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  1. story

    That's probably not the ONLY way. But, depending on the results, it could be the most fun way to test Susan's abilities.
  2. story

    Does Susan's summoning work with anything in the marked container? Or is it only what SHE puts in the container?
  3. Arthur has already chosen the Nuclear Option. Stretch it until it snaps. http://www.egscomics.com/index.php?id=2317
  4. np

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=606 Ok, this guy does not have changed blindness. He has complete obliviousness.
  5. np

    Prophets are always a problem. I'd enumerate, but this is not a Religion Round Table Thread.
  6. If Susan did have most of her consciousness in a fairy, could she summon other things from the chest while in the doll? Or are the Fairies as a group one summoned item, and she may still be limited to summoning one item (or group of related items) at a time?
  7. story

    Deux visages mystérieux? Ce doivent être Les Immortels. We know they have begun watching a wider circle around Elliot. And Susan is someone they were watching even before Elliot. We know that Les Immortels in their past life were aware of Jerry's work. But will they realize this Jerry was that Jerry? Of course, getting these two to apologize to and make amends with Susan would almost certainly get New Jerry off the hook from Old Jerry's vow. After all, he only agreed to be her ally because the immortals who used her unfairly were not present to account for their actions. Well, now they are present.
  8. np

    Quite true. I was actually looking at it from another angle. Are there ways Grace may move about in public with her tail, antennae, fur, or saber teeth exposed without drawing undue attention to herself?
  9. Could we do Roll Play instead? I play a tenth level Egg Washed Bagel with a +3 Cream Cheese attack. I'm impervious to most attacks, but vulnerable to heat or smoked salmon.
  10. I thought it took a Constitutional Amendment to remove something that is already in the Constitution. Besides, the Preamble is the only part I ever memorized.
  11. Why didn't I ever think to ask my grandmother this when she was on a nebulizer for so long?
  12. np

    I wonder, could Grace fully extend her bushy tail and make it look like r - e - a - l - l - y long hair ?
  13. The toxic chemicals in Poison Ivy survive burning and are carried by smoke. The irritating reaction in the lungs is worse than on the skin. Now you want to turn that misery making mist into radioactive fallout and spread it around the world?
  14. np

    Weird I've worked in retail. I have absolutely no interest in the particulars of what a customer is buying. But if I am buying something questionable, I feel like everyone in the store is waiting for me to step outside and ridicule my purchase. Fortunately, not everything for the customer changed in the last panel. If Dan had switched those glasses, getting home would have been extremely difficult.
  15. np

    I am wondering if Grace has aspirations of becoming a Vegas Stage Magician? Or maybe a magician's assistant?
  16. I hope they only look at it, unless they are wearing protective gear.
  17. story

    Not necessarily. Lots of humans have been born since Jerry's reset. And aren't we all immortal? At least until we miss that last saving throw...
  18. story

    I don't know why I didn't think of this. "Ask Susan's Dad." So far, Susan's dad has only been seen in flashbacks. And there his face was always shadowed. I always took this to mean that Susan blocks out as much memory of her dad as she can. So now, for vital information, we are counting on a man of whom we know nothing other than that he has cheated. I'm sure that creepy hand shadow in the background doesn't mean anything ominous.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KM-lEhhsLQw
  20. story

    Important to whom? The location of restrooms and cheap restaurants that are better than the burger chains is what I want to know.
  21. Erin Marie Moran Fleischmann October 18, 1960 – April 22, 2017
  22. If you are discussing a particular, recent, EGS comic, it belongs in the Comic Discussion. If you are discussing anything else EGS related, even ye olde comics, it belongs in the General Discussion. "Things You Only Noticed On Reread" is a good catch-all thread if you want to make a comment about an old comic that probably won't warrant an extended discussion. If a thread about a particular comic has not had a new post in over a week, consider it dead. Do not add new posts to a dead thread, or Necropost as some with a taste for the macabre might say. It is OK to add a new post to some threads in the General, Off Topic, and Games Discussions that have been inactive for an extended period. Most threads, however, are subject to the Necropost protocol. Back to the subject. If it is obviously a silly comic in the NP, like a Writer's Block story, then it isn't canon. If Dan states that the NP story is Canon, then it is Canon. Otherwise, if it seems like a NP story could have happened, then something like that probably did, but details may have been altered for dramatic or comedic effect. Usually it doesn't matter too much if an NP story is canon or not, unless Susan is dissing Vampire Novels. Edit: The Old Hack beat me by a matter of seconds. That just shows the futility of attempting to make sure the ideas expressed are in any way coherent. By the way, did you know squirrels eat nuts?
  23. Short Hair Tedd could be artistic license. Since this is at a time when only Tedd and Grace are shown in the house, Tedd may have been experimenting with hairstyle as well as the other transformations.
  24. Doesn't this belong in the "General Discussion" forum? As for its canonical status? Maybe. If it did happen, it was in the summer or a very warm weekend in the school year. So that would most likely put it in the "Time Skip" period between the end of the Main Eight's Junior year and Christmas Break their Señor year. Did Grace and Ellen hang out? Yes. Does Grace play video games? Yes. Has every one and his brother at the comic shop told Grace she "MUST" play any number of games? Likely. Are these the things that they actually said to each other? Or are the conversations we are shown what they could have said to each other if they had impeccable comedic and dramatic timing? The answer to those questions is also the answer to your question.
  25. In honor of Earth Day, I shall be spending this entire day on Earth.