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  1. Story Wednesday August 1, 2018

    So that's what an Immortal being reborn looks like. Neat. Presumably, an improper reset, their questions would just be left hanging, with little to no recollection to answer them.
  2. Story Friday July 27, 2018

    It took me a moment to realize that the light haired person in panel three is Diane and not Sarah. Her haircut looks good, though. No living person should have access to old magic systems (The uryuom are probably less a case of gaining access to an old magic system than their natural magic is no longer incompatible with Earth magic), though old magic artifacts will be coming back online. Based on the title of the newspaper he's reading, he might be in the D.C. area, meaning he's probably on his way home, though he could be headed to another location for work.
  3. Main Friday Jul 13, 2018

    It doesn't have to be anyone else's motivation, if Pandora wants to be seen in public with Sarah, she'd take the necessary step to make it appear that she belongs there. As you mentioned yourself, making herself real student is NOT necessary to be seen in public with Sarah. Just looking as student will be enough. It's unlikely someone would actually bother to check if she's visiting any classes, or in case she would, if she has them subscribed or what's the word. I'm not sure about US, but in Europe hardly any university teacher is checking attendance, and the ones who do check in the other direction - they complain if someone will appear on exam without ever being in class, but if someone appears in class and not on exam? Probably wasn't feeling being able to do that exam. The bigger the university, the less likely is someone would be making sure everyone belongs here, with the possible exception of gate, which Pandora can skip or go through invisible. Depends on the teacher. I imagine the administration for the school wouldn't like teachers teaching someone that hasn't paid their tuition. Though that would depend on word getting back to the administration, which again depends on the teachers in question and how high profile Pandora is. That would require the government to abandon, or at least ease up, on their secrecy policy, which I doubt they would do by the time the cast goes into college. Though it would be an awesome idea. Any school that knows what a headache an Immortal can be, especially with their tendency toward a substantially different system of morals and ethics. She could do both, but that's effectively doubling her work load, and even Immortals have limits of how much stress they can take. Though if she's careful with her scheduling, it actually would be a good idea if she wants to act more openly, as learning different subjects could help with understanding how human's perceive the world.
  4. Main Monday Jul 16, 2018

    The mystery of the Dunkels deepens, though based on the commentary it's not going to be answered anytime soon, if ever. There's no need for every one of the Main Eight to have a parent with active magic or obvious potential. Simply being human means they can gain, learn, and improve magic. With the exception of special talents like wizardry and other special talents like what Susan, Diane, and Sarah have, the only difference between different humans his how much work and training they have to put in to get to a given level of power and ability. Which is similar to other fields that raw talents can play a role in. I also remember the Dunkels mentioning something along the line of them not being sure what Edward's job entail (though I can't seem to find the page, so my memory might be lying to me) which further supports that Mr. Dunkel doesn't work in the same agency at least. I was thinking he likely worked for the private sector as there's some implication that the Paranormal Division of the FBI handles or is heavily connected to all paranormal governmental activities in the USA(And Edward is a rather big name in the DGB), but then I remembered that any magical talent that Mr. Dunkel may or may not have doesn't have to be related to his job or his acceptance of strange things. He could simply be an auditor for the IRS or an accountant for FEMA or something else relatively mundane and any magical abilities would be potentially helpful, but largely irrelevant. Mr. and Mrs. Dunkel might trust Greg simply because Elliot and Ellen trust Greg. I'm rather certain they would have had discussions about his martial arts classes, if nothing else, for the small talk purpose of asking Elliot how his day went, and would have learned that Greg is a dependable, if sometimes goofy, guy.
  5. Main Friday Jul 13, 2018

    MORE HUGS! Someone on Twitter mentioned it made them think of Twilight Sparkle with a Darth Vader-esque voice.
  6. Story Monday July 9, 2018

    Based on the links in the commentary, it looks like next up we'll get Sarah and Tedd talking about what happened to Box.
  7. Story Friday July 6, 2018

    I agree with this pyromaniac uryuom. Fire is a wonderful thing worthy of celebratory laughter.
  8. Story Monday June 11, 2018

    Poor Ashley. She's been through a lot. Ellen has already displayed an extreme dislike of sleep magic, so I doubt that will be used. Simplest answer would be in the back of a windowless van. Arthur strikes me as the kind of person that would be willing to deal with unsavory consequences to achieve the desired goal. "The ends justify the means" though maybe not as extreme as characters that live by phrase tend to go. Magus had refused to amplify Edward's emotions, which is what led to the falling out between him and Pandora. Edward's actions were driven entirely by his own anguish and rage. Though even if Magus had been influencing Edward, I think that'll only justify Liefeld's decision to move Edward to another (new) division instead of firing him completely, which is likely what would have happened if he didn't have the connections he does.
  9. Friday June 8, 2018

    Or leave, they may have migrated to the other half of the world where the people didn't hunt them down. Arthur's sure that no one has seen a true Dragon before, or at least in a very long time, but Ellen, Elliot and Ashley met Griffins who were also supposedly mythical creatures so it'd be pretty easy for them to believe that real Dragons existed. Given how much information is missing from official channels, I would not be surprised if Arthur doesn't know about the other half of the universe. (Or at least that it's technically part of their universe and not a separate universe altogether) It's possible, but it could also be a callback to another conclusion jumping event. Ellen is a true Olympian when it comes to conclusion jumping.
  10. Friday June 8, 2018

    Dragons are awesome. Little things like them not existing won't get in the way of that. Besides, maybe dragons existed once upon a time, but one of the magic resets caused them to go extinct.
  11. Main Wed June 6 2018

    I suggested that the crystal was meant so seal whatever held the power inside. though maybe it was meant to harness the scale's power in a more controlled manner? Another possibility I thought of is that the crystal might have been the magic energy equivalent of congealed blood that was later shaped into an aesthetically pleasing form by some wizard, which would account for why the crystal's power was similar to the power of the scale. I don't think the war was started over the scale (or the animal it came from). Once the Golem's memory had been properly jogged, their desire was for humans to have nothing. Seeing the scale in the box could have sparked some degree of recognition of that goal without causing the full recall of events. My guess is that the uryuoms in question were looking to carve out a place to call their own. Just happened that the place they wanted was already occupied. Going from that, the Golem wanted humans to have nothing, because that's the situation their kind was forced to deal with.
  12. Main Wed June 6 2018

    That's a dragon scale. ... Is Ellen a dragon now? Also, it seems everyone keeps being wrong about what the "Diamond" was. I wonder what the original purpose of the thing was before Abraham got a hold of it. My guess would be to preserve the scale, either for study, power collection, or both.
  13. Story Friday June 01, 2018

    But it would carry much more weight with Ellen if it was someone she already knows and trusts. She's suspicious of Arthur's motivations because she only knows him based on that others may have said about him, if his daughter was his assistant or another agent, there's no reason to be instantly convinced of anything, but if his daughter is Mrs Dunkel, someone Ellen loves and trusts, then of course she'd have a "huh...okay...." moment. It would carry more weight, but his statement doesn't need to. Arthur might want to quell Ellen's suspicions and put her more at ease, but if he doesn't, then the course of events doesn't really change that much. The worst that might happen is Ellen try to convince Ashley not to accept Kevin's help, but I suspect that Ashley is already firmly on-board with Kevin training her. A suspicious Ellen might be an annoyance going forward, but not really detrimental to any of Arthur's plans (And if she turns out to be detrimental to some plan, he could just ask Edward to exposit at her talk some sense into her)
  14. Story Friday June 01, 2018

    Arthur has a daughter. Interesting, though in retrospect it's not surprising. Bringing about offspring is not an uncommon occurrence for people. There are numerous reasons for a given individual to not have any offspring, but various biological urges and instincts lead to offspring to be the norm. That said daughter was seemingly unintended and that Arthur supported her anyway is surprising and heartwarming. That could make sense, though, as she appears to be his secretary, that would suggest nepotism which runs counter to his assertion of ideal American values (Hypocrisy or outright misdirection isn't out of the question though) All three seers we know off being related? Two are suspicious, but all three, that would be too much. Susan, meanwhile? Hmmm ... she wasn't in basement when they were looking at Arthur in TV ... she does have some talent ... ok, we can't rule her out completely. Though it's been implied that Susan's magical talent is from her paternal side (With Adrian and her father looking extremely similar) But she was created by magic and has obviously shown to have thoughts that are independent of Elliot's. Though she was created by magic, Ellen is a flesh and blood human I don't believe there have been any hints or signs that Arthur is at all related to Adrian. He doesn't have the Raven family talent, Pandora doesn't seem to have made any attempt to ensure his or his daughter's safety after her revelation about Adrian being able to have children, and given that Susan's father looks extremely similar to Adrian despite the large number of generations between them, that would suggest that resemblance runs strong in his bloodline and Arthur looks nothing like Adrian. Not at all actually. He could have simply added that line for emphasis. If Ellen questions who his daughter is (or if she would assure such a thing), he could call her. Cell phones are ubiquitous. Whether or not Ellen believes Arthur and his daughter is her own prerogative and is unlikely to affect his decisions much if at all.