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      Welcome, everyone, to the new 910CMX Community Forums. I'm still working on getting them running, so things may change.  If you're a 910 Comic creator and need your forum recreated, let me know and I'll get on it right away.  I'll do my best to make this new place as fun as the last one!


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  1. Thanks for catching that! Seems that comic got put in the wrong date, i've placed it for 6/5/06 and that fixes the issue... wow that was a long time ago...
  2. Currently, there's a 5 person limit in the chat room, we're looking to up it if people actually use it.
  3. So, I modified the logo, mind you i like the 3D style of the other, but it doesn't fit the "new" style everything is going to with flat colors once again.
  4. So it seems Thom has been working on it, i knew this, but i didn't want to rush him in getting it out. The new color scheme takes care of a few of the issues people have been talking about, but i'm sure everyone will find things they don't like, and we're happy to listen to any suggestions anyone might have about changes.
  5. There's a little strip of very light gray between posts. It's quite hard to see, We'll be working on forum themes, but to be honest, Thom and I are prioritizing getting our own comic archives back, as well as the rebuild of the home pages. We'll get to themes when we've got some time. I'm also looking for a way to get the comments under the comics to link directly back to the forum, but the tool that does that hasn't been developed for this version of Invision Power Board. Ah well, hopefully time will be in my favor about that.
  6. I'm just quoting myself from a different thread as well as CritterKeeper to test out multiquote and it seems to be working for me. Just have to click the + on each thing you'd like to quote and then click the "2 quotes" popup at the lower right to bring up a replay box with the quoted threads. Otherwise i can't find any settings for it in the control panel, and i did look for a while. I hope this helps.
  7. Signatures have been enabled, not sure why they're off by default. When i get back from vacation I'm going to find my whole cache of custom emojis, but if someone wants to email that demonic duck icon to me, that'd be great. I'm not sure if he got into the folder with the rest.
  8. As it stands, custom titles are unlocked at 50 posts. All the rank icons will be done at a later time! I won't REST until I've got this all taken care of... but now it's time for me to go on a week's ski vacation.
  9. Yeah, i noticed when it asks for birthday it prompts for Month/Month/Year, hopefully that's fixed in the next update of the forum software.
  10. So, I was reading into the Invision forums on this version of the forum software, and it seems there was a big glitch in BBCode and they're working on bringing it back. Until then, I could turn on the HTML format if that'll help you guys out, let me know if you'd like this.
  11. I was trying to shorten the announcement, since it seemed to cut off any text displayed after the second line... and well, that "just" was left over from a sentence edit... anyway, I've fixed it!
  12. So, i recreate the thread for the current story comic! I plan to post all the comics for this arc in plain HTML format tonight so we can keep it fresh in mind while we do some fillers as we rebuild the site.
  13. It's been a week since the crash, and I'm starting everything up fresh. Everyone will have to create a new account and all forums are emtpy, for now, so lets fill them up! Let me know if there's anything missing and I'll make sure to get it back in. We're still working on the data recovery, but that could take a while.