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  1. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    I think she has a harder time than most humans. Being aloof and just out to have fun for 150 years means she hasn't dealt much with pain or loss. There's a certain amount of pain and loss that's unavoidable to humans.
  2. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    I look at it not as an abandonment of self but as an abandonment of Blaike's memory and Adrian as his legacy. Pandora's focus is outward. This is the first time she's been introspective, probably in hundreds of years. if I were to speculate, I'd think that Pandora was hurt so deeply by losing Blaike that she threw herself into everything but actually mourning him, becoming fiercely interested in and protective of 'family". She wants to focus on anything but herself. She's trying desperately to hold onto what was left of her life with Blaike because letting it go would be more than she could bear. And gradually becoming older and less balanced, bored and trapped.
  3. NP Wednesday August 9, 2017

    ...as along as we're agreed that the game artifact is a step on the way to hammers.
  4. NP Wednesday August 9, 2017

    proof of concept in the sense of "Can I do an artifact that makes things better (or more fun) and not worse?"
  5. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    I don't think she'd be having the conversation with herself that she is having if she didn't feel empathy. But I think it is new to her.
  6. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    Pretty much, yeah. Blaike meant too much to her, Adrian meant too much to her to reset and lose the connection.
  7. Political Discussion Thread (READ FIRST POST)

    Just skimming the article I'm am completely willing to believe that the Chinese instigated this altercation.
  8. Story Wednesday August 16th, 2017

    I think "trickster" primarily. In that mode she wasn't "bad" per se.... But humor, especially practical joke sort of humor is hard to pull off without some cruelty. Which in turn often requires some indifference to the object of the prank. I'd like to credit Blaike with putting Pandora in touch with her empathy. Maybe Pandora's experience with Blaike was enough to bring about a change to basic nature. I expect we'll find out eventually.
  9. NP Wednesday August 16, 2017

    Yeah but you'd expect classicJerry to know what he was talking about.
  10. NP Wednesday August 16, 2017

    There's no evidence that Pandora is even conscious of Jerry's new self. Or even his old self. I know NP is not canon, but if Hanma is, character elements like her age and power, also prior knowledge of pre-reset Jerry, should be canon. Hanma is old enough and powerful enough to power a hammer artifact. Jerry told the girls he wouldn't be able to do this and Jerry 2.0 confirmed it. There's no reason to think a Pandora reset could do something a Jerry reset couldn't. Pandora's reset would have to travel decades back in time to be old enough and powerful enough to be Hanma in a universe where time travel can't occur.
  11. NP Wednesday August 16, 2017

    Not given her prior history with Jerry...
  12. NP Wednesday August 9, 2017

    I thought she was saying "I'll start with this and work my way up to hammers of twapping"
  13. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    No but I can read the wikipedia entry. I don't think Immortal reincarnation works the same as it does in Inuyasha. Consider what Pandora says in today's comic as she argues with herself. "I would still be me where it matters"
  14. More Speculation.

    I'll agree to the principle but maintain my disagreement with the example. I have a hard time seeing Voltaire impersonating Ed Verres in order to further gender-shame Tedd as passing muster. That was Scotty's suggestion. Note that even when Voltaire considers routes he could have taken to "guide and empower" Tedd in the direction he wants Tedd to go, Impersonating Ed Verres wasn't on his list of options. Something I realized elsewhere was that if Pandora could run around and kill every werewolf, presumably directly and personally, then Immortal law doesn't cover werewolves as if they were human. Strong bet that Aberrents/Vampires aren't human for purposes of Immortal law either. So Voltaire can mean Sirleck harm. I also wouldn't be surprised to find that Immortal law doesn't cover unexpected consequences. So humans that might get hurt because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time when Sirleck and Adrian throw down aren't Voltaire's fault either. New and Old Flames: Voltaire was able to "guide" Dex into having the bulldog-dragon try to destroy Greg's dojo (presumably killing everybody inside including Dex) without being forcibly reset, so "Guide" can be read pretty broadly. Certainly Immortals could gain more freedom to act as they get better at rationalizing their actions or keeping enough control over their thoughts that they don't trigger a reset. I would expect the insanity that builds up over time might make more and more reset-worthy actions fail to trigger a reset.
  15. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    That's a lot clearer, thank you. I'm hoping at least that things aren't as bad as they look. My first thought when I read 'as if read from a book" I thought, "yeah, a poorly written book.". The phrase gives a sense of a dry abstract remembering, not being told a story with the emotional responses a good story can evoke. That also means the intimate details are not carrying through. The sights, smells touches and the emotional impact of these things just aren't there. They died with the old personality., granting it at least some privacy. if I'm an Immortal and do a proper reset, I'm not handing my memories to a random stranger. I'm handing them to me. A new variation on the theme of me, anyway. There's certain things I am at my core of being and I'll still be those things. If I handle my past self's memories ungently it would probably be because I'm an ungentle soul to begin with. If I am one to value personal interaction and intimacy, I will probably treat my previous self's life that same way. I won't feel what I did but knowing something was important to me once means I will probably teat the memory with respect. I think the technical aspects of being an Immortal actually do survive a proper reset. Jerry called it "my new self knowing his lefts from his rights."
  16. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    A forced reset is certainly a clean break from the past and a clean slate for the future. That simplifies things emotionally. I apologize if this steps on territory that is too personal but could you expand on what bothers you about retaining memories from a previous existence? I'm not getting where you're coming from and I'd like to understand.
  17. Story Friday August 11, 2017

    There's a case to be made that "lashing out violently" equates to 'emotionally crippled.", but I get your meaning. Tedd goes dark, not closer to catatonic.
  18. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    I can sort of see what you mean. Taking the darkest view of an Immortal life, they are in a Call of Cthulu game. Over time they slowly go insane. They can't get out of the game but they can start the insanity clock over from scratch at the cost of the life they have built for themselves, either remembering their previous existence as removed and abstract, or worse if an improper reset, starting life in a dazed and confused state near tabla rasa state. A lot of descriptions of human spiritual life bear some resemblance to the Immortal life cycle, which takes the sting out of it for me. According to some spiritual types, humans have an ego rooted in the lifetime they are living and the body they are living it in, but also a soul that carries forward from incarnation to incarnation containing the totality of all past lives. Eastern spirituality tends to focus on shedding the ego of the current existence to let the spirit show through. When an Immortal resets it is the same as a human death. The self dies but the soul reincarnates. Selves die. It's just the nature of things. No-body lives forever. A 200 year run is a good run. I think I might have stuff figured out by 200...
  19. Story Friday August 11, 2017

    That was pointed out to me elsewhere. But I don't think Immortals are allowed to inflict harm, which ought to include emotional harm. Pretty much. It was something that didn't apply to hitting or clawing things right now, so Tara didn't bother remembering it. There would be no reaction from Immortal Law. It's an automagic thing. Immortals would have to get together and force a reset on Pandora. Considering Immortal law doesn't cover Werewolves, it almost certainly doesn't cover Aberrations/Vampires. Once Sirlect attacks Raven I can't think of anything besides holding Raven hostage would save Sirleck. but how would Pandora find out an Immortal had Sirleck go after her son? Sirleck thinks Abner told him. It's possible that her *Immortal senses* would realize it wasn't Abner (hopefully before she does something they both would regret) but what would point her at Voltaire? Point taken, again. Emotionally cripple Tedd not functionally cripple him. Agreed, That is the way to bet. But we still don't know at what point Voltaire started doing things. There's no need or point to trying to retcon Voltaire into every past story point he could possibly be a part of. After a certain point it just creates big tangled knots of plot. We need motive means and opportunity for each one.
  20. More Speculation.

    Thinking about it, I have to agree. Immortals are obviously allowed to impersonate. But I can't think that the ability is unlimited. Immortals aren't allowed to directly inflict harm and I suspect that includes emotional harm. Your suggestion that Voltaire could simply impersonate Ed Verres and further mess Tedd up would *be* the infliction of emotional harm. Pandora's intent playing at being Agent Wolf was merely to get to see her son. Voltaire impersonating Abner did no harm to Sirleck. (though if he does go after Raven he could be in for some cubic buttloads of harm via Raven himself or even Pandora)
  21. Story Friday August 11, 2017

    She was an out-of-towner who was primarily a destruction machine. I don't think she knew about "Immortals". I think Adrian is bait to pull Pandora into the fray. Pit the most powerful Vampire against the most powerful Immortal. Voltaire doesn't have to have been a part of those earlier plot threads. He might not have been active in Moperville until the magic buildup became evident. We don't know why he feels it is important to cripple Tedd. We don't know if Voltaire knows Magus exists. I'd expect he does since he seems to know a lot of stuff going on that I wouldn't expect.
  22. More Speculation.

    When you have Immoral Law mucking things up, sure...
  23. Story Friday August 11, 2017

    I don't believe that Immortals are allowed to impersonate specific people. That's not guiding or empowering. We saw Voltaire impersonate an Ancient but not a specific Ancient. No argument that Volaire would do it in a heartbeat if he could. Remember he impersonated someone else to a Vampire/Aberrent. I don't think they're covered under Immortal Law the way regular people are. Just not seeing this. It involves way too much speculation about way too many things we just don't know about. Magus needed Elliot in order to get a body back. Killing Elliot deprives Magus of any influence over Tedd. Moreover magus won't be a bad or debilitating influence on Tedd. He's a decent guy, just really, really desperate. Voltaire seems interested in forcing a magic reset as a step towards his larger goal of undoing Immortal law. Crippling Tedd would slow the world's ability to adapt to the magic shift. How this forwards Voltaire's larger goal isn't obvious right now.
  24. Story Friday August 11, 2017

    magus was probably in our world by then, yes. But with no means by which he could get a body back, so the threat to Elliot was minimal. We do not know that magus had any association with Sirleck at that time, however. Whoever was behind his situation was biding their time, waiting for Tedd to do more TF Gun research, zap Elliot and create Ellen. so again low on the threat scale for H&D's previous existences. It's possible that Magus hoped that Tedd zapping Elliot would be enough to set up his release via Dewitchery Diamond. Voltaire probably didn't fiddle with Norko's emotions. Pretty sure that would be against Immortal law. If it wasn't, Pandora wouldn't need Magus to make Ed Verres mad enough to kill Abraham. She'd do it herself.And magus was almost certainly NOT in EGS-Prime when Noriko walked out. Ed Verres and H&D's previous selves are a good match.. I tend to agree with you that they were his Immortal contacts. And investigating what we know of as Magus' entry into EGS-Prime puts them where they need to be to "find out too much" and be reset to bury what they knew.
  25. Story Monday August 14, 2017

    Do you mean disliking the shape-shifting aspect? As in the possibility that there could be a "classic Pandora" body and a "Pandora Chaos Raven" body physically present on the "spirit plane" arguing with each other, both in addition to the Pandora body present in Tedd's basement?