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What Are You Ingesting?

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What I did not ingest in this case -- the baby from a genuine King Cake that a friend of my boss's mom had shipped up from New Orleans, apparently an annual tradition.  They had a bit less than half of it, then passed on the rest, and this year warned that no one had yet found the baby.  I could actually feel the knife glancing off it as I cut my slice, and sure enough I could see the little head sticking out of the side.

Apparently, this makes me Queen for the day, and obliges me either to bake the king's cake next year, or to throw a Mardi Gras party next year, depending who you ask.  I strongly suspect that the folks who donated it would rather continue to have one sent up from New Orleans, but I'm thinking I might just try my hand at baking next year and bring it to work to share.  And possibly buy a bunch of beads to give the staff.  We'll see how things are going this time next year.  :-)

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6 hours ago, The Old Hack said:

Really? What sort of ammunition are they loaded with? And what caliber are we talking about?

Sensitive topic, considering what happened in Florida yesterday. Sorry.

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5 hours ago, mlooney said:

My fall back I want something hot and fast, scrambled eggs.

Do you like Julia Child's eggs or Jacques Pepin's eggs? I'm a Pepin-ite myself. Hot and custardy, with salt and pepper.

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15 minutes ago, Pharaoh RutinTutin said:

Soup from the Chinese delivery place.

I think they got the order wrong.

I wanted one ton of soup, but the container looks like less than a quart.

You deserved that for your wanton abuse of phonetics.

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