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  1. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=671 One Susan, two looks.
  2. Story, Monday September 25, 2017

    Posture? I guess most times, the hunching only goes far to the eyebrow of the other person. Unless that person is too tall/short to hunch. And no one gets the beans or the huge TV tonight. Score.(?)
  3. NP Wednesday September 20, 2017

    http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=669 This is not the Spanish Inquisition! Eh? Who was on first?
  4. Story, September 20, 2017

    Arthur is civil. I like him a lot now. Yet I have to rethink Sybil's agenda.
  5. NP Sept 18, 2017

    Have they not learned about their experience at the mall? Who wants to, anyway? Another immort... oh yeah.
  6. Story, Monday September 18, 2017

    Ashley is a girl for others. Yup, too nice. But still a bad liar. So, very nice instead. Bean bags still defeat a huge TV if the sofa is not cozy enough.
  7. NP Friday Sep 15 2017

    She is stealing nobody's significant other. Only time and confidence. Luke, sure, and/or anyone that Pandora marked at the mall.
  8. Story Friday September 8, 2017

    Still could work in any size. "Size matters not, but of the heart".
  9. NP Wednesday Sep 13 2017

    The fourth wall is broken, yet not non-existent. Still impressive, yet I am thinking they would not join without a cause.
  10. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    Define "a little", Shive. Some unconscious mind Elliot has, then.
  11. Story Monday Sep 11 2017

    Might be. Definitely looks similar. And here I thought that it reminds me of Duck sans cap. Diane is flustered, Justin needs some intervention. Or at least some better clues about Susan. Then again, who knows Susan best?
  12. NP Monday Sep 11 2017

    Must be why. Two rounds of ice water, stat. Will the third shipping come through, though, after the game ends? "Genuinely wish". Susan has some clear issues. Collar tug excluded.
  13. NP Friday Sep 8 2017

    Should I get the antihistamine now? *rimshot* She sure is perfect for this sort of stuff. What a trooper.
  14. NP Friday Sep 8 2017

    Seems about right. Stop acting like an angel, Ashley! You are not one, at least.
  15. NP Wednesday Sep 6 2017

    In Twitter, we save two characters. In EGS, we do not. We save three. (or is it also two?) Logic and Reason should not play. They are figments that already have costumes. Dare I say "Fight Club-esque"?