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  1. Anyone recognise this?

    "Now you know....the rest of the story. I'm Paul Harvey...Good Day." "The Rest of the Story" was a short 15-20 min syndicated radio show where Paul Harvey expanded on, well, "the rest of the story" of some thing or other.
  2. Anyone recognise this?

    Artwork from it has been crossing my pinterest (though not this)...
  3. NP Friday, Jun 8, 2018

    A cat-astrophic con-cat-enation applied cat-egorically... Somewhere Grace is miffed because people she likes were getting hugs and she wasn't there to participate...
  4. NP Wed June 6th 2018

    Nah, just baseball...
  5. Friday June 8, 2018

    I thought Arthur would know better. He forgot an important rule of show business (and concealing magic is how business) "Nver work with teenagers or dragons" (worse, teenage dragons)
  6. Things that you find baffling

    They'd also compare against other lists gathered at other security breaches....
  7. EGS Strip Slaying

    ...or were you thinking of FUS RHODA?
  8. Things that you find baffling

    Any page that deals with finances, there's a chance of getting credit card info...
  9. Patreon Jun 1, 2018 - Buff Rhea

    I think it's a bit of both. I think Rhea is arching her back some but she is also very hourglassy with almost no waist between hips and a widening back Fv5 Greg has this same thing going but it's not as noticeable because of his pose vs. Rhea's. Look at just the back-foot side of Greg and you'll see it.
  10. Story Monday May 28, 2018

    I am told trained fighters hate fighting untrained fighters because you never know what they're going to do. I tend to think Hitler's successes were partly by him being untrained. But as he came to believe his own press and as he became more deluded he became less conversant with his limits or the limits of the forces under his command.
  11. Things that make you MAD

    This is a case of fixing something that wasn't broken. We could set a hard and fast boot order in older BIOSes and it would simply use that. Someone had to make a case for updating this behavior and convince other people that it was a good idea. Another edge case is the occasionally annoying moments where a system attempts to boot from the flash drive instead of the hard drive. The solution (pull the flash drive out of the USB port) must have seemed too strenuous or counter-intuitive...
  12. Things that make you MAD

    Pardon the tech.... Most UEFI PC BIOSes "helpfully" change their boot order without asking. the average user shouldn't care that much but in a lab environment it's annoying as hades. For my own convenience I want all my machines to boot from optical disk (Cd/DVD/BD rom) first. It makes disk formats and mass OS installs simpler and quicker. Old BIOSes? No problem. I tell the BIOS to boot from the disk first, that's exactly what it is going to do. Every time. Makes sense right? That's too simpleminded for a UEFI BIOS. It knows better. If it sees a new UEFI-format hard drive if feels compelled to alter its boot order without asking for permission or telling anyone, to make the hard drive boot first, which is what I DO NOT want. I can reset the boot order of course but UEFI is constantly looking for a reason to pounce and put the hard drive on top again. There's no way to turn this behaviour off, because of course it's clearly superior behavior. Why would anyone want anything different? I suppose there's an edge case or two this helps. A moderately skilled user installs windows from a disk. The BIOS then automagically gets the disk out of her or his way if they forget to pull the disk out of the drive after starting the install. But most windows disks come with with a "hit any key" prompt to re-enter the install environment and otherwise go on to boot the .hard disk anyway, so why again? Very annoying. Very much slows the process down.
  13. NP Monday May 28 2018

    Arthur should know anything Ed Verres knows. I think between the boar incident and Grace and Rhoda tutoring each other that there's a very good chance Ed Verres knows Rhoda was marked. Not as sure about Rhoda awakening.
  14. NP Monday May 28 2018

    Especially since Pandora was going out of her way to create cases like Kitty's....
  15. NP Monday May 28 2018

    Kitty's awakening is bearing down on the EGS world like a mack truck....
  16. NP Monday May 28 2018

    For those keeping track of these things, Kitty is an Awakened magic user. I asked about this on patreon. Kitty has apparently been vigorously training with her mark spell and has Awakened.
  17. Story Monday May 21 2018

    I realize this. I was pointing to "why" not to question that Magus would know a F->M spell but to suggest there might be a practical reason. *His* gender change spell might have a time limit also. I didn't really make my point clear, sorry....
  18. Story Monday May 21 2018

    Why would Magus need to know a F->M spell if he were permanently male after one casting? Aside from story convenience of course...
  19. This Day In History

    That's the ugly dark side to claiming end of the world. that some vulnerable people get defrauded badly. It's all fun and games until someone loses their retirement savings.
  20. Story Monday May 21 2018

    It would give new meaning to "tit for tat" though...
  21. This Day In History

    Someone predicted what when? I like the Kirk quote from Star Trek VI, "We haven't run out of history just yet."
  22. Story Monday May 21 2018

    That could have resulted in Ellen returning the favor...
  23. Story Friday May 18, 2018

  24. NP Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    ...but it was nothing to stew over....
  25. NP Monday May 14, 2018

    Gamers: the unappreciated positive role-models...