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  1. story

    Uryouom energy is a different class of "magical energy" altogether. It is not a ruleset for Earth-magic. Grace, who uses Uryouom energy, cannot cast spells. She cannot even use Tedd's watches. Noah is a greater seynoulu like Grace and he does cast spells but he seems to act under the same rules as any other earth-magic-magic user, not under Uryouom rules. Interesting to note: We have never seen Noah shapeshift. Did he exchange one magical energy system for another? Both the griffins we know cast spells. They seem to have some instinctive insight like Immortals. They most closely match the rules for elves to be honest. We also know that there are humans over there because of the casual way the Griffins treated Nanase. EGS-Prime's Earth still has a lot of weird stuff in the margins. EGS-Prime could even have a native griffin population. I don't know how behind that I am but it's a possibility. Adrian Raven uses magic. Did he Awaken or simply unlock that ability? Maybe Griffins unlock the ability to use magic at a certain age as well... I tend to think there's 3 rulesets. Rules for Immortals/Ancients, maybe others. Rules for magical creatures (Griffins, also half-Immortals like Elves) Rules for mortals (commonly humans). I tend to want to think the rules are the same on both sides of the world. The common general rules tend to have specific implementations for each type that follows it (Even if all elves "taste" magic with their ears, for example, If Griffins have that same sense, it would work in an unrelated way) I would speculate that a mortal with a magical affinity makes the possessor of that affinity a little bit of a magical creature in the narrow sense that the affinity, not the possessor, follows the magical creature rules and remains through Magic resets. Edit: Though how and affinity expresses itself would depend on the current mortal-magic ruleset and could/would change when Magic resets.
  2. story

    There's a lot we don't know about the other half of the world. We know ambient magic energy flows from one world to the other and probably from the other back. The simplest way of running magic use for the whole is both component worlds use magic by the same rules.They're one world not two when considered metaphysically. but magic seems to have one set of rules for humans and another for Immortals, so magic may not do things the simplest way. if we decide Griffins are "magical creatures", what rules do they use? Human? Immortal? A third set? What is the other half of the world even like? Andrea was very bad at hiding, which suggests she doesn't need to hide in her own world. A magical world then? Magus' home, perhaps?.. What happens to magical energy that is used in spells? Sarah puts 'dents" in Moperville's magic buildup and the energy she uses is by definition no longer trying to move to the other side of the world. Is it recycled? If not, how is new magical energy generated?
  3. It looked like they were giving Maria food near the end. I thought that was to keep her him in the area...
  4. ...and maybe corrupt an innocent Grace
  5. story

    Is Merv Griffin still around?
  6. Democrat wins in solidly Republican districts would look great phrased as a referendum on Trump. the media could run headlines like "Public has lost confidence in Trump" etc.
  7. I find I have to discard my MTV-trained instinct to follow the lead singer and step back and watch a sort of kinetic painting occur on my screen instead. I love how much screen time is given to the other bandmates. The composition of WTF got me laughing when they started thrown balls at the one band member. The imagery was... End Love the goose following the band around looked unscripted until the end. The animation technique eminded me of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"
  8. I just got finishing watching this Ted music/talk. Love the music and the videos are awesome. Talk was pretty good too.
  9. Warren Zevon is an interesting and inspired choice. He's best known for the werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand...
  10. Hopefully their closing time doesn't equate to their "we're all going home" time... Maybe shoot for being there at 3:45 or 4:00?
  11. a close race makes sense given the hoo-hah going on right now.
  12. And being made to was in through the out door?
  13. Charlotte's expression seems to say "wow, I didn't expect it to be like THIS...."
  14. http://wapsisquare.com/comic/goodheavens/