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  1. THAT, I like. I was thinking substituting a light blue for the pink to get some contrasting colors in there, but turning up the contrast itself certainly works. We definitely get a greater sense of energy and movement. It also helps that you use a pinker shade of pink as well. I especially like the yellow cape. I think that's a definite step up from the olive-brown color Dan used in the official version. The deeper yellow and contrast make it stand out better. Thanks for making these. I appreciate both of them. You did a great job with the shading too. How did you do that?. The shading I did for my Rhoda and Amanda redo is dreadful by comparison.
  2. Pharoes had their own form of rock. Lots of it...
  3. Good job and thanks. I'm a little disappointed with the results, however, which is no reflection on you, HarJIT.. The result is a little...blander...that I might have wished just thinking about it.
  4. Never hurts to ask permission to include, with a credit somewhere...
  5. I think I'd ask Riff Raff that question, assuming anything...
  6. Don't most magical girls go for lighter colors? Pinks and powder-blues?
  7. When Christ starts scowling and the next bit looks to be Him coming off the cross to lay down some smack talk of His own, I had watched all I cared to, meaning no offense to the video channel. Some things are simply not worth the seconds, minutes or hours of my life required to take them in.
  8. ...but a second opinion might be in order.
  9. I couldn't finish the video...
  10. Now I am picturing Ashley holding the Marvel Comics Thor's hammer and wondering what all the fuss is about... Ashley reference...
  11. That's not normal behavior for a major appliance...
  12. Every time I read The whiteboard, I feel the need to get a screen cleaner...
  13. It gets pretty messy with lots of unintended consequences. Unlike Superman, Flash and Quickslver do not have their own personal reactionless drives handy. (Or at least that's not how super-speed is presented). Every accelerating step forward requires their shoes grip the surface and transfer the acceleration energy to the floor. Imagine what that does to the floor. They can go up stairs OK but they can't go down them any faster than they can fall. They would have to run down walls, which aren't built to be floors. Now let's talk about the forces that ac on them when they try to turn or what they do to the air around them as they go by, or the friction heating they would have to deal with. Invoking physics the entire world to a speedster is like they're immersed something like water slipping on glass. Then let's talk about collisions, bugs, dust, even smoke become hazards to a speedster. Superman, at least, is invulnerable...
  14. It gets really messy if you don't, to be honest.
  15. I was intentionally setting aside the bizarre logistics of actually jumping to supersonic speed inside a building...
  16. I could indeed. I might need a dictionary of Eve terms and a map of corporation territoriesto completely understand it.
  17. I don't want to play Eve. I want to be a fly on the wall when certain things happen. Eve has seen massive player corporation wars. I'd like a ringside seat for big stuff like that.
  18. There is also the explosion that accelerated the bullet to supersonic speeds to begin with... Edit: I'd be curious how much of a "boom" a railgun makes...
  19. I'd be curious if the soviet missile was fired "at" the US jet or "into" it. "Into" implies the US jet was "damaged or destroyed", while "at" would not. That might be easy info to come by because it would cut to the effectiveness of both Russian and US hardware and US piloi training. If such an incident occurred, analysts would have gone over every millisecond of time, charting hardware and human interactions. what went as expected, what didn't. And might still be.
  20. There's overflight at supersonic speeds and breaking the sound barrier. As an aircraft approaches the speed of sound it builds up a shockwave of air moving barely or not at all faster than the plane. I'm pretty sure it's that shockwave that produces the characteristic "sonic boom" and broken windows if not handled properly. Jumping instantly to supersonic speeds probably wouldn't create a "sonic book" shockwave but in the confined space of a building could break windows that wouldn't be broken by a flyby outside the building.
  21. I don't think Tedd had any better idea how it should work. He didn't know what genderfluid meant until Grace introduced him to the term, so it's pretty obvious that he didn't really understand nuances of sexuality and attraction when he was working on the TF Gun. I thought the idea is that Uryouoms would temporarily take on forms needed to create a breeding population for another race with a limited population. While the TF Gun works on other races, I think it was designed by Uryouoms for Uryouoms. When Susan asks Ellen to transform her it was with the intent to try out lesbianism. But Ellen informs her that being Fv5ed should result in more intense heterosexual attraction.
  22. As of Grace's birthday Party Tedd did not touch the parts of the TF-Gun that touched on sexuality. The way the Gun works with gender and attraction came as factory defaults. Tedd tells Justin that his sense of who he is attracted to would be unchanged despite the TF Gun adding a heterosexual overlay to whatever the new form is. I would suggest that the TF Gun doesn't affect gender identity because Uryouoms don't have an inherent gender identity to begin with. Nor is one needed if the goal is to help a different species make children. I think we're agreed that the TF Gun does not affect gender identity. Justin identifies male before transformation and still identifies male afterward. The overlay of heterosexuality that went with the shift to female would just enhance the sorts of attractions Justin already feels.
  23. Arnie took the job seriously his first term. His second, harder to tell.
  24. TF Gun can alter sexual preference, however and that's foreign to Uryouoms too. Copying Brownie and still being able to speak is an excellent point. Ellen's copy beam did not seem to impose impose catlike instincts on her. But did it copy Brownie's ability to sleep at a moment's notice? I'd tend to think there's a difference in the intensity of the situation between defending someone you love against the monster that just knocked her around and realizing your girlfriend is being stupidly brave. Magic likes drama, true, but emotion on the part of a magic-user is a game changer. Unmet emotional wants or needs enable Marking. A big enough emotional backlash can Awaken. but then I'd argue that Ellen could copy Nanase's Angel form a second time if her reasons for copying the Angel form satisfied the conditions for Nanase initiating the Angel form to begin with. I am not convinced Ellen could go Angel on her own unless she earned her own copy of the Angel spell and Dan hasn't told us.