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Story: Monday March 20, 2017

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26 minutes ago, Scotty said:
35 minutes ago, hkmaly said:

... did I get the tenses incorrectly?


"I think he MIGHT be using some calming spell" implies that you believe he is using a calming spell. If that's not what you mean then replacing "using" with "needing" would be enough to imply that he needs a calming spell to use on himself.

I didn't meant right now. I meant that if he would have some calming spell, he would use it from time to time. Like ... "Q: What sports are you doing? A: Swimming and skiing" doesn't imply you are just swimming and skiing just now, both at the same time, does it?

30 minutes ago, Scotty said:

Alternatively "I think he could use a calming spell" would work with implying that if Elliot had one or even if Ellen had one, now would be a good time to use it.

Of course then I realized that using it right now would actually be good idea, leading to the second sentence, "Actually, it would be useful right now."

31 minutes ago, Scotty said:

Ellen with a calming beam would be appropriate.

Hmmm ... yes, it fits better into her list of spell than Elliots. However, I think if she had it and knew about it she would already use it. Unless ... she's really just reading her book and will get to that soon and decides to try it ... :)


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