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  1. NP Wednesday Jun 20, 2018

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp/gam-05 It's an epic battle of epicness! Or not. Oh, and yay for starburst background in panel one!
  2. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    I look exactly like my avatar. It's my real world body that doesn't look like me.
  3. Story Monday June 18, 2018

    Art style change. He does still have a bit of a wrinkle under the eye, though.
  4. Video Game Discussion 4

    When I was a child, I had a hard time understanding what other people were thinking and feeling, and went out of my way to correct this by consciously thinking about how other people think and what it would be like to be in their shoes. I still have a bit of trouble figuring out what to expect from people I just met, but with enough information I can usually put together in my head an approximation of just about anyone else's mind that at least makes sense to me (whether it's truly accurate is something I can't really know) - and I can even do it with people I really dislike or whose views I strongly disagree with.
  5. NP Wed June 13th 2018

    Yes, but sometimes it's fun to ignore the MST3K mantra and try to figure out answers to questions the original creator(s) never intended to answer. In my Grace-a-Monsters head-canon, Monster Professor George is a lot older than he looks (and canon George), and really is old enough to be grandfather to a teenager. And I figure that in the in-game story, George's "grandson" has always had the name the player gives them; Bubbles complaining about it is just a breaking of one level of fourth-wall. (Mind you, an explanation that didn't require fourth-wall breaking would be even more fun.) A simple option that doesn't require this lighthearted parody to delve into deep gender issues. I like it.
  6. Planetary Beverage Container 2018

    What I want to know is, is this a World that doubles as a cup, or is it a cup that you put worlds in?
  7. Video Game Discussion 4

    Ah, but bullying people you don't know and can't even see the faces of means you hardly have to put any effort at all into dehumanizing them! Plus, to someone who feels the need to assert their dominance over others, being able to affect hundreds or thousands of people at once must be quite a rush.
  8. What's the Moperville South Team Name and Mascot?

    I do more or less agree with this - however sometimes while who/what the mascot is was chosen out of respect, the mascot design itself is offensive. Oddly enough I've never heard the suggestion that they just change the design without changing who/what it represents... Personally, I find them rather boring looking.
  9. Character Alignments

    Pandora seems to shift between Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, and Chaotic Good depending on the situation and her mood. It does seem like her "good" tendancies are mostly concerned with her family and those she's taking a liking too, while her "evil" side is more mischievous than malevolent, so I'm thinking it would all even out to Chaotic Neutral.
  10. NP Wed June 13th 2018

    So, this is a comic depicting a fictional video game, a video game that has it's own internal story. Dan presumably had Bubbles as Professor George's grandson because it's funny (although knowing Dan it's also possible he'll explore some gender-identity issues too). The "game" was likely programmed to have George call Bubbles that due to an overly rigid script and/or the programmers failing to account for all the possible choices the player could make. But, within the world represented by the game (and ignoring that it's probably not "supposed" to be that way), why does George's "grandson" look like a girl? Is she a trangender boy? A transgender girl who has transitioned? Or is the situation something more elaborate and unusual?
  11. Character Alignments

    I figured that Dan got rid of the move because he decided he didn't want Elliot to have repressed anger. Sorry, never heard of it.
  12. Story Wednesday Jun 13 2018

    Considering that they were called in to investigate a paranormal incident, the two CSI: Moperville agents we saw working for Mr. Verres are likely magic-users.
  13. NP Monday June 11, 2018

  14. NP Monday June 11, 2018

    Why is it dangerous? (The only danger I can think of is Nintendo's overzealous defense of their copyrights, but with all the different ways of talking about the comics these days, just keeping people from saying it on the forums isn't going to help much with that.)
  15. NP Monday June 11, 2018

    Nah, that's just clever marketing.
  16. Friday June 8, 2018

    My headcanon is that she fired the beam that knocked the Golem out the window from her mouth.
  17. Friday June 8, 2018

    Oh, I missed that. (I usually skip over reading the links section of the commentary, as I assume I remember the comic well enough I don't need a recap.) I prefer EGS with dragons in it's past, though, so I'm going to continue having that as my headcanon until and unless it is conclusively proven the main world never had dragons (or at least there's an in-comic explanation for that flashback). Of course, that doesn't mean the scale is from a dragon (although if you go with the "any big reptile" definition it probably is, as the only other likely option would be a big fish).
  18. Friday June 8, 2018

    My understanding is that the Chinese words for "dragon" and "dinosaur" are the same, due to large dinosaur bones having always been called dragon bones there. Then there's Komodo Dragons... So really, there's precedent for using the term "dragon" to refer to any large reptile, regardless of if it can breath fire or has any known magical powers. Either Pandora can travel between worlds, or there were dragons (or something that looks like a dragon and can shoot fire) back in Blaike's day.
  19. Main Wed June 6 2018

    Except that it was their sexes that were changed, not their genders.
  20. Main Wed June 6 2018

    Honestly I did find your comment a bit brusque, and assumed you to be offended. It wasn't all that bad though, and it was for a good cause, so I wasn't planning on holding it against you. Anyway, apology accepted. Your first mistake is in expecting English to make sense.
  21. Main Wed June 6 2018

    Noted. (...Actually, looking at the usage guides on wiktionary, even replacing "transgendered" with "transgender" in my sentence wouldn't have fully corrected it; it probably should have been "transgender people" (minus the preceding "the" of course)...) (A bit of a heads up: it's likely I'll make similar mistakes in the future. I'm not very social, and this forum is pretty much the only community where I have a chance to talk about such things; as a result I'm a bit out of touch with the correct terminology. Please do continue to correct me, but try to be gentle. )
  22. Main Wed June 6 2018

    Changing forms on a regular basis and being gender fluid are separate things (even when the forms in question are specifically "male" and "female"). Mr. Verres knows that Tedd physically changes between "male" and "female", but he does not know that Tedd mentally changes between them - and importantly, the last we heard Tedd wanted to keep it that way for now. (On a related note, if Mr. Verres really is bigoted against the transgendered, his learning that Tedd is gender-fluid is not going to improve Tedd and Mr. Verres' relationship.) Hence my concern about Tedd being outed (or if you prefer, being further outed) to Mr. Verres before Tedd is ready.
  23. Main Wed June 6 2018

    "Hoping for the best" is not an excuse - it's a (very ineffective) course of action. Also, sometimes one must weigh potential harm against definite harm. If Elliot and/or Ellen say nothing, Arthur might still figure out Tedd's gender-fluidity (if he hasn't already), and Tedd might be outed to Mr. Verres as well - or maybe one or both won't happen. If they say something now, Tedd will definitely be outed to Arthur and Ashley (and will likely feel betrayed if he finds out), and while Arthur might honor their request to not tell Mr. Verres there is no guarantee of that. So the option which has the greatest chance of the fewest people learning of Tedd's gender identity (and also of harming Tedd the least) is saying nothing.
  24. Main Wed June 6 2018

    It's entirely possible Arthur has already figured out Tedd's gender-fluidity and is merely being respectful. (It's also possible that he has no clue, and his referring to Tedd as female in front of Mr. Verres will have no more consequences than Mr. Verres "correcting" him.) The problem comes if he's curious and decides to investigate the matter in such a manner that Mr. Verres becomes aware that there's more to Tedd's female transformations than Mr. Verres realized, or if he otherwise accidentally outs Tedd to Mr. Verres due to his lack of understanding of the situation (and Mr. Verres doesn't take it well). My reasoning was that if one has not been told that information that one is in possession of is supposed to be secret, one must decide for oneself whether it should be kept secret in any specific situation. What I obviously failed to take into account was that in some cases (gender identity being one of them), the default assumption should be that it is a secret, so not having been told one way or the other is a moot point. I had a nagging suspicion that I hadn't thought that part of my post through fully, but I had no idea I had messed up so badly; thank you for pointing that out. (It's actually rather ironic I would make this mistake, given that IRL I'm quite selective as to who I reveal my own gender-fluidity to...) I suppose under the circumstances, ignoring Arthur's use of pronouns and hoping for the best is probably Ellen and Elliot's best option.
  25. Main Wed June 6 2018

    It's interesting that aside from Ashley's confusion and Ellen's "Yes to those things" Arthur's pronoun usage for Tedd is not being addressed. I wonder if Elliot and Ellen will explain matters in more detail to Arthur (and Ashley) before the meeting's over, or if Arthur will be left having to figure it out for himself? Of course, Elliot and Ellen are in a bit of a hard place regarding Tedd's gender, as he's not really "out" outside his circle of friends, but Arthur already knows about Tedd's female form. Their options are pretty much lie to Arthur and make him think Tedd assumes female form for frivolous or perverted reasons, tell him the truth and betray Tedd's trust, or not really address the issue and hope it doesn't become too much of a problem when he talks with Mr. Verres about Tedd... ...Actually, come to think of it, does anyone besides Grace know that Tedd is gender-fluid? I can't remember if that bit of info was shared among the group. If not then Ellen and Elliot don't have to worry about betraying Tedd's trust as he didn't actually trust him with that info - all they have are their best guesses (which probably wouldn't be very far off the mark, but still). (Of course they'd still need to be careful not to say too much, but they'd be in more of a position to use their own judgement.)