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  1. I forget the name of the game, but there's a horror game that lets you temporarily see what nearby monsters see, so you can know when it's safe to come out of hiding or need to find another hiding spot.
  2. Supersonic planes flying overhead don't break windows, because the intensity of sound is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and the shockwave of breaking the sound barrier(and the shockwave from explosions) follows the same principle of sound: differences in air pressure. So overhead planes won't cause problems due to distance from the shockwave's epicenter, but if Cheerleadra goes supersonic at ground level, it'll be like she set off a bomb. Especially if she's inside a building, where the shockwave can reflect off the walls(unless the shockwave is stronger than the walls, in which case it will break them.) This is, of course, assuming she doesn't have the fancy reduced/capped air resistance common to speedsters in comics.
  3. Ah. This infernal pit that is internet comments. In some corners of the web(like this one), comments can be insightful, interesting, funny, and/or just generally enhance the main content. ...Then you have the boiling drek that flows across other places.
  4. And this is one of the many reasons to have locking gas caps on your vehicles.
  5. np

    Expanding on a couple points here and adding my two cents, what makes a career "successful" is a subjective metric. Some people consider a successful career to be one with a lot of income. Others focus on fame and admiration. Impact and chances to improve the lives of others is another common metric. I personally use a quality of life metric (is the job covering my financial obligations and do I enjoy the work.) Children are more often going to gravitate towards the fame and admiration metric (or a separate "awesomeness" metric) as that's a concept that they'll know and many consider important. A lot of children don't have a firm grasp on the value of money (certainly they know you buy things with money, but they don't quite grasp the work and effort that goes into getting money.) Also, many children don't have a developed enough sense of empathy (or a concept of legacy) for the impact metric to out-weigh the fame metric in importance.
  6. A SQL server being down for only minutes can be very costly if those minutes aren't inside an opportune maintenance window. In a lot of businesses, when the database is down, everything stops.
  7. I'm not sure the vampires would die off. It's been stated that magic will be changing for humans, and aberrations are explicitly not human anymore. They likely fall into the broad category of beings with magic interwoven with their very nature, so likely their vampiric magic is unlikely to change drastically.
  8. Certainly. I imagine if it would be difficult to determine if the energy of magic would count as one massive whole, or countless separate pieces working in concert.
  9. I don't think the Will of Magic is a separate entity from Magic. As in it's the energies and such that make up magic that are sentient and self-determining, not a separate mentality that directs and structures them. Back in squirrel prophet, DW didn't say he was there on behalf of the Will of Magic, he said he was there on behalf of Magic Itself. He stated that magic has a "will and objectives of its own". He also provides some insight into why magic can drastically change for humans but not uryuoms. He mentions they are a species with magic interwoven into their very nature. To change how magic works for uryuoms, you have to fundamentally change what a uryuom is, and the wording he uses on that page implies that magic is unable to enact such a fundamental change, at least to a drastic degree. Also there's the fact that it's a sentient, reality-defying force. If it wants itself to be applied differently in different circumstances, it certainly can.
  10. np

    For some reason I'm reminded of the flavor text from the Spellbook card from Magic:the Gathering. "Everything the wise woman learned she wrote in a book, and when the pages were black with ink, she took white ink and began again." —Karn, silver golem
  11. np

    If the store has reason to believe the alcohol is being bought for someone else, they are obligated to require the ID of the person or persons that will receive it. When I worked at WalMart, one of the training videos detailed an instance where the cashier had reason to suspect the alcohol was being bought for underage individuals, but allowed the sale to go through. Then the alcohol was taken to a party, where an underage drinker died of alcohol poisoning. The cashier was held liable for that. (I don't remember what all she had to deal with, but she lost her job at the least)
  12. story

    Between magical energy recovery being greatest while asleep and non-sapients needing to starve themselves to shed an enchantment, I think magical energy generation might be tied to biological processes.
  13. story

    Entering Grace's dreams might be an ability that's exclusive to dreams. Depends if EGS magic treats dreams and thoughts as different but related things or not. And Pandora doesn't necessarily need mind reading to learn of their marking potential. Might be a kind of 'aura vision' related to the way Adrian can sense people's magical power.
  14. story

    Well, with the replicators (which I think TOS era had) and the engineering crew, they should be able to repair most of the ship themselves. The only things I think that would give them trouble would be the warp core (because it's dangerous and is what provides them with power), the structural skeleton (fixing the structural skeleton might require advanced facilities to not weaken the structure), and maybe the hull (similar concerns to the structural skeleton, also would require equipment that can function in vacuum, which the Enterprise should have, but I'm not sure that they do)
  15. story

    The page I read on Balance of Terror stated that they poweted down thier ship to avoid detection. So maybe they were whispering to conserve oxygen? I honestly doubt whispering would actually help conserve oxygen, but it sounds like to sort of handwavy excuse a lazy and/or overworked sci-fi writter might use.