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  1. Story Friday April 13, 2018

    Picard's Enterprise maybe, but Kirk's Enterprise was capable of time travel, though it was very dangerous to do so, especially the first time.
  2. Story Wednesday April 4, 2018

    Actually, from what I remember, Terra is a wizard NOT a seer.
  3. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    Also Verres has no access to the spiritual plane. If the whales exist on the spiritual plane, it's quite understandable he would know nothing about them.
  4. Story, Monday March 19, 2018

    So it's likely that Luke is a potential wizard?
  5. Story Friday February 23, 2018

    Actually, judging by Grace, it's possible the reason Vlad had such difficulty with transforming was that he has no lespuko DNA.
  6. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    The motion has been thirded.
  7. Story, Monday January 22, 2018

    Also, I have a theory as to why Edward didn't know about the whales - since they can apparently are invisible (except to Seers using Tedd's gauntlet) and seem able to move through solid objects, it's highly likely they are native to the spiritual plane.
  8. Awakened and Dreaming

    I've been wondering whether Noah (and Luke) are both wizards. Luke's magic mark enables him to detect magical energy, so it's possible that he as he hasn't awakened yet, he only has the detect magic ability. Considering the fact that Dan seemed to focus on the similarities between Luke and Tedd (who's been revealed to be a rare variant type of wizard) during the tournament storyline, could it be likely that Luke is a potential wizard? As for why Noah could be a wizard, doesn't anybody else think it odd that Noah has an elven wizard for a guardian? And with the reference much earlier in the comic to "did it set off any of your other senses" (if I'm remembering rightly) Adrian implies that Noah has senses that normal people don't. Such as mage senses, perhaps?
  9. Story Monday April 17, 2017

    Since Diane is older than Susan (albeit by just twenty minutes) could Mrs Pompoms have broken up an existing relationship?
  10. Story Friday March 3, 2017

    Considering Agent Wolf believes Lavender has access to mind control spores, it's not surprising that nobody's told him about aliens.
  11. Story Wednesday March 1, 2017

    Actually, I can't help wondering how long the Will of magic has been planning a reset. Anybody else think that it's not a coincidence that Tedd has the abilities he has? It's possible that someone like Tedd is born before there is a reset, in order to help figure out the new rules for magic.
  12. NP Monday December 5, 2016

    Actually, we never really see Wolf casting any spells do we? We did see Agent Cranium darken Elliot's hair. Plus there's that ability she has to scan nearby areas. Given that Pandora said to Sarah "the only other person he found with your spell was strongarmed into top-secret government work", it's likely that Agent Cranium is that relative of Sarah's. If that's the case she's likely an S-rank caster, given that Sarah pseudo-Time Stop ability is supposed to be an S-ranked spell.