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Story, Wednesday January 17, 2018

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On 1/19/2018 at 5:51 AM, Scotty said:

it's an app that pretty essentially combines IRC style text chat with a bunch of extra features, as well as voice chat.

So I should search for an app, then. Gotcha. :) 


On 1/19/2018 at 0:50 AM, hkmaly said:

That sound well only in theory. In reality, modifying memory of all people this way would be extremely complicated - and would lower the chance of anyone BECOMING dreaming, so total failure on both objectives.

Like, it's easy to remove memories about seeing something in background, but what do you do with memory of someone attacking you with magic? Or healing you with magic? Or someone use magic to change public place, like cause some totally obviously unnatural vegetation to be there (not speaking about vegetation in middle of busy street not being that much natural to start with): are you going to not remember tripping on it repeatedly? What about the driver of car who hit a tree which wasn't there moment ago? He's ok, but the car is  scrap and what he is going to tell police? That he don't REMEMBER the collision?

And what you plan to do with photos? Make the devices "not remember" too? That's equivalent to halting problem in general case!

There is already something similar going on, given how those totally unbelievably methods Edward is using to explain magic incidents with sort of work ... but it's not strong enough to mask seeing griffin damaging building and CANT BE.

Oh, I know there's all sorts of issues with it. I was putting it out there as a suggestion of a small change, not as a suggestion of what to actually *do.* ;) 

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