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  1. The hair of the guy is frizzier. It also tells he is quite lucky today. Glad it tamed a bit. That or she lost her gloves
  2. story

    Je pense que les immortels sont juste Pandora elle-même. Pas le premier à deviner, il semble. "Glurk" is a word that tried to grab a letter and succeeded.
  3. np

    Longer, yes. Wavier, incidentally too (or not). And the lights are shifted to the left. If this had a crossover with Home Improvement, Tim Allen would be delirious about the changes.
  4. story

    If Jerry ditches Susan as being her ally, he might be considered a coward. Or those lessons are getting to me fast. A bad way for a good person to say hello, or he is being captured.
  5. np

    And practically smaller. At least he knows foreign expressions. My canon is the girls are siblings. Instigating a rivalry, even.
  6. Still not moving. They just really hover in place and look at Justin. Not even Justin could strongly disprove the theory. So why fight it and just ask the man?
  7. story

    I sense of Nature vs. Nurture here. Again. And preconceived notions of "buying stuff to impress". I also see that the fairies are not really moving.
  8. I would have said that Justin just became a "lanky teen", but the sideburns are gone. Ah well, Justin is a favorite target of change by Grace because of this.
  9. Pull more strings, confuse more readers to the limit. Well, Justin looks shorter now but with hair a bit longer.
  10. Two words: mind slips. I guess... Good for content, bad for pacing (so much)
  11. np

    It only becomes obvious when someone is not oblivious. Pity that it is not. It is different, yet we still want it.
  12. I feel it became a talk show set all of a sudden. Of course almost anyone could exclaim so loud it reaches the Moon.
  13. np

    ... in change blindness. We are good in noticing changes. For example, Grace somehow gained a bit of height (or panel had her in a slightly bent position). Full details can be the death of the artist, some times.
  14. Seriously, who is the head honcho of evil here so far?
  15. http://www.egscomics.com/?id=2333 Still genteel.