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  1. Story Friday June 15, 2018

    I am glad I read the comments here in the forum because I was confused as a Drunk Elephant. I thought the Pizza Girl was Magus. Who had for Some Unknown reason slipped into female form. And that the guy in the Apartment knew Magus And was calling to Magus, but couldn’t get in touch when Mag was stuck on the spiritual plane. As to why I jumped to this ridiculous conclusion. It has to do with the character designs. I thought Pizza Girl’s design looked a lot like Ellen. And I didn’t recognize Magus new design at all. I thought he was a totally nee charcter. The commentary rather than clearing things up for me. Just made me more confused. “Afford this?” Afford what? Magus is just delivering a pizza. In hindsight I cannot believe I made the mistake I did, but at the time it seemed to make sense.
  2. Character Alignments

    For Kaladin it’s The Weeping when he feels REALLY down. That’s the time between highstorms when it just basically rains. It last about two weeks a Rosharan year. That being said I want to point out that he also has the more “typical” Clinical Depression AS WELL AS the Season Affective Disorder. Do you want to continue this conversation in Private Message?
  3. Character Alignments

    @VorlonagentIn case you haven’t noticed by now Kaladin suffers from Clinical Depression as well Seasonal Affective Disorder.
  4. Character Alignments

    It’s a series of Fantasy novels by Brandon Sanderson https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stormlight_Archive
  5. Character Alignments

    Also semi-related question. Is anyone else here a fan or the Stormlight Archive? I started a related thread about what order of the Knights Radiant our characters would be, but so far know one has seen interesting.
  6. Main Wed June 6 2018

    Didn’t Geore Carlin have a skit about that? The problem with that is it’s trying to make words control thought. That doesn’t really work that well. You can’t force things on other people. HOWEVER what you can do as an INDIVIDUAL is try to let YOUR THOUGHTS control YOUR ACTIONS. Kind of like how Duck and Larry did.
  7. For any fans of the Stormlight Archive what order of the Knights Radiant do you think the characters of El Goonish Shive would belong to?
  8. Character Alignments

    On phone cannot edit posts by the way. Speaking of they are totally the kind of people who would ignore a law against feeding homeless people. I guess one could argue that while they SEEM Lawful Good that only because they are USUALLY in an area where the laws aren’t oppressing anyone. They definitely LEAN towards lawful, they know the importance of rules after all, but start hurting people and they show their Neutral Good in a snap. That’s my impression of them at least. But I want to hear other peoples.
  9. Character Alignments

    Than again I am pretty new to D&D so I am honestly unsure about these things.
  10. Character Alignments

    All joking aside I am being serious. Or are you telling me his betting up bullies, admittedly a stage he moves past, doesn’t feel more batman than superman.
  11. Character Alignments

    This thread is inspired by a quote from Dan on one of the commantaries. About D&D Character Alignments and... ”Specifically, it got me wondering if Elliot and Ashley are what some would consider to be Lawful Good. I’m not sure, but now that I've brought it up, I'm sure people will let me know what they think about it. They're not necessarily all that concerned with the written word of the law, but they certainly have their own codes about things and are concerned with doing the right thing. I'm not sure if that makes them Lawful Good or Neutral Good with extra emphasis on "Good".” So basically I thought it would be good to have a discussion about what their specific character alignment is. And while we’re at it why not discuss the alignments of the other EGS characters as well.
  12. Main Wed June 6 2018

    By the same token I do want to point out that I am not always the best at noticing social ques in real life, but ONCE I notice they are in pain. Sorry this isn’t the best place to talk about this. @The Old HackDo you mind if I talk more in a PM?
  13. Main Wed June 6 2018

    Sometimes too might tact is a bad thing. Speaking of Grace one of the things I like about her is she has a big, treat other people how you would want to be treated, mindset. If she sees someone in pain. I also like that her bluntness and lower social inhibitions make it easier for them to step forward to help than people who act 'sensitively' and tactfully ignore somebody's distress. While it’s clear that Grace has these aspects because she was sheltered, and not because she’s on the spectrum. It’s something that I as someone with Asperger’s can relate to. I hope it’s ok that I talked about how I relate to Grace on a personal level like that. It’s weird, she’s not even my favorite character.
  14. Main Wed June 6 2018

    And Ellen is to afraid of bombs.
  15. Main Wed June 6 2018

    Fair enough about it being his decision. HOWEVER, his friends can at least bring to his attention the potential harm he’s doing himself by dragging it out. He might not even be aware of that harm. And he should be aware if all factors that impact his decision. And again by not telling him they are doing more harm than good.