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  1. story

    I guess this should teach Eleen to be careful what she wishes for.
  2. story

    I know it probably won't last long but I have to admit I love this role reversal and hope we can use it to explore more of not just Elliot's but Ellen's character as well.
  3. I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who knows what kin selection is. A good book on this sort of stuff I'd recommend is Dr. Tatiana's Sex Advice To All Creation. It is a book about strategies to pass along genes to the next generation in the form of sex advice column. The author is Olivia Judson.
  4. I am not positive but I believe the factor that chance has on evolution is called Field Of Bullets Also, how many of you have heard of kin selection?
  5. There are also some species of bees, where when the males can only expect to mate once in a lifetime, their parts, will explode after mating in order to obstruct the mating canal of the female and prevent any rivals from having intercourse.
  6. Exactly. The reason Hornbills are monogamous can be described as a kind of Nature's version of M.A.D. Mutually Assured Destruction. Basically for those of you unaware of them. Hornbill are a type of bird. The female will nest in a tree hollow, which the male will wall shut with mud. The exception being a narrow slit that he delivers food through and she drops waste out off. This serves to both protect her, and the young until they are developed enough to leave the nest, but it also means that she is quite literally incapable of seeing anyone else. In the meantime the male spends so much time and energy in order to feed them that he is literally incapable of spending energy on another mate.
  7. Raising kids together doesn't necessarily mean the kids belong to both parents. Before genetic testing was possible songbirds were thought to be monogamous, now it is known that they are incredibly promiscuous.
  8. Are you talking about babbons? As for "commited" true mongamy is rare in nature see hornbills, and black vutures for a couple of real life examples
  9. The irony is that once someone who used to be one of THEM is welcomed into US they are protected by the same power structure of US
  10. Agreed
  11. I said I HOPE I honestly do NOT know. The reason I hope is obviously for Tedd's sake
  12. As an Italian-American all I can say is that may heritage would be a lot poorer without the Tomato. Which for those of you who do not know came from the America's
  13. While a regular therapist could help Susan with her father issues, she also has issues dealing from the time she killed a vampire. That is NOT something she is going to be able to explain to a normal therapist. Justin knows that he doesn't want to become a woman as it isn't who he really is. Still knowing that said option exists through the existence of magic, would solve a LOT of his other problems has GIVEN him a bit of temptation. He seems to have mostly worked through it, and meeting Luke definatly ssems to have heped but there are hints that despite their mutual attraction to one another the relationship MIGHT go south. Elliot's Magical identity issues are being brought up as we speak. This brings us around to Ellen. Part of what makes her so Introspective (and why she tries to be so spontaneous) is in a search for differences between her and Elliot but as more similarities between the two of them pop up (I know what Elliot is feeling isn't exactly the same, but it is closer than his sense of identity) I can't help but wonder if Ellen might help but have new Identity crisis. In fact I can't help but wonder if Elliot is afraid on a subconscious level that if he also tries to become introspective and more spontaneous he will develop into a similar direction as Ellen will and therefore rob her of her identity. I want it to be noted that I am aware of course that would not need to happen ass they could develop different interests and hobbies. I am just saying that given how caring and considerate of other people's feelings Elliot is that HE would be worried it could happen. Tedd has huge abandonment issues as well as fear of being acceptance. Magic has complicated things. It allows him to achieve a long cherished dream but it is also something that cannot be revealed to the world. I DESPERATELY want to believe that Tedd spending all of his time dwelling on something that he believes will never happen, i.e. making magic public, is what Mr. Verres was referring to when he meant spending so much time as a girl can't be healthy as at least then he would just be being innocently insensitive, rather than transphobic. I hope this is enough for now I might go over the other characters later.
  14. could we get a couple of links to George and Tensided to compare?
  15. A big problem the cover-up is causing is that they can't go to a regular therapist because of it. As all of their issues are at lease PARTIALLY intertwined with magic. Shall I make a list?