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  1. Story: Friday, November 12, 2021

    I've suspected something like this for years. Though not as coherently as Arthur just phrased it.
  2. NP Thursday September 23, 2021

    Aw, Sarah, but you'd be so cute as a fluffy beast.
  3. NP Saturday, July 17 2021

    Eh, a few games and styles can manage doing it well. Though emphasis on "can" and not, say, "will" or "do".
  4. Is this thing on?

    So, this forum lives again?
  5. Story, Friday Feb 07 2020

    Well, this promises to lead to another big awkward moment. Until I saw someone point out that the clothes grew, my proverbial money had been on her going full squirrel.
  6. NP Friday April 26, 2019

    Regarding Dan's comments: given how necromancy is associate with both undead and calling up spirits, I figured what was important was just that there was a body. At all. And the spell just grabbed some animating force that mimics a living entity and latches it onto the body as an anchor. Which can cost some amount of power or another, but feels significantly less power-hungry than animating everything - just grab something already there and move it elsewhere.
  7. Q&A Monday, Mar 11, 2019

    I think that's Mr. Raven, not Susan.
  8. Story Friday July 27, 2018

    When I saw Mr. Verres at an airport, my first thought was that Van had arranged somehow to get him and Noriko to head to the US to speak with Tedd. I'm probably wrong, but thought it would be interesting.
  9. Story Friday April 6, 2018

    1) Magus is not in his right mind right now 2) Note that there is every indication he was going to wake Ellen up first - and if he wasn't going to ask her first, then what's the point in waking her? I'm inclined to not be judgmental until someone is in their right mind and I know their full motivations etc., first.
  10. Story Monday April 2 2018

    (From page 2, on consideration, since this [rutin's post] is the second time I've been asked re: stuff like this and my opinions, I'm going to elaborate) I don't condone bad actions, but feel they need to be CORRECTED not hated - hatred for such things only perpetuates divisions, strife, and lack of understanding. In the event of most bad things that people have done in this comic, I regard it as tragedy - asymmetric information, different values clashing, societies being built on flawed people making flawed rules in the struggle to be better, and people who are in pain because of everything else in this sentence trying to make things better, but due to also being affected by these things, stumbling blindly about. My hatred is... I misstated in a previous post. It's not for the society, but for the flaws in it which need fixing, flaws which teach the wrong lesson, teach lessons the wrong way, or fail to teach at all. And (gently but sternly) correcting people who suffer from said flaws in society having been drilled into them feels like a good start on fixing that. But I do *also* hold society accountable for the actions it encourages. For example, Magus is NOT in his right mind right now, but does have his society's values which say that gender swapping is no big deal - and probably fails to realize that it would be a very big deal here, due to his years of torment and tearing hurry. He needs to be stopped and corrected, but I can't hate his intentions and thus can't hate him. (I repeat: I do NOT condone Magus's actions, but nor do I hate)
  11. Story Monday April 2 2018

    I never said I condone their actions. (By "repeating wrongs" I meant as in words and saying the beliefs.) Of course they need to be stopped. Just that my hatred is reserved for the society, for screwing people up int the first place. I hate the root cause, not the (hopefully) treatable symptom.
  12. Story Monday April 2 2018

    Upon consideration: Magus has incomplete information, but enough of part of it but not enough of the other part to conclude that other people have imposed their views on Ellen. I don't blame his desire to set his perceived wrongs right (restricted to the desire), and ... well, people with misleading information cannot make the right choices except by chance. That no one asked Ellen at the start (ie, trying to figure a way to change Ellen if she desired) is not to anyone's credit. I await information on Magus's time constraints and why he thinks he doesn't have the time to wait for her to wake up and talk, like he should be doing. (But I can't hate him. Real shame the cultures clash in the exact worst way, but I don't blame persons for repeating wrongs when they have never been shown right - just the society for being that way.)
  13. Story Monday April 2 2018

    He got chased off soon after the party started by les immortales.
  14. Story Monday April 2 2018

    Tedd's spell is only ever permanent when used to swap genders of the user of the spell. The wand Tedd made should be plenty for Ellen to swap back in case of the worst. Since then Ellen would be the caster.
  15. Story Monday April 2 2018

    I'm trying to decide if my conclusions about Ellen would be the same as Magus's if I had only the information Magus has. I'm leaning, yes. (Though not his conclusions on actions - but, so many external factors are making him rushed and ill-informed and clouding his vision, so I can't hate him.)