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  1. This should need no further introduction...
  2. I'm a bicyclist and I approve of this statement. Sometimes I'm even one of them.
  3. I'd suggest asking just to be sure. Even if your age doesn't qualify you, your condition might.
  4. np

    There's a high probability that the enchantments would get entangled or fused and continue or fail together similar to "escape from the mall"
  5. I apologize for the obvious question: Are there friends you can lean on for rides? Can you put out a call and see who responds?
  6. Key phrase is "might not". Pandora does not touch on your point and her exposition is all we have to go on. If we treat being a Seer like any other magical aptitude, awakening is still an option, even required for some stuff, albeit easier. As far as we know, wizards have to awaken like everybody else and Tedd is a specialized subtype of wizard. It may be that being a seer doesn't always include Tedd's power and degree of magic resistance. Tedd might have auto-Awakened since he was that far off the charts but another seer might not be so lucky.
  7. Not-Tengu is a magic user. There is not canon to suggest he is also a wizard. His origin is unclear beyond the sketch given us by Ed Verres. Greg, if he is Awakened, had a minor angst-induced awakening, By comparison, just wanting to cast a lightning bolt at a LARP session is not going to cut it. How else to exercise? Make devices? Tedd's ability is defined as being a wizard that doesn't get spells. There's nothing that suggests that Awakening is either automatic or not needed.
  8. Can you awaken but not get spells?
  9. story

    I struggle with artistic limits I put on myself and don't want to see you do the same.
  10. story

    That makes things clearer. Not having an interest in creating visually is a whole different thing than thanking you can't. You can but if it's not your thing, there's no point.
  11. story

    He wouldn't want our ideas for many and varied reasons, most of them legal.
  12. story

    Every artist, no matter how good or talented, once scribbled like a kindergartner. The Freaonomics podcast I linked to upthread tells, among other things, about a researcher to decided to test how well the idea of anybody being able to learn just about anything by digging up and trying to achieve her childhood dream of being a power-ballad sort of singer. It took her a year and a half of practice, maybe vocal lessons, I don't remember, but she achieved it. If you want to do the webcomic and you're willing to work on the art-side of things, you CAN do it. No matter how bad your starting point.
  13. story

    The largest art evolution between inception and today that I know of it Questionable Content...
  14. story

    That's *a* way to bet but not the way *I'd* bet. I'm pretty sure he was shanghaied, not ejected.
  15. story

    Howard Taylor's (Schlock Mercenary) advice to you would be to not wait until you find an artist. Teach yourself how to draw. Taylor had the idea for a SF webcomic in 1995 but waited on an artist friend who was never ready. He finally decided to be his own artist and launched the comic in June, 2000. He now makes a living for himself and family from it. Skill if as much a function of enthusiasm and practice as it is "talent". Go back and look at the very earliest Schlock Mercenary comics. The art isn't great. neither is the art for the earliest EGS strips. But both are pretty nice today. Edit: Freakonomics: How to become Great at Just About Anything. 2nd Edit: Writing Excuses: S5 Ep 12. Time Travel! (advice the podcasters would give their past selves)