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  1. Story Wednesday August 30, 2017

    Awww, poor kid. He's such a sweetie. I hope he gets the courage to actually ask him.
  2. Story Friday August 18, 2017

    Hell yeaaaaaaaah
  3. Story Friday August 11, 2017

    Doesn't breaking immortal law result in a forced reset? Perhaps they broke it and as a result were forced to reset in a way that is extremely inconvenient for them.
  4. Story Friday August 11, 2017

    That makes perfect sense.
  5. Story, Monday August 7, 2017

    Tedd has serious issues to do with the fact that her mother left when she was very young. I daresay that Tedd's getting quite a bit out of this.
  6. Story, Monday August 7, 2017

    Have I mentioned how much I love Pandora? Yes? I have? A bunch of times? Well, I must say it again because she is wonderful.
  7. Story Friday August 4, 2017

    It's not letting me edit my post properly... I can see how it could be problematic to assume someone is comfortable with the term, that's fair. I generally dislike being referred to as a daughter/granddaughter (as a nonbinary genderfluid person). In Tedd's case, I don't think that's an issue (at least not as she currently is, character-wise... she seems to enjoy acknowledgement as female at least some of the time).
  8. Story Friday August 4, 2017

    Oh my god it's so precious What's wrong with goddaughter in this context?
  9. Story Wednesday August 2, 2017

    There's definitely some of that in there but I would posit that part of why she is so happy is because of unconditional support. She had that from other people but Pandora is kind of family.
  10. Story, Monday July 31, 2017

    Sirleck is the real threat - Magus is just a catalyst (he can tell people to do things but he can't actually make much happen other than heightening some emotion a bit). Also, I'm preeeeetty sure Sirleck wants Adrian's body (elves don't age, so it's not unreasonable for him to assume that a possessed elf body wouldn't either) and it doesn't matter how many people he has to kill in the process to get it. Not to mention the fact that Sirleck actually has wings.
  11. Story, Monday July 31, 2017

    I still don't totally understand what's going on with Magus - I get what he wants but I don't get HOW that would help him. Also, I must admit I find that I find the whole V5 stuff to be rather... excessive. While desperation on Magus' part would be a pretty strong motivating factor, I believe that he would categorically refuse any 'help' from her given how he ended up the last time he dealt with her.
  12. Story, Friday July 28, 2017

    Leia's the daughter of a queen. Senator is her elected position.
  13. Story, Friday July 28, 2017

    I believe the reason for such a gentle touch has more to do with feelings of guilt. Pandora said that she should have been there for Tedd when he was a kid. Also, she put her entire way of life at risk by creating the dam (risking magic changing). She feels responsible on some level for how things are and how he is so I think that's why she's being so gentle.
  14. Story, Friday July 28, 2017

    This comic made me smile for that reason. It's just so sweet. The way Tedd blushes, that grin. I know exactly what Tedd is feeling there and it's just sooooooo good.