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  1. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    Well, for something to be twice the volume of one fairy, he would need to be able to summon 4, for 3 times 9, etc. The square/cube law bites. Yeah, square/cube law can be a pain. Though if the volume thing is true, that gives some insight into how much power Voltaire was pumping into him, as he could summon that big bulldog dragon and all of those fire dudes, along with pumping enough extra power into the dragon to make it unkillable. The heat coming off of Dex might have just been a side effect of all the power going into him, though that would raise the question of why Dex wasn't burnt to a crisp.
  2. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    I doubt Dex had the power to do much other than at most multiple fairydoll summons, unless Greg's been teaching him ASMA as well. From what Noah had said, it implies that his limit on summoning is based on volume. So, if he can summon multiple fairies, then he could summon something with the same volume as multiple fairies...which might still not be much depending on how many that multiple is.
  3. Story, September 20, 2017

    He mentioned wizards, which gets people thinking about magic. True he said, 'the misinformed would call them wizards,' but that still calls to mind magic, or at least something that might as well be magic if you don't have any context, which his announcement did not provide. If he didn't want people thinking about magic, then why have the line about wizards? He could just have easily said, "There are those with power. Power they did not ask for and cannot explain." He also didn't both to correct the talk show host when he called them wizards, even though he took the time to correct the host on what weight would be growing. Also, if he was hoping the majority of people were going to assume something like Mutants or something, why not drive the narrative in that direction? The DGB has no qualms about lying to people on a regular basis. They did that throughout Edward's tenure, and he was taught by Arthur, so certainly Arthur wouldn't have any qualms about lying to the public. He could have said "the misinformed would call them mutants." Doesn't waste resources trying to cover up the existence of paranormal goings on and drives the narrative away from magic, which would help mitigate the risk of magic reset. Going by this comic, he's either trying to do what he believes is the good thing, or he's trying to deceive his boss. Technically it could be either, but Assistant Director Liefeld has the clout and authority to make things very unpleasant for Arthur if the potential lies come to light. It's not generally a good idea to trick your boss, especially when you're a member of a super-secret organization. Such organizations can arrange for 'unfortunate accidents.' Or they could simply lock him away from a very long time in where ever magical criminals go. As for why? Immortals will still have magic, but they will still also have their laws preventing them from doing much more then 'Guide and Empower.' Voltaire is trying to change the laws, but Arthur doesn't know that (or if he does, then he's likely been deceived into thinking Voltaire will try to change them for the better, but I think Arthur is too smart to fall for that) There is the potential of aberrations still being a problem, but that depends on whether or not they're human enough for the magic reset to affect. Arthur might believe that they would be, in which case, all the aberrations would simply die once magic resets, as they cannot survive without their magic to sustain them. Other magical threats they could theoretically handle with non-magical means until they can rebuild their magical capabilities. Guns are generally effective against living targets and as a division of the FBI, the DGB would certainly have access to firearms for all their agents. Maybe even some heavier ordnance (I'm not entirely sure what the limits of FBI equipment are), though that could draw unwanted attention. Also the DGB is on good terms with the Uryuoms (or at least they were when Edward was in charge, not sure about Arthur), so they could ask for some assistance from them. (Would have to figure out what to tell Agent Wolf though) Since he's a high ranking member of the DGB, I doubt him lacking personal magic would matter much unless he's extremely petty. Wands are large enough to supply their own power, so he just needs to order up a few from requisition and have them loaded with whatever spells he wants. It could explain why he doesn't like Adrian, though he could simply not like elves. Immortals are trouble, and elves are half Immortal.
  4. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    "had". I would assume he's been using that spell pretty much every day - he generally seems a lonely fellow - so he's built up a bit more power by now. How much more, to be determined maybe I'm not entirely sure of that. I imagine he's still been summoning his little friend, but he made friends with Greg and became apart of his social circle. In a later comic, we saw Dex bummed out that the regular game had been cancelled because Greg had a new girlfriend. With a regular social group, he might not be lonely enough to warrant regularly summoning his fairy friend. Though, to be clear, I imagine he still regularly summons her. He did say he liked her, and I doubt many gaming groups would object to having a fairy summon flit around during the game, especially when one of the group members is literally an anime-style martial artist.
  5. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Midi-chlorian's aren't the source of the Force. I was I could find the actual quote where he says it, but Qui-Gon describes the midi-chlorians as a connection to the Force, and also describe them as living in all living cells (Similar to mitochondria present in the cells of all life that breathes oxygen). The Force was still an omnipresent field that all life was connected to, just some individuals had a stronger connection, which made them Force sensitive. While I was digging for the connection quote, I found a bit the behind the scenes on midi-chlorians. Lucas had thought of the midi-chlorians in 1977 but hadn't included them in the original trilogy because he didn't think there was time to properly introduce the concept. And the article also states why Lucas felt the need to include them in the mythos: why are only some people Force Sensitive? That's a question that gets dealt with in a lot of settings. Why do only some people have these amazing, reality-warping powers? While it takes time and training to learn how to harness Force powers, the gain is certainly worth the cost, especially if the Sith style of force user is taken into account, which focuses less on intense discipline and more on intense emotion. Moral upstanding people are going to do their best to avoid the Dark side, but there are plenty of immoral criminals and scum that would kill(probably literally) for the kind of edge that force powers would grant. And while the majority of the fan-base weren't asking that question, Lucas himself had asked the question at the start of Star Wars and came up with an answer. And by the time we made Ep1, he pretty much was done with listening to what other people wanted. Though he had put up with the hellish, draining experience of producing the original trilogy while everyone, including himself, expected the first one to fail, and to top it off, his wife left him after his finished the trilogy. (Warning: Tvtropes link) He didn't set out to ruin things for others. He had simply just stopped caring after life pounded him down. I'm honestly not sure the fans complaints had any significant impact on what Lucas did. He reduced Jar Jar's role in the movies, but still kept all the CGI that many of the fans complained about. As I said, Lucas had stopped caring about what others suggested or wanted. He was sick and tired of all the stress and the grief. He was going to make his movie, his way. The original trilogy's quality comes in a significant part due to the variety of voices that went into it's production. It was Lucas's vision. His opinion, his voice, was the main aspect that shaped them but he cared what those around him said and wanted and the movies were better for it. With the prequels, he went from being the main voice that mattered, to the only voice that matter, all because he stopped caring. I think Leia had some degree of Force Sensitivity. When Luke leaves to go save his friends on Bespin, Obi-Wan is worried that Luke could die, or worse fall to the Dark side, and Yoda mentions that 'There is another.' That, along with the revelation that Leia is Luke's sister, sets up the implication that Leia is a potential back-up plan. And while Leia is certainly badass, her being able to kill Vader and the Emperor (and potentially Luke if he turned evil instead of simply dying) without Force powers would be a bit of a stretch. Though, since she never got any training, her force abilities wouldn't have developed beyond their base level.
  6. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    Midichlorians do not actually explain anything. How does all this law-of-physics-defying power get into this bucket? Well, this bucket contains all these other little buckets. That's nice, how does the power get into those little buckets? And what they purportedly attempt to explain didn't need explaining. It's magic, okay? Certainly. Magic doesn't need to be explained, as long as it's seemingly consistent (or at least consistently inconsistent) and doesn't leave too many plot holes around. Though, if as I posit in the second part of my paragraph, that midichlorians are meant as a means to quantify force potential, then it needs to be explained how this other thing can be used to quantify the magic thing. This is actually plausible, but again, it didn't need that sort of quantifying. One of the greatest Jedi masters ever is saying that this individual is exceptionally powerful even for Jedi - isn't that good enough? Possibly. As I said, there are better ways Lucas could have handled it. For instance he could have leaned into mysticism and had something about the force leading Qui-Gon to Anakin. As for Qui-Gon's word that young Anakin was exceptionally powerful, it could bring up the question of how he knows. Force users can sense other force users, but I don't remember any instances of someone sensing force potential in a person before that person gets training and starts to develop their powers. I'm not even sure they can sense other force users like that unless said force user is actively using the force. Vader didn't make any mention of there being another force sensitive on the Falcon after he killed Obi-Wan. Even though a potential force sensitive traveling with Obi-Wan for an indeterminate amount of time (from Vader's perspective at least) would warrant mention as at least a potential apprentice of Obi-Wan's and therefor a threat. Vader didn't make any mention of the force being strong with Luke until the trench run, when Luke's force abilities were making him hard to aim at. Vader might have sensed Obi-Wan on the Death Star due to Obi-Wan using the force to avoid getting bogged down with the aches and stiffness of old age, just speculating there though. EDIT: I remembered another example: Vader made no mention of Leia being a force sensitive, even though he interrogated her himself.
  7. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    That's a good question. Do we have any evidence of a Mark-based spell changing before the caster Awoke and lost the Mark? Technically, Dex, but that was really exception. It wasn't really a changed spell. The mysterious fighter of mystery with no name (Noah) confirmed that it was the same spell, just with different amounts of power applied. Theoretically, Dex could summon any kind of creature he wanted if he had enough power. The little fairy is around his limit without Voltaire's power boost (Which makes me hope he's been using his mark enough since then to not need the build-up from the dam to summon her.)
  8. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    I'll be honest, when George mentioned midi-chlorians as his biggest complaint with the prequel trilogy, I was a little perplexed. At the time I hadn't thought much of the subject, and after quite a bit of consideration, I still don't entirely understand why there's so much vitriol around it (I certainly get there being vitriol. I just don't get the quantity of it). It's a basic explanation of some of the mechanics of the magic of the setting, and while explaining the magic can sap the mystical feeling out of it, there are a lot of settings that explain some of the basics of their magic without the fans erupting in an uproar. And I believe explanation of the magic isn't even the story function of the midi-chlorians. From my perspective, the purpose of the midi-chlorians is to give an in-story identifiable reason why Anakin is important. True, there are other ways to do that, though the one George gives in the comic (simply say 'The force is strong with him') doesn't really hold water in my opinion, because shouldn't the force be strong with all the Jedi? And they have an entire galaxy-spanning monastic order of them, so what is so special about this brat from an out of the way dust ball that they need to go through all the trouble to drag him along and even defy the council? Midi-chlorians introduce a simple measurability. More midi-chlorians means more force potential. And Anakin had more than even Yoda. That certainly marks him as significant enough to drag along. A big reason for this happening is a form of 'echo chamber' effect. If there are no dissenting voice to make the creator step back and reconsider certain points (or if their ego has gotten so over-inflated that dissenting opinions have no effect or the opposite effect), then many bad decisions will make their way into the production. And as the fame and prestige of a creator increases, they gain more leverage to remove or suppress the dissenting voices. An introspective creator can potentially avoid that problem, though in a way, they would be their own dissenting voice. On the flip-side, listening to the fans can also be toxic to a production if the creators aren't careful, because 1) the most vocal part of the community isn't necessarily the largest, just the loudest, 2)what people think they want isn't always what they actually want, 3)focusing on fans can cause the production to become very insular, making it difficult for people outside of the fandom to become invested in the work and therefor part of the fandom (just look at all the complaints surrounding Marvel and DC comics about the significant emphasis on dense continuity and inter-connectedness making them difficult to get started reading) Multiple voices and opinions are important to the health of a production. Not too many, lest the production risk becoming bland and generic as it gets pulled every which way, but certainly enough to weed out the bad ideas and promote the good ones
  9. Story, September 20, 2017

    To most people, mentioning an uncommon and unexplainable power is going to draw correlations to magic, and he mentioned wizards, which further draws connotations of magic. He didn't come right out and directly say that Cheerleadra's power was magic, but he doesn't have to if he can play on people's preconceived notions. Imply something correctly, and you can get people thinking about it without having to actually mention it. (Besides, directly confirming it's magic is likely against departmental policy and could be seen as 'forcing the hand of a god') Also, if he's trying to minimize exposure, why didn't he try to steer the narrative away from magic? And if he'd already given in to the inevitability of the reset, why did he show up to the talk show at all?
  10. Star Trek DS9 versus B5

    To throw in my two cents about Episode 1, I think it was an okay movie. Not a good one, but not really a bad one either. Just okay. The problem was that many Star Wars fans were expecting a great movie. When the movie didn't meat that high bar of quality, that colored their perceptions of it. That's the problem with expectations and hype. The right amount of hype can do good for a production, too little hype can leave the production starving for an audience, but too much hype can poison the production. And it's not just movies that happens to. I've seen it happen to videogames as well.
  11. Story, September 20, 2017

    While it might lead to more incidents, Arthur might be relying on the DGB having more and better organized resources than your average magical criminal. They theoretically have access to any resources that the FBI would have, and maybe more from cross-department assistance. And they might have their own seer on standby (assuming Arthur knows about seers. He knows about the magic resets, but seers are very rare and knowing about one doesn't necessitate knowing about the other) I disagree. I think he's going for a 'Short term loss, Long term gain' strategy. Suffer the losses of what happens in the exposing incidents and the capability that would be lost with the reset, to not have to worry about troubling incidents for a long while and to potentially be in a more powerful position when troubling incidents start to arise again. If he wanted to minimize exposure of magic, then he could have reached into the DGB's bag of tricks to cover-up the magic connection. He wouldn't be able to cover-up the incident itself, due to viral youtube videos, but he could shunt the discussion away from magic, possibly by explaining that Cheerleedra's abilities are likely the result of some sort of super-secret, experimental technology that somehow ended up in the hands of this good Samaritan. Instead he plainly stated that there are people with power that the misinformed would call wizards. Seemingly, he appeared on the talk show to make sure the discussion went towards magic instead of away from it Justin posited that it was to make the magic discussion seem crazy, but, as Mr. Verres pointed out, that would only be a bandage solution at best.
  12. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    I wonder if the explosion from Susan dismissing her fairies would count as a magic weapon. Homing Fairy grenades? Depending on type of needle the model painter/builder would be OK. How else do you put some of those things together? Glue from a needle. And paint, for very small spots, like eyes of 28 mm scale dudes. That would be tricky to do. You would have to be careful of what kind of glue/paint you use, or it'll clog up the needle.
  13. NP Friday Sep 15 2017

    Unless the person doing the ticking off is a comparably powerful/skilled magic user or has some sort of anti-magic capability(though I'm not sure EGS has anti-magic stuff that doesn't require one to also be a magic user) Then again, ticking someone off typically requires being mean and/or inconsiderate, so it's generally a good idea to avoid, because that's just not polite.
  14. Story Friday September 15, 2017

    Between Elliot and Jerry, emotions seem to be running a little high in today's comic. I can understand Jerry's case, he's under a lot of stress having to keep on eye on both Susan and Diane and whatever he had a chat about with the scary cloud monster that may or may not have been Pandora over. Ellliot, on the other hand, I feel is being a little over-reactive. While it's entirely possible that someone dropped a full bottle of soda and decided "Oh well, not my problem," it's also possible that the person that made the mess left to get cleaning supplies to clean up the mess. It's rare when messes like that happen within easy view of cleaning materials.
  15. Story, Wednesday September 13, 2017

    Would be an interesting experiment, though it could end with unexpected results. Susan's fairies are already from the unexpected results that happen when you mix magic from two different people. Mixing in the magic of a third person might cause excessive weirdness. Though we won't know until it's done and weirdness isn't always bad.