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  1. NP Wednesday October 17, 2018

    Had I not purged my memory box, that would have been Sarah, sans hairband, in panel 1. Get a solar plane, step 1. Lose the bare similarity, step 2. Treasure hunt, step 3.
  2. NP Friday October 12, 2018

    Ba-dum-ship? Somehow, the purge (which I still have some irrational grudges) picked out the rocks from the fruit vines. If that analogy makes no sense, neither am I. Patreon comments, though... I shall never know.
  3. Story, Friday Oct 12, 2018

    Only a week? Uh, sure? The reactions were THAT weird.
  4. Randomness would also saying nothing but "meow". Of all heights, although, it had to be in Rhoda's range. Hilarity just ensues for that.
  5. Might as well let it all out as a series. Also, that one NP makes this sketchbook a "granted wish", Phase 2.
  6. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/assorted-18a-016 Alas?
  7. http://egscomics.com/comic/tlod-023 Um... uh... hm... Seriously, Moperville? "Soda Or Pop"?
  8. http://egscomics.com/comic/tlod-0022
  9. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/assorted-18a-015 Ba-dum-*erk* "A bit"? Ya sure??
  10. http://egscomics.com/egsnp/assorted-18a-014 Carry on. ... Wait.
  11. Story Friday October 5, 2018

    Dan gets some brownie points today. How cheerleading would solve this, I have no clue Y-E-T. So, go, Diane, T-L-O-D!! And thus, we see Justin (again) in the background. Probably.
  12. Story, Wednesday Oct 3, 2018

    Leggo her Ego! To be fair, at least it is not full blown. Then again, does anyone actually care anymore to even spill it as something juicy yet mean?
  13. Story Monday October 1, 2018

    http://egscomics.com/comic/tlod-019 Hey, mix both styles and everything is dandy by me. Also, "comfort-bad"? Missy, wait a few more months. Or just look at present Diane. Also also, Diane needs Sarah's powers. Skipped one class already?!? 5'6" (168 cm) and 12? I need a growth chart, stat. Not that I did not need one 4 comics ago...
  14. NP Monday October 1, 2018

    Téa, I presume. Too many characters that have not been present for a long time. We also might not have seen Susan's eyes light up like that before. Hopefully not. If he was, I would deduce it is Good Tom.
  15. Story Friday September 28, 2018

    Bru. Tal. Whenever it comes to that love triangle, all intimacy, not much commitment, no passion.
  16. NP Friday Sep 28, 2018

    Being "the" Great Bambino has a curse, of course. Speaking of which, then how about Bambi? Oh, the comic? "There are no words."
  17. http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/2018-025 "Instant Exercise Plan", Part 61.
  18. http://egscomics.com/sketchbook/2018-024 https://www.patreon.com/posts/21625995 Excessive weight still hinders, ya know, Elliot. Then again, Nanase does the most exercising, between the two.
  19. Story Wednesday September 26, 2018

    This whole Legend arc is an elephant through and through. Technology...
  20. Main Monday Sep 24 2018

    "And then, high school happened". Also, 7 has a comically wonderful wall, if the stroke was thicker.
  21. Surely, if this was made into an arc, it could not be just them. Then again, what more could the scales do? (Probably except swapping their own height. It's a bit redundant)
  22. She always acts as such? Plus, one of the next polls (so I have been told) includes Lavender's clothing. Professional or not, she always gets wee flirty with Edward.
  23. NP Monday Sep 24, 2018

    To be fair, that moustache looks good on Rich. Also, Grace, a button-down? Really?
  24. NP September 21, 2018

    Silly anatomy. One rack is almost already hip-level. Spidey just needs one rack. Ask all other multi-armed superhero(in)es. Also, Crime 101: Always round up your targets. (Applies to both heroes and villains. Anti-heroes are neutral to this)
  25. Story Friday September 21, 2018

    Even if it does not talk, there is an elephant in the room. Oy. Vey. Darn you, past Diane!! Also, past Diane deduces present Diane's predicament. Yup, the lack of self-deduction actually lives on to her own irony. So, if life is an equation, Diane always forgets to carry the 2.