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  1. Story, Monday July 30, 2018

    I miswrote the first part, it was Aten, not Amun, that had such a strong following from Pharaoh Akhenaten that all the other temples to all the other gods of Egypt were defaced, the priests executed or forced into exile, the people forced to switch religions. After his death, the same was done to Aten by the rest of the gods. El-Shaddai, the mighty one of the mountains, is better known as Elohim, the worshipped one, or Adonai, Lord, or the name he gave Moshe on the mountain of Sinai, YHVH, later degraded to Jehovah. His worshippers, the descendants of Yisrael, sacked and plundered countless Phoenician villages and cities which worshipped Ashera, Molech and Ba'al, fertility deities. In what Elohim claimed was lack of faith, the Hebrews were allowed to be destroyed multiple times by the very people they genocide earlier, taken into captivity and their Temple burned to the ground and looted. In one instance the Ark of the Covenant, the throne of Elohim, was brought to the temple of Dagon, lord of the sea. In spite and petty jealousy, Elohim knocked over the statue of Dagon. Mahabali was a mighty king, advised by a demon guru, who conquered the entire universe and humiliated the Devas, and though all the gods tried to stop him, no one succeeded. But he was a fair king, and after making sure his rule was permanent, he offered the mortals any gift they asked. In desperation, some gods and mortals petitioned Vishnu to intercede and help, so Lord Vishnu came down and incarnated as Vamana the dwarf Brahmin. Vamana came before Mahabali, and the demon guru immediately recognized Vishnu, and demanded the king refuse the dwarf's request, but Mahabali was fair and just, and did not listen to his advisor. Vamana asked merely to possess three paces' worth of land, and Mahabali made to seal the compact by pouring water from his pot into his hand, from his hand into the dwarf's, and from the dwarf's into Vamana's gourd pot. But the demon guru blocked the spout of the king's pot, so Vamana used a twig and cleared the spout by blinding the demon. When the water was poured and the agreement sealed, Vamana grew and grew until a single step took him from one end of the world to the other. He grew larger still as Mahabali fell down in worship, and his second step crossed the very heavens. "Mahabali, you have given me three steps, but I have nowhere left to go." "Lord Vishnu, I offer unto you my head for your third step." So Vamana stepped upon Mahabali's head, pushing him into the underworld, where the king was content to live and rule the rest of his days. But Vishnu is kind, and rewarded the goodness of Mahabali by allowing him to visit the universe he once ruled every year. Like El-Shaddai, Aten and Mahabali before him, I think Voltaire will find that the other gods and goddesses will have issues if he tries taking over the universe for himself.
  2. Story, Monday July 30, 2018

    Pretty sure the other gods would have a problem with an Amun trying to pull a fast one over Ra and Horus, especially since they already tried that back in the day. El-Shaddai also tried that on Ba'al and Ashara, they had issues with that and took the upstart tribes captive after Dagon sacked his temple and stole his nice chair. Even Mahabali had to bow before Vishnu when his avatar Vamana tricked him into giving him dominion over all he could cross in three steps, and the dwarf took the entire universe in two.
  3. Story, Monday July 30, 2018

    Because it sure sounds like the gods are coming back this time.
  4. Story Friday July 27, 2018

    The secret inner chambers of chief's and witch doctor's huts, with ancient charms and cursed masks of the ancestors passed from generation to generation, the deepest sealed portions of the imperial omyouji, the darkest black archives of the Vatican, the three hills of the mound of Merlin, the lost tomb of Arthur the once and future, every single temple in Mesoamerica, the delayed aftereffects of the Ghost Dance, the ten thousand undying terracotta warriors guarding the pyramid of Qin Shi Huang with its rivers of flowing quicksilver...
  5. Story Friday July 27, 2018

    That's right, Mr. Verrez: the gig's up! Not just an international incident too big to cover up without a worldwide memory wipe that's probably liable to be interpreted as an act of war, but if enough vampires were as rich and powerful as Sirleck, I'm betting a very large number of major world leaders, multi-billionaires and crime bosses just got wiped from existence, leaving enormous power vacuums everywhere. Also, Africa, and every single disenfranchised victim of colonization, has Ancient Magic now. So does Iran, or should I say, Babylon and Persia. So does the IRA, or should I say, Eire, home of the Tuath De. Where were you when Ah Puch and the Great Buffalo Spirit declared war on the Sons of Odhinn, or Yamaraja arose from the depths of Naraka to make war upon mighty Al-Uzza and Ba'al?
  6. Story Wednesday July 18, 2018

    I think the haircut is more a matter of practicality in combat. Unless it's up in a bun and under some sort of helmet, it becomes a handhold for someone looking to slow him down. Ironically his skintight superhero form is actually more practical, if he can tone down the breast size down to stop inertia from impeding combat - there's a reason why female fighters sometimes bind their chests, and it's not just to look like men.
  7. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    I mean, not necessarily. Thoth could be considered an "accountant", along with any being or individual whose job it is to keep an account of all that transpires throughout the cosmos. Heka could be called a librarian. And Hermes could be called a "travel agent", along with any being or individual whose job it is to facilitate travel around and across both sides of the world, up and down Ygdrassil.
  8. Story Friday April 20, 2018

    I wonder why Ashley's first racoon was to toss a potential weapon of magic physically, instead of trying to use it. Has she seen Harry Potter?
  9. Story Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

    So... is the Vatican informed yet? The Imperial Omyouji? The PRC and ROC? The Masons, the Golden Dawn, the Salem Coven, the Templar Order, every Rosicrucian and Pythagorian? Because for all we know, every Shabti in Egypt is about to come to life, along with the Teracotta Army, and that's not counting the "pagan artifacts" in the Vatican Archives and the Holy Relics, the obsidian daggers of Teotihuacan, the bloodied altars of Peru, the temples of Greece and Rome, every totem on every reservation in America... we'll be lucky if there isn't a delayed reaction to the Ghost Dance or a thousand and one curses flying out of the Tomb of Tutankhamun.
  10. Story, Monday February 26, 2018

    Avada Kedavra. Exterminatus. Empathetic voodoo doll. Nuclear detonation with memory wipe. Tesla death ray. Supersonic sniper round. Elephant tranquilizer. Citywide sleep spell and a bullet to the head. Dimensional cage. Holding a few orphans hostage in a teleportation-proof sealed bunker with a remote trigger release of chlorine gas. There are many ways to take down someone without x-ray vision, susceptible to sleep spells and emotional manipulation. You're not thinking ruthlessly enough. This is the DGB. A government organization that deals with shapeshifting supernatural heavy-hitters on a daily basis, with contingency plans to kill minor gods. If the CIA can murder or kidnap and torture thousands of people in over 500 black budget black sites around the world, in some of the most densely populated areas in some cases, if they can manufacture an entire drug trade and keep an entire race of people oppressed, if they can overthrow countless governments and assassinate high profile political leaders, the DGB should have no problem neutralizing Grace. Permanently.
  11. Story, Monday February 26, 2018

    Arthur Arthur is nothing if not pragmatic. For all that he seemed like a bad guy now and then, his ultimate goal has always been the preservation of the human race as it stands, through whatever means he found necessary. Plus, giving Tedd a laboratory run and funded by the DGB means that HE can personally supervise the research, giving him authority over her and putting him in a position to threaten or seize her research if he felt it necessary.
  12. Story Friday February 23, 2018

    More like "mostly cloudy with a chance of screaming many-limbed chaos spawns and impossible violations of physics and biology. Bring a few holy or blessed relics to mercy-kill the suffering and purge heresy." Gonna need a bigger blessed chainsword...
  13. Story Friday February 23, 2018

    "Become random... massive storms of chaos magic... people would stop using magic" *looks over at Warhammer rulebooks* I think the WoM massively underestimates the natural, possibly insane curiosity of mortals. Actually, Dies the Fire isn't really about magic replacing technology. It's about the gods making most tech involving steam, explosions and electricity stop working, which allows things like the Difference Engine, primitive steam engines in Iowa and clockwork horse drawn locomotives, along with hydrogen blimps in Idaho. Actual magic barely figures at all, other than premonitions and very vague stuff that could mostly be explained by hypnotic suggestion or very strong drugs, and the major stuff is less magic and more miracle, heavily involving invocations of deities such as Morrigu or Odhinn or Mary Pierced With Many Sorrows. A world where magic completely replaces technology would probably be Eberron. A world where most technology doesn't work but traditional fantasy magic works for very specific people would be the Council Wars series by John Ringo, although he cheats a bit by having said "magic" be sufficiently advanced technology.
  14. Story: Wed Feb 21, 2018

    So maybe a better question is, are we headed for My Little Pony, Dragonball, or Nanoha.
  15. Story: Wed Feb 21, 2018

    So are we headed for Dresden Files, Shadowrun, or Harry Potter with this?