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  1. "If by 'research' you mean 'have a bit of a Google and cherrypick what confirms your biases', that is the opposite of science. And while you're cherrypicking on the Internet, remember that science brought you the Internet. And the cherrypicker!" -Charlie Pickering
  2. From tonight's Family Feud: Grant: Name an Australian celebrity known for wearing a hat. Contestant: ...Grant Denyer? For the record, no, he really isn't.
  3. RIP John Clarke
  4. Doesn't make it less amusing that a quarter of the survey probably misread the question (I guess it's possible someone had the above points in mind). And it didn't seem like the contestant or Grant saw anything off about the answer. It's far from the first time I've seen them do that: "Name something paparazzi might hide behind." "A camera." (Since hiding behind a camera and nothing else would just make a paparazzo more visible.) "Name something that might go wrong when singing karaoke." "Forgetting the lyrics" (Though in this case Grant did point out the problem, that the lyrics are supposed to be right there on a screen.)
  5. Highlight of tonight's Family Feud: Grant: Name something you might find in ancient Greece. Contestant: Ruins It was the top answer with 27, which struck me as really stupid because the buildings wouldn't be ruined yet in ancient Greece.
  6. I'd be hesitant about arranging a meeting on neutral ground. Enemy territory, you know where you stand, but Neutral? Who knows?
  7. Neighbours, currently doing its second gaslighting story focused on the same character in less than eighteen months. Incidentally, that whole story with Dee coming back to life? She was an imposter after all.
  8. The highlight of tonight's Family Feud: Grant: Name a part of the human body you have more than two of. Contestant: Feet
  9. The Chase Australia, because one of my classmates since grade 2 was a contestant.
  10. Media Watch, tonight looking at Alternative Facts and fake news.
  11. Malcolm Turnbull continues to stand behind Tony Abbott's plan to deliver/delay (depending on who you ask) marriage equality: spending millions on a non-binding plebiscite that multiple coalition MPs have already admitted they're going to ignore. And he continues to blame the ALP for delaying marriage equality by blocking the plebiscite, when he could just grant a conscience vote on the issue, like he said he wanted to years ago. http://gaynewsnetwork.com.au/news/national/pm-says-australians-could-have-had-marriage-equality-if-plebiscite-had-moved-ahead-22763.html Also, it looks like the deal he struck with Obama regarding the refugees on Manus and Nauru has already collapsed, since Trump is openly mocking it on Twitter. I can't say I'm totally shocked.
  12. For context, he's the mascot of a newly opened backpacker hostel, leading the owner to suspect sabotage by the managers of two competing hotels. He was actually being held for ransom by another character who's seriously in debt for various reasons (some of them his fault). Also, the wombat is called Warnie, so people will keep getting him confused with cricketer Shane Warne. Not the worst comedy story they've done, but not really what I was expecting the same week Dee returns from the dead. Right now, rewatching The Day of the Doctor.
  13. Neighbours, which tonight has moved on to a subplot about a kidnapped baby wombat.
  14. Ordinary People
  15. Well, not quite. There was amnesia involved, but she mostly recovered from that a long time ago (though there still seem to be gaps in her memory). Emily, the woman who found her, was on the run from an abusive partner and thought she was in a similar situation because of her injuries from the accident, and she wasn't in any condition to correct her at first. So it turns out she'd planned to come back in 2004, only to find out Toadie had moved on, while her parents (who were never regular characters) had died offscreen in an unrelated car accident (not sure what happened to her sister yet, but that should be coming up tonight). So she went back to Perth with Emily. I should probably note that the show is doing a lot to keep us guessing whether this really is Dee or just a ridiculously well-informed imposter, but I'm leaning towards the former.