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Darth Fluffy

NP Comic Tuesday January 18, 2022

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48 minutes ago, ChronosCat said:

I wonder if Grace has given up on describing what she's saying before saying it, or if she just forgot/isn't bothering in this strip.

She needs to concentrate on "walking" so she isn't thinking about what she needs to say before she speaks.  Either that or she does't think she needs to do it to Ellen.  

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Grace is preparing for the Great Gravitational Inversion of 2023

Grace realizes that people think she is a bit odd.  If she behaves a bit oddly, no one will question it.  But if she tries too hard to fit in perfectly, and fails, that will draw attention to her

As for the shirt staying in place, well . . . 

I once had a pair of jeans back in college that were about that stiff.  But I suspect that Edward Verres allows Grace to use the washing machine in his house without depleting her limited supply of quarters.  No, really, most of my clothes I could wash with just two loads in the dorm laundry each week, but my jacket and jeans were so heavy they practically demanded to be washed individually.  So they didn't get washed so regularly . . . 

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