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  1. Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    Are we sure that magic going public isn't what he wanted? Or at least part of what he wanted?
  2. Story, Monday February 5, 2018

    We'd need to start installing those dragon sirens Magus was talking about.
  3. Story, Monday February 5, 2018

    I have to say I'm impressed with how readily Arthur admitted he was wrong and changed his viewpoint when presented with new information. People should do that more often. The way I see the last panel is not that Magic is rejecting their argument outright, but rather saying they're going to need to work harder to convince it. In other words, this isn't over so easily.
  4. Patreon Feb 4 2018: Beach Trip

    I do believe that is the case. Man, she really does fit right in with this bunch, doesn't she?
  5. EGS: Then, and Now

    I don't think that's why. I think it's because those are the 8 who fought the Goo (the climax of the first major story arc), and more importantly because those were the 8 who were at Grace's birthday party. However, both of those arcs happened over a decade ago. There hasn't been one since where all of them have come together. Yes, while it is true that each storyline still features at least one or more of that group, there are others, as I pointed out, who have just as big an impact on the story nowadays. A person who started reading three years ago and never bothered to look through the archives might not even know who Justin is, but they'll know Diane, and Ashley, and Pandora, and Charlotte.
  6. Crazy Counting Guy

    Mon. Jan. 29, 2018 Tedd: 718 Van: 3 Arthur: 11 WoM: 5 Wed. Jan. 31, 2018 Arthur: 12 Tedd: 719 Van: 4 Fri. Feb. 2, 2018 Van: 5 Arthur: 13 Tedd: 720 WoM: 6 FULL COUNT
  7. EGS: Then, and Now

    Oh? Consider than in the last two years (that is, 2016 and 2017), ostensibly-main-character Justin has appeared a grand total of 7 times. Even Grace - Grace - has only 37 appearances in that timespan. If we include 2015, their numbers only increase to 21 and 46. That's three years' worth. Now compare that with the last two years' worth of appearances for Ashley (27) Diane (57), and Pandora (80). If you include 2015 for them, that becomes 84 for Pandora, 87 for Diane, and an insane 111 for Ashley. Plus Charlotte at 45. The so-called "Main 8" are not the story-drivers they once were.
  8. EGS: Then, and Now

    The overall tone of the comic has shifted several times. When I first got into it, it was mostly a gag strip just enough story to give it some continuity (think things like the hammers, the ASMA dojo, cutaway gags, and the April Fools strips). Before long it morphed into a heavily plot-based story (the second half of Sister, Painted Black), then shifted again to become largely character-based (Grace's Birthday Party), and eventually settled on the tenuous balance that we have today. Also, the cast has expanded tremendously. I'm not just talking about the sheer number of characters. Secondary characters like Raven, Pandora, Rhoda, Ashley, Luke, etc. all receive a lot more focus than they would have in the old days, because the story doesn't just revolve around the original main characters anymore.
  9. More Speculation.

    That's just a delightful side effect.
  10. More Speculation.

    This is my working theory of the Harry Potter universe.
  11. More Speculation.

    If he were, I'm 100% certain Pandora would have said. So no. (Sorry for the double post. Quote box was being screwy.)
  12. More Speculation.

    Something I thought of while in the shower (that maybe has already been brought up but I didn't check because I'm lazy like that): Much like "the Bane" is the affinity tied to descendants of Pandora, what if the propensity for being a Seer is a trait of Voltaire's bloodline - and that's how he knows about them when even Pandora didn't?
  13. Crazy Counting Guy

    Fri. Jan. 26, 2018 Tedd: 717 Van: 2 Arthur: 10 Will of Magic?: 4 FULL COUNT
  14. Story, Wednesday January 24, 2018

    Lol. It was originally a project just for myself. I'd been doing it for a while before I thought to put it up on the forums in case anyone else was interested.
  15. Story, Wednesday January 24, 2018

    The master copy is a notebook in which I enter all data by hand, color-coded by year. Every named character is counted. The explanation for Phill is long and wordy, and in the counting thread somewhere. Not sure where, exactly.