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  1. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    ...so what I hear you saying is Susan is skilled at hitting offensive, high school students who have little or no combat training but has trouble dealing with someone who knows what they are doing. I can see the point but she also juggled three hammers and a lunchtray once. Maybe hammers are really her thing. I don't know how much good slashing goo I'd expect slashing goo would do but I'd be more wary of splashing it around...
  2. Story Friday December 15, 2017

    I'm a little thrown off. First Susan executes bearded snake vampire in one shot and now she can't use a sword? She's owned one since before the second Goo incident too. Plus the whole "hammer Queen" thing.
  3. Video Game Discussion Part 3

    Do you know where you're going to buy it from? I have no use for what you're selling but I might be able to send you a gift card to help you buy what you want.
  4. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Both of these earn my seal of approval...
  5. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Duck Season!
  6. Story, Monday December 4, 2017

    To turn an old adage on its head: "If nobody is in charge then everybody is in charge."
  7. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    Wabbit Season!
  8. Story, Monday December 11, 2017

    It's Wabbit Season!
  9. Patreon: December 4, 2017: Space Kitty Susan

    Any? No. Even Season 3 of Babylon 5, it's zenith season head and shoulders above the others, had one clunker (Grey 17 is missing) Classic Trek just has a lot of excellent episodes which were about matched by the number of questionable ones. But taken by the standards of its day? Nothing comes close.
  10. unequal clothing swaps

    You'd be on your way to being Erza from Fairy Tale...
  11. Patreon: December 4, 2017: Space Kitty Susan

    Classic Trek has not aged well visually and its storytelling was all over the map from awesome to dreadful.
  12. Story, Friday December 8, 2017

    magic does seem willing to upgrade spells. Nanase's fairydoll spell did not start with its "fae punch" sub-spell but added it later. I didn't have your reaction but I wouldn't want you to feel like "it's just you." in any bad way.
  13. NP Wednesday Dec 6 2017

    Agreed the sample size cannot represent any serious or comprehensive study. Arguably however, with proper advance planning to minimize other differences besides Byron's apparent breast size, it could work as a proof of concept. I don't know if the planning took place. I can say that customers shown on the segment looked used to her, but also admit that it could be an artifact of choosing which interactions made it into the segment. Other possible controls would be to have Byron work for a week or more in each state to allow novelty to wear off and then only count tips for the final day, though a graph of tips over time might be interesting as well
  14. Story, Friday December 8, 2017

    Did anybody besides me notice that the sword Susan used survived its encounter with the bearded snake-vampire? I think the narration is a bit of book-learning left by Jerry to his next life now using the working title of "Zeus."
  15. NP Wednesday Dec 6 2017

    I would expect they looked for a place where she wouldn't be recognized, or at most people would think, "hey that girl behind the counter looks an awful lot like..." Being recognized would invalidate the test results. I thought it was "Kelli".. Oh well. I got the "K" right. Yay me.
  16. NP Wednesday Dec 6 2017

    Those things still work but these days simply being attractive actually is enough. Often having big boobs is enough. Mythbusters did a segment where they had Kelli Byron work a counter at a sandwich shop two different days. The first day "stock" and then enhanced a couple of cup sizes. They noted down not just the amount of tips she got but also who tipped more or less each day. The enhanced Kelli got more tips from both men and women.
  17. Story, Monday December 4, 2017

    If magus survives Friday night, we can find out. They have "Dragon sirens" where he comes from.
  18. Story, Monday December 4, 2017

    That may be the one thing she doesn't know. She probably knows that his parents are dead. She just about has to know Raven is his guardian and she's seen him in a fight enough times to have total faith in him. Heck Noah even made good on his promise to slay the dragon. It just didn't have the courtesy to stay slain.
  19. Patreon: December 4, 2017: Space Kitty Susan

    I was thinking slingshot, tractor beam (repel) or tebuchet depending on the tech level...
  20. Story, Monday December 4, 2017

    Melisa's total confidence in Noah definitely suggests he's good at what he does. At least "good" according to Melissa's experience.
  21. Story Wednesday December 6, 2017

    Susan's going to have a fan club if she keeps this up. Ashley already thinks Susan is totally cool. Looks like Diane is going to follow suit. I'm sure Elliot would join and Sarah has been Susan's best friend for a while. And this is before we talk about Catalina and Rhoda...
  22. Story, Monday December 4, 2017

    And he's really not anything 2.0. He's the Immortal Previously Known as Jerry, who is into his Nth incarnation. Heck we don't know how new Immortals com into being. (I mean completely new immortals not reincarnations)
  23. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    ...and that's before you talk about spell components. memorizing spells and expending spell components were two of the most annoying and counter-intuitive things that TSR added to AD&D..
  24. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    It's reasonable to say it's not a slam-dunk, but the counter-argument is that known magical aptitudes tend to be indifferent to magic's rules and they tend to be determined by lineage.
  25. Story, Monday November 20, 2017

    Well that's a bunch of speculation that we don't need to do again... If magus is a wizard, does that mean Elliot (and by extension Ellen) are wizards too?