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  1. Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    Something about this page manages to evoke an emotional sense of "the narrative rises up in preparation for the crescendo" in me. I like it.
  2. Story, Monday July 17, 2017

    Likewise, partly because being able to anticipate that sort of thing and be proven correct makes a story more boring.
  3. Story Friday May 12, 2017

    The grandmother smoking while pregnant with the parent whose child would eventually be diagnosed with autism. Here. I quickly googled up one of the sites that reported on it.
  4. Story Friday May 12, 2017

    It's a phenomenon in the brain. That kind of specificity of understanding is still in the minority in neurobiology... especially with things which are rooted in prenatal and neonatal gene expression, rather than genetics. (ie. which genes are activated at which stages of development, rather than which genes are present) I don't have citations, but the way it was explained to me is that just as with the instincts like hunger and sexual attraction, we also have a deep-seated instinct which tells us what gender we are. It's already a well-known fact that glitches during prenatal cell division can send different regions of the body off on divergent plans, so it makes perfect sense to me to think of being transgendered as just a neurological counterpart to the myriad of intersex conditions the body can express, similar to things like having one ovary and one testicle, being physically female but with testes in place of ovaries, etc. (In this case, it would be a glitch that triggers the development of the "wrong" identity instinct compared to the path the rest of the body is on.) ...and, given that being gay isn't a choice and identical twins can have different sexual orientations, it'd make sense that a similar mechanism would be involved in sexual orientation. Autism Spectrum Disorders are another example of something we're still working to pin down, which have a developmental component, and I recently saw an article about how there's a correlation between autism and the child's grandmother smoking during pregnancy, which should give you an idea of how complicated this whole gene expression mess is.
  5. NP Monday, April 3, 2017

    The commentary reminds me of how one of the four DVD-extra episodes for Steel Angel Kurumi has Kurumi and Nakahito in disguise to follow Karinka on a mystery date... For the second time in the series, Kurumi chose to a suit, bower hat, and fake moustache for her disguise (she has long pink hair) and put Nakahito in a blue dress and yellow hairbow, resulting in this exchange (paraphrased). Nakahito: Kurumi, why do I always have to wear the dress? Kurumi: But you look so cute like that, master! I can't remember which time this was, but here's a screencap showing their outfits. ...come to think of it, that wasn't the only way Steel Angel Kurumi was had unusually human female characters for its genre. (Ironic given that they're gynoids.) Karinka is one of only female characters I can remember who ever used profanity in an English dub and also one of the few female characters I can think of in any shōnen anime/manga who started out as "conspiciously and unattractively crude/tomboyish" yet wound up "cute", not by betraying who she once was to appeal to boys, but because she no longer felt the need to rebel while, at the same time, was realizing that politeness was a more efficient way to achieve her goals.