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  1. Story: 2016, April 4th (Monday)

    Fortunately, Elliot is too noble to do that without feeling guilty about it. The interesting thing about the cell phone abilities is not so much that Elliot has them, but rather that apparently he needs no training in order to be able to employ them--there weren't any failed attempts while Elliot tried to figure out how to use the map function, for example.
  2. NP, Monday April 4, 2016

    On alcohol and Susan's mom, the first time that we see Susan's mom (in Night Out), she is carrying around a half-filled cocktail glass. This implies that she is known to drink without need for a social occasion, but seems to prefer wines and cocktails over beer or hard liquor.
  3. Story Arc: "What Was Old is Now Again"

    Nah, it's just a different art style from what we have seen before for them. Both Anne and Ian's art styles had more cartoonish character designs, whereas the artist drawing the current story is using more lifelike designs.
  4. Favorite Quotes

    Of course, Groucho was speaking of an economic environment where gold was $35 per ounce and a typical price for a pound of bread was fifteen to twenty-five cents--and where one dollar per hour was a pretty good wage rate. So, an hour or two's pay for a pound of bread is indeed extremely high, but even with bread costing two dollars a pound or so these days, the average person can still buy as much of it on an hour's pay as back then.
  5. Story: Friday, April 1st 2016

    Their side of the world may be mere centimeters away...if you can move in ten dimensions, that is.
  6. Pronouns

    I think that Dan self-referencing as "they" is an instance of Dan feeling particularly genderfluid at the time--Dan has spoken of such before.
  7. Things That Make You Happy

    Yay kitties!
  8. Story Monday March 28, 2016

    Yay for Charlotte being pedantic.
  9. Story Monday March 21, 2016

    Yeah, Elliot may have just known of Susan as "That man-hating friend that Sarah hangs out with"--she did have a reputation in the school as the "Hammer Queen".
  10. NP Monday March 28, 2016

    Well, flirting with your supposed-enemy is a good way to get him off-balance and distract him if you have something else planned for him. See "Distracted by the Sexy" on TVTropes (link omitted for sanity).
  11. NP Wednesday March 23, 2016

    Muscle/bone strength-per-weight and oxygen/CO2 are the short-term most-limiting factors, however. Eating, digestion, and absorption of food, for anything that doesn't have a hummingbird's metabolic rate, is only critical after a day or more.
  12. NP Friday March 25, 2016

    Watching TNG twice is going to take three months if watching an average of four episodes per day (counting double-length episodes as two apiece). Watching all six hundred episodes from five series will take five months at four episodes per day.
  13. Story Monday March 21, 2016

    Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that Mamase would mostly hear about Sarah through Sarah's connection to other people, since Nanase has only started hanging out with Sarah one-on-one fairly recently (e.g. where they were meeting to discuss Sarah wanting to break up with Elliot just before Christmas).
  14. NP Wednesday March 23, 2016

    Adrian Raven already stated that the giant boar was clearly violating the square-cube law, so it is implied that any living things enlarged by Rhoda's spell would be likewise. The magical energy within the spell apparently maintains its targets against such problems.
  15. NP Friday March 25, 2016

    Star Trek is bigger in the sense that there are some six hundred episodes among the five television series, so watching them all on any reasonable sort of schedule for somebody who has school, a job, and a love life would take several months.
  16. The next NP story

    Aside from some people being generally offended by the mere thought of transgendered people, there is the ongoing narrative that nobody with male genitalia could possibly restrain themselves from lewd conduct in the presence of unclothed hypothetically-potential sex partners.
  17. Story Monday March 21, 2016

    Mamase may have known that enemies were hunting her daughter, but the not-Tengu incident stood as proof that such enemies were starting to find and attack her in situations where Edward and other "protector" figures are unable to reach her immediately. Keeping Nanase safe thus requires either getting more/better protectors, hiding Nanase from enemies, or else building Nanase's strength so that she can hold out in such confrontations until the protectors can arrive. Mamase is likely at least aware of Grace as "Tedd's live-in girlfriend", if Nanase has spoken of her at all beyond simply acknowledging that Tedd has a girlfriend. Mamase seems to maintain at least some contact with Edward, so she may know whatever he is willing to tell her. Sarah however is somebody whom she might not know much about directly except vague descriptions from Nanase about "Elliot's girlfriend"/"Susan's friend"/"Tedd's new lab assistant".
  18. Story Wednesday March 23, 2016

    Yes, overriding a being's free will to the point where they will obey a command to commit suicide is likely one of the most heinous things that Immortals can do to non-Immortals.
  19. NP Friday March 25, 2016

    Yeah, but remember that she missed the first 10 years of formal schooling, so there are huge gaps in her education.
  20. Things That Make You Happy

    D'awww, so cute. You have my sympathy about the two who didn't make it.
  21. Things that make you sad.

    Awww, poor kittens.
  22. Story: Friday March 25, 2016

    Perhaps she is enjoying the thought of being able to solve the issue by striking at a single weak point (the "puppet master" who is manipulating the Vampires) instead of having to play whack-a-mole with potentially dozens of monsters over a span of weeks. Anyway, I agree that the list of top suspects, among those characters whom we already know about, consists of Pandora, Col. Glowy, and Sirleck. Hmmm, if it is Col. Glowy, then that would provide a motive for him to manipulate Tara and thus keep her separated from Andrea, as Tara would be able to curbstomp many of the Vampires if he didn't keep her distracted.
  23. Story Wednesday March 23, 2016

    Given that the Immortals have laws among themselves that they take seriously, it follows that they probably have some means of enforcing them and enforcing punishments--even if there are no Immortall "Sheriffs" (i.e. persons tasked specifically with finding and arresting violators), there is probably some sort of Immortal Court/Council that would be empowered to sit in judgement of accused violators. The fact that they worry about violations instead of dismissing them as improbable says that their laws are not enforced solely by a geas placed upon them forcing them to obey the letter of their oaths (if not the spirit), but rather that their society bears some or most of the burden of enforcement.
  24. NP Friday March 25, 2016

    I love how the narration breaks the fourth wall, as though it were Tedd doing the narrating as Grace starts the game.