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Amiable Dorsai

NP Comic for Thursday, Feb 1, 2024

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4 hours ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

Nanase, you got your best spells fighting.

Did you really expect to get better spells sneaking behind your mother with your girlfriend or playing in your uncle's basement?

Amazing. Kevin is even more obnoxious than he was weeks ago. I would not have thought that possible.

He has more knowledge than you could shake a stick at . . . except he shakes himself at you, so I guess not . . .

And it is always a great idea to bonk people on the head when you are teaching them. Especially martial arts types.

"Kevin, do you know what kindling is? It is used in ancient fire magic, used to call forth the fire. Would you like to observe?"

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27 minutes ago, Amiable Dorsai said:

The sensei thwacking the student scene is a staple of martial arts movies.

"What was that?  This requires total consecration" - Fist full of Yen

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