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  1. https://egscomics.com/egsnp/gam-25 Averted.
  2. NP Friday August 10, 2018

    I should not be fooled by the cross-cannon, but I am. Drat. Maybe Nanase's hair will "return to normal" in the future? Sarah being the evil and prepared one is not my business to ask further, but it sure is surprising. Sadly, the gravitas of mistaking Diane for Sarah (and vice-versa) feels greater now than mistaking Susan for Sarah (and v/v). [Then again, hello, new sketchbook op].
  3. And at least Sarah got her war for once. Good. Wait, who turned on the gas range?
  4. NP Wed Aug 8 2018

    "Plenty of fish in the sea" comes to mind. Catfishing also comes to mind, but it is a bad thing.
  5. Susan's pose makes me think she will rhythmically knock "Shave and A Haircut". But hey, sketchbooks!!
  6. NP monday - August 6, 2018

    It feels more Gosalyn from Darkwing than the nephews from either DuckTales. And for that, ooo-wooo!! *sigh* Now becomes, "No Shirt, No Shoes, FAN Service"
  7. NP monday - August 6, 2018

    Well, . "Mostly" intrigues me too much. Plus, why is Justin still upright? Still, what is Justin's objective now?
  8. NP Friday 03 August, 2018

    "The Least Likely to Look Like Grace But It Is Still Grace"
  9. NP Wednesday Aug 1 2018

    I Dream of Graces.
  10. Story Wednesday August 1, 2018

    And thus, after 2 years, the arc is done. Onto more 2-year arcs!!!! *crazed laughter* Who narrated those sentences in the first place anyway? I can oddly imagine what GraSusan* would look like. What is with the Grace fever lately? Although, let us be honest. Could I clearly make out the lines? Nope. If it IS Susan, eh??? (* pre-Goonish Susan not included. Name pending.)
  11. NP Monday July 30, 2018

    Oh look, an ice cream cone on fire. Neat. And thus, there were TWO bushes on fire. This bush better preach soon.
  12. Story, Monday July 30, 2018

    Ah, Volty the Snake. Alas, Voltymort? Yeesh. Hello, two new immortals!
  13. NP, Friday July 27, 2018

    Be a good sister, Goth Whoopi, and be more concrete. How does Hypno-Grace not even manage to hypnotise herself? This does not feel like Moperville anymore. Moperville County Limits, maybe.
  14. Story Friday July 27, 2018

    Or for the weirder side, he should have waited at Gate A113. Post-flight waiting area is possible.
  15. Story Friday July 27, 2018

    Overall mood: "Raised eyebrows". I: Only Nanase can punch a punching bag bare-handed. I think. III: "It is in your 'JEANS'". And if short sleeve over long sleeve is a 90's thing, polo shirt over long sleeve is like a 70's/80's thing. VI: Not speculating where Edward is going. It does not feel like an arrival area, anyway.