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  1. Ellen can possibly use ambient energy on the spell(doing so is subconscious in most cases anyway), just the spreading part of spell explicitly doesn't continue to draw from the environment after she casts it. I'm not even sure if Ellen can continue to pump energy into the AoE after she casts it. She might have to package all the energy she wants it to use into the spell as she casts it (making it a lot like a tf bomb than some kind of channeled effect)
  2. Breaking down what we know of their motivations, I would say Voltaire is worse. Both actions are bad, but Voltaire is worse. Pandora attempted an unethical act in order to right a perceived wrong against her family. Simple anger and vengeance. Not an acceptable course of action and one that seeks reparations out of proportion to the crime, but a course of action that people can sympathize with and even takes a special place in our pop culture (the likes of Batman and the Punisher have a strong thread about vengeance) Voltaire, on the other hand, attempted an unethical act to setup his plan to allow him to do more unethical acts (why does he want the heavy restrictions gone? I seriously doubt it's to help the poor and unfortunate). Especially considering the purpose of his unethical act was to deliberately cause pain and suffering in others (Pandora's act would have caused pain and suffering in others, but that would have been collateral instead of intent) He wasn't just willing to accept that his actions would lead to sorrow and suffering, he acted with the intent to cause it.
  3. To be fair to Dr Van Helsing, I believe medical knowledge of his time knew that blood transfusions could save lives but didn't know how to make them safe and reliable. Basically a situation of "this could save her life, or it could lead to a painful death, but if we don't do this then she's definitely going to die a painful death." And blaming the death on a vampire would be building off of the earlier diagnosis of a vampire attack. A more modern cause of death might be "complications from treatment of a vampire attack," pending autopsy findings of course.
  4. I imagine maintaining her composure and coherence for an extended period of time would be tiring (it might just be me, but Pandora looks tired in that last panel), which would give her another reason for taking frequent and/or long naps.
  5. Elves likely don't have ever expanding magical and cognative abilities like their parents, which would help curb the boredom that causes instability in Immortals. Also while elves are restricted in what they can do, they are less restricted than their parents. Immortals are limited to (broadly) "empower and guide," while elves are just restricted to when magic and magical things are involved. (Adrian is allowed to directly engage and attempt to kill Abraham, while Pandora has to rely on other individuals to try to kill the wizard that hurt her son.) This gives elves more ways to keep themselves grounded and preoccupied.
  6. On the note of Oedipus, a common trope in the old greek stories is fatalism. You can't fight fate, and trying to fight fate will either amount to nothing or actively make things worse. If Oedipus had attempted to take his life to avoid the prophecy, then he likely would have ended up somehow fulfilling it in the world or the gods would have intervened to prevent his suicide. Back on the original topic, I wonder how often Pandora has had this argument with herself. She knows she needs to let go, but the emotive part of her psyche won't let her. It hurts too much. It's certainly an excellent example of why the Immortals/fairies lied to their future incarnations about elves being able to procreate. Just imagine this level of mental and emotional strain over an entire lineage, possibly one that winds and spreads over the globe.
  7. story

    Yeah, that wand is tech based, but it's mainly a scanner so there might not be any actual magic to it, just components sensitive to magic I imagine there's some actual magic in the wand for the precision of the readings. While the only part of the readout that is legible to us reader is the big "YUP," Edward is able to get enough information to determine how often Elliot and Ellen needed to burn off excess energy to prevent mishaps. Maybe the wand's noise comes from converting magical signals to technological signals in an energy-efficient but data-lossless manner.
  8. np

    I think the reason Will wanted to assure Edward that the CMD wasn't illegal could be part of whatever migration treaty/deal the USA has with the Uryoum parent-planet. Devices and objects that would be illegal on the parent-planet would be barred entry to the USA(at least if the entrant is arriving from the parent-planet). If that is the case, then a CMD acquired illegally on the parent-planet would be contraband in the USA and therefore illegal to own. I'm not sure Liefield needed any suggestions or ideas to promote Edward out of his position. Edward had used potentially lethal force on a suspect that had surrendered and was in custody. If he didn't have his extensive network of contacts, he would have been fired at the least, and there likely would have been an internal affairs investigation with potential attempted murder charges. Liefield needed to do something. Given a combination of Edward's security clearance and how close he was getting to these matters personally, demoting him wasn't really an option, so that leaves transferring.
  9. story

    That depends on what one's end goals are. If you want to avoid mass destruction and all consuming fire, then separating the mad scientists and the pure gases is a good idea. But if you want mass destruction and all consuming fire...
  10. Maybe. Magic's uncle might be less of a buttface.
  11. I just had a thought. With his seer abilities, Tedd could theoretically force magic to compromise on the resets, depending on how long it takes him to work out how the new system works (and if it is based on his insight ability, then he would just need to see some magical phenomenon in action) All he would have to do is rapidly and widely disseminate the information he learns about the new system(the internet would be a great boon here) until the system is forced to reset again. Then keep doing that until magic cries uncle.
  12. More and more evidence that the WoM is a buttface.
  13. True. And to be honest, I never said I would be the one punching him in the face. It would be much better for a powerful individual like Pandora or Tara to punch him in the face. Watching him burn would be fun though.
  14. I don't like this theory. It would mean Susan(and maybe Diane) is related to Voltaire, and that would be terrible, because Voltaire is a terrible individual that deserves to be punched in the face repeatedly (and maybe lit on fire if I let my pyromania do the talking, but fire is the answer to everything in that case) I much prefer the theories and such that lead to Susan(and maybe Diane) are distantly related to Adrian and Pandora, because Adrian and Pandora are awesome people.
  15. np

    Grace's lespuko genes let her mix and match parts of forms, but any uryoum that is changed via a clone form will not have their antennae while in the clone form, as seen with Will and Gill. I imagine this would be true of a greater seynoulu as well. There's no proof that Ellen's beam acted as a clone form beam of some sort, but it's not impossible given the spell was acting outside of its normal parameters. Vladia hasn't attempted to change back for a number of reasons, but a big one is the fact that if Ellen's beam didn't stabilize her shapeshifting, the attempt could kill her.