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  1. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    Hm. Possibly, yes, but with the existing system of magic surviving with only minor modifications, maybe the situation will be more like this: that Magic allows matters to proceed from where they are now and does not inform the rest of the world's seers. That way instead of a huge revelation following on the Internet it would simply continue at the present pace. Which is to say, dribbles and drabbles slowly spreading and probably accelerating, but happening on a slower scale and leaving the various magic bureaus with intimidating acronyms for names more time to adjust and prepare themselves. Certainly, though due to Pandora's world-wide spectacle, the rate of acceleration for magical awareness will itself be increasing as people post videos and discussions and in general try to figure out what those lights were and why they seemed to cause people to spontaneously combust at seemingly random. The magic organizations will have time to adjust and adapt, but any that knew about the potential magic reset but don't know about the seers' second purpose, like the FBI's Paranormal Division(Though they'll be lucky in having one of the seers that was in the discussion to inform them), are going to get blindsided when the reset doesn't come.
  2. Story, Friday February 16, 2018

    That's an interesting perspective into how Magic perceives the world. Certainly makes sense though. I doubt Magic understands human morality. It's already been established it can't fully understand mortals. Tedd had to repeat everything they said in a way Magic could comprehend to get it to see their point. Arthur though, yes, I'm also wondering how he'd react to all this. Maybe it comes later? I imagine Arthur is going to have a very busy Monday, unless he works weekends. He needs to get the Paranormal Division ready for a potential tidal wave of new magic users. He also has to think about how he's going to tell the Assistant Director that his plan backfired. All-in-all, his next work day is going to be a massive headache.
  3. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    Building two separate planes would potentially require more production capacity then building a single plane that could do both. The separate planes would require at least two production lines, while the single plane could make do with a single line, which could be a boon if there aren't enough factories to go around. Though I'm not sure if that boon would have been worth the massively increased design and development time needed.
  4. Story Wednesday February 14, 2018

    I'm assumed Dan already had more exposition planned for Friday's comic to go along with this, whether that means he'd have to edit that down to fit as well is a possibility but if it was already planned then he can't really scrap it now can he? He could scrap it if he really wanted to. He's done last minute major script re-writes before, though those are usually unpleasant and stressful. At the moment, Tedd's exposition has painted Humans as greedy, opportunistic jerks who will either try to keep magic all to themselves and exploit other with it or sell to anyone willing to buy. that's probably a good enough reason that a severe change wouldn't keep magic hidden for long, but it's not making the idea of letting magic go public seem ideal either. This is why I'm hoping there a "but not all humans are jerks, they'll want to use their magic to help protect people, if there's a natural disaster, someone who can get super strength can clear rubble away faster than anyone can get machinery in to do the job, which would be a big deal if there's lives at stake." Basically Tedd's exposition feels like listing pros and cons and so far I've only heard the cons and am hoping the pros are coming up next. If Magic truly doesn't care about morality, instead of simply not understanding it well, then it's not going to care if humans use it to save lives after a major disaster, or use it to cause the disaster in the first place. Maybe it would care if the caused disaster risks wiping out humanity, as that would severely limit how much it gets used, but some less than apocalyptic issue wouldn't be much of a concern to a truly amoral entity. Though listing off the pros of humanity and magic going public wouldn't hurt.
  5. Story Wednesday February 14, 2018

    I'm really hoping Tedd has more to add to this, because at the moment if I were the WoM, I'd be questioning if humans can be trusted to handle magic at all and decide to make even more drastic a change based on that. More exposition would like be good (though I don't know if Dan would be up to it based on Twitter and the commentary), but I doubt Magic would consider drastic changes after what Tedd told it. Magic wants to be used and doesn't really care about human morality (which is likely another alien concept to it) outside of whether or not they'll keep it secret if the ruleset says it needs to be kept secret.
  6. Story Wednesday February 14, 2018

    Like Father, like Daughter. She did say some new pieces of information, mainly information about human nature. Which is information that could be inferred from their previous statements or most listeners would already know, but Magic isn't good at subtlety and explicitly has a poor grasp of human nature. Tedd needed to make the implications explicit and correlate them with technology to explain why trying to keep magic hidden is a futile effort in the modern era.
  7. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    Demanding that all Serbian judges be placed by the Austrians sounds like de-factor annexation to me... Based on how Extra History told it(Which mentioned law enforcement officers being allowed more or less free reign in Serbia instead of judges, which would still be something no sovereign nation would allow), Austria never expected the demands to be met. It was an attempt to seem "reasonable" and to attempt for "peace." They wanted the sympathy of Europe, so that the other nations didn't try to intervene as they exacted bloody vengeance on Serbia.
  8. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    So expansion to keep their disparate parts focused outward and thinking about conquest instead of secession? Russia has that same problem today. I have heard an idea, that Russia is either shrinking or expanding. Either the tensions between individual interests within Russia's boarders are all pulling away, or Russia is out conquering and everybody's unified behind the effort. Not so much expansion, as they had no intent to annex Serbia (the Hungarian part of the empire wouldn't agree otherwise. Though they did a poor job of conveying this fact to other nations, if they had, Russia might have backed off as annexation of Serbia was their main worry), as they were trying to show off their might and show that they weren't going to be pushed around and humiliated by other nations and peoples. That's of course based on what I know from Extra History. Other sources might have other information and provide other perspectives.
  9. http://www.egscomics.com/egsnp.php?id=724 And knowing is half the battle...
  10. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    Most of my knowledge about the lead-up to WWI comes from the Extra History series on it. From that, it seemed like Austria-Hungary had two main motivations. One: revenge for the death of the Archduke(He was the heir to the throne after all) Two: dampen the growing agitations for increased freedoms among the various minorities in Austria-Hungary, which were slowly breaking the empire apart. The Austrian were banking on their German allies, but they were also banking on Russia being slow to mobilize. If Austria could have crushed Serbia fast enough, then there was little the Russians could do. Unfortunately for the Austrians, they delayed for several reasons, letting the support of the Nations of Europe wane (who might have been sympathetic to Austria if the had acted while the issue was fresh), and giving Russia time to get their stuff together (While also forgetting to tell their own military staff to get ready for war ahead of time). To be honest, how Austria handled the issue would almost seem like a comedy of errors, if the ending wasn't so tragic.
  11. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    And here I thought it was started by someone holding a beauty contest where the winner got an apple. The contest was the incident that sparked the war, but the war wouldn't have been anywhere as big if it wasn't for the oaths that pulled all the Greek nations into it. I was doing dramatic exaggeration but you are actually 100% correct. The Greek Gods and their myths tend to be excellent allegories for human behavior. I think I've heard it said that the old Greek created their Gods in their own image, in fact. The Greeks understood people pretty well, and figured their gods would be more than mere mortals, so they imagined the gods as people but more so. The gods had all the virtues and shortcomings that mortals had, but dialed up to a 'divine' scale. Larger than life, to use a popular turn of phrase. And today's celebrities are often said to appear larger than life (or at least try their best to project an appearance of being such).
  12. Story, Monday February 12, 2018

    Magic called on the Seers to provide it with a human perspective, but didn't give them the perspective needed to properly provide their own perspective. And subtlety is hard even when you don't have the perspective of a diffuse entity spread across an entire planet(or more) Are we sure that magic going public isn't what he wanted? Or at least part of what he wanted? Voltaire wanted Tedd bitter and distrustful towards Magic. If she was distrustful towards Magic, she likely wouldn't have believed what it said about Pandora coming back, meaning she wouldn't have calmed down and likely would be unable to convince Magic to go public while so filled with anger and pain. Magic calming her down required a level of trust from her. Also, plan CM was likely never intended to traumatize Ted (though Voltaire certainly considered that a bonus) The purpose of Plan CM was probably an attempt to discredit technology as a significant threat vector for Magic's reveal, which it did (or almost did, depending on what Tedd says in the next comic) AND a travel agent. A woman of multiple talents! Well, freelance Monster hunting likely doesn't pay well in the modern era, so she needs some way to pay her bills. I doubt he would take that route. For one, he wouldn't get to enjoy the benefits of all his hard work (his next incarnation would, but that would be a new person). And for two, he went through a lot of effort to maneuver Pandora into breaking the Laws. If he was willing to break the Laws himself, he could have just done that and not have dealt with Plan Complicated Mess at all. He could have just killed Elliot himself instead of trying to get Tara to do it for him.
  13. Les XXIIIes Jeux olympiques d'hiver

    I would honestly be surprised if the Ancient Olympic were held during the summer, as Grecian summers are horrible and hot. Not good weather for strenuous physical activity. Though it would be outside of the growing season if they took place in the summer. As for whether or not Classic Greeks would have been nude in actual cold weather games, I'm not sure. On one hand, the Greeks weren't stupid. Ice cold weather can do serious harm. On the other hand, they might have considered that part of the challenge.
  14. Story, Monday February 5, 2018

    Of course it wouldn't be that easy. Though all they've established is that it cannot be hidden, not whether or not it should be hidden. Most humans would figure that once you establish that a thing cannot be hidden, then whether or not it should be hidden is a moot point, but Magic doesn't think like most humans. It likely wouldn't care about having to reset continuously until the secrecy sticks, which could (and, most likely, would) be never. Maybe if the knowledge of the magic reset spreads to enough people that the reset does not meaningfully reduce the number of people that know about it, then Magic would be forced to abandon the secrecy notion regardless of what it or the seer's think. I doubt Magic is about to dismiss them. From a Watsonian perspective, Magic wants logic and perspective from the seers. It has deemed the logic it has been presented with so far to be insufficient for magic going public. To send them back now would prevent them from presenting more logic and perspective, especially if the reason the logic is insufficient is because Magic doesn't care about if it could remain secret, only if it should. The seers obviously want minimal changes (even though Arthur is reluctant in that regard), so why not let them present more logic? From a Doylist perspective, Tedd just won a significant victory by convincing Arthur that changing the rules to keep the secrecy is pointless. To have Magic declare their logic insufficient and boot them home without giving them a chance to supply more information would simple pull the rug out from under her. There a plenty of writers who would do that, but Dan isn't normally that mean to his characters.
  15. Story Wednesday January 31, 2018

    I think Edward's disapproval of Tedd spending time as a girl isn't born of a lack of knowledge, but instead of too wide of a scope. He's worried about how people that don't know Tedd will treat him because he's genderfluid. I don't really have any evidence of this other than when Edward mused about how he should have given Tedd a gender neutral name. To me at least, it wouldn't make sense for someone who considers spending significant amounts of time as the opposite gender harmful to have that thought. Edward certainly worries about things undoing all the healing Tedd has gone through, like when he tried to convince Nanase to not talk to Tedd about Noriko. Similar concerns could explain why Edward hasn't sat down and talked this out with Tedd. Though if this hypothesis is true, then the twist of cruel irony is that because he is worried about all the pain and grief Tedd could get from people reacting to his genderfluidity, Edward is causing Tedd much pain and grief by reacting to his genderfluidity. Edward Verres is a man whose job often asks him to consider the wider picture implications of events and actions, and lets him see many of the terrible things that happen in the world, but a view of the wider picture often blinds a person to the smaller details.
  16. NP, Friday February 2, 2018

    Another reason for Susan to be acting the way she is, is that she just came off of the forced happiness of the pony form. Some of that high might not have fully dissipated yet, as she gets switched to an energetic form that doesn't care what others think and is loaded with power.
  17. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    How would he do that? NOONE is able to find the seers before they start using magic. While the possibility of general Shade Tail going after seers seems to match his personality, he wouldn't be able to find them. Existence of thousand other seers makes Lord Tedd harder to explain ... unless ... maybe all seers became "new royalty". Maybe Lord Tedd is not as unique as he seemed to. Or there was conventional, nuclear or magic war in his universe causing population drop. Before or after reset. Likely no one has found seers is because no one has been looking for them. Knowledge of them was lost to all but a few entities (Heka and Voltaire that we know of). They have high level of magical power, crazy good resistance, and lack the ability to Awaken and get spells. Presumably, something like Luke's magic mark spell could be used to detect seers. And even if Luke's magic mark wouldn't work, there's possibly some way to find seers. I don't think there's been any mention that seers can't be found (Tedd's magical aptitude wasn't detected when he was young because the wand scared him and he resisted it) That said, a simpler possibility is that Lord Tedd became the ruler of his world the "old-fashioned" way. I have speculated (not here, just to myself) that the "royalness" the griffin's saw in Nanase's aura is some of the pieces needed to become a seer. Nanase isn't a seer because she doesn't have all of the pieces/genes/whatever needed to be one. In a world with newly revealed magic, seers would be able to leverage their knowledge, magical power, and abilities to accumulate political and social power. Lord Tedd could have used promises of power to build up a power base and then go conquering. Other seers and magic users would have opposed him, but he had something they didn't. He had General Shade Tail. Someone as disproportionately powerful as Grace with none of her inhibitions against violence and killing (and I suspect the opposite: General Shade Tail enjoys bloodshed). Also Lord Tedd has his gauntlet, which lets him boost the power of his already strong seer abilities. Between Shade Tail's frightening physical prowess and Lord Tedd boosting him further via wands(as in Lord Tedd casting boosting spells from the wand on Shade Tail. General Shade Tail likely would have as much trouble using them as Grace does), they could make short work of just about anyone that would stand in their way, at least long enough to build an army to take on larger threats(And if magic wasn't public in their world and tried to reset to undermine this magic army, Lord Tedd is a seer in the perfect position to reteach his army magic). Okay, I can buy most of this, except knowing that Pandora would take advantage of the connection. Zeus was surprised that Pandora did, so how would Voltaire know? Zeus was a fairly newly reset Immortal that hadn't been spending who knows how long building an intricate plan based on the personalities and histories of multiple individuals. Once Pandora had broken the law to save Adrian, she almost certainly would have done something to try to keep her family safe from that threat, especially with reminders of her family around her right then. And the connection was right there. It would give whatever spell she cast the most effective range she could on such short notice. Actually, as per the commentary on when that was brought up, Pandora being framed is not the only reason why they have issues. Remember Abraham? True, though Adrian believing his mother was the one responsible for the attack on the dojo would compound the issues they had, ratcheting up emotions further, and preventing Adrian from suspecting another Immortal might be responsible (like another Immortal that shows up in public trying to get people killed). If Voltaire hadn't framed Pandora, the emotions in that argument might not have peaked as far (or at least as quickly) as they did, and Adrian might have said something or asked the right question and revealed Voltaire's plot.
  18. NP, Friday February 2, 2018

    The fascinating thing here is this combination allows Susan to defend territory but not get new spaces. To get new stuff she has to transform herself and break her combo. She can get new spaces by stealing them from other players, like how Rhoda's been getting points without having to transform herself.
  19. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    Voltaire seems to know a lot about Pandora. he gave the "pithos" medallion to Dex to control him, which tells us he knew she was around and who she was. He knew Raven was an elf, which suggests he knew who Adrian's mother was. So if he knows all that, he might also know what Pandora did to the Earth's werewolf population. so: provoke Pandora to do something so egregious that Immortals have to call a Rule Committee together. A magic reset lobotomizes earth's mages, leaving the place a playground for Immortals. As a completely different aside, it took me this long to see that Dan had built a pretty solid "Parent, Adult, Child", or "Superego, Ego, Id" trinary out of Arthur, Tedd and Van. As another completely different aside, the way to cut beck the number of seers weighing in on the next magic change, broadcast what the Seer's second function is across the internet. The pithos medallion also served to drive a wedge between Adrian and Pandora, causing their emotions to run higher than normal and likely preventing them from calmly discussing things that could lead them to discovering Voltaire's hand in events. I doubt that was accidental. Also as an aside, I realized that if Tedd not being as traumatized as Voltaire wanted him to be caused his plan to fail, then it would technically be due to the Will of Magic fulfilling it obligation to try to prevent system change by sending the Emissary to Grace's dreams which dominoed into so many other things.
  20. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    That's certainly his end goals (provided his end goals aren't a curveball of some sort). It's fitting together the pieces of his plan that's the part that I'm worried about. That is the most logical conclusion (especially if Voltaire also tried to traumatize Arthur), but Immortals aren't always logical. He also wanted to fill Tedd with contempt and distrust towards Magic and I'm not sure how that would help push the argument towards severe change (though I'm not sure how that would help minimal change either) It's not too unreasonable, if Voltaire knows certain points of Pandora's history. He would know that she cares deeply about her family and that when a werewolf killed her husband, she influenced events to eradicate them. All he had to do was nudge events to play out in a way that guaranteed that Pandora would have to break Immortal law to save Adrian's life. Then she would want to do something to protect her family from the threat that almost killed Adrian, and since she doesn't the time to carefully influence things to eradicate the threat, she would have to do something big and drastic. Pandora knew about the connection between Immortals after one breaks the Laws and figured out how to use it to cast her spell, so it wouldn't be out of the question for Voltaire to have figured that out.
  21. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    But it wasn't all that long ago that Dan spent a lot of EGS: NP time explaining Ellen's magic is great detail. Purely playing the meta game, that information is not likely to be invalidated, so some magic and spells for some people are likely to be salvaged into whatever changes occur. Besides, we don't know what spell Elliot got after he reached transgender nirvana. That spell is likely to come into play dealing with Sirleck, so at the very least magic can't change anything too drastically until sometime after that Big Reveal. EDIT: As an aside, I mildly surprised myself, rediscovering that I pulled my avatar from the comic I linked to. Another thing to consider is that making magic public, and therefor allowing magic for everyone, is the major goal of two characters, Tedd and Pandora. Pandora set the events that built up to this in motion with that in mind (so Adrian would be more free to act) and Tedd started his research into the watches with that in mind. Tedd winning the argument here would be a victorious completion of those arcs. Pandora might have recanted on this objective, but that was only because Magic was being a buttface.
  22. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    Unforseen indeed. I doubt Voltaire was prepared for this either. I wonder what he thinks of what Pandora did? If his plan failed, do you think he'd attribute it to Pandora being so overt in killing Aberrations that Magic threw its hands into the air and gave up any notion of secrecy, or because Tedd wasn't as traumatised as he thought, again, because of Pandora? I imagine he would lay the blame on Tedd not being as traumatized as he thought. Unfortunately, I think he'll benefit from the Unspoken Plan Guarantee. We don't know which outcome he's trying to cause, only that it needs Tedd traumatized (and possibly Arthur now that I think about it. Something bad happened to Arthur or someone he cares about. I wouldn't put it past Voltaire to have arranged that, though again, that's just speculation) and somehow relates to the Immortals and their laws.
  23. Story, Friday February 2, 2018

    Since being a seer is related to having just the right heritage, this revelation gives us a glimpse at how common wizards are as well, as presumably, seers require both parents to be wizards among other things. Though since a vast majority of seers have never used magic, their parents are either not Awakened or are really good at hiding their magic from their children, with them not being Awakened is much more likely as children tend to be inquisitive and have a knack for getting into places their parents don't want them in. Wonder how he's going to explain to his boss that his plan failed? "There have been some unforeseen complications" Unfortunately, Tedd, Arthur, and Van aren't there to discuss how Magic should change, but to simply discuss whether it should change severely to maintain secrecy or if it should change minimally to prepare for going public. They might be able to suggest things to Magic, but that's not why they are there.
  24. NP Monday Jan 29, 2018

    The talking pony!Susan head really reminds me of Banjo-Kazooie for some reason, even though the other talking head icon didn't remind me of that.
  25. Story Monday January 29, 2018

    Sorry, someone had mentioned Larry Niven in the thread, who is notable in Fantasy for his 'The Magic Goes Away' series and my brain got confused, especially as I tend to conflate the idea of limited magical supply and threats of magical depletion. That said, we've seen cases of ambient magic energy being lowered significantly, both when Nanase and Ellen fought Not-Tengu and when Sarah used her spell to lower level to make the dam safer to remove. If they were simply moving the energy around instead of expending/destroying it, that shouldn't be possible as they are inside the area of high concentration that the energy is flowing towards. There is the possibility of converting the energy into some kind of waste energy, but that would still run risk of depletion of usable magical energy if there isn't some means to refresh the energy, and to someone that doesn't know about or doesn't fully understand the cycle, it would seem like new magic is being generated. To use your water analogy, if someone doesn't understand how the water cycle works, evaporation would seem like water being destroyed by the heat and rain would seem like water being generated from the clouds. Also, if the rate of renewal is less than the rate of use, then shortages and localized depletion could become an issue. Natural processes can generate new fossil fuels from dead things, but only really on a geological timescale.