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  1. If we don't see a giant hammer in Susan's deck, it will be a tragedy.
  2. Comic for Friday, Jan 5, 2024

    Pretty sure that he at least tries to divide himself - different characters are different aspects of Dan.
  3. Comic for Friday, Jan 5, 2024

    "What's something that Sarah and I can do together that she would enjoy?" (enter Luke) So...ship their friends? Is that it?
  4. Science Fiction Double Feature

    IF we have Ellen as Magenta, then would Nanase be Columbia? (picks up his shovel and leaves the thread graveyard)
  5. Comic for Wednesday, Jan 3, 2024

    Oh dear god, Hope = adorable!
  6. NP Comic for Tuesday, Jan 2, 2024

    Went on a tiny little tangent, didn't ya? Nanase being crazy strong without being built like She-Hulk (some hyperbole may be there) could be due to it being based in magic rather than raw muscle. As it is, she looks right for a martial artist - well-toned, rather than mega-bodybuilder muscle.
  7. Comic for Wednesday, Dec 27, 2023

    As a 38 year old male who still likes pointy ears, and has a 36 year old female friend who feels the same, I fail to see how that makes a worthy judgement that she's "a kid with a generous allowance."
  8. Has vibes of The Dresden Files, Book 4 (Dan has indicated that he's a reader). There's a point when Harry Dresden goes on for a few paragraphs about how, when you really think about it, airplanes are amazing.
  9. Story Friday, December 22nd, 2023

    I have never met this "Holly" person, but she must be a great warrior if we are encouraged to deck our halls with her bowels.
  10. Story Friday, December 22nd, 2023

    But do you want Adrien as a stepson?
  11. Comic for Monday, Dec 18, 2023

    For some reason, when we saw Pandora's reset, I got the feeling that she found a way to remember more than she was normally supposed to.
  12. Comic for Wednesday, Nov 1, 2023

    I dunno - he's always been against that kind of voyeurism. He even deleted the "see through clothing" option on his glasses. For some reason it's not letting me link - the relevant strips are in "Lunchtime Revelations," dates 2003-04-22 and 2003-04-23.
  13. Even without her own past, I think Diane is perfectly aware that there are reasons that the trope/stereotype exists.
  14. Comic for Friday Aug 25 2023

    Interestingly enough, no link to THIS appearance of Lord Tedd.
  15. Comic for Friday, Aug 18, 2023

    Knowing Grace, the proposition would more likely be for cuddles than anything else.
  16. Comic for Wednesday July 5 2023

    Just finished this strip on a re-read, and for some reason the aliens gave me a "Vl'hurgs and G'gugvuntts" vibe. But...since when was Grace a pirate? I thought she was a sleepy little ninja
  17. NP Comic for Thursday, Aug 3, 2023

    Could have sworn I posted this, but... I still think it would've been funnier if Elliot had just showed up to pick up Ellen (I think they still share a car),
  18. NP Comic for Saturday, Jul 22, 2023

    I've been hoping Elliot would come pick up Ellen at the end of the storyline since HOLY CARP has this storyline really been going on for over a year?!
  19. Comic for Monday July 3 2023

    Is this a good thing, or are we talking Sydney Scoville from Grrl Power?
  20. Comic for Monday July 3 2023

    Definitely won't be very gouda for you.
  21. The storyline has complicated parts - might one even say it has...layers?
  22. Comic for Wednesday, May 24, 2023

    / For some reason, I feel obligated to post this after any exposition dump.
  23. So, despite Nanase coming out and being openly in a relationship with Ellen, people still think Grace and Ellen are dating (as of Jestful Statement). Has anyone considered explaining that Grace is just a big hugger?
  24. I wish to give her pets and ear skritches.
  25. Comic for Thursday, Mar 16, 2023

    ZOMG! Could it be!? Possible beginnings of character growth for Rich? Someone get a weather forecast for Hell. I think we're seeing record-low temperatures.