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  1. EGS Community Survey 2019

    Thanks for the praise and feedback, RutinTutin I just finished the livestream, and it is now available here: It's an hour and a half, but you can scroll through it if you like. I'm quite happy with it and I hope you will enjoy too!
  2. EGS Community Survey 2019

    The survey results are now live! You can get the results on my personal website. Moreover, I will be doing a livestream on YouTube in 3 hours from now, to discuss and analyze all of the results. Be there if you can! :)
  3. EGS Community Survey 2019

    Seeing as it will take a few more days before the results will be all ready, I may as well give away some more data in advance just to keep conversation going ^_^ Interestingly, 92% of the respondents are white, followed by 4.2% of the community being hispanic/latino. Less than 1% of the community reported to be black. That was an extreme result that quite got me by surprise.
  4. EGS Community Survey 2019

    Alas, it will take a few more days to properly compile the results. I underestimated how laborious this process would be. I do expect to have it finished before the next weekend. Thank you all for your patience! As a quick teaser, did you know that the average age of the El Goonish Shive community member is 29? And the median age is 27!
  5. EGS Community Survey 2019

    I was just about to say! I am currently planning to close the survey tomorrow, on Sunday, somewhere around noon GMT. We are 634 responses right now and new responses are dripping in at only two or three a day now. I want to compile the results tomorrow as well. Hopefully, a good report of the survey results will be available within 36 hours from now, somewhere in my evening of Sunday.
  6. EGS Community Survey 2019

    That's completely good. I made all the questions optional for exactly that sort of reason Thank you very much for filling it out!
  7. EGS Community Survey 2019

    In order to get a better grasp on the demographics, reading style, tastes, and interests of the El Goonish Shive community, we have created create a fan community survey on Google forms. Here, we ask all bunnies questions about culture of origin, identity, favorite characters and arcs, interests in works similar to El Goonish Shive, and how the webcomic and its community affected your life. This is the first such survey to have come out, so we're still working out some kinks. None of the questions are required, so feel free to skip when unsure! Also, the questionnaire is anonymous. You can take the survey here The survey went live around 14 hours before I posted this thread, and I have linked it on Discord and Reddit (as well as Twitter and Tumblr). Thus far, we have over 300 responses. My personal favorite question thus far is the "favorite page" one, and I am very much looking forward to being able to share the results of this and all the other questions with you all! Thank you very very much for filling it out, and thank you all so so much for being such an excellent community. Who am I? I am merely a moderator on the El Goonish Shive Discord server. You can find more about me on my personal website, as well as on my main YouTube channel. I have worked together with some other senior members of the El Goonish Shive Discord server in setting up this survey. Right now, I am the only person who can view the results, and I will work to further anonymize the results before publishing them publicly.
  8. NP, Thursday August 4, 2016

    I believe you : ) Yay! ... I may have actually thought the same thing at the time. I'm not even sure anymore. It seems like a somewhat natural conclusion: "He can magically sense puppies? How could that be!"
  9. NP, Thursday August 4, 2016

    I know someone has theorized this in the past, but regardless, I think this is mostly accurate:
  10. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    You're writing this post as if Ellen would have had to grow up with such a genetic code. I imagined that, when Elliot was zapped by the TF gun, his genetic code stayed the same but his body transformed. Ellen wouldn't have "grown up" with Swyer Syndrome, nor would it look like she grew up with it. Instead, she looks like a normal human female, but at age 16 (or however old Elliot was when he got transformed), her genetic code said XY instead of XX. What kind of effect does it have if your genetic code says male after going through a perfectly normal female puberty and having all the female parts? Would Ellen be infertile? I would assume that the TF gun changes someone's genetics to get around such issues.
  11. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    Ellen's proportions are a bit different though; larger breasts and such. Assuming the TF gun changes DNA, that aspect would probably be different in Ellen and Elliot as well. If the TF gun doesn't change DNA... Then Ellen would still have XY chromosomes? Hmm..
  12. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    I am looking forward to a situation where most of the main 8 doesn't know how Ellen got pregnant and then see the baby I'm pretty sure this is all just fanfiction, though ^_^;
  13. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    Honestly, if a lesbian couple gets a kid, "who is the father" is already an awkward, "non of your busines"-type question. Who gives a shit if people just conclude that it may be Tedd after comparing looks? Are we worried that people will think Tedd had a thing with Ellen?
  14. Things You Only Noticed On Reread

    We just have to make sure every single EGS fan asks the same question. It will definitely work! ^ _ ^ But he probably won't be able to fit it in this Q&A session, no
  15. Story Friday, June 10, 2016

    Seeing as Dan started uploading El Goonish Shive in 2002, I think we can safely assume sex-differences in Pokémon didn't exist when Dan first drew Sarah as a Pikachu.