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  1. Story Friday March 16, 2018

    I imagine Susan's "Chest of Interesting things I can summon" is starting to look like a toybox with all those fairydolls in it...
  2. Story Friday March 16, 2018

    Abraham in in a weird good news/bad news situation....
  3. Story Friday March 16, 2018

    and we fight in the shade.
  4. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    There. I put a like on your replay You're now at 1777 and the crisis is over.
  5. Questions for Q&A 8

    That's the sort of thing that would come out in playtest...
  6. Things you have no idea how to feel about

    maybe you just have to put on a musical theater show?
  7. Questions for Q&A 8

    Both squirrel and kid are forms, right? Wouldn't one cancel or replace the other?
  8. Story Friday March 16, 2018

    Generally Agreed. I would add 4: Magus is altering the normal process of the Dewitchery "Diamond". All bets are off from the get-go. We don't know how much of the Diamond's normal functioning Magus is changing. Enough to make it explode suggests a fair amount. KISS Principle means Magus is not going to care if he gives his spells to Elliot or if he gets Elliot's spells. He wants his body back. I would guess the rest is negotiable. Magus might not even get any ability to "pass on the curse" (this assumes that Magus is coming out as the "permanently cursed duplicate" which may not be accurate, but if we consider the last time Elliot touched the diamond, Magus would be the cursed duplicate. What "pass on the curse" ability would Magus even get? The ability to turn people into permanent spirit-realm shadows? Fuse people with their dimensional doppelgangers? Fuse people with Elliot? Magus claims to be a wizard. If he's a Wizard by EGS Prime standards, he will probably get Elliot's spells. If Elliot has a buried Wizard affinity or picks it up from having been fused with Magus, he *could* get Magus' spell list, but I don't know what he gets just from exposure to the Jewel. He got Awakened last time, so if he has a buried Wizard Affinity, the diamond would likely bring that out. There's a wildcard that occurred to me. Magus was originally involved with both Pandora and Sirleck. And Pandora is a very intelligent, predictive thinker. Suppose she set Magus up with Sirleck and pretended not to care just to create this moment. We don't know what magical advice she gave to Magus. Perhaps she finessed her magical advice in order to finesse the results against Sirleck. Using Magus as a pawn against Sirleck seems a very "immortal" way of thinking.
  9. The Album, and Other Music

    The same way anything with mass approaches lightspeed...
  10. Story, Monday March 12, 2018

    I went back through Sister to see if Dan ever showed the parking lot so we know what a "normal" night was like. Dan didn't.
  11. Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    Nope. We seem to be in agreement here...
  12. Questions for Q&A 8

    How many Immortals can dance on the head of a pin?
  13. Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    I never claimed it was rational, just that ADHD meds were over-prescribed..
  14. Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    There is the opposite side of the coin today. The patient sometimes, rightly or wrongly, demands the medication. Sometimes that's good for exactly the arguments made above. Other times, not. If a kid is genuinely affected by ADHD, sure. But normal healthy kids are active, energetic, and pushing boundaries every minute of every hour or every day. Sometimes the kid is medicated because the *parent* can't cope...
  15. NP Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    You win this round....
  16. NP Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    Not what I expected. I thought you meant...
  17. NP Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    ...and fans of the 80s would definitely consider Nanase to be a "fox"...
  18. NP Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    That's a Bowman's Wolf. totally different critter. But you are correct. There are exceptions, but they're Japanese.
  19. NP Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    They're also rather gmoneic. Very few stand as tall as your average human. The really skinny ones are the agnomics...
  20. NP Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    Ergonomic is sadly not foxonomic. The world biased against the fox-handed. Especially those who are nomic when it comes to mice...
  21. Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    because the only medication more over-perspectibed than antidepressants is ADHD meds..
  22. NP Wednesday Feb 28 2018

    Constantly revising one's Mouse Contact List is just the price one pays for being a fox...
  23. Story Wed Feb 28, 2018

    It would be interesting to hear Arthur tell Ed Verres how he knows about Tedd's research. And perhaps other more personal things he learned about Tedd...
  24. Story, Wednesday March 7, 2018

    There's still a lot of factors to control for. And that's before the possibility of bias rears its head. The things I'd look for in developed countries would be return on various advertising strategies. Are strategies that appeal to the unhappy more or less successful? Especially useful if the same ad campaign is localized into a number of different countries. Also take advantage of the ubiquity of Google. People type the craziest things into google's search bar. Sometimes their darkest fears and angriest feelings. It's as if Google is the confessor of the 21st century. I just use it for searches myself...