ottoman Empire. A white guy will get most of the credit. 1944 - German gun emplacements are bombarded by over 5,000 tons of bombs from more than 1,000 airplanes along the Normandy coast. Just routine stuff. Totally not planning anything for tomorrow. 1947 - George Marshall convinces everyone that maybe letting a war-torn Europe wallow in economic devastation isn't a good idea. Because, you know, it worked so well the first time. 1956 - Elvis Presley scandalizes a bunch of old Puritan weirdos by wiggling his hips a little on TV. 1963 - Massive protests against the arrest of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini by the Shah of Iran result in confrontations between demonstrators and tanks (and paratroopers). It's probably nothing to worry about. 1967 - The Six Day War begins between Israel on one side and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria on the other. Wait for it... 1968 - Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy is shot. Among other things, this leaves us with President Richard Nixon. So a shit day all around. 1975 - The UK holds a referendum on remaining in the European Economic Community. They vote overwhelmingly to stay, because come on, they're not idiots. 1989 - Some dude with his groceries becomes the subject of one of the most iconic photos of all time when he decides to stare down a tank. It is later discovered that his massive titanium balls were weighing him to the spot. 2000 - The Six Day War begins between the forces of Uganda and Rwanda within the D.R. Congo city of Kisangani. The sheer amount of detail required for disambiguation purposes to historically denote this war is staggering. 2017 - Montenegro officially joins NATO. Punchline redacted.
  9. Crazy Counting Guy

    The Overtakening is official! Fri. Jun. 1, 2018 Arthur: 31 Ellen: 654 Ashley: 164 (now 9th) FULL COUNT
  10. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    One thing really bothered me, though:
  11. Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I liked it, which is saying a lot in itself, since I was not enthusiastic about it at all and thought it was going to be a complete waste of time.
  12. This Day In History

    Double Feature! On May 31 in History: 455 - While fleeing Rome, Emperor Petronius Maximus is stoned to death by an angry mob. Look, guys, if you're not going to take this whole "Emperor" thing seriously, just stop. You're ruining the word for the rest of us. 1578 - Henry III lays the first stone of what is now the oldest bridge in Paris, appropriately titled "New Bridge". 1859 - The clock tower housing Big Ben at the British Houses of Parliament begins keeping time. What they were using it for before this is anyone's guess. 1911 - The Titanic is launched in Belfast. I tell you this ship has a bright future ahead of her! 1911 again - Mexican President Porfirio Díaz flees the country during the revolution. He is lucky enough to avoid being stoned to death by an angry mob. 1977 - The Sex Pistols troll the British establishment so hard that people who only read headlines are left wondering why on Earth the BBC has just banned the national anthem from its airwaves. 2005 - The secret identity of Watergate informant Deep Throat is finally revealed to be who pretty much everybody already thought it was.
  13. Crazy Counting Guy

    Mon. May 28, 2018 Arthur: 29 Ellen: 652 Elliot: 913 Ashley: 162 Wed. May 30, 2018 Ashley: 163 (tied w/ Diane for 9th) Arthur: 30 Kevin: 10 Ellen: 653 FULL COUNT
  14. This Day In History

    Another month coming to a close. Where is the time going? On May 30 in History: 1381 - Officials of English king Richard II cry out "The Peasants are Revolting!" Everyone has a good chuckle. 1431 - Joan of Arc is executed for political reasons on made-up religious grounds and is afterwards considered a martyr. I'm sure this is the only time something this absurd ever happened. 1536 - Henry VIII of England marries Jane Seymour, who had been a lady in waiting to both of his previous wives (the second of whom had been executed a mere eleven days prior). No, I don't see anything suspicious about that; why would you even ask? 1806 - Future United States President and consummate madman Andrew Jackson murders a man named Charles Dickinson in a duel for saying mean things about him. 1814 - The Treaty of Paris ends the Napoleonic Wars, setting all borders back to the way they were before, and exiles the man himself to Elba. "Sure, lol," says Napoleon. 1908 - Voice actor Mel Blanc is born. You might remember him as literally every Looney Toons character ever. 1913 - Albania gains independence as a result of the Treaty of London. The treaty ends the First Balkan War, which of course was already being called that, since everyone considered it basically a given that there would be more of them. 1989 - The Tiananmen Square protesters unveil their 33 foot (10 meter) "Goddess of Democracy" statue. Surely an oppressive, totalitarian, repressive regime would not dare destroy such a thing.
  15. Story, Wednesday May 30, 2018

    Many thanks.