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Found 33 results

  1. Comic for Monday, Feb 13, 2023

    Comic for Monday, Feb 13, 2023 Diane is reacting negatively to Simpsons nerdiditiy? She looks like she is uncomfortable and trying to be polite. I can see why she might find over-enthusiasm for obscure details annoying. She's made a new friend. Noah's offer seems reasonable. So, why is the phone heavier? Or is it? It could be the ability to contact Adrian is weighing on her (psychologically, not in a pun sense) and she is just more aware of her phone's presence.
  2. Comic for Monday, Feb 6, 2023

    Comic for Monday, Feb 6, 2023 A comic about what's for dinner. Diane, do your folks know where you are? In the EGS universe, pupils contract and dialate much more easily than they do in our universe. Diane speaks the Black Speech, so her adoptive family has roots in Mordor? Now we learn that she can allegedly cook, which does not seem to be a thing that fits her prior persona. Who knew? Cheerleading is a fairly time consuming activity, and, if I understand correctly, it's pretty much all school year, not just football season. Being formerly self absorbed, it's odd that she takes pride in her cooking skills. The text has some commentary about being vegetarian. It hits the high notes, but I'm pretty sure the comment about getting all the necessary amino acids from potatoes is wrong. Meat, on the other hand, generally has all the necessary amino acids. Meat can have other issues, like not enough fat in a survival situation, which can lead to protein poisoning. Not something you typically worry about. However, if you are ever lost in a forest, eat the beavers. The rabbits are easier to trap, but they are too lean. (A stick of butter is a good survival item for this reason). Bears also have plenty of fat, but are best avoided.
  3. Comic for Friday, Feb 3, 2023

    Comic for Friday, Feb 3, 2023 Noah is disappointed, but accommodates Diane's concerns. Diane is relieved to postpone her reveal.
  4. Comic for Friday, Jan 27, 2023

    Comic for Friday, Jan 27, 2023 Diane has not said anything new in this comic she has not said before. It does seem more coherent, like she's been thinking about it. Noah seems to have empathy and grasp where she's coming from, and to his credit is not judgemental, but his response may be advising her to reveal more than she should; the scope he intends is unclear. But he may not be on board with the notion of hiding knowledge of magic. It seems Diane should be open about the human side of her circumstances without revealing the fantastical information. Regarding the commentary, I'd say that being able to put your feelings into words to communicate them to others is much of being mature and having healthy relationships.
  5. Comic for Monday, Jan 30, 2023

    Comic for Monday, Jan 30, 2023 Diane is being amazingly candid with a guy she just met. Noah is being amazingly dense. I guess he has his reasons to dislike secrets. So fading out represents being honest. Not what I would have guessed, but good to know for future reference.
  6. Comic for Friday, Jan 20, 2023

    Comic for Friday, Jan 20, 2023 Noah is easily excited. Diane is jumping to (wrong) conclusions often. This appears to cause lights to appear in the air around Diane, perhaps as her head is preparing to explode? The degree of stress she is suffering upon finding out Adrian Raven will be teaching at Moperville University seems excessive. She's definitely coming unhinged. Poor Diane. Will the fragments of her cranium harm Noah? He'll at least have to deal with the mess.
  7. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 18, 2023 Magus appears to be trying to hide himself. Apparently he has zero transformation nor illusion spells with which to do so. Noah is probably telling Diane to much detail about things that don't concern her. Adrian was deputized by the Agency being run by the man who tried to have him deported to Russia. I wonder if they'll meet again. He frankly should have demanded an apology and an acknowledgement, 'Yes, you belong here', before his cooperation, and maybe he did. Seems likely that at least a basic understanding to that effect in in play. Large bagel sign behind him might weakly suggest NYC metro area. Probably not. Hmm, did Magus 'rob' the money he acquired from Sirleck? Maybe not, Sirleck would have willed it to his next intended host, which would have been Magus. But he did defraud the state out of inheritance taxes by using Sirleck's account(s) directly.
  8. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 11, 2023 Diane has interesting eyes. In the first panel, the iris an pupil have reappeared, but the eyeball has grown larger, requiring a larger socket. Unless they've flattened front to back, they are shoving deep into her head. In the last panel, they have returned to a normal size, but the sclera is now black, and the iris and pupil are white. She must be functionally blind at that point. Diane says her brain is processing all the information, but I think it is healing the damage from the first panel. So, she's a shapeshifter, but still on the learning curve. Arguably, none of that happened, it's just a way of expressing her surprise. Mmm, I suppose it's effective. She always seemed to be more in control of herself until recently. I think there are slightly more than two panels. The middle cloud thing, "Ellen is a cursed duplicate of Elliot created by the Dewitchery Diamond", is intended to be read after you take in Diane's reaction in the panel; I even had to scroll down a bit to see it all. There is a mental pause between the main panel and the text cloud, so it's being used as a second panel, of sorts. Dan might call it a three panel comic today. Noah, your furniture is on fire. Is whatever is happening in the background of the first panel what set the fires? Neither Noah nor Diane seem particularly concerned about this. I would be quite concerned, but I live in a different universe.
  9. Comic for Friday, Jan 13, 2023

    Comic for Friday, Jan 13, 2023 Diane decided to get it together, uses her deductive powers, and misses twice. Noah kind of says that she missed, but waffles inconclusively. What is he afraid of? Offending Diane again? She does have that 'I'm radiant' background again. I suppose she has an accusatory tone. Interesting that she has definitely cast Adrian in a positive role at this point.
  10. Comic for Monday, Jan 9, 2023

    Comic for Monday, Jan 9, 2023 Diane thinks Noah is giving too much information. Seems uncharacteristic for her to question that, but she pulls off a deduction. Turns into a Little Orphan Annie character because of it. Apparently in the EGS universe, your eyes can roll to such an extent that your scleras faces forward and your irises and pupils are hidden. Not sure why making a deductive connection would cause this for Diane. Hopefully, she will recover soon. I recall a Mad Magazine bit where Daddy Warbucks gave Little Orphan Annie a gift, two pupils for her eyes. They came in a gift box. This is weird, because pupils are essentially holes. How do you hand somebody holes without the matrix around the hole? It worked in a Mad comic, but it doesn't seen transferable to other settings. Then again, EGS is also a comic, so it could work. "Don't worry, Diane, we will fix you up with Mad science!" Seems like a thing they could do. My guess is that come Wednesday, her eyes will be normal again with no mention of this incident, as if nothing untoward had happened. Seems reasonable if this is not uncommon in the EGS world; they deal with it all the time, why should they talk about it. If this happens to you, you've probably severed your optic nerve, and you should go to a hospital. Also noteworthy, the werewolves weren't just werewolves, they were special werewolves++, but now they are wherewerewolves. I wonder why Noah knows this level of detail. I guess Adrian briefed him before his trip.
  11. Comic for Friday, Jan 6, 2023

    Comic for Friday, Jan 6, 2023 Diane lights up when she is surprised by information. She is easily surprised. She is, however, good at math and / or English. She is aware that 'very' is not a number. Noah is more empathetic with Pandora's (apparently) vengeful decision. She may have saved the world. He has a point. If COVID patient zero had been isolated and killed in a manner that prevented the successful spread of the disease, millions would have been saved. Harsh, but true. So, keep the zombie apocalypse in mind the next time you run into a COVID denier ... 'Apparently' because for the most part, immortals in EGS seem fairly callous about human affairs. But that's not always true, and Pandora has shown some capacity for compassion, so maybe she figured out that it needed to be done. I'm guessing that Abraham was about the most qualified person to try to remove the werewolf curse (given that he partially succeeded, and his current facility with spells), and his failure actually characterizes the difficulty. I do believe Diane is coming to appreciate her biological father. But his disagreement with Pandora might be a discussion point; it highlights a larger issue, he does not trust her to do the right thing, circling back to her callousness. There aren't any real surprises in this comic, but it is moving the story forward nicely.
  12. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 4, 2023

    Comic for Wednesday, Jan 4, 2023 "I've seen griffins and vampires and an awful flying monster, but the notion that werewolves are (were) real still surprises me." She is once again less logically discerning than normal. <shrug> Show her your other eye, Noah. Let's really turn the heat up.
  13. Comic for Monday, Jan 2, 2023

    Comic for Monday, Jan 2, 2023 Diane is calm, so Noah is comfortable with telling her what is going on. He gives her the back story for Adrian Raven's departure, the events when Abraham invaded the school. In this comic, he gets as far as she has already deduced, confirming the bulk of her deduction. In her mental flashback about deducing the events, she has short hair, and she thinks to herself that was weeks ago, from the hair, pre-party. Just offhand, her recollection of how much time has past in their setting a longer than it seemed to be. I suppose that's a good thing. So glad the story is moving forward. Also that they are getting along, and that she is acting rationally. Whatever happened, awakening, I guess, affected her badly. Is that a thing, now? This is seemingly a step toward confirming that Adrian Raven is meeting with Abraham. Kudos to those that called it.
  14. Comic for Friday, Dec 30, 2022

    Comic for Friday, Dec 30, 2022 Abraham, just before he threw the Elf through the shelf. Must be significant to spend a comic and a half to recap. Abraham is competent with magic by the current standards. Diane decided to visit Noah. Noah does not look exactly happy about this, but he's forcing himself to go through with it.
  15. Comic for Friday, December 9, 2022 Today's comic left this awkward healing situation specifically unresolved. I am sort of curious why? Leave the horse carcass on the ground to beat later? In one of Diane's few rational thoughts in the last dozen comics, she thinks about how she doesn't know Noah, even though she just bonded with him. She has been good at deducing <biological waste> about other people, why is she suddenly so dense and recalcitrant? Girl, you burst into parties with people you don't know, uninvited, and have a good time with them. What is your problem? I also learned that bells in hallways can make the pupils of your eyes disappear, and you look like your body is conducting copious quantities of electric power. Neat. I agree with Dan's commentary, having a giant robot attack the school would have made it a different kind of comic and it had a good chance of being more interesting. Also, the tall grass is back in panel 3, in panel 5, Noah is shining, and in panel 6, he's shining so bright (off panel) that the background is white.
  16. Comic for Wednesday, December 7, 2022 Diane is still conflicted, but acting more humane. Progress? Climbing back out of a hole? Panel 3, Diane's hair ... how exactly does a conversation do that to hair? Maybe she's part lizard person, because the front looks like she sprouted five horns, and the back looks like she puffed out a frill. I will refrain from completing the obvious innuendo, she's uncomfortable enough already. In the end, she does look humbled.
  17. Comic for Monday, December 5, 2022 The background in panel one looks like they are standing in a field of tall plants, like pampas grass or wheat. I suppose this is what dysfunctional bonding looks like.
  18. Comic for Friday, December 2, 2022 Diane, in her initial incarnation, as an agent of harassment with her posse, was in D&D terms neutral evil. After talking to her earlier self in the mirror, she shifted to neutral good. Since the magic party, she has shifted to chaotic neutral. If you examine the comic, the background bears this out, it is shifting orientation. Noah needs to be more assertive with her. Answering her nosy questions is not the right approach when she is being a b17ch. Get more meta and question her motives, dude. I'll point out the obvious, one month does not equate to any authority, and different households. Dad was fine with it, Diane. So she has elf ears in the last panel. Probably significant, and she has an air of being Adrian's daughter. Her hair poofed out looks longer, but probably isn't. So what physical mechanism poofed out her hair? In the art, she also looks like she grew and inch or two all of a sudden. I'm guessing that isn't real either. Yeah, this might be awakening based, as someone thought earlier. She now has magic induced crazy b17chiness. At least she's thinking of Noah as family in her gut, although, having just met him, and not acted like she bonded at all for the most part, it is also irrational. She did have a momentary pause when he first told her, before Lucy stepped in. Another stint in front of the mirror seems warranted. She should be more concerned about herself and her own behavior than about Noah.
  19. Comic for Wednesday, November 30, 2022 "I am the very model of a crazy individual, I rant, but to myself, of things that are quite trivial, I stew in all my anger 'cause I do not see another way, When I find my nemesis I'm surely gonna make him pay, The very thought of seeing him just makes me want to seethe inside, Earlier we met up, then I made him run away and hide, We'll meet up and I'll ask him if he thinks that he is eating well, He'll say, "Yes, I ate a prize winning chicken named Mirabel.", But when it comes right down to it, the reason for this folderall is, I am the very model of a crazy individual." - Diane "I certify this to be true (maybe not the Mirabel part)." - Noah
  20. Comic for Monday, November 21, 2022 Big reveals, Noah as a seyunolu with evident antennae, and his normally covered up left eye is a uryuom eye. So, why can't he shape shift it to hide it? How has just hair hidden it so effectively? Even when running or playing sports? In the linked comic where he talks to Raven, he says he never knew his mom, so I'm guessing the flashback is with his dad.
  21. Comic for Wednesday, November 16, 2022 Momma bear mode activated! But still so messed up. No acknowledgement or awareness of the anxiety that Diane's avoidance was causing (except by Noah), and he did indeed relieve that. Diane in the last panel makes even less sense. She has no idea who Noah is nor what his motives are. She needs to chill a bunch. Meh, whatever happens to them at this point, they have earned it.
  22. Comic for Friday, November 11, 2022 I find it gratifying that the last batch of comics made no sense to Lucy either. About time someone called Diane out on her out-of-character antics. Mel Brooks would be proud of the way she's taking a sledge hammer to the fourth wall. I wonder who their ISP provider is that gets a feed from our universe? Of course, she's part of the crime. What's with this 'I happen to be here after your high speed chase through the halls'. I like her outfit. "There had to have been a better way to put that."... There had to be a lot better way to put much of your last few minutes, Diane. Noah, at least, is handling it well. The part space alien (space apes) is the voice of reason. Lovely. I suppose he has good self control because he has experience with anger management. So he is free, indeed. I am curious about what Lucy is actually upset about, is she seeing this as Diane being interested in a boy, explaining her recent distance? And why is she wandering the halls? At least this seems to be moving toward actual story telling and resolution. Although how is Noah going to reveal, yet keep his promise?
  23. Comic for Wednesday, November 9, 2022 Unfortunately, the lead-in comics to today seem to be canon. So far, I do not like this version of Diane. Noah's not great either. At least they are talking. Noah is surprised about her ears, but he knows she's Noah's daughter. ??? Maybe the chicken flew into this comic, and they won't find her in NP.
  24. Comic for Monday, November 7, 2022 again, sense. this no comic makes Once Diane has been, up until the last few comics, a paragon of cool rationality. Suddenly, she's a emotional basket case hot head with no self control. Noah, similarly, though a bit detached from the normal stream of humanity, has been cool, rational, a voice of reason, fearless, open, and friendly. Avoiding confrontation is not his thing.
  25. Comic for Wednesday, November 2, 2022 This comic ... the time flow does not fit how EGS time works. It's barely been a week; Raven would surely finish out the school year unless something pressing called him away. Other than that, i suspect Noah has already learned from Adrian Raven that Diane is his daughter, and he's following her because he wants to connect, but he's extremely skittish because he's been warned that she may not want to. So, from a plot point of view, Diane will meet him before Raven, hence 'Brother', although Noah is adopted, and not even officially. He could probably give her some good advice about relating to Raven, and some encouraging stories about Raven as a person. I am curious why Raven would leave the school. Perhaps he wanted to give Diane space. It seems odd, as he was working with Grace and Ellen and he was more available to Noah being at his school.