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  1. NP Monday March 21, 2016

    But it's easy. What's really happening is that the railroad is buying logs from the loggers at $21k/load and delivering them to the furniture factory at $30k/load, with an intermediate stop for processing. Exactly what bookkeeping goes on at the intermediate stop doesn't really matter as long as it costs the railroad less than $9k/load. Without that processing stop the railroad can't sell the logs to the furniture factory. In principle it would work the same if, instead of selling the logs to the mill and buying the lumber, the railroad retained ownership of the logs and paid the mill a fee to cut them into lumber.
  2. Story Monday March 21, 2016

    Primary Protagonist Syndrome: the story is interested in you. It's an aggravated form of the more common Protagonist Syndrome, where it never occurs to you to call the relevant authorities and then go hide while they deal with the problem (and you may even actively go hunting for the story). Both forms are also known as Player-Character Syndrome and Main Character Syndrome. However these terms also have other, only vaguely related, meanings.
  3. NP Monday March 21, 2016

    Well, she is - and she has a really neat squirrel costume. But she won't share her costuming tricks with other furries.
  4. The next NP story

    That could be amusing, but Greg closed his dojo. Of course, it could be out-of-canon.
  5. STORY: Friday March 18, 2016

    You're assuming that the magical terrain is flat - like the bottom of a sink or washtub. If there are hills and valleys, and the drain in one valley is clogged, the magic will accumulate in that valley until it reaches a low spot in the surrounding hills and can run into the next valley. (Or the pressure gets high enough to blow the clog out.) Of course, we have no idea what these hills and valleys actually are... or even if this is a decent metaphor.
  6. STORY: Friday March 18, 2016

    Also, if Tara was not expecting Andrea to go back home by this other route (i.e. not the clog) there would have been no point in going there many times to see if she was there.
  7. STORY: Friday March 18, 2016

    I doubt it. The preferred way to get from the top of a waterfall to the bottom is not by riding in a canoe.
  8. STORY: Friday March 18, 2016

    "I'm basing my theory on the possibility that there aren't any other drains close enough to catch the overflow. " That isn't theoretically possible unless there's only one drain. If there are two drains then eventually the buildup will reach the other one. The functional definition of "eventually" matters a lot, though.
  9. STORY: Friday March 18, 2016

    Here's a little smug, and you can pet it if you like. x There's another concern. An area can be very comfortable with a certain flow of water, but if that flow is blocked so there's a buildup and then the buildup is released it can be extremely damaging. (Think of a dam breaking.) Is the same true of magic?
  10. NP Friday March 18, 2016

    Everyone knows hair dye in all sorts of colors is readily available and hair is easily restyled. But when that person shows up with their hair in a style far different from normal and dyed that color, it's still shocking.
  11. Story Wednesday March 16, 2016

    Which is the first half of an apple?
  12. EGS Strip Slaying

    Ah, no, not on the nose...
  13. A new Which EGS Character Are You quiz

    My wife watched Star Blazers for years, so my knowledge of that one series exceeds my interest in the entire genre. The name of the ship was Yamato. Never, not once, Argo. (Unless they did a remake or something after she stopped watching it.)
  14. Story Wednesday March 16, 2016

    Seventh panel makes me think they've had this discussion before and Tara is deliberately trolling Andrea.
  15. STORY: Monday March 14, 2016

    Well, with Moperville's reputation, any magic-aware person with two brain cells to rub together should expect there'll be at least one or two wizards and/or immortals around town. Or maybe other aberrations who won't appreciate the competition for food or the increased chance of triggering a hunt. Or... lots of other possible reasons for an aberration to want his presence undetected.
  16. EGS Strip Slaying

    ALL accounts got deleted in the changeover. Or, to be more accurate about it, the list of users didn't get copied. At present the whole place has been rebuilt from scratch. We're hoping that our kind site administrators will manage to recover some or all of the old site from backups and have a way to load it in, so at least we can read the old stuff. (And maybe get back the former collection of emojis.)
  17. NP Monday, March 14, 2016

    In Stranger in a Strange Land a certain household had a sign on the inside of the front door: "Did you remember to dress?"
  18. Story: Friday March 11 2016

    I note that on no occasion has either griffin said anything about their world's human nobility in general, or about magic among humans in general. Just that the royal family is a strongly magical bloodline, and that Nanase's magic is strong enough it's hard to imagine her not being part of that family (which implies that really strongly magical people born outside that family tend to be adopted or married into it). So maybe magic-users of, oh, Susan's current level are a dime a dozen. This seems likely for the world in general, although not necessarily for humans, considering Tara was able to intimidate an Ancient into temporarily leaving our world - and she's a knight, not a wizard. As for making the little fairy appear being impressive - in itself somewhat, but the fact of its persistence more so. You see, technically there's nothing theoretically wrong with violating the law of conservation of matter and energy... temporarily. But that violation has to later (and usually not much later) be undone. Ellen's and Elliot's shape-changings get undone. All of Susan's, Dex's, and Abraham's summonings get undone. Nanase's fairydolls don't get undone, even when cut in half. And creating matter takes a HUGE amount of energy. The energy of the A-bomb explosion at Hiroshima was nowhere near sufficient to create an entire fairydoll. Flying takes energy too, but vastly less than matter-creation (and far less for a fairydoll than for a human figure or guardian form). That energy could plausibly be tapped from the environment. Or if it is created, its un-creation can be done inconspicuously. (Oh, and Ashley? Put your phone on speaker... too bad Elliot in his current condition doesn't know how to do the same and possibly can't.)
  19. Changing Medications (Level of Trust Required)

    If you can actually find any, replace the straight acetaminophen with Percogesic. It has an extra ingredient that helps the pain-killers be a little more effective. (I find it annoying how often the good over-the-counter drugs that actually do the job for us suddenly become very difficult to find. If they were being dropped due to recently-discovered side effects they would disappear completely... instead they go from being available, often in several brands, in practically every pharmacy to being a bottom-shelf item in only a few pharmacies. Percogesic for pain, chlorpheniramine maleate for allergies...)
  20. Story: Thursday, March 3, 2016

    Maybe not a pun, but it was busting out.
  21. Story: Thursday, March 3, 2016

    That already happened before you posted. For example:
  22. Story: Friday March 11 2016

    Nanase has another interesting expression in reaction to a griffin going all fangirl on her. (Can't say I blame her.)
  23. STORY: Wednesday March 9, 2016

    {cough}Ellen{cough} I thought we had named her Velma, after the character from Scooby-Doo.
  24. STORY: Wednesday March 9, 2016

    I'm pretty sure that was among the twenty or thirty possible explanations we came up with. I love Nanase's expression in the last two panels.
  25. STORY: Monday March 7, 2016

    Wonder if it's possible for one person to have two angst-induced awakenings.