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  1. What Are You Ingesting?

    To save the dinosaur DNA, obviously.
  2. Story Friday, May 8, 2020

    Generally it is assumed an animal cannot be both a bird and a reptile, or both a mammal and a reptile, or reptile and amphibian, etc. On the other hand, I've also heard it argued that birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians are all really just varieties of fish...
  3. NP Tuesday May 19, 2020

    I decided against stopping reading, but at this point I'm just quickly skimming the strips then getting on with my day. (I also haven't been bothering with most of the forum threads; I just happened to decide to take a quick look at this one.)
  4. Story Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    I'm too busy to speculate about fonts, so I'll just say this and leave you folk to it: Yay for bubbly background in panel four!
  5. NP Thursday, May 14, 2020

    Maybe Star Wars? If I remember correctly Obi-Wan's beard fist appeared in that movie (chronologically speaking; obviously he had it in the original Star Wars AKA A New Hope AKA episode 4). It didn't look like that, though...
  6. Story Wednesday May 13, 2020

    I'm slightly disappointed: panels 3 and 5 (especially 5) would have been perfect places to bring back flowery backgrounds.
  7. Story Monday, May 11, 2020

    Justin wanted to dazzle a guy with a feminine form, and Elliot knew that. I think Elliot transformed back to his birth form to make sure Justin got that. It's from the Dragonball franchise, in case you didn't know. It started as a manga, and now includes several anime series and many video games. The most popular and well known parts of the franchise are the anime series Dragonball Z and Dragonball Super.
  8. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    <completely missing the point> Scientists have documented about 1.2 million animal species, but this is only a small fraction of the total number of species out there; a brief search brought up the estimate 8.7 million a few times, but I also saw an estimate as high as 50 million. Of course, this includes aquatic animals, which they didn't take on the big boat, but they did have at least two members of every animal species they took, so I think it's safe to say there were at least a few million animals on the boat. ...By the way, you forgot the guy the boat was named after. </completely missing the point>
  9. Story: Wednesday April 29, 2020

    Yay for rays-from-a-hidden-sunburst background in in panel six! Not that we know of anyway...
  10. Sketchbook 25 Feb 2020

    Is the new Tifa all that different from the old? I've seen screenshots of the Remake version of her, but I haven't gone back to refresh my memory of her old look; I had assumed they'd just smoothed out the polygonal-look, improved the textures, and given her a more realistic face. Incidentally, seeing this thread at the top of the page really confused me at first; until I noticed the month I thought it was a new thread, and was wondering how I'd missed Dan putting out a new sketchbook over the weekend.
  11. NP Tuesday April 28, 2020

    While I was never hugely fond of this storyline, I was still getting some entertainment out of it, until the confrontation with the Shadowy Figure. However, I've lost what little enthusiasm I had for this story, and at this point am reading it mostly out of habit. In fact, if the plot doesn't start progressing again soon (and the story become more enjoyable in the process), I might just stop reading NP until the story is over...
  12. NP Thur April 23 2020

    I suppose in normal circumstances when one quits something it is assumed that one will move on and do something else instead (or if circumstances permit and one is stubborn, one might try again). However, I don't see how the definition requires this. If that's not what you're getting at, I'm even more confused. Just because someone is dead does not mean we can't use verbs when talking about what they did in the past, and we can also use verbs to refer to the actions of someone who is about to die, so why would this be any different?
  13. NP Thur April 23 2020

    I'm sorry if this spoils the somewhat goofy tone I'm detecting in this conversation, but if the game in question is "life", you most certainly can quit the game. It's just that part of the price is never playing it again (assuming reincarnation isn't a thing), and most people consider it a tragedy when someone chooses that route...
  14. Ye Olde Computeres of Yore

    Back in the mid 80s, my Uncle Roger won a Commodore 128 in a contest. He used it for a few years before passing it on to my Uncle Jimmy. I was really close to Jimmy back then, and I would often hang out with him while he used the computer. I remember one time, he explained to me how he could connect to other computers over the phone line, which was a novel concept to me at the time. He had a huge collection of games for the computer (all technically Commodore 64 games), and occasionally I would play them - but I spent a lot more time watching him play, particularly Zork and Zork II. When Jimmy moved on to a Windows 95 machine, he passed the Commodore 128 on to me. I was really grateful for the gift, but I didn't get nearly as much use out of it as its' previous owners. I wasn't in the habit of writing on the computer yet, I didn't have a clue how to go online with it and wasn't really all that interested in figuring it out, and I had a NES and a Super NES so most of the C64 games seemed pretty simple and boring by comparison. (For some reason, I never really made a serious attempt at the Zork series; I probably should have, as they at least would have had depth equal or greater to the games I was used to by that point.) I played some of the games occasionally, but mostly the machine just sat around collecting dust until we finally boxed it up and put it in storage. Despite that, I still look back on that computer fondly.
  15. COVID-19 Sadness

    I haven't encountered this particular type of littering, but it doesn't surprise me. Some people apparently refuse to listen to the message not to litter (as evidenced by all the empty bottles, cans, and occasional other trash that get tossed by the side of the road in my area).
  16. Story Monday April 13 2020

    I'm a little less certain after reading Scotty's latest post, but my guess is he wants it for Ashley - either for him to use on her with her permission, or for her to use for herself.
  17. The Weather.

    Finally got our power back earlier this afternoon, but high winds are predicted for this evening, so there's an above average chance of loosing our power again...
  18. Cats, Dogs, Other pets.

    Or maybe she hears something in the wall?
  19. The Weather.

    Thursday evening into Friday morning, we got at least a foot of heavy wet snow. All night I heard tree branches snapping; in the morning our yard was full of fallen branches: most small or medium size, but there were two right across the driveway that needed to be cut to be moved (plus a small tree that the snow plow managed to push across the end of the driveway). We spent most of Friday day cleaning up, and there's still several medium size branches we haven't gotten to yet. Oh, and our power went out about midnight Thursday Night / Friday Morning, and isn't back on yet. Luckily we don't need power for heat, but we do need it for water and cooking. We went out and bought more water so we won't go thirsty, but it's still really annoying not being able to use the faucets. And cooked meals are right out unless we do takeout. I'm using up the last of the power in my laptop right now; if we don't get power back in the next few days I might attempt to access the forums on my phone - assuming I can keep that charged...
  20. Story Wed April 8 2020

    I really don't get why Elliot is calling this "incompetence". Unless you're teaching, telling a long story, or have been asked for a detailed explanation, summarizing the most important points is usually the best way to go (and even in those cases, it's a good place to start). About the only incompetent thing about this is him calling the magic change "weird", which combined with the "Tedd can explain it better" makes it sound like he doesn't understand it; in his head this is probably playing dumb, while in my mind it's not the best choice because whether it's weird (or Elliot understands it) is not an essential point.
  21. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Part of the masquerade regarding Uryuoms is pretending they're human. Presumably, those legally in on the alien-masquerade have agreed to treat them as such as well. So Uryuoms only have a problem if the alien-masquerade fails; at that point there would be a legal battle over whether to change the law. I don't think Dan has addressed this, but I suspect that for legal purposes Uryuoms are classified as an ethnicity.
  22. Everyday Heroes

    Somewhat less risky (though far from risk free) but equally important are those responsible for making vital supplies. My sister and father work in a factory (my sister as a member of the Quality Control team, and my father as a mechanic) that makes swabs, including the type used in the corona-virus test kits. They're both working overtime these days as the company tries to get as many swabs as it can out the door as quickly as possible. I have to admit that I never realized before how important their work could be; I'm now quite proud of them.
  23. NP Sat March 21 2020

    So, I went to the site with ad-blocker disabled just now. On the main page, there's an ad in the sidebar on the right. Going into a trope page, there's one between the top-most menu bar and the title of the trope, another one on the side , and a transparent overlay ad that you can click away along the bottom of the screen. It's actually not as bad as I remembered, but after browsing most sites without ads for so long, it's still pretty annoying (particularly as some o them are moving ads, and thus more distracting than still ads.) I remember that a few years back, when I visited more than a single page within a few weeks, a big overlay would come up telling me to either turn off my ad-blocker or donate to the site. I don't feel like experimenting right now to see if that still happens. Of course, it wasn't just the ads that made me stop going to the site. I also realized that I was spending so much time reading about tropes in stories, it was making it hard to find the time to actually check out stories for myself. (And then I discovered that there are a ton of review and deconstruction blogs out there, and wound up spending a lot of time reading them instead. Which obviously doesn't give me any more time for checking stuff out myself, but I feel I've learned more and had more fun reading those blogs than I ever did on TV Tropes, so there is that.)
  24. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    Awakened magic users use their own power to cast their spells, so removing the clog shouldn't have any affect on them. I believe Pandora implied if not outright stated that Sarah was not likely to grow strong enough to use her spell without high ambient magic before the clog was scheduled to be undone. So I'd say if the clog were undone now Sarah almost certainly would loose access to it. However, Pandora vowed to help Sarah get access to magic, and Immortal Vows continue through reset, so Sarah's loss of magic would only be temporary (assuming there's some other way Sarah could get magic, and Pandora clearly believed that or she wouldn't have made the vow).
  25. Story Friday April 3rd 2020

    It could go either way, which is why I missed it at first. However, her not knowing would explain both Elliot's look of surprise and Dan's commentary. If you don't think Dan is talking about Susan not knowing there's no longer a threat of a change to magic, then do you have an alternate explanation for what he's talking about? She obviously knew it was possible magic would change; that's (presumably) the reason she was worried about loosing access to her fairies. What I'm proposing is that she doesn't know that the threat is passed. Susan heard that Grace has gained new abilities, but unless I missed something while speed re-reading, no said outright on panel that Grace's new abilities have to do with magic changing. So there's no reason for Susan to have connected it with the magic change everyone was worried about.