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  1. Thanks for answering. In a semi-related matter are you familiar with the works of Brandon Sanderson?
  2. I get confused when characters if Pandora's power level are described as demigods (referring to one if the links here) as the only definition of Demigod I know of is the one from Greek mythology that of a half-god half-human. And Pandora, while not a Goddess, is definitely closer in power level to one than a Demigod. So I'm curious, what is this alternate definition of a Demigod, and where does it come from?
  3. Forgot about that. On a different Elliot note I want to point out that he is developing in a way that his unpredictably can surprise EVEN ELLEN. All while still feeling completely in character. I don't know about anyone else but I like this.
  4. Doesn't hurt that Voltaire is the only fairy shown to DELIBERATELY try to get people killed. On that note I wonder if Elliot has a special nature of his own. In every universe we've seen but one Elliot has had a relationship with Tedd and we all know how Tedd turned out in the universe where Elliot is absent. Combine that with the fact that (in this universe at least) Elliot has been described by Mr. Verres as being born with "the personality of a Boy Scout" and I can't help but wonder if Elliot's role, ss magic would see it at least, is to be a restraining bolt for Tedd or other seers like him. This makes me wonder how Elliot would take the news. On one hand he wouldn't resent being there for Tedd, on the other hand I can see him feeling manipulated and resenting it.
  5. I can easily buy that limited interaction with people, hurts fairies sanity. There is a reason the doctor keeps companions around and while it isn't the exact same thing, there are similarities in that the keep the doctor grounded.
  6. What I want to know is why elves don't have the same problem with insanity.
  7. I like this. Much more genre-savy then Oedepus
  8. I meant as SOON as he heard the prophecy. You know before he had a chance to kill or marry anyone. It's kind of hard to kill or marry anyone if you are dead.
  9. I often wonder what would have happened if that guy, Oedipus not Teddipus, had tried suicide instead.
  10. I've said it before, I'll say it again. Immortals/Fairies, especially ones with families and/or loved ones, really got a raw deal.
  11. The key phrase is SO FAR. She might be about to apologize for this as well for all we know.
  12. Just speculating but I wonder if Pandora feels responsible for Tedd's mother leaving him, and if so if she will apologize to Tedd for it. As for why Pandora might feel this way, again just speculating, but we know Adrian blames himself for Noriko prioritizing her career over family. Probably because Adrian always wanted to help the world but was limited in the way he could because of his nature. And that drive to help the world rubbed of on Noriko in an unhealthy way. Now what if at least some of the reason Aidrian wants to help the world so much is because of the way he and is mother interacted. We already know that when Blaike, Aidrian's father died Pandora did NOT take it well. From what we can tell Blake was killed protecting normal people against werewolves, and Pandora since wiped werewolves off the face of the earth. This despite the fact that they were just, as Adrian pointed out, normal people suffering a curse. Speaking of normal people with the exception of family and friends of said family Pandora didn't look to kindly on them either. She probably blamed them for Blaike's death do to the fact that Blaike had gotten killed trying save them. It takes Adrian pointing out that Blaike would hate what Pandora has become to finally snap some sense into her. My point is this. What if one of the main reasons Adrian wanted/ wants to be so involved with the world and help people is out of a longing to prove to his mother that his father was right. That his life, even his death had a purpose. The side effect of this is just as Aidrian blames himself for Noriko abandoning Tedd because of the pressure he put on her, Pandora would in turn blame herself because of the pressure she but on Adrian. Anyways I am just speculating here. Let me know what you think.
  13. Maybe she will take a page from Sarah's book and give him a hug?
  14. story

    Thanks for understanding
  15. For some reason this makes me imagine the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld go "No Cookie For You!" Despite imagining that, I honestly don't see why not.