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  1. Story Friday February 23, 2018

    More like "mostly cloudy with a chance of screaming many-limbed chaos spawns and impossible violations of physics and biology. Bring a few holy or blessed relics to mercy-kill the suffering and purge heresy." Gonna need a bigger blessed chainsword...
  2. Story Friday February 23, 2018

    "Become random... massive storms of chaos magic... people would stop using magic" *looks over at Warhammer rulebooks* I think the WoM massively underestimates the natural, possibly insane curiosity of mortals. Actually, Dies the Fire isn't really about magic replacing technology. It's about the gods making most tech involving steam, explosions and electricity stop working, which allows things like the Difference Engine, primitive steam engines in Iowa and clockwork horse drawn locomotives, along with hydrogen blimps in Idaho. Actual magic barely figures at all, other than premonitions and very vague stuff that could mostly be explained by hypnotic suggestion or very strong drugs, and the major stuff is less magic and more miracle, heavily involving invocations of deities such as Morrigu or Odhinn or Mary Pierced With Many Sorrows. A world where magic completely replaces technology would probably be Eberron. A world where most technology doesn't work but traditional fantasy magic works for very specific people would be the Council Wars series by John Ringo, although he cheats a bit by having said "magic" be sufficiently advanced technology.
  3. Story: Wed Feb 21, 2018

    So maybe a better question is, are we headed for My Little Pony, Dragonball, or Nanoha.
  4. Story: Wed Feb 21, 2018

    So are we headed for Dresden Files, Shadowrun, or Harry Potter with this?
  5. Story: Wed Feb 21, 2018

    Someone call the Vatican, the Imperial Omyouji, the Van Helsing family, all the shamans, the Freemasons, the priests of all major religons, and reconvene the Round Table. And prepare to reopen the crypt of Merlin. We MIGHT have an emergency here.
  6. Story, Monday February 19, 2018

    Why does a megalomaniaclike Voltaire settle for being a demigod when he could be a god, with enough changes? Or is he just being realistic with his goals at the moment?
  7. Story, Wednesday February 7, 2018

    So if Magic decides to change anyways, is there a point at which Magic starts saying "maybe this wasn't such a good idea"? Maybe after Voltaire and a newly-created Lord Tedd outright force Magic's secrecy to be completely and utterly impossible short of an extinction event not seen since the end of the dinosaurs? Or will it take humanity or a human ascending beyond the levels of gods, with the power to bend worlds to his will, putting his gauntleted hand around Magic's neck and demanding submission?
  8. Story, Monday February 5, 2018

    Magic as dynastic makes Lord Tedd's lordship make that much more sense. He's part of a Noble and Most Ancient House, a rarity among rarities, and one of the Thousand, the only ones who can understand the innermost secrets of Magic.
  9. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    You still have the other side of the world, though, which is full of magic. Would Magic consider the extinction of this side of the world any great loss, so long as the other side remains?
  10. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    Does Magic actually care about anything besides itself? As in, if humanity as a whole goes extinct, would it consider that a great loss, or simply another event in the weave? It said itself, it's completely alien to mortals, and mortals are essentially incomprehensible to it. The three were chosen based on questionable criteria, and it didn't seem to consider things like cause/effect. Sure, it has a "flair for the dramatic", but an asteroid making the world go up in flames is also "dramatic", and apparently it really doesn't give two cents about entire civilizations going down in blood and fire. It also considers 8 billion people "a bit crowded" and not of concern. It gets an adult, an emotional teen and a biased kid to decide merely IF a major change should occur, without regard to HOW magic should change, or basically anything involving stuff like "consequence" or "morality".
  11. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    If keeping magic secret is futile, then as I said, what of simply giving out the "harmless" stuff like self gender transformation or balls of light or minor telekinesis like candy, and then making anything actually powerful like fireball cost a ridiculous amount of money, time, effort, power and teamwork/organization along with a great deal of rationality?
  12. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    Whoops, misread "a cycle which has persisted since the dawn of man" as referring to a single time period between major changes, rather than the entire sinusoidal rise-fall pattern of major change. Disregard that, then. But maybe this is a sign that it's time to break the wheel and end the cycle. Human history is filled with mistakes of the past. What is to say that the endless cycle of the rise and fall of civilization is not another mistake to be rectified? As we gradually unite all of humanity in what is as far as we know the first global community of interconnected thought through the internet, as we settle more and more misunderstandings through diplomacy rather than violence, as the plagues of the past are finally eradicated and we reach for the very stars we once worshiped, as our technology gradually surpasses even the mightiest of magics in power and lethality, perhaps it is time to recognize that the ancient and time-honored ways of dealing with magic are outdated, and it's time to move on.
  13. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    Magic doesn't even detail exactly WHAT said change is. Honestly, that should be setting off all sorts of warning alarms for Arthur Arthur. The Will of Magic is UNPREDICTABLE. The current situation as is can be handled, and HAS been handled, by the DGB. They have enough heavy hitters and agents around the world to keep the situation under control, and if not, then they can bring out nuclear options and start inquisition-style witch-hunts and book burnings to keep the peace. Allow Magic to fundamentally alter ITSELF, and you get the Dinosaur extinction event. Remember, the last major change hasn't occurred in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF MANKIND. The last great species, at least according to fossil record, was dinosaurs. If it WASN'T dinosaurs, that means that the last major change ERASED THEM FROM EXISTENCE ALTOGETHER. That's an XK-class extinction level event.
  14. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    So, no votes for making weak magics universal and greater magics expensive and selective? Also, Magic is a tool which can be used for good or evil. The nature of current magic is specific and unique to the individual, but that doesn't have to be the case. Major change can be done to fundamentally alter the nature of magic if the seers convince the Will of Magic to do so. For example, a more "scientific" magic with hard rules may make individual spells weaker but amp up the effects of cumulative spells, much as a single battery only makes a middling flashlight while a complex array of batteries and circuits can create a railgun or computer. More specific rules can be set up to limit great magics to those deemed "sane" and "moral" by the seers, preventing criminals and maniacs from causing too much damage.
  15. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    What if they could both keep the big guns out of civilian hands, and also make Great Magic possible to a chosen few with uniquely sane and rational characteristics? Give everyone lesser magics, like minor telekinesis and ball-of-light spells, or self-focused gender-change spells and furry spells, to allow everyone the sort of self-actualization Tedd's blessed with on a daily basis (with adjustments to keep self-transformation spells from being abused to escape authorities), but keep the big guns like Greater Fireball or Summon Dragon or Raise Undead as works which require a highly rational mind, expensive and time-consuming rituals, and a very steep learning curve.