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  1. Magic has, at least, two conflicting major objectives. It wants to be secret and mysterious and it wants to be used dramatically. So it has to balance those two objectives. It's also a massive troll, so it'll also do something if it thinks it's funny.
  2. Hmm...I imagine Diane would be understanding. She wouldn't have a lot of emotional impact tied up in Mr. Pompoms. Susan, on the other hand, would likely have to wrestle with a torrent of feelings. Her emotional side would want to hate him, but her logical side would state that it wasn't his fault, as he thought he was incapable of fathering children. I see her logical side winning out in the end (Susan does tend to listen to her logic more than her emotions) though it might take a while to get there. Though to be honest, I doubt Adrian would be Mr. Pompoms father. More likely, he would be farther up the ancestral line, as I would imagine he would get into attempting to date and such much earlier in his lifespan. He is hundreds of years old after all.
  3. Heka didn't say anything about Dreaming (having magic without being awakened) people, just "Wizards, Seers, Those with magic affinities..." In a Q&A, it was mentioned that Greg could be Dreaming, "like Elliot and Justin used to be." It's been mentioned that anyone can train to build up their magical potential and awaken. Simply, Elliot and Justin (and likely Nanase before she was Awakened) gained minor magical abilities through ASMA. As for why it didn't work for Eric or the other students, I'm not sure. Maybe the other students didn't have the right mindsets and/or personalities? Elliot's pretty much an archetypal boy scout and was likely there to train his mind and body to be better at protecting people (by beating up bullies) and Justin was there to spend time with friends and help pull his life back together. Eric at least seemed to be one of those people who were in the dojo for the awesome, flashy powers, instead of camaraderie or some altruistic motivation. ASMA is poorly understood by the person who founded the art. Honestly I'm slightly surprised he managed to get it to work with other people at all. As for why Jerry couldn't find Sarah's affinity, that's simple. Sarah is a D-Rank talent and her affinity spell requires S-Rank power. She's simply to weak to leverage it, so it didn't even show up. And fairies other than Pandora need a proper set of circumstances in addition to permission in order to mark someone. (Though since she has an innate magic affinity, she does fit into the group of people that Heka had mentioned)
  4. Possible, but not guaranteed. We have a few examples of people that have neither an innate affinity or are a wizard. Such as Elliot. He has mostly girl-based spells, but that's due to the manner of his awakening. While it is possible for someone to be of a lineage that includes wizards and not be a wizard, like Nanase, she still had a detectible aspect to her aura, that the griffins recognized as a mark of royalty in their world.
  5. Either the missing word is 'fairy' (or an equivalent like 'elf') or Dan is setting up for one of the biggest misdirections in EGS history. Wizards and affinities being the result of diluted fairy bloodlines makes sense. They're powerfully magical entities. If their magicalness can be passed on to their offspring, it would stand to reason that further offspring would retain some magicalness. That would explain the family lines of inborn affinities and wizards. Wizards outside of magical linages could be the result of dormant 'genes'* becoming active again, (or magic itself having some fun and obfuscating things with random data points.) It would also make sense for why the fairies lied to themselves about that fact. A large number of magical lineages could cause problems with magic reset type stuff. Also it might make for weird and potentially problematic interactions with Fairy Law. They're limited to "Guide and Empower" when dealing with mortals, but Fairy Law is dependent on perception. It's not too much of a stretch to consider wizards and people with affinities to be "not mortal" due to them being technically part fairy. *I put quotes around genes, because I'm not sure if fairy magicalness would be passed on by actual DNA and genetics or by some other, possibly magical mechanism. If it is via actual genetics, then I would guess that affinities are dominant genes, as they're reliably passed down through families, and wizardry is recessive, because wizard linages are fairly rare, and you do have random wizards popping up at times.
  6. story

    I would like to note, that while losing GPS would be terrible, smartphones are not wholely dependent on it for location data. A smartphone can use other means such as cellular signal or a wi-fi connection to generate the location data. GPS is a lot more accurate and ubiquitous than other options, but the other options are workable in most situations.
  7. np

    With good enough gene therapy, genetic engineering, and other birth related technology, building a population from 2 individuals would certainly be possible. A large investment of resources but possible. Though I vaguely remember something about genetic engineering being frowned upon in the Star Trek verse due to Kahn and his ilk. Also I had another thought of a possible reason for aliens to invade the Earth. To wipe out humans in order to spite another alien species or group that had taken an observational interest in humanity (kinda like hobbyist bird watchers)
  8. Depends if the maid is independent or part of a company. Independents are more likely to wear white and black as it's more professional. Companies are more likely to be white and the main company color. And then you have anime maids, where the uniforms can be as colorful as the hair styles.
  9. I forget the name of the game, but there's a horror game that lets you temporarily see what nearby monsters see, so you can know when it's safe to come out of hiding or need to find another hiding spot.
  10. Supersonic planes flying overhead don't break windows, because the intensity of sound is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and the shockwave of breaking the sound barrier(and the shockwave from explosions) follows the same principle of sound: differences in air pressure. So overhead planes won't cause problems due to distance from the shockwave's epicenter, but if Cheerleadra goes supersonic at ground level, it'll be like she set off a bomb. Especially if she's inside a building, where the shockwave can reflect off the walls(unless the shockwave is stronger than the walls, in which case it will break them.) This is, of course, assuming she doesn't have the fancy reduced/capped air resistance common to speedsters in comics.
  11. Ah. This infernal pit that is internet comments. In some corners of the web(like this one), comments can be insightful, interesting, funny, and/or just generally enhance the main content. ...Then you have the boiling drek that flows across other places.
  12. And this is one of the many reasons to have locking gas caps on your vehicles.
  13. np

    Expanding on a couple points here and adding my two cents, what makes a career "successful" is a subjective metric. Some people consider a successful career to be one with a lot of income. Others focus on fame and admiration. Impact and chances to improve the lives of others is another common metric. I personally use a quality of life metric (is the job covering my financial obligations and do I enjoy the work.) Children are more often going to gravitate towards the fame and admiration metric (or a separate "awesomeness" metric) as that's a concept that they'll know and many consider important. A lot of children don't have a firm grasp on the value of money (certainly they know you buy things with money, but they don't quite grasp the work and effort that goes into getting money.) Also, many children don't have a developed enough sense of empathy (or a concept of legacy) for the impact metric to out-weigh the fame metric in importance.
  14. A SQL server being down for only minutes can be very costly if those minutes aren't inside an opportune maintenance window. In a lot of businesses, when the database is down, everything stops.
  15. I'm not sure the vampires would die off. It's been stated that magic will be changing for humans, and aberrations are explicitly not human anymore. They likely fall into the broad category of beings with magic interwoven with their very nature, so likely their vampiric magic is unlikely to change drastically.