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Word of Dan

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Elliot's Cat form pretty much confirmed being painless now, and Dan's waiting for an opportunity for Elliot to use it or mention it in canon.

Question is, was it the awakening that helped, or Elliot admitting to himself that he loves his female forms?

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On 8/1/2018 at 4:59 PM, Scotty said:

Throwing this reddit post in here with regards to Sister 3.


Adding these follow-up comments (Dan is replying to someone who was worried plot would become more important than character):

"(Also, a storyline I have planned is simply Diane learning things as a side effect of cutting her hair.

I'm not sure you get more slice of life than that)"


"The plot IS the characters. The "plot" not being moved forward is Sarah and Sam's characters, and other characters I can't mention because spoilers (there's one other character who is put into an awkward position by this whom I haven't seen mentioned anywhere).

Parts of the not-date are still being shown, but it's "canceled" because the character stuff between them is over time, and not just compressed into a single "not-date" :P"

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Well, Dan mentioned the coincidence back in "Family Tree" when he said he thought about giving Lucy a more "Xena-esque" look but that it would hurt his brain too much.

Maybe he was joking about that but I wouldn't be surprised if Lucy was really just a name Dan though of for one of Diane's friends but only later realized he could have her referencing someone else.

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