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NP Wednesday Sep 6 2017

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In Twitter, we save two characters. In EGS, we do not. We save three. (or is it also two?) :demonicduck:

Logic and Reason should not play. They are figments that already have costumes.

7 minutes ago, partner555 said:

I'm pretty sure commenting on the fourth wall breaks it Susan.

Dare I say "Fight Club-esque"? 

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The more I think about it, the more I believe that Hanma in canon would also say stuff like this. Hanma can be like Deadpool, only much less violent and vulgar and more kawaii.

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15 hours ago, The Old Hack said:

I would have found it more amusing if Hanma had known due to Logic and Curiosity.

I don't think Susan's Logic and Curiosity can be actually seen, even by immortals, but I admit it would be funny.

2 hours ago, mlooney said:

Well it doesn't when Sydney does it.  Of course telling what is or isn't broken around her is tricky.

And then we have child who seem to have imaginary friends who grow into summoner who can summon them as demons and learn about internet porn from them.

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