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  1. Comic for Monday, Jan 10, 2022

    I will not be spending money on J.K. Rowling's books- not because of her transphobia, but because her writing has gone down the metaphorical drain. I couldn't read the whole of the Cursed Child, and The Casual Vacancy, while I did manage to complete it, was just plain horrible. May I suggest reading Mercedes Lackey books instead?
  2. Comic for Friday March 18, 2022

    If so, that aggressive individual makes Captain Black (pre-Mysteron zombification) seem reasonable...
  3. NP Monday September 09, 2019

    I guess that's what you get when you key your spellcasting off Charisma instead of Intelligence...
  4. Story Friday September 21, 2018

    This is true. But we also know that Sarah has at least one immortal in her bloodline, or she wouldn't have that affinity. Anthropomorphized personality traits might come from other immortals, for all we know.
  5. Story Wednesday July 25, 2018

    Actually, I wonder if Lord Tedd is trying to kill Seers. Being himself a Seer, he would probably assume that all Tedds are Seers, and would focus on killing them most of all. The reason why I'm thinking about this is becauseTerra seems to be a standard wizard, not as Seer, so if my hunch is right, she might not be targeted, or Lord Tedd would stop the attack if he realised she's not a Seer.
  6. Story Monday July 9, 2018

    And there is something else I've been wondering... Could Merlin in the EGS universe have been an elf?
  7. Story Friday July 6, 2018

    That makes a lot of sense.
  8. Story Friday July 6, 2018

    I think my Sarcasm Alarm just went off...
  9. Story Friday June 22, 2018

    So Elliot also needs to check his spellbook...
  10. Story Friday May 18, 2018

    Because the comic is still in greyscale.
  11. Story Wednesday May 16, 2018

    I'd say Palpatine. That way we can have Adrian Raven as Yoda.
  12. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    Maybe in America, but I've got a two-pack DVD of Queen of Blood and Journey to the Seventh Planet.
  13. Story Monday 4-23-2018

    or VHS copies of Reptilicus?
  14. Story Friday April 20, 2018

    You miss my point. A talking item would be considered obvious magic up until fairly recently. Also if Ashley really is a "sleeping" wizard (to use EGS terminology) then Kevin is actually at least as useful than the current magic detection wand, and not as annoying. In other words, it's possible that sentient items were a cause of one of the prior magic resets.
  15. Story Friday April 20, 2018

    Actually, has anyone else thought about how Tedd will react when he first meets Kevin? As far as we know, Kevin & the damaged golem are the only sentient artefacts in the main EGs universe. Could one of the magical resets have stopped sentient items from working? Considering how unsubtle Kevin is being, that seems to be a reasonable guess.