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  1. What's in the Lost and Found?

    Several million dollars that ABC Sports has kept hidden from Vinko Bogataj.
  2. We have a chat room!

    Chat rooms are great, if there is someone in the chatroom with whom you wish to speak.
  3. A new Which EGS Character Are You quiz

    So there is no option where the quiz could say "You Are Pandora Chaos Raven".
  4. EGS Fanfiction!

    Every word in this message was stolen from a previously existing published source.
  5. Opinion and Suggestion About Avatars

    I never thought a turtle would be a source of confusion. Edit. Unless of course you are Sinbad encountering Zaratan
  6. Poll: Your Favourite Main Character

    I am afraid that if EGS comes to an end, the producers will try to put Susan in her own spin off sit com. It would ruin the essential Susan for her to be surrounded by sit com cliché characters. It will also hold her back from pursuing roles that are unlike the EGS Susan. And there is no way the new Susan series could run as long as EGS.
  7. Opinion and Suggestion About Avatars

    I must agree. Before the crash, I was using a snapshot of a turtle in my driveway next to a car tire. I cleverly titled this picture "Tired Turtle". As it was a picture I took at my home and the original had the toe of my shoe in the shot, I felt justified in calling it my avatar. I still have the picture on my hard drive, but the new cropping limits what I can effectively show. Thus the turtle appears to be all alone now.
  8. Discussions regarding Pacing, Scheduling and Fanservice

    $3250 per month may be enough to get by, but not get ahead. I hope he has additional income.
  9. The Weather.

    I turned my collar to the cold and damp Due to persistent fog, the Sunshine Skyway Bridge was closed for about seven hours this morning. Current conditions at Sarasota / Bradenton, Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (KSRQ) Lat: 27.39°N Lon: -82.54°W Elev: 30ft. Fog/Mist 72°F 22°C Humidity 97% Wind Speed SW 5 mph Barometer 30.04 in (1017.1 mb) Dewpoint 71°F (22°C) Visibility 1.50 mi Last update 15 Mar 10:53 pm EDT
  10. Poll: Your Favourite Main Character

    Right Thumb Lower Left Canine
  11. What Are You Doing Right Now?

    I am putting off getting around to think about procrastinating.
  12. The Association Game

    TF Cannons as percussion for the 1812 Overture.
  13. The Association Game

    Moses was keeping the flock of his father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian; he led his flock beyond the wilderness, and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. Exodus 3:1 NRSV
  14. NP Monday, March 14, 2016

    If Grace gets any faster at the art of quickly changing clothes, she will qualify for the super hero internship.
  15. Story: Thursday, March 3, 2016

    Elliot, in this form, can fly. No phone is needed to play with birds. And it shouldn't take too much effort to make those birds angry.
  16. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    To cover for a coworker dealing with a family emergency, I'm back on a flex schedule. That is, I'm working first shift two days each week, second shift two days each week, and third shift one or two days each week. My medicines that "may cause drowsiness" do not like this change of schedule. And the Land of The Siesta is not all that it is cracked up to be. I'm not to far from Siesta Key. The beach is great, but the place is too full of tourists to get any sleep.
  17. What Are You Ingesting?

    Hot Cider from the Keurig.
  18. What Are You Listening To?

  19. What Are You Ingesting?

    Mall food court bourbon chicken and water. Just writing that out makes me more depressed.
  20. What Are You Watching?

    The Grand Prix in St Petersburg, FL. I see people driving at insane speeds on the streets around here every day. These racers look safer and more civilized than most of the drivers I usually encounter.
  21. Last Post Wins

    Chill out? I'm in Florida and it is over 80o F. But because it is Florida, the people around me are always cold, so the HEAT is still on.
  22. The Association Game

    And other fine print.
  23. The Weather.

    Space Weather Prediction Center http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Saturday, March 12, 2016 21:07:19 UTC R1 (Minor) Radio Blackout Impacts HF Radio: Weak or minor degradation of HF radio communication on sunlit side, occasional loss of radio contact. Navigation: Low-frequency navigation signals degraded for brief intervals. More about the NOAA Space Weather Scales Space Weather Summary Solar Wind Speed: 460 km/sec Solar Wind Magnetic Fields: Bt 5 nT, Bz 1 nT Noon 10.7cm Radio Flux: 95 sfu
  24. Check in here -- Welcome back!

    You lost your Polonium? Does this mean that the Polo match will be canceled?
  25. Story: Friday March 11 2016

    This could be trouble. "We view the laws of physics more as polite suggestions" is a reality incompatible with "I cannae change the laws of physics, Captain." Carried to a logical extreme, this may indicate that the canon of EGS is fundamentally opposed to the universe of Star Trek. If this is true... Are we sure Susan can not have another major angst induced awakening?