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Found 32 results

  1. Story Friday October 27, 2023

    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/layers-064 Edward has previously commented that his professional conversations are dominated by the need to keep secrets and the need to keep people happy. How odd is it to discover Tedd is happy if Edward doesn't keep secrets? . . . . . So how long has Tedd been an Unpaid Intern for the agency? Of course, if Tedd has been producing useful results for the agency without getting paid why should they start paying Tedd at all?
  2. Story Friday August 04, 2023

    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/layers-033 First, Bermuda Shorts. Nothing but respect. True, they are not so impressive in a Midwest Summer, but when the Bermuda team marches into the Olympic Winter Games wearing these shorts, you know they are there to WIN! Tedd was previously on the record as being insecure regarding the default male Tedd form. It now appears Tedd is insecure about the default female Tedd form. Apparently simply being "Cute" or "Adorable" in either form is not sufficient. I wonder if there really are people who feel insecure about the way they look, then take drastic steps to change the way they look, only to end up just as insecure ( or more so ) about their new appearance? As long as Tedd does not attempt to emulate AD Liefeld, I suppose we can live with whatever happens.
  3. Comic for Monday July 3 2023

    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/layers-020 So it looks like Lavender is referring multiple things. You know, this storyline is a bit stressful for me right now. I wonder just how badly the secret-revealing will go? (I'm also a bit worried about what those Uryuoms from the other world are going to do.) It's odd, because I know that reading the archives, having drama and bad things happening will make the comic more interesting and meaningful (it has with past epic stories like Painted Black and Sister II)... but the comic has been so mellow for so long I've gotten used to it being a relaxing read, and whenever it isn't it bothers me.
  4. Comic Wednesday July 12, 2023

    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/layers-024 Well, this explains things. I guess we always knew Grace could hide her antennae, but I never gave it much thought.
  5. Comic for Friday, Apr 14, 2023

    Here. Most (all?) of us saw most of this coming. I was a little surprised at how powerful Edward thinks he is (yes Volty, the some of the toys do have knives!) , and I'd forgotten about Zeus, but Susan would definitely be a major asset. If the owner? (Dean? President? Provost?) of Moperville University groks magic, I wonder if there's a special track for students in the know.
  6. redundant, please delete

  7. Comic for Wednesday, Apr 5, 2023

    Comic for Wednesday, Apr 5, 2023 Whelp, Susan is convinced that Immortal law has changed, reasons to be presented soon. Amiable Dorsai called it. That seems to say Ijuin was on the right track as well and Zeus is the source of the comments.
  8. Comic for Friday July 01, 2022

    Comic for Friday July 01, 2022 How does a giant space turtle from far away know about the local magic clog?
  9. Comic for Wednesday, June 22, 2022 I like the direction this is taking, but there are some seriously inconsistent plot holes. Andrea and Tara saw Nanase as Royalty, due to her aura. Given that she denied it, their conclusion should have been that the political situation on the EGS side was not like the one on their side, that the situation that caused their political situation had never arisen in the EGS universe. Liam would have been advised of this, so he should not have viewed a Royalty aura on this side as actual Royalty, in any case not as Royalty on his side, and not been compelled to attack Edward. In any case, knowing of Nanase, they were endangering her, and would have arranged the mind control to not do so, would have put some safety limits on the control commands. Seems simpler to influence and rearrange to guard schedule. Dwight again goes clearly in the Barney Fife camp. I'm pretty sure Virginia is in on it, specifically why Liam trusts her goes beyond her loyalty to being a co-conspirator. Given the EGS Uyuom limitations on magic, and assuming hers are similar, she is probably not the mind controller.
  10. Comic for Friday, June 17, 2022

    Comic for Friday, June 17, 2022 I get, "Don't confuse things with extraneous information", but I wonder if that's all Edward is thinking. I also wonder why Dwight can't just return on his own. Maybe he can't operate the portal?
  11. Comic for Friday June 10, 2022

    Comic for Friday June 10, 2022 Virginia seems to assume EGS side Uryuoms come from another world; they could come from the Griffin side, through the portal. That has been implied in earlier comics. She does not seem to think less of Grace for being Seyunolu; it seems like she would, but I guess their culture is after all, alien.
  12. Comic for Wednesday June 8, 2022

    Comic for Wednesday June 8, 2022 Revisiting resolved issues? Dwight making more sense than Liam is definitely a bad sign. The one thing Elliot might apologize for is his (her?) intent to end Liam, lacking the knowledge of Liam's mind control. I'm thinking it would be unwise to bring this up. Thinking about cake in the midst of a tense interchange, ADHD? Just hunger? My impression is that griffins are obligate carnivores, would cake appeal to them? Maybe he means a meat cake? If they were talking about a bar of soap, it could be "The cake is a lye."
  13. Comic for Friday June 3, 2022

    Comic for Friday June 3, 2022 An interesting revelation for Elliot. I like where this is heading for him, but I have to scratch my head and wonder what refrigerator carton he was isolating in that this is news. Elliot seems prone to these revelations filling voids of understanding that he should not have at his age. At least he's willing to learn. I like Liam's approach to conflict resolution. The sunglasses are interesting. Elliot is not seeing sunglasses; they are the comic's token for us to see Elliot's perception that there is something outstanding about both Edward's and Liam's approaches to de-escalating the immediate situation. It is much like, we don't live in the world around us, we live in a model in our head of the real world around us, unless and until, like Wiley Coyote, the real world has to forcibly correct our model. Ashley also 'saw' tokenized sun glasses, on Susan. I am coming around to Liz's thinking that Ashley and Elliot are less than ideal for each other. They are too similar; Susan, in contrast, stretched Elliot's interests and motivated him to participate in what became a popular movie review; he also was exposed to a wider variety of movies than he was used to. I would say she expanded his horizons. A short conversation with Liz opened up new, albeit negative, vistas for Elliot. Za? Susan is, of course, off the table because of her own issues which have yet to be dealt with. She seriously needs some counseling. A Liz might not be beneficial for Elliot; while revealing flaws in his world-view, the inherent cynicism and negativity might push him in a dark direction that he does not need. Hmm.
  14. Story Monday May 31, 2022

    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/balance-153 I am so grateful that never has one group of humans looked at another group of people, only to have the first group tell themselves stories about the second group where the details are so exaggerated and the facts taken so far out of context that it might as well be fiction. And then have the first group use their own fiction as justification for doing horrible things to the second group. Yes it is wonderful that humans have never engaged in such reprehensible behavior. - - - - - - - - - - - - - I am wondering who, among the official librarians, historian, and archivists of the ruling Griffons, would have access to the details that could undermine the official position?
  15. Story Wednesday March 30, 2022

    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/balance-130 Will Someone PLEASE call Arthur!? Ok Grace, you have two options while Elliot has the carnivorous cloud-hopper distracted You can get Edward to medical attention and call for back up Or . . . You can turn around and charge blindly into a fight where you are probably outclassed I think we all know which way this will go
  16. Story Friday December 31, 2021

    Story Friday December 31, 2021 Our resident Egyptian royalty gets cookies for forecasting the reveal. Unfortunately, due to COVID and other logistical issues, said cookies will have to be self-provided. It looks like it has smooth skin, like a salamander, but I imagine it is supposed to be vaguely reptilian. Three eyes and three antennae, you kind of have to wonder "Why?", what advantage does the third serve. More precise notion of 3D placement in space, vs 2D distance for two eyes? Something cool and odd to draw? And why does it speak English? The inner body appears aligned between the two forelegs, so at least it appears to have bilateral symmetry going on. The shell split that way. Hmm, the shell looks thin to be supporting large crystals or to transfer force from them to the rest of the critter. Although, when closed it could be sturdier, like an egg shell is stronger when whole.. Can't have been too dire in the past, they still have a comic world. No pizza delivery. Bummer.
  17. Story Wednesday December 29, 2021 From panel three, I guess it has six feet? In panel five, there is a bit of a knee above the knee facing Edward. So, no head? Does not ingest sustenance. Flies, but needs articulated legs and feet for some reason. And Mr. Verres feels compelled to drop everything and talk to it. Yeah, I'm going to go with my suspension of disbelief is straining, and Edward should make space turtle soup.
  18. Story Friday October 22, 2021

    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/balance-074 The Bronze Age Collapse always seemed a bit Deus ex machina There were half a dozen advanced civilizations stretching across Eastern Asia, India, the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean, and within a single century they have all regressed almost to the Stone Age? I'm sure there are plenty of plausible scenarios that can account for this. But the possibility that someone playing the Game of Earth hit "Reset" is also plausible So are the Uryuom People responsible?
  19. https://www.egscomics.com/comic/balance-076 Arthur does strike me as a "ends justify the means" sort of person.
  20. Story Wednesday May 26, 2021

    https://www.egscomics.com/comic/balance-023 Is this supposed to show that Agent Edward Verres is such a unphasable professional that he will not give the obligatory spit-take when confronted with this information? Or did the scene just cut away before the punch-line? When first reading the note, I thought Grace meant that she had already left the house for school and would explain when she got home. The final panel, if I am interpreting it correctly, implies that Grace wrote and posted the note just after she woke from the dream, only to go back to bed. But more importantly Grace did not specifically address this to Edward or Tedd. She had to know that either of them would see it on the refrigerator. Along with the aftermath of Ashley's party where Tedd demonstrated the Mirror to his Father and with Edward making the report to Arthur, I suspect that Tedd is no longer asking the others to keep secrets from his Father and/or the FBI Paranormal Division.
  21. http://egscomics.com/comic/party-038 YAAAAAAAY
  22. Story Friday, May 3, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/comic/party-008 Spiffy last panel.
  23. Story Wednesday March 06, 2019

    http://egscomics.com/comic/tsos-48 Well, Edward took this better than I expected And I'm sure it was completely accidental that Grace had her adorable squirrel tail fully extended while delivering bad news. Certainly not an attempt to appear more sympathetic and harmless to someone berating her.
  24. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2380 Welp, Pandora realizes that Magus might still be an issue, dunno if she plans on addressing that at some point, her deciding not to say anything about it to Tedd seems like Dan's foreshadowing. And of course, Grace and Edward are sawing logs. But Tedd does admit this isn't the first time she's been up late working on stuff.
  25. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2303 Was the car ok after you lift it? But, yes, I would assume Grace can deal with average vampire. Also, maybe her Lespuko claws work on them ... Also, wizard? Agent Wolf? Or Tedd? Adrian Raven? Hmmm ... actually, maybe she visited Adrian again ... (I'm not sure why it couldn't be explained by shapeshifting ; she does gain new forms by applying transformation to her and Tedd did experimented with hair, why couldn't he load some different hair forms to her?)