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Susan, in the first panel, looks very drunk, or possibly very stoned, although the eyes should really have a webbing of lines if she's stoned. The falling asleep with no covers fits, too, but again leaning toward drunk. Then being covered up by three 'moms', who she's in no condition to be driving, so they must have some autonomy, but still having the where with all to say "Thank you" in the last panel. Impressive!

No wonder the Immortals are perpetually sketchy folk! Exposure to magic affects the brain.


6 hours ago, Illjwamh said:

Has she named the fairies Gummy, Chewable, and Gummy 2, by chance?

Larry, Moe, and Curly? The Three Amigos?


6 hours ago, Illjwamh said:

It's fitting that Dan should take Monday off, considering it's Labor Day in most places.

Wot iz thees nunsains?

Actually children are born every day, so every day is labor day for some women.


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As long as Susan only does the chemical therapy via faerie dolls when she's really having a bad day with intrusive thoughts, it's sorta sweet.  The faeries obviously care for her.  I suspect that they have more self awareness than just being a motile doll.  

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10 hours ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

I often have trouble sleeping.

Taking things just makes the problem worse.

Is diluting your awareness and driving yourself to magical fatigue a healthy way to fine tune circadian rhythm?


Same here, but Susan's approach to shutting down intrusive thoughts seems likely to be healthier.

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